5 Best Sewing Machines of 2022 – Buying Guide, and Opinions

Best Sewing Machines

5 Best Sewing Machines of 2022 – Buying Guide, and Opinions

Sewing machines have always been one of those products that have never gone out of style. And thanks to the new technical advance, today you can practice what you need with them: from quilts, clothes, curtains or even fantasy designs. 

A proposal of compact size, but that extends its scope with a sewing table, to have a high capacity to carry out different jobs. In addition, it can work with all types of fabrics and includes functions typical of more advanced models.

Buying Guide – What is the Best Sewing Machines on the market?

If you have decided to read this guide to buy the best cheap sewing machine, it is because you know that spending a minute of your time doing it can prevent you from making a wrong choice. Whether you are first time picking up a sewing machine or you’re the expert in the family, there are many factors to consider:

When you decide to buy a cheap sewing machine, you have to choose one that gives you what you need; it is an investment that will affect the quality of the work you do and the possibility of doing more and more projects for your home family.


First, it would be essential to have a machine with enough pulling power. It will depend on the type of work to be done and the fabrics to be sewn. A device with about 75 W of power will be enough for materials and everyday tasks.

Some of the most critical features to evaluate when buying a machine are:

Types of stitches:  

The variety is wide; some devices have only basic stitches, while others offer dozens of possibilities. If it only has simple stitches, you can make arrangements or make simple things. Still, if you want something more decorative or elaborate, a machine that offers a greater variety of stitches is better.

It would be advisable that it had a zig-zag, invisible stitch, and elastic stitch in addition to the straight stitch. Also, appreciate that you can vary the width and length of the stitches.

Thread tension manually: 

 Preferably choose a machine that allows you to adjust the thread tension manually. Letting the device automatically adjust the pressure is the easiest but not always the most appropriate.

Presser feet:  

Almost all machines offer the possibility of using interchangeable presser feet, some of them to perform particular functions such as buttonholes. The option of placing it at double height is also important, to use it with thicker fabrics.

Other features: Best Sewing Machines

Depending on the projects you will carry out, you will need a more or less robust machine. Even if you like, for example, to make quilts, quilts, curtains, it would be essential to choose a device that allows you to handle those volumes of fabric, even with an extendable table and that sews quite quickly.

Finally, a machine with many functions is not always the best. It may not be for you. Suppose the use you are going to give it is fundamental. In that case, it is not worth investing a lot of money in a machine with functions that you will never use. It could even be that the number of controls discouraged or confused you, or on the contrary, if you love sewing or are fully involved in crafts that require using the machine, do not hesitate and buy a complete engine.

Best Sewing Machines- Design

Regarding the design of the machine, take into account if you are going to need to move it, in which case you should look for it to be light or if you are going to fix it if you can opt for a more advanced one with a piece of furniture. Be careful with devices that are too light. It could be because it has a lot of plastic parts in its gear.

Now, well-known brands usually offer products made with quality material, so it is best to choose one of them.

Some machines have an in-built handle or carrying case to facilitate safe transportation. It will also protect your investment when not in use. Another valuable design element is the fact that it has a free arm. It will be easier to make tubular seams such as sleeves or cuffs if you have them.

Best Sewing Machines- Accessories

When you compare machines, keep in mind that some have a lower price but do not include or include a few accessories, and then you will have to buy them, if you get them, separately. 

Best Sewing Machines- Versatility

When deciding machine to buy, you should keep in mind the type of work you want to do with your device. If you are going to use it only for a couple of occasional patches, a simple machine will suffice, but if, for example, you are going to work with thick fabrics or make quilts, you will need a more powerful engine.

If your budget allows you to buy with more advanced features machine, do not hesitate to do so because it is very likely that once you start seeing your projects made, you will not want to stop.

Our selection of the Five Best Sewing Machines 2020

After sifting through the main models of the different brands of sewing machines, 6 of them caught our attention. Our top 6 best sewing machines [year] to find the best value for money after our test.

1. Singer: the ideal choice

Our top pick is the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.

