8 Best Laser Level in 2022 Buying Guide, Reviews and Opinions

Best Laser Level

8 Best Laser Level in 2022 Buying Guide, Reviews and Opinions

So that your domestic or professional works do not end up crooked, it is essential to maintain the level at all times. And to help you, nothing better than current laser level models, which carry a high level of accuracy, with just 0.2 millimeters of error per meter, with the possibility of also being able to pose 3D plans directly on the wall to work better. It is what is offered, for example, by the best laser level on the market according to consumers.

What is the best lBest Laser Levelon the market?

The analog levelers with the air bubble in the water tube have been discontinued since, with the advances in all kinds of DIY and construction tools, these could not be the exception. Without a doubt, the utility that can give to a leveler is broad: from installing shelves, painting and decorating spaces, to constructing buildings and assembling steel structures.

Currently, high-precision laser devices have been marketed, and among so many options, deciding on one is not easy. That is why we invite you to review this summary guide to buy the best laser level and obtain the necessary information that you must know before rushing to buy the cheapest one you can get, without first verifying its benefits and characteristics.

Benefits of laser levels

  • Versatility. Laser levels are suitable for various applications, from DIY projects to construction work. You can use it to align walls and cabinets, install drop ceilings, check door and ceiling heights, and much more.
  • Precision. While a traditional bubble level can use for small applications, a laser level proves much more accurate. Laser levels take all the guesswork out and allow for the best precise levels and alignments. It also works on larger areas, ensuring you get the correct measurements even farther than the eye can see.
  • Easy to use. Spirit levels work in limited spaces and must be hand-held. On the other side, laser levels produce a beam that projects across large surfaces, eliminating the need for frequent movements. The line stays fixed to the surface, allowing you to follow it and get the job done in no time.

Types of laser levels – Best Laser Level

Line laser

It is the standard type of laser level and is mainly used for DIY purposes. The line laser projects a horizontal or vertical line on the surface it is aimed at. 

There is a forward projection and a 360-degree projection. The first provides a single line on the surface before it, while the other projects the line that surrounds the laser in 360 degrees. This tool is excellent for installing cabinets, tile, or primary leveling purposes like hanging pictures.

Dot laser

This type of laser level projects multiple points onto one to four surfaces. A little circle of light appears on the surface the laser is aimed at, giving you a reference point for various applications. A dot laser is primarily used for plumbing installation, electrical work, HVAC, and framing.

Rotary laser

They are ideal for professional and construction purposes. They project a line-like line laser, but this line is placed on all the walls in a room. In this way, one can ensure that everything is level in a large area.

Due to a wide range of applications, high precision, and additional coverage: They are primarily suitable for more demanding jobs such as foundation digging, grading, and more.

Combined laser

There is also a type of laser level that combines the features of line and point lasers. This model projects lines and points simultaneously or independently, depending on the application. It allows you to switch between functions and tackle different jobs in the blink of an eye. Combination lasers are primarily suitable for electricians and plumbers who need to install lighting, outlets, cables, and more.

Recommended Products- Best Laser Level

1. DEWALT DW088K Line Laser

Has a pivoting magnetic base

This DEWALT laser level can project up to 165 feet with a laser detector, allowing you to see further than the other levels in this review that only project to about 50 feet.


  • Can purchase a model that has a tripod
  • Is accurate up to ⅛-inch at 30 feet and ¼-inch at 100 feet
  • Has a pivoting magnetic base that can be attached to magnetic objects nearby to free up your hands during use


  • The laser only projects out to 50 feet if you use it without a detector
  • Some units arrive defective and stop working after a few uses

2. Bosch Professional GLL 3-80 P – Cross line laser level

Main advantage:

This equipment has a comprehensive level of accuracy of ±0.2 mm/m, and its self-leveling adjusts in just four seconds. Therefore, by using it, you will take more precise measurements and know if you are working according to the correct settings.

Main disadvantage:

According to users, the power level of the equipment’s laser is not very high, so the light emitted by this model cannot be seen very clearly when working in places where a lot of natural light enters. For this reason, they recommend using it in spaces where there is less lighting.


This equipment allows leveling; in addition, it projects a horizontal line and two vertical lines of 360°, so you will be able to work with more precision when you develop your remodeling or construction projects in interior spaces. 

It has a button through which it can configure the equipment correctly and select the number of lines that it can project while it is active and express the levels of each space where you are working.

Bosch Professional GLL 3-80 P has a second button that allows you to change the projection mode of the device between continuous or pulsed. It will also vary depending on whether or not you work with a receiving device.

Bosch Professional GLL 3-80 P can fix precisely on different equipment because it has a BM 1 support, which can use to put this device on objects and walls located in the place where you work. It can also be used with tripods and comes with a 5/8″ and a 1/4″ notch.

In short, this is one of the best laser levels today, as it will make your DIY, carpentry, etc., work easier.

