12 Best Hot Glue Guns 2022, Buying Guide, Reviews and Opinions

Best Hot Glue Guns

12 Best Hot Glue Guns 2022, Buying Guide, Reviews and Opinions

Glue guns have become tools found in almost every toolbox. They are ideal for construction professionals, but more and more hobbyists are deciding to use them for their projects. Handicraft enthusiasts are also among those who often have this tool among their collections. Glue guns are used to apply silicone precisely. For example, they are often used for sealing work in bathrooms. Sealing certain surfaces with silicone prevents water from passing through. They are also used to close windows, to avoid wind or cold from entering a room or a house. We invite you to discover the best glue guns on the market.

What is a glue gun?

Glue guns are handy tools for joining a wide variety of different objects and materials. They are also used to unite and seal joints in materials such as ceramic, stone, or marble. These tools are used for plumbing work and close windows once they are installed in construction.

The guns, thanks to a trigger, exert pressure on the silicone or acrylic cartridges. It pushes the material out and through a nozzle with different shapes and sizes. The user applies the silicone or the glue precisely thanks to this same tip. Some models heat the silicone or bond, which is introduced into the gun in bars.

Please note, this is not a toy!

How to choose a silicone gun and what to consider before buying one?

It is not an easy choice because there is a lot of variety, but it is essential to examine whether the silicone gun has a central cable or battery. It is also necessary to look at the design and how you work with it: its ease of use, if it has a large handle, a rotating front grip, or is made of reinforced polypropylene. In short, that is practical. The brand and the price are also important aspects, although this will depend on the use we want to give it and the materials we want to apply the silicone.

7 Best Hot Glue Guns 2022- Our Picks

 1. Ryobi hot glue gun

 Best Cordless

This Cordless Hot Glue Gun is a convenient, cordless option. Heavier than the B+D, it might not be very comfortable to wear all day, at least for the arms, but the rest of the shell design makes sure it resists cramps and strain on the body. Control over your projects.

It has a sizeable two-finger trigger, great for measuring out the exact amount of glue you need for each craft. Although it affects the battery charge, you won’t spend too much time waiting, even with the extra time. Since this is a Ryobi One+, you can fit batteries from the same range if you work all day.

You’ll have various glue stick options as different brands are needed with no problem, and the continuous heat design ensures consistent performance every time. If you need a cordless glue gun, it can be hard to decide between this gun and Black + Decker, and your decision may come down to personal preference. If you love cordless tools, check out our guide to the best cordless drills.

A large two-finger trigger ensures complete control of glue flow for all jobs.

Safety LED indicator light indicates whether the gun is on or off

Extended run time with 4 amp hour battery for 3.5 hours of run time

The comfortable ergonomic micro hex ergonomic handle is perfect for long-haul projects and prevents hand strain and fatigue.


  • With One Warm-up Von 3 Minutes Können You in Manual Rotation Anfangen.
  • Two-finger trigger for added control. Nozzle diameter: 3mm. Glue sticks diameter: 11mm.
  • Hot glue can use with various materials such as paper, cardboard, textiles, leather, plastic, wood, metal, cork, or stone.
  • Compatible with universal and heavy-duty bars that have a diameter of 11mm.
  • Scope of supply: Three glue sticks are R18GLU-0 glue gun (without battery and charger, compatible with all 18 V V ONE + batteries and system chargers).

2. DeWALT DWHTGR50 Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun

Rugged and ready to tackle a variety of environments, the DeWalt Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun is a premium option that ensures longevity like few other options available. Perfect for those in a hurry, the ceramic heating element heats 50% faster than your standard glue gun, while its high-performance design is ideal for handling glue sticks. After bar.

It makes it an excellent option for the more crafty, and you can get 50-55 glue sticks per hour, depending on the project and your control. Even with such high usage, it is resistant to overheating to ensure safety and keep its performance high.

It is easy to use, but the trigger can be a bit difficult to pull, at least when you first use it. Although you will get used to it, there is always a chance that you may get too much glue out of the nozzle, so be careful not to damage anything and warn others when using it for the first time. Please make sure you always have it handy in your tool kit.

Protects the heat-resistant silicone tip and reduces the risk of burns.