Fast and efficient are the two words that best characterize the Singer Initiale sewing machine. Indeed, it only considers the essentials and abandons the gadget functions that would slow down its handling. Offered at less than 200$ by the historic brand of sewing machines in France, it is suitable for all levels of sewing, from learning to confirmation, provided you stick to the usual work.


The seamstress has access to a Singer brand machine for a limited budget, realizing a lasting investment ensured by the solid metal parts. The Singer Initiale sewing machine allows you to carry out ordinary and usual sewing work thanks to its 97 preset stitches: hems, straight seams, zig-zag, buttonholes. The most valuable options are also integrated, such as automatic threading feed dogs. The quality-price ratio is excellent, and the accessory kit delivered with the machine further reinforces it, especially for novices starting without any equipment. 

Its weak points

It is a pity not to choose the width of its stitches. But the most significant weakness noted during our test does not relate to the sewing machine as such but to its instructions for use, too little supported for our taste. It is a recurring finding with this brand. However, the Singer Initiale is intuitive enough to make up for this weak point slightly.

2. Brother Intl LX3817 Lightweight and Full-Size Sewing Machine

Brother LX3817 17-Stitch Full-size Sewing Machine. Start exploring creative sewing with this exceptionally easy-to-use, full-size sewing machine. Select from 17 in-built sewing stitches, including a blind hem stitch, four-step buttonhole, zigzag and couching stitches. Stitch selecting a is as easy as turning the dial, and the included instructional CD takes how to set up and use this machine.

3. Magicfly Sewing Machine

Lightweight at About 3.5 Pounds

This sewing machine is ideal for learners with a small, space-saving design. It also comes with 42 accessories to make using it even easier.


  • It uses a battery for cordless operation
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Has high- and low-speed options


  • Not as heavy-duty as other machines on the market
  • The small size limits what you can stitch

4. Varmax Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit 

If you’re looking to buy a budget option, we recommend the Varmax Sewing Machine. It comes in compact size saves space, allowing you to use it anywhere in your home. This advanced sewing machine has impressive functionality. Double threads save your time since you don’t have to knot your stitches, and dual-speed control provides a safe and robust operation.
It comes with a sizable extension table, which helps keep it sturdy and allows you to tackle large projects. A unique cuff slot works perfectly for sewing pants and shirts, while built-in lighting makes it easy to see what you’re working on. This affordable sewing machine is excellent for beginners.

5. HAITRAL Mini Sewing Machine, Portable Sewing Machine Adjustable 2-Speed Double Thread with Foot Pedal

The best mini sewing machine currently on the market is the Haitral HT-CS141WPU Mini Portable Sewing Machine. Though small in size, this lightweight product still has practical features like a built-in thread cutter, LED work light, and two speeds for high-quality, adjustable sewing.

This machine is portable enough to work from anywhere at less than two pounds, honestly. It runs on either an AC/DC power supply and can be operated using buttons or the included foot pedals. This convenient and compact sewing machine is ideal for beginners or anyone who needs a portable option.

How to use Best Sewing Machines

A sewing machine is always helpful in any home. It can use to repair, adjust, tailor. Many uses and applications can be given to it, as long as you take it out of the closet and start using it. This guide will find some recommendations for using the sewing machine.

Read the instruction manual.

To use the sewing machine, you must first read the instructions. In them, you will be able to obtain all the information regarding the use and care of the machine. Even if you are an expert in sewing, do not use the device without reading the instructions since not all machines, models, and brands work the same way.

Get familiar with your sewing machine.

It is essential to become familiar with the sewing machine and know how to turn it on, choose the stitches, thread it, and place the thread. In short, everything is related to the activities usually carried out with the machine. If something doesn’t work or doesn’t work as expected, refer to the instruction manual and check that you are doing things according to the instructions.

multiple functions

As said before, machines, models, and brands can be different, so you should pay special attention to your device’s functions. The type of work that can do on the machine will depend on this; therefore, its parts must be well known.

stitch types

The types of stitches are also essential, as these have to do with the kind of seams that can make on the machine; It will also depend on what work can be done with the device since certain types of work and finishes require special stitches.

