7 Best Computer Desk – Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests in 2022

Best Computer Desk

7 Best Computer Desk – Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests in 2022

Even though each future user may have a definite idea about the best computer table for him, this equipment should not choose thoughtlessly. The ideal is always to inform yourself about the parameters that characterize it before directing you to a given model. Preferably, it would help if you took note of its design, practicality, and size. By doing so, you run less risk of getting a bad deal. Our buying guide can help you see more clearly, but if you can’t skim it, here are the best items in our ranking.

How to choose a good computer table?

This buying guide for the best computer tables will give you the advice to purchase criteria for buying this equipment to help you quickly find the model that suits you when purchasing one. These features include design, practicality, and size.

Purchase guide


By looking at price comparison and looking for how to buy a better value computer table, you can easily find answers if you consider the design of this article. According to this criterion, the choice of this product allows you to have a model that can effectively meet your needs.

There are several possibilities for designing a computer table. You are free to make a selection considering the use. You plan to make this product. At the same time, others can accommodate different types of computer hardware that you may want to have close at hand during work on your computer.

There are accessories whose role is reduced to supporting an appliance, but those can also be a storage place for books or a tray that allows you to serve a meal in bed. There is something for users regarding color, shape, and aesthetics. You can relate them to where you plan to put this item after buying it.


A practical model gives you access to comfort that does not take this parameter into account among its characteristics, which shows the interest of informing yourself on this point before looking for where to buy a new computer table.

Like most tables, some models remain fixed in place after installation. However, there is equipment that can adjust in height according to the needs of its user. By opting for such an article, you can efficiently work in a seated position or stand up if you have back pain by adopting specific postures. Other devices can tilt and turn to different angles depending on your requirements, and some are foldable. 

The size

The size of a computer table is not necessarily the same if you switch from one model to another. It is essential to gather information related to this characteristic because it determines the use of this equipment.

First, ensure that the dimensions of this article can be placed where you want to install it. There are models to be installed freestanding, but there are also wall tables. Next, consider how much support and storage space this accessory can provide. Consider the size of the computer it can accommodate and the width of the shelves it offers if it has any. This product can be foldable for those who do not have ample space to dedicate to it.

The best computer tables of 2022

If you have no idea about the computer table that can meet your needs, you can get to know this product better through the models that we offer in this comparison. They should help you get your bearings better when buying one.

1. Neetto HDLP-TB101-RED


Avantree HDLP-TB101-RED stands out from other models for its versatility. It can be used as an office table or even support to take your meal. It can even accommodate a TV. Set.


According to some users, it would have been a good idea to add a rubber band on the tray to prevent the device from slipping and falling.


This minor defect that we have just mentioned is entirely overshadowed by the many qualities of this computer table, starting with its versatility.

Key Features Explained

Versatile equipment

Avantree HDLP-TB101-RED is, above all, a laptop table. It is the first use for which it is intended. But it can also be helpful to you in other circumstances. First, it can completely replace your office table. But that’s not the only other use some have attributed to it. You can also use it to accommodate a TV set for snacks. It is for professional use.

Other people have also found other uses for it, but this time, at home. Indeed, some claim to have already used it to take their meals in bed. You can also put books, your tablet or other materials there. When you do the count, you realize that this product can replace many accessories you need in everyday life.

An ergonomic accessory

The Avantree HDLP-TB101-RED also has the merit of being very ergonomic. Note that the height of this model is adjustable. Thus, its height can vary from 23.8 to 30.5 cm. So every user, whether small or tall, can adjust the furniture to their size. The other advantage of this model is that it also allows you to work standing up.

When you feel that your sitting position on the bed becomes less and less comfortable, you can get up. It is an essential detail for some people who suffer from back pain. So you can say goodbye to fatigue-related pain. You can set the position that suits you and continue to work on your computer, regardless of your size.

Easy to manipulate

Avantree HDLP-TB101-RED is a very easy-to-handle computer bed table. To make it easier for you to adjust its height, it has two self-locking buttons on each side. The manufacturers have also thought about the problems associated with the storage of this accessory. At first glance, you probably tell yourself that the table will take up a lot of space.

But rest assured, it is straightforward to store. It is made possible by the fact that it can be folded flat. In this way, a tiny space will be enough for you to keep it. You can very well place it in a closet or a wardrobe. Once folded flat, it can also be carried everywhere, without bulking you up.

2. Mr. IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk, Computer Corner Desk, 

Staff pick No bars to hit knees on

Elevate your monitor or laptop on the included shelf.

Support up to three monitors on this L-shaped desk from Mr. IRONSTONE. The X-design at the tabletop ends provides additional stability not found in our other options and keeps you from knocking your knees into a bar underneath. A built-in shelf can also handle another monitor, a laptop, or even a speaker.