The ceramic heating element heats up 50% faster.

The sturdy folding kickstand with a rubber base is stable and prevents accidents.

The high-performance design allows you to use more than 50 glue sticks per hour.


  • This DWHTGR50 is designed to meet the needs of professionals with the world’s first ceramic heating element in a hot glue gun. It has always had an unwavering commitment to producing tools and accessories that can withstand harsh working conditions and relentlessly meet the daily demands of contractors. And now, DeWalt has applied style, guaranteeing that same authoritarian philosophy to this glue gun.
  • It heats up to 50% faster than standard glue guns.
  • The proprietary ceramic heater heats up fast and keeps hot longer.
  • Sturdy folding stand base and handle prevent mishaps.
  • Our Limited Lifetime Warranty backs this product for added peace of mind.

3. Hot Glue Gun Kit – 60 Watt Full Size Heavy Duty High Temp Industrial Hot Melt GlueGun Kit 

Best for Crafts

This glue gun comes with a patented stand-up base, which means it can stand by for crafting action as you gather your tools.

The drip-free gun is well-designed and is UL-certified, which means it is fire-safe. 

This 6.81 x 7.09–inch hot glue gun comes in pink and blue and is trigger-fed with a comfortable grip. It comes with a 5-foot cord which makes it practical for crafters. However, it has neither an auto-off function nor an on/off switch, which needs to be fully unplugged after use.


  • It comes with a stand
  • Heats up to 358 degrees Fahrenheit


  • There is no auto-off or on/off switch

Key Specs

  • Cordless: No
  • Auto Shut-Off: No
  • Glue Sticks: Includes twelve 7/16-inch diameter glue sticks

4. Bosch Cordless Hot Glue Gun GluePen 

If you’re looking for an option that gives you great value all around, the Bosch Hot Glue Gun and Wands is the perfect choice for you. Its lightweight and compact design make it very easy to handle. At the same time, the dual temperature setting provides a level of versatility to tackle different projects while allowing you to accept different glue stick temperatures.

The precision nozzle ensures a careful and thoughtful flow of glue, and its easy-press trigger prevents glue from running onto the surface, which could ruin your project. There’s also an all-time-useful kickstand to take a break from, and it’s made from the same heavy-duty plastic as the gun’s casing to ensure durability.

It’s powerful, and regardless of its low price, it offers a quality you’d expect from something much more expensive, ensuring longevity and reliability. The rubberized grip is also a welcome inclusion to provide a better and more comfortable grip.

  • PROSIncludes: GluePen battery-powered gluing pen, micro USB charger, 4 Ultrapower hot melt adhesives
  • One time battery charge is enough for six glue sticks (30 minutes)
  • It fits well and comfortably in hand thanks to its ergonomic pen shape
  • Thanks to its minimal and handy design, the GluePen fits in any drawer and is always at hand
  • Clean work thanks to automatic glue return
  • The bonding that fills gaps even on poorly level surfaces

5. Arrow GT300 – High Temp Glue Gun

From the best value for money to the premium option, the Arrow Fastener Pro High Temp Glue Gun is the best choice for professionals looking for a durable and reliable product. With its 300 watts, it reaches incredibly high temperatures, perfect for various demanding jobs or projects, and provides superior grip no matter what material you’re working with.

For added efficiency, the element heats up quickly to minimize downtime and remains at a constant temperature throughout operation. Not only is this great for continuous, uninterrupted work, but it also prevents the gun from overheating, which could damage internal parts and possibly you, especially if you’re not careful.

The insulated mouthpiece gives you extra security, which is perfect for you. If you have kids looking over your shoulder and displaying classic childlike curiosity, this is perfect for keeping them safe. It’s easy to use with an oversized trigger and allows for a controlled glue flow as you work


  • Ideal for upholstery, woodworking, heavy repair work, and crafts.
  • Lightweight design for extended use.
  • 300W high-temperature glue gun.
  • It heats up in 3 min-5 min.
  • Large, easy-to-squeeze trigger.

6. Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 30 Hot Glue Sticks

Best Dual Temperature

It can use inside and outside and has two temperature modes. 

On high, the 10 x 8–inch gun can bond wood, metal, plastic, and more, and on the low setting, it’s ideal for delicate materials, including flowers and jewelry. 