The automatic needle threading system

If the machine has this system, you have a significant advantage since a lot of time is usually lost while threading the machine needle. If your device has this system, don’t hesitate to use it repeatedly until it’s a routine activity and you do it every time you need it.

Could you keep it in an easily accessible place?

It is essential to consider where the sewing machine will keep. The ideal is to have it in an accessible place, where it can be easily used when you need it or want to start a project. If it is kept in a place where it cannot use easily, it will never be used or rarely used.

start at the beginning

It will seem obvious to you, but we often overlook some fundamental aspects and move on to the more complex ones at once. Start with the essential elements, functions, or jobs; As you progress through sewing and more basic projects, move on to more complex ones, believe me, you’ll be amazed at the results. 

Don’t be afraid to use your sewing machine.

Use your machine without fear, do not underestimate or waste any work opportunity. Something as familiar as a hem or fixing a small tear in a garment can be easier and faster if you do it with the sewing machine.

Common Sewing Mistakes

Proper sewing technique requires a careful balancing act between tension and release. An eye for detail and a fluid mastery of gears and controls are also necessary, especially if you’re using a traditional sewing machine rather than a computerized one. If you’re just getting started, don’t be intimidated. Learning about the below common mistakes that sewers of all experience levels make will help you keep an eye out for what to avoid. 

  • Taking on large projects too quickly: It’s easy to build your sewing confidence quickly, especially after a few successful projects, so don’t commit to more extensive or too many projects too fast. 
  • Disregarding or reworking sewing pattern instructions: Don’t decide to improvise or revise existing sewing patterns unless you’re an expert. Second-guessing what the original sewing pattern looks like or finding shortcuts often ends in a ruined project and wasted materials. 
  • Pulling the material too hard: Sewing requires being gentle with the fabric you’re working with. While some tension is necessary to ensure a straight seam, too much pressure prevents the metal teeth of the sewing machine from fully gripping the material.
  • You are underestimating measurement techniques: Taking basic measurements with a tape measure or estimating the length between buttons. However, your measurements being off by fractions of an inch could compromise your entire project. Make sure to take your time when you’re measuring and account for seam allowances as well as the flexibility and thickness of the material itself.

Other Sewing Tips- Best Sewing Machines

While the above section contains helpful information on misusing a sewing machine, the list below gives you tips on using one properly.

  • Inspect new sewing needles: Look for any rough or unfinished spots in the eye. Imperfections like these can weaken the thread and cause unexpected and frustrating breaks. 
  • Use the pedal lightly: Avoid wearing hard-soled shoes, as they can decrease the pedal’s sensitivity and cause you to go too fast. Using the pedal barefoot will give you the best control. 
  • Keep a magnet and lint roller on hand for cleanup: The lint roller makes collecting tiny thread pieces easier, while the magnet picks up any dropped needles before you step on them.
  • Spraying the end of the hand with hairspray can make it easier to thread through the needle.

Best Sewing Machines- The advantages and disadvantages described in customer reviews

Some favorable aspects come up regularly in consumer reviews.

  • Lots of stitches are available
  • Workstation lighting is efficient and allows you to work even in a dark room
  • The machine is quiet, which is very pleasant when sewing for several hours in a row.
  • The machine is light: it is possible to transport it from one room to another
  • Adjusting the device is easy and intuitive: it is ideal for beginner seamstresses
  • Some machines make it possible to perform a triple stitch, more solid for specific works
  • The engine manages to sew several layers in a linear fashion and without damaging the needle
  • The sewing machine is compact and stable for easy use
  • The design is charming and can add a touch of originality to the interior

It is essential to remember the negative aspects mentioned by other customers.