3. Stanley Cubix STHT1-77340

To answer you, what is the best laser level? You should review all the products we recommend on this list, including the Stanley Cubix. This cross-line laser self-leveling device will simplify the work that you previously had to do between two people or with analog equipment of dubious precision.

With the vast and visible laser beam, placing shelves will no longer be torture because this practical tool has a range of 8 meters made up of 3 diodes. It includes a Quicklink bracket for easy use and is hung on your back for precise ceiling applications.

The different utilities you can give this equipment guarantee a professional workforce and excellent finishes in laying tiles, aligning shelves and furniture, interior decoration, and facilitating lighting installations (rails and plumb), drywall, and false ceilings. It works with two AA batteries.

Indeed you are looking for a good product that will help you give the right level to each of your DIY or construction jobs. For this reason, in this guide, we describe the most important aspects of the best laser level of the moment according to users.

4. Tavool Self-Leveling Laser Level

Best multi-function

This Tavool laser level has two modes that lock or unlock the laser beams. Each of these modes also has vertical, horizontal, or cross-line options for a total of six laser functions.


  • Device is shockproof
  • Will automatically level itself if it’s within four degrees of being straight
  • It can pair with Tavool’s stud finder for the best results when hanging wall decor


  • It uses four AA batteries, while the others in this review use two or three
  • Occasionally, the device’s indicator light will say the laser is on, but the laser isn’t visible

5. BLACK+DECKER BDL220S Laser Level

This laser level is the only product in this review that isn’t self-leveling. Instead, you have to look at the built-in bubble as the level projects a beam to determine if the beam is level.


  • Wall attachment rotates 360 degrees so that you can use the level at any angle
  • Bubbles are backlit so that you can easily see them


  • It doesn’t specify how far the laser beam projects
  • With a bubble level, you have to do the leveling yourself

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Buying Guide – Best Laser Level


When you compare laser levels, you’ll notice the self-leveling feature is mentioned, but what does this mean? Self-leveling refers to the ability of the equipment to level itself automatically utilizing the rotary module of the internal motor to adjust the level in a range defined by the manufacturer that can vary from 4 to 8º or even more in advanced equipment. Technology.

Some models include a non-slip base to facilitate the self-leveling task. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main characteristics of this instrument because it is required to be as level as possible to provide accurate data.

rugged design

In leveling equipment, the design is decisive in choosing the one that best suits the tasks you are going to perform. We recommend choosing a laser level with a compact design. This non-slip handle guarantees a firm grip robust equipment with a rubber coating that resists shocks and falls. As well as having a certification against dirt, dust, and water resistance since the use of levelers can occur in unconventional conditions, especially in large construction or remodeling where dust, dirt, and splashes are the order of the day.

There is also equipped with the characteristic of working operatively even in extreme operating temperatures that oscillate between -10º and 50ºC, without compromising performance.

intuitive function

Nobody wants to take a specialization course to use a laser level. That is why manufacturers have focused on developing intuitive and straightforward devices to use. The recommended and popular on the market are those with selector buttons and LED indicators that warn when the equipment is out of level with an audible alarm.

To use it comfortably, we recommend choosing a laser level with a magnetic base attached to a metal surface for greater freedom of movement. Although this model is not cheap, it is beneficial to have that feature.


Among the different models of laser levelers available on the market, the range may vary depending on the brand and price of the device.

If you are a DIY enthusiast or do small installations in your home, we recommend a basic leveler with a range of 5 to 10 meters. Still, if you need a professional leveler for large-scale jobs, where you require high precision and accuracy to level buildings, floors, roads, and more, you should opt for equipment with a range greater than 500 or 600 m.

And if you don’t get to this type of activity, there is always the option of an average leveler of 80-100 meters that will be enough for all kinds of tasks at home, without falling short.


You should know that most commercial laser levels use AA batteries, two to three batteries, the duration of which will depend on how often you use this device.

However, the levelers do not have excessive energy consumption so the battery set can last you a pretty long time. Even so, we recommend that to prolong the useful life of your laser level, after using it and turning it off, you remove the batteries to avoid spills and leaks, which would affect the operation of the device.

To save money and be aware of the environment, you can buy rechargeable batteries that will save you the cost of replacements and avoid the constant disposal of these products.


For the use of the leveler to be broad and without restrictions, you must know what accessories it needs and which ones it includes. Some of the models recommended by our customers have a magnetic base to adhere to metal surfaces and improve leveling. Support for slabs that facilitate ceilings’ placement, tripods of different sizes to adjust the height, and last but not least. We recommend choosing one with a carrying case, so you can take it everywhere, well stored along with the accessories it includes. By knowing all this data, you can determine the best laser level on the market.

Key features- Best Laser Level


The first thing to remember when purchasing a laser level is the overall accuracy of the tool. When hanging a painting on the wall or installing tile and cabinetry, you need the correct measurements to get the job done right. Fortunately, most laser levels have an accuracy rating listed on the package.

When checking tool accuracy, look for the level of accuracy measured to a fraction of an inch. Models that offer a rating of less than 1/4 inch at 100 feet prove to be the most reliable. Generally, tools that have smaller fractions at greater distances are more accurate.