  • Dual temperature control
  • Heats up quickly
  • Weather-resistant


  • Some users report glue leaking out
  • Not as durable as other models

Key Specs

  • Cordless: No
  • Auto Shut-Off: No
  • Glue Stick Type: Includes thirty 0.27-inch diameter glue sticks

7. AdTech Mini Hi-Temp Hot Glue Combo Pack

Most Classic

This hot glue gun uses a unique double-sided nozzle design, which is designed to allow the glue to flow freely and evenly.

This glue gun comes with several high-strength adhesive sticks that go on clear and bond in under 30 seconds. The gun works on most materials, from plastic and paper to heavier materials like metal and wood. It even doesn’t leave a harsh aroma behind, so it’s safe to use on crafts for school.

Our criteria for choosing the Best Hot Glue Guns

The glue gun is a device that allows materials to be glued together. It can use for creative hobbies ( fabric, cardboard, paper ) or more resistant materials such as wood or certain metals.

This ranking and comparison of the 12 best glue guns were carried out based on several technical criteria, brand reliability, consumer feedback, and the quality-price ratio of the products. To make the right purchase, we recommend that you follow the standards for choosing a good glue gun :

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 standards for choosing the Best Hot Glue Guns

Brand quality :

Bosch , Steinel , Stanley , Ryobi , Einhell , etc.

The type of gun:

There are three types of glue guns. The first is the manual model. Economical, it works by hand and requires a little more effort. The second is the corded electric model. Offering more extraordinary power, the length of the power cord can quickly lock you into versatility. The latest model is the battery-powered glue gun. Less powerful, it heats up quickly and has an autonomy of several minutes. These last two models are also called automatic glue guns.


Power is expressed in watts for wired models and volts for battery-powered models. The larger it is, the faster the glue gun will heat up and benefit from a more significant temperature. We advise you to choose a power greater than 100 watts for wired models and 3.6V for battery models.


some models offer a variable temperature, allowing you to vary the uses. The low temperature is around 100 degrees, while the high temperature is 165 degrees. The latter is more suitable for hard materials. Cordless models generally offer a cooler temperature than corded glue guns.

Heating time

The heating time is generally 15 seconds for battery-powered models and several minutes for wired models. However, it is better to avoid glue guns with a heating time of more than 8 minutes.

The diameter of the glue sticks:

varies from one gun to another. The standard models will receive 7mm glue sticks, while the most complete will approach 12mm.

Autonomy of use: by this criterion, we are talking about the length of the power cord for wired models ( more than one meter ) and the battery life of wireless models ( more than 20 minutes ).

The weight of the glue gun: we recommend a maximum weight of 500g for better working capacity, height, and arm’s length.

What is a silicone gun used for, and how does it work?

The silicone gun is a facilitator to apply silicone or high-temperature glue sticks with greater comfort and precision. The silicone gun is used as follows:

  • Place the silicone or glue cartridge from the hole at the back of the gun and gently push until you reach the tip head.
  • It is plugged in, and the gun is given time to heat (usually no more than 5 minutes). You will know that you can use the gun when you see a drop of liquid glue or silicone on the tip. It is important not to touch the end because you will burn yourself.
  • Press the gun’s trigger with the tip on the surface you want to paste and calibrate the amount you wish to apply.
  • Gently slide the gun where you want to apply the glue or silicone.

The silicone gun can have different uses depending on the material we want to work with, but thanks to this tool, everything can repair. Or almost everything.


Silicone guns are a practical and efficient tool to carry out different tasks. This article presents the different types of silicone guns that exist, analyzed, and compiled by our best experts. Read about the best hot glue gun options available on the market this year.

heat guns

The first type of silicone gun that we find is a heat gun. These types of guns work using cylindrical sticks of glue or silicone. To heat these bars: a practical resistance is used that heats them. These silicone heat guns are always light in weight and are usually made of plastic. In addition, most of them incorporate some electronic elements, especially the most modern ones.