  • Optimal leg space
  • Built-in monitor shelf
  • Adjustable foot pads


  • Difficult assembly

3. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-shaped desk

Space for books, Attached privacy cover

The Dakota desk is a good product for placement on a wall instead of a corner. Support up to 100 pounds of computer equipment on the top of this L-shaped desk. One end of the desk is rounded and has open shelving for books or other office supplies. Take your pick from the multiple available finish options, including a beautiful dove gray color that is sure to draw attention.


  • Bookshelf on end
  • Multiple finishes
  • Cable grommets


  • No extra hardware for setup

5. Walker Edison Ellis contemporary L-shaped corner desk


Dedicated spots for computer elements

The Ellis desk has transparent glass surfaces that open up any space. If not for the metal frame, you’d hardly know this desk was there. The glass desktops are easy to see through and create the illusion of taking up less space in the room. There is a dedicated spot for your computer tower in the corner area to keep the surface as uncluttered as possible, as your keyboard on the sliding tray.


  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Shelf for a computer tower
  • Sliding keyboard tray


  • Fingerprints show up quickly on glass

6. Cooper Mega Table

The Cooper Mega Table overbed table appeals to users because this tablet has all the essential functions in an ultra-portable design. Available in black or white, this multifunctional sofa stand, bed table, laptop stand will allow you to work, play, study, write, eat, etc. Note that it is suitable for laptops from 11 to 17 inches maximum.

This folding table model is sturdy and stable. Indeed, the aluminum alloy legs fold up to allow storage. Designed to be ergonomic: it is specially designed for seated positions. Therefore, this overbed table is the ideal support for working in bed without hurting your back. Plus, users love that no assembly is required! Also, note that this model is guaranteed for two years.

What is a computer desk?

You need to understand what office furniture consists of. It is mainly the part of the furniture designed to accommodate, install or support a desktop or laptop computer to use in optimal comfort conditions. It is used at home or in the office. This type of equipment can also be used as a work or meeting table and storage space since it comes in countless models equipped with drawers or drawers. Shelves.

Individual or collective, deep or compact, adjustable and height-adjustable electric desk, this equipment can effectively accommodate one or more people. It can more or less quickly adapt to the configuration of your room depending on the model and use desired. All the possibilities are possible thanks to the custom-made computer desks that will meet the individual’s needs. 

What is the best computer desk?

Discover our MN comparison of the five best computer desk models, but be careful, don’t forget that the desk alone is not enough… To be sure to work in an ideal ergonomic position for long hours in front of the screen, don’t forget not that the adjustable office chair is just as important as the desk itself.

The best value for money: corner desk corner L by EUREKA ERGONOMIC

Easy to install, modern, and elegant, this corner computer table takes up minimal space thanks to its L-shaped design. It is also practical since it has a keyboard drawer and can accommodate various devices electronics. Very solid, this desk has a steel frame that can support a certain weight.

The best inexpensive model: L-shaped wooden table by Coavas

This table is designed with a wooden top and metal legs that guarantee modernity, simplicity, and durability. The table’s corner is round in shape to allow different positions in the corner of your office or the middle of the living room—one of the best cheap computer tables for small budgets.

The best high-end model: corner computer desk from Homcom

Ideal for looking for a stylish piece of furniture for work or play, this tempered smoked glass computer desk is both easy to set up and very comfortable. It is a lovely L-shaped table with a rounded corner that will bring aesthetics to your room.

How to choose a computer desk?

Depending on its size and available space

The choice of the size of a computer table is a criterion specific to each user because everything depends essentially on the use he wants to make of it and the space he has. However, the minimum size for furniture of this kind is generally 1.20 m long by 80 cm wide. Therefore, if you are the only one using it and plan to install only one laptop, for example, you can get by with an 80 cm computer desk.

A larger model will be necessary for those who want to place their computer there and leaf through various documents or work on a project that requires writing on paper. Therefore, you will opt for a more or less large table depending on your activity and the size of the room that you assign to it since the dimensions of a computer desk for two people will certainly not be the same as that of an office island for six people.

According to its design

There are indeed different forms of the computer table, including the classic straight desk, which remains an excellent choice for these looking for a table that takes up the least space.

It is also the most practical table since it adapts easily to any room. There are desks with backs that feature the main deck and a corner top for those who want more space.

The latter requires a little more space than the previous one but makes it possible to increase the surface available for working and thus facilitate access to documents by placing them outside the work area. Finally, if you want a functional and comfortable desk, our site advises you to turn to a compact computer table. It is designed with a rounded shape at the level of the user’s seat to ensure maximum comfort when using a computer by positioning itself closer to the work surface.

Depending on the number of compartments

Having a unique computer table is good, but having a computer desk with storage is even better!

Remember to include the number of drawers and compartments you will need in your selection criteria because these are essential elements that will be useful for classifying all your documents. Sliding drawers or storage shelves, the choice is yours according to your needs and the practicality you expect.

It is the same for their number and their organization because, once again, everything depends essentially on the activity you exercise. You can set your sights on a model that allows you to hide the cables of your various electronic tools, thanks to cable passage spaces dedicated solely for this purpose.