It is essential to consider the range of the laser level before purchasing. That will ensure that the tool can reach the surface and is visible enough in the work area. Most regular line laser levels can go 10 to 25 feet, while cross line models can get 100 feet. Professional-grade tools can have a range of over 100 feet but are much more expensive. So consider the size of the area you’ll be working in and choose a range accordingly.


Depending on the general conditions in which you will be working, you will need a more or less protected tool against various threats. Some laser levels come with high IP ratings, which means they are protected from water, dirt, dust, and debris. It tends to be more expensive but ideal for exteriors and construction. However, if you plan to use a laser level for home and indoor applications, you won’t need much protection.

Best Laser Level- Other considerations

  • Beam color. Laser levels produce beams of two colors: green or red. The main thing to consider when choosing lightning color is the application. Reds are less powerful but last longer and are suitable for most indoor tasks. Green beams consume more energy but are very powerful and ideal for outdoor and heavy-duty work.
  • Mounting Options. One of the main benefits of laser levels is that they allow hands-free operation. You can install them and leave them until you complete the project. Still, laser levels can mount in different ways. Some use pegs to mount on the wall, while others come with tripods or heavy mounting brackets for stability. Please consider your application and mounting options before purchase so you can use the tool in the best possible way.

How to use a laser level

If you want to level uneven construction surfaces or test the plumbing of a wall, you must have a handy tool at hand, which is a laser level. If you have just acquired one, but you will use it for the first time, in this buying guide, we will tell you how to use it properly so that your constructions are as precise as possible.

Check the user guide of the tool.

Before using any equipment or tool, it is essential to review the user manual to know the parts and functions they include and verify the scope of the device and what you can do with them. It is also essential to know your power system to check what type of batteries it uses.

Attach the necessary batteries to the laser level

Most laser levels run on AA alkaline batteries. Depending on the model, some need 2 or 3 batteries. Review the user manual and place the batteries in the order established in their respective compartment.

Locate a metal support point to fix the laser level

Some models of laser levels include support with magnets placed on a metal surface to be fixed in an ideal place so that it emits the laser mark properly. Other models are also designed to be placed on tripods for broader use, such as in outdoor spaces.

Turn on the switch of the laser level.

Locate the power switch of the laser level and immediately notice that a horizontal, vertical line is emitted in the laser form, depending on the active function at that moment.

Choose the level you want to specify

Depending on what you need to measure, select the type of level you require. According to the instruction manual, locate the function to level horizontal for floors and ceilings. The vertical direction is usually activated by another process, which will help you measure the plumpness of walls and other mounts such as doors and windows. There are models of laser levels that include both directions in a single function to mark more precise points, make cross-shaped marks, and mount ceilings, among other applications.

Verify that the tool is leveled correctly

Most current laser level models have a self-leveling function, which lets the user know utilizing an LED light whether or not it is accurately leveled. Among the models, there is a rule that the LED light is red or flashing. It indicates that the tool is not yet level, so marking or measuring is not recommended. While if the LED light is green or has stopped flashing, it means that the tool is ready to work.

Make the necessary measurements and markings.

Once the required function has been selected and verified that the tool is level, it makes the necessary marks and measurements to work, be it for drilling, door, window mounting work, or any work.

Turn off the laser level.

Once precise measurements and markings have been carried out, proceed to turn off the laser level and remove the batteries to guarantee their useful life and prevent them from leaking.

Best brands of Best Laser Level


Dewalt is the leading company in producing hand and power tools. It was founded in 1924 in Towson, Maryland. In the past, Reymond DeWalt invented the cutting machine known as the radial arm saw. The company increased and is now known for producing everything from nails and staples to lawnmowers. The DEWALT 12V MAX line laser is our top choice for laser levels.


Bosch, a German company which is founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. It is located near Stuttgart and is well known for providing consumer goods and industrial products. You can get anything from home appliances and power tools to auto parts and accessories on the company’s shelves. We found the Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Red Beam Laser Level to be the most popular product on the market within the category.

Black + Decker

Black + Decker was founded in 1910 in Towson, Maryland. What started as a small Baltimore machine shop quickly grew into a large company focused on power tools, appliances, accessories, and much more. Black + Decker is highly praised among customers for its high-quality products and exceptional value. The BLACK+DECKER BDL220S Laser Level is one of those modern tools to come from this trustworthy company.

Best Laser Level- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a laser level work?

A: They project a light beam, or laser beam, through a diode that indicates whether or not a flat surface is a level. Some laser levels beep to alert you when a level is reached. They are manually operated or self-leveling.

Q: What is the everyday use of a laser level?

A: Many people use laser levels to hang pictures. They can also hang shelves, mount TVs to the wall, or align a motorcycle wheel. They make it easy for you to center frames and other objects.

Q: What is the difference between a laser level’s red and green beam?

A: Green lasers are brighter, more visible, and valuable when working in the sun or under bright lights. Red beams work well in most other conditions.

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