Their size is quite adaptable to the hand, and therefore they are comfortable, efficient, and light and can be used anywhere. As for its price, you can find cheap models, although if you are looking for something of excellent quality, you can also find silicone heat guns with more advanced features. They are the most suitable for crafts, all kinds of DIY projects, jewelry, and efficiently gluing some materials such as leather, cardboard, or plastic.

pressure guns

On the other hand, we find the pressure silicone guns. This type of silicone gun works with acrylic cartridges and silicone cartridges, always by a trigger that activates a hammer. These are much heavier pressure guns than the previous ones because they are usually made of metal.

These glue guns are more significant in size because their cartridges are more prominent. Although they are large and heavy, these are silicone guns that are very cheap since their price does not usually exceed ten euros by far. These silicone guns are especially recommended for filling and sealing joints and gluing all kinds of construction materials such as ceramics, stone, or wood.

Mini silicone guns

We also find mini-sized silicone guns, the best alternative if you need a fully transportable gun to carry out all types of tasks and crafts anywhere. The measurement of this type of silicone gun is usually half of a standard silicone gun. In addition, these are guns that also work with petite and skinny silicone bars.

Cordless Best Hot Glue Guns

We also find wireless silicone guns. These silicone guns can be of two types:  those that heat up in a charging stand but can then be used wirelessly or those that incorporate a battery and therefore must be recharged when it runs out.

Multi-temperature silicone guns

Finally, we find the multi-temperature silicone guns. (An exciting alternative: Since it allows the gun’s temperature to be adjusted according to the user’s needs at any given time). There are different ways to adjust the temperature: some hot glue guns come with high or low setting switches, and others allow heating over a broader temperature spectrum.

What types of Best Hot Glue Guns are there?

According to their use, there are many types of silicone, and there are also many types of silicone guns. There are two main types: pressure and heat.

The heat gun is the tool that makes it easy for us to melt the silicone bar. The bar and a trigger are placed that allow us to control the advance of the glue. Inside the gun, some resistors melt the stick of glue or silicone, applying it through the nozzle. These are more used for DIY, crafts, jewelry, and gluing leather, plastic, or cardboard.

The pressure gun works with silicone or acrylic cartridges. They have a trigger that pushes a firing pin and tend to weigh more than heat because they are made of metal and are more extensive. In addition, their price is lower, and they usually cost around $10. They are often used to fill and seal joints and everything related to construction.

How to use a silicone gun correctly?

If the silicone gun has a battery, it must be charged; and if it has a USB port, you can even set it from your computer. Once the gun is ready, you must place the silicone on the loading part and heat it before using it. Once this is finished, you have to wait 3 to 5 minutes to heat up and start using it. Always do it by gently sliding the silicone or glue; yes, make sure that the silicone is very hot.

We can do many crafts with a silicone guns and use them for domestic tasks.

Once loaded, the mechanism is simple: the first thing is to place the silicone bar on the back of the gun; next, we plug the gun into the current and wait for it to heat up little by little; when it has heated up, gently press the trigger on the surface to place the glue; Finally, we put the object we want to glue on the silicone so that it joins the surface, pressing for a few seconds.

Crafts with Best Hot Glue Guns

It has many uses and almost all at a personal level. Having a silicone gun at home is always recommended and will help us, among other things, to:

  • 1. Repair a carpet when it has a loose end. With the gun, we will reach the most challenging point to spread the
  • silicone or glue.
  • 2. Write on glass jars to decorate them, yes, always with the help of a good hand.
  • 3. Cover fissures: You will cover any pore with the gun.
  • 4. Design and decorative lamps to your liking. You will only need the structure and the piece of fabric that you like the most.
  • 5. Take the bottom to the pants. It will be quick and easy.
  • 6. Join two pieces of wood without using nails.
  • 7. Transform a slippery platform into non-slip-like socks to be around the house.
  • 8. Stick cables to the wood so that they cannot see.

All the possibilities will depend on the ingenuity, skill, and imagination of the person who uses them.

How do you remove glue from silicone guns?

Good maintenance is essential for the life of our gun, and for that, it is necessary to clean it well once we have finished. We have to remove the silicone remains from the gun because if we don’t, it will end up being useless. It is recommended to wet a little cotton with isopropyl alcohol and pass it over the glue. This way, the adhesive or silicone will come off quickly.