According to its materials

As for the manufacturing materials of the product, it will be necessary to combine the useful with the pleasant. The aesthetic side of the table must be in harmony with the work environment or all the furniture in the room where it will install. And on the other side, we must not forget that the solidity of your desk is also one of the criteria not to be neglected.

To do this, you can, for example, opt for a table with a wooden top, with iron legs to guarantee its durability, or a glass and aluminum computer desk. Nevertheless, the choice remains vast compared to most design models offered on the market, whether in terms of materials or colors. In any case, Meilleur-Note recommends that you favor light-colored and matte trays to help you concentrate and thus avoid shiny surfaces, which can be annoying.

Why buy a computer desk?

To work efficiently and comfortably.

Indeed, a simple dining table can transform into a desk to install our computer and our documents. However, this is not the best solution to take when you know that you will be spending more than 6 hours a day there all year round.

There is nothing better than acquiring an actual ergonomic computer cabinet on which everything has been thought out to install all our computer tools.

The latter is also equipped with drawers and shelves that allow us to easily store our files and documents so that we always have them at hand. Practical, efficient, and space-saving, the computer desk is the ideal furniture for working in good conditions.

To have a space dedicated to work.

Whether you work at home or in business, the computer table allows you to gather everything you need for work in one place. It delimits the space you reserve for your professional activity, although it is placed in your bedroom, living room, or a sizeable open-space room. Your computer and files will never again scatter all over the house since you will find them in drawers or on the desk. 

How much does a computer desk cost?

The price of a computer desk varies greatly depending on the quality of its construction materials, size, and different storage and functionalities. Therefore, you will understand that the more practical and comfortable the piece of furniture is, the higher its price will be.

The cheapest computer tables are usually offered for less than 100$, and you can even find very nice ones for 70$. Between 100$ and 200$, the choice is extensive, and you can even let your tastes guide you: in wood, glass, or chipboard. Be aware, however, that apart from the basic models, some sophisticated furniture can reach an exorbitant price of up to more than 1500$.

How to organize your computer desk?

If you have just received your desk by parcel, the first thing to do will be to install it correctly by following the instructions and steps in the user manual. Once it’s set up and placed on a flat, stable surface, the next step will be to organize it so that all your stuff is in its place. Install your computer according to the compartments dedicated to the keyboard, the mouse, and the central unit if it is a model for a desktop PC.

Then, make sure you have everything you need daily: pens, a diary, a notebook, and others. We advise you to equip yourself with horizontal bunks, compartmentalized boxes in A4 format, or vertical file holders to classify all your documents better. Place them on your desk shelves or in your drawers in an organized way. Don’t forget to choose a quality armchair to guarantee your working comfort, light suitable for your desk to be able to work in the evening, as well as a wastebasket under the table to get rid of everything lying around.

How to clean your computer desk?

Materials other than wood are generally easier to clean. For example, for a glass top, wipe with a clean cloth when the dust settles there. The application of a window cleaner is also possible if finger stains and coffee cup circles remain very visible.

On the other hand, if you have a wooden deck, it would be best to clean the dirt immediately with a sponge or a microfiber cloth. For central cleaning, prepare a mixture of lukewarm water, dishwashing liquid, and white vinegar in a container. Rub all the surfaces of the table and the different compartments.

For unfinished or natural wood desks, use a soft brush dipped in a mixture of water and black soap, rubbing in the direction of the fibers. Use a usual multi-purpose product and a sponge for painted or varnished wood.

The pros and cons described in customer reviews

User reviews and tests have identified the following benefits:

  • The space that the table offers is extensive and allows you to put many things on it.
  • The bed table is very light and moves thanks to its handle quickly.
  • Good build quality, the product is sturdy.
  • The overbed table is charming to use, thanks to its curved shape. It provides significant working comfort for the arms and wrists.
  • The price-quality ratio is very satisfactory.
  • The table is delivered already assembled ready to use.

Some users have also found the disadvantages below:

  • The table is slightly too high, and the legs are not adjustable.
  • The instructions supplied with the table which allows it to be assembled are in English, with a tiny font.
  • The wheels are of poor quality; they work very poorly.
  • The wooden top cracks when screwing and making the table.
  • The finish is poor, which spoils the aesthetic side a bit;
  • The build quality is not up to par.

Best Computer Desk – Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy an overbed table?

Overbed Tables can purchase at home decor stores or home improvement stores. It is also possible to order it on e-commerce sites. 

What is the purchase price of an overbed table?

The purchase price of an overbed table varies from 25€ and 60€. Everything will depend on your criteria concerning the materials used, the design, the weight supported, and the dimensions.

How much weight can overbed table support?

In general, overbed tables support a weight of about 30 kg. Be sure to read the user manual carefully. The weight supported, specific to each model, is specified there. 

7 Best Computer Desk – Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests in 2022

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