  • The sewing machine is not intuitive, and its use requires a lot of perseverance
  • It is much too heavy and has no handle: it is not easily transportable
  • The sewing machine is very noisy
  • The lever to raise the foot is poorly placed and forces you to perform acrobatics, which makes the gesture very uncomfortable
  • Installing the bobbin requires a bit of a hand which can be laborious, especially for beginner sewers
  • The needle is not very strong and breaks easily when thick sewing fabric
  • The sewing machine jams unexpectedly very regularly, which wastes a lot of time
  • The claws do not grip the fabric enough, which can damage the fabric and require additional effort from the seamstress
  • The device is supplied without a storage case, which is not practical
  • The sewing machine is made of cheap plastic, giving it a poor appearance.

 How the Best Sewing Machines is tested

To develop a severe and accurate comparison of sewing machines: it is essential to consider the following characteristics.

Crowbars or presser feet

An essential mechanism on a sewing machine, presser feet hold the fabric firmly flat while sewing.

The manufacturer must supply them in at least four varieties: the classic presser foot, the zipper foot, the button foot, and finally, the buttonhole foot. It is essential to ensure the solidity and reliability of the feet before any purchase.

The variable speed drive

This feature helps to control the sewing speed of your machine, allowing you to sew if you are doing precision work or conversely to sew faster if you are working on large pieces of fabric.

The variable speed drive comes with a button or a pedal. Its precision and sensitivity are essential because a speed error can significantly impact your sewing work.

The stopping point

The bar tack locks the thread and finishes the seam neatly. This feature is essential so that the stitching does not come apart and is as strong as possible.

The device ties a knot between the bobbin thread and the spool thread on the wrong side of the fabric. The bartack is essential for carrying out neat and high-quality sewing work.

Internet or specialist trade: where should I buy my sewing machine instead?

It would help if you had it at the best value for money to find the sewing machine: there’s nothing like buying it online.

Making your purchase online allows you to compare by reading the opinions of customers who have invested in the devices on which your choice stops.

So you can know all the features of each sewing machine. In addition, the terms of sale and guarantee are identical on the internet and in a specialized trade. They are often even cheaper online. Thanks to our comparison, do not hesitate any longer and make the best purchase on an e-store.

Alternatives to the Best Sewing Machines

The best alternative to the sewing machine is undoubtedly the handmade one for the most straightforward sewing jobs. If carrying out sewing work naturally requires a little expertise, craftsmanship can acquire quickly with training.

For slightly more complex alterations or repairs, it is advisable to entrust your garment to a sewing professional for the best results. On the other side, if you want to create your wardrobe, there is no alternative: you must invest in a sewing machine! Our comparison is there to guide you and help you make the best possible choice.

Best Sewing Machines- Frequently Asked Questions

Which sewing machine to choose?

The choice of your sewing machine depends on your level of sewing and the use you intend to make of this device. To help you find the best sewing machine, follow our comparison guide.

Can I use a sewing machine if I have never seen it in my life?

Sure! We mentioned it in our comparison: there are models of sewing machines that are primarily aimed at beginners. Manufacturers often accompany their products with DVDs or booklets that help you take your first steps as a designer.

What can I do with a sewing machine?

Your projects, even the most complex, can be brought to life with your sewing machine. From children’s costumes to everyday wardrobe, even your future wedding dress, don’t be afraid to treat yourself!

Where to buy a sewing machine?

As we have advised you in our comparison, we believe that the best solution is to buy your sewing machine online, on the internet, to collect the best opinions on each product.

What brand of sewing machine to choose?

You have the option for one of the best brands, with which, in our opinion, you will have no problem, or choosing to trust a less known manufacturer but whose devices can prove to be just as effective.

What is the price of a sewing machine?

It all depends on the brand and model you choose. The most basic machines are usually offered for less than 100 euros, the best and most elaborate cost up to several hundred euros.

What is the lifespan of a sewing machine?

A sewing machine will last about ten years if you use it very regularly and even longer if you use it sparingly. The best sewing machines have a lifespan of decades. Some are also designed to be easily repairable to fight against planned obsolescence.

How to maintain a sewing machine?

Please refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In general, remember to dust off your machine after each use and regularly oil the mechanism.

Are our sewing machines guaranteed?

Like many devices, sewing machines have a warranty ranging from 1 year for the most basic machines to 10 years for the best on the market.

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