Safety measures to use while working with Best Hot Glue Guns

Although it seems defenseless, a silicone gun can injure or burn us due to the temperature with which we work the glue. Always avoid leaving it on because you can burn yourself or damage the gun. Also, be careful with the silicone threads you work with because they are toxic. It is always recommended to use gloves and protection. You have to work with it very carefully.

Now that you know everything about this accessory buying the best glue gun on the market will be a little easier. Choose the one that best your needs to work like a professional.

The pros and cons described in customer reviews for Best Hot Glue Guns

Glue guns are inexpensive and very versatile tools. They are used for minor home repairs, professional plumbing, or other work. Depending on the use you will give it, you will have to choose a particular model. These guns are ideal for DIY, crafts, and crafts. Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages of glue guns :


  • Versatile
  • Perfect for professional work
  • Home repairs and DIY
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use


  • Have a particular use
  • Can be dangerous
  • Get dirty easily

Best Hot Glue Guns- Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary uses of the glue gun?

The primary use of the glue gun is in construction work, and it is widely used to seal the joints of bathtubs or sinks and bathroom tiles. Finally, glue guns are also used for DIY and craft projects. Handicrafts and crafts are becoming increasingly popular, and glue guns have become essential tools. 

How hot can Best Hot Glue Guns reach?

The temperature of a glue gun is directly related to the type of silicone or glue used. Low-temperature bars need to be heated around 120 ºC. It is ideally suited to manual work with fabrics, wood, or even plastic. These guns are generally less expensive and lighter, and more convenient in use. Guns that use high-temperature silicone bars can reach up to 195 ºC. These guns have a more professional service. High-temperature silicone is heat-sealing and has more substantial adhesive power. This silicone type is used in professional sealing work and on materials such as ceramic or metal.

How to use Best Hot Glue Guns?

Glue guns are straightforward to use tools. Place the cylinder or the silicone/glue bar and pull the trigger. In the case of the heat gun, you have to wait for it to heat up, whereas pressure guns can use immediately.

Below, we explain the different steps to follow to use a glue gun correctly:

First, you must place the silicone bar or cartridge in the gun. In the case of heat guns, set the bar in the hole you see in the back part.

For the glue gun to heat up, you need to connect it to an electrical outlet. You have to wait to heat up before starting working. Some guns heat up faster than others.

If you have a pressure gun, all you have to do is place the silicone cartridge in the indicated place and pull the trigger. With heat guns, once they have heated up, you also have to pull the trigger and point the tool’s tip at the exact spot where you want to deposit the glue. According to the manufacturer’s tests and opinions, to avoid stringing, lightly press the information on the desired location and quickly move the tip to the side. Place the other element quickly on the glue before it dries.

Best Hot Glue Guns- According to the manufacturer’s tests

Press a few seconds, and voila! You also have to press the trigger and direct the tool’s tip to the precise place where you want to deposit the glue. According to the manufacturer’s tests and opinions, to avoid stringing, lightly press the information on the desired location and quickly move the tip to the side. Place the other element quickly on the glue before it dries. Press a few seconds, and voila! You also just have to press the trigger and direct the tool’s tip to the precise place where you want to deposit the glue. According to the manufacturer’s tests and opinions, to avoid stringing, lightly press the information on the desired location and quickly move the tip to the side. Place the other element quickly on the glue before it dries. Press a few seconds, and voila!

What safety measures should follow to avoid accidents when using Best Hot Glue Guns?

Glue guns are easy-to-use tools. So you shouldn’t have any significant problems. However, an accident quickly happened, and the hot silicone can cause burns. As always, it is therefore essential to follow a few safety measures. When the gun is hot, avoid touching the gun’s metal parts. Never hold the glue gun horizontally. The silicone can run and dry out. If the gun does not have an automatic shut-off device, be careful that your gun does not overheat. If this happens, it will cause a short circuit. Do not rest the metal tip of the gun on potentially explosive materials.

What can be glued with the glue used?

The silicone bars are composed of different kinds of adhesive. The silicone in the cartridges, primarily white, is used to seal and fill the spaces between the tiles. It can also glue cardboard, fabric, leather, ceramics, plastic, wood, and many more. So you can see, it is a very versatile product.

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