Best Electric Fireplaces to buy in 2022 Buying Guide and Opinions

Best Electric Fireplaces

Best Electric Fireplaces to buy in 2022 Buying Guide and Opinions

Generating heat began with firewood and fire, we advanced to gas heaters, then to electric heaters, and we arrived at the modern and popular Electric Fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces are alternative options to the gas or bioethanol fireplace. They are quite versatile since it is a decorative fireplace, but at the same time, it serves as support heating. In this sense, it has the appearance of a real fireplace, but with fake wood logs or charcoal, accompanied by an animation of flames and embers created by a lighting system. It creates a real fireplace fire that surprises its total realism.

One of the most outstanding questions is if it heats enough when buying a fireplace. As I said before, “It serves as support heating” that is, its heating function is complementary, whether it is an electric radiator or a heater.

These leads offer an electrical resistance, which can be from 1000 to 2000 w of maximum power, accompanied by a fan that helps the heat distribute by convection.

What is an Electric Fireplace?

We must remember that its primary function is decorative, and it cannot completely replace a traditional one. However, it serves as a support to provide heating. Its appearance is fictitious logs, coal, and wood. Its flames and embers work through an animation that gives you the appearance of natural fire through an LED or glass screen, depending on its manufacture.

Types of electric fireplaces

  1. Mobile:  These are small in size, giving the ability to move them from one place to another quickly, they are models similar to stoves, and their design is very versatile for decoration.
  2. Fixed or standing:  They can fit walls or place  on very flat floors, matching your decoration. It is easy to use because they are the most common model.
  3. To embed:  They integrate into the walls, choosing the height you want. They are customizable. Some models even produce music, giving higher quality and elegance to the space.

How to choose an Electric Fireplace?

Usually, two options to choose from: there are those of us who go for the operation, features, and everything that makes up this type, and then there are those who let themselves go, see a design they like, and that is the one they buy.

Both forms are acceptable, but if you don’t want to have a wrong time when you start using your fireplace, it’s better that you take a few minutes of your time and review the functions and management system. Now, we all have needs that we must satisfy, and when buying a fireplace is no exception, by this I mean that you stop and think, what do I need? What color do I want a massive fireplace, or maybe a small one? Which materials do I want it to madke of which materials, and one answer will lead to another until you finally decide which one to buy.

What is the Price of an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are at the top of the competition for offering so much modernity and comfort to homes, in addition to the technology that goes with them. Hence, as expected, their prices reflect the quality of their products. They usually tend to position themselves between $200 and $2000.

Remember that the cost will depend on the technological requirements and the different functions you need in the equipment, so more advanced systems will occupy more expensive places.

What electric fireplace to buy? Shopping guide

If you want to enjoy an electric fireplace in your home, you need to consider the following factors that we will mention to choose the device that best suits your needs.

The most critical aspect of buying Best Electric Fireplaces


It is essential to remember the decorative characteristics of the room in which you will install the electric fireplace. In this sense, you must choose a model that aesthetically harmonizes with the room.

size and type

You should consider the size and type of fireplace that would go well in your home. Mobile fireplaces are perfect for moving from room to room and often fit well in any area.

On the other hand, the wall ones are ideal for small spaces or filled with things. For their part, the models that incorporate furniture are excellent for living rooms, and their support allows other objects that can be decorative or functional to be placed on them.

Power and consumption

If your purpose is not only to beautify the room but also to heat it, you need to consider the healing power of the equipment. It is also advisable to check your consumption levels to acquire a device that suits your needs.

What types of Best Electric Fireplaces are there?

Depending on the various opinions collected, the tests carried out, and the comparisons studied, the main criterion for differentiating electric fireplaces is aesthetics. Each of the different models has a power that varies on average between 900 and 2000 W. In the same way, free-standing, built-in, wall-mounted electric fireplaces are suitable for various decorative styles and created in different sizes.

Floor standing electric fireplaces

These electric fireplaces are placed directly on the ground, as the name suggests. Indeed, they do not require any special equipment apart from a conventional electrical outlet. In most cases, free-standing electric fireplaces are already assembled when purchased, which significantly simplifies the task. They are therefore ideal as an additional heater indoors.


  • Floor-standing electric fireplaces are the easiest to install;
  • Lightweight and easy to move from room to room;
  • They are robust.


  • Electric fireplaces are more cumbersome than others;
  • These models are the least modern.

Built-in electric fireplaces

Built-in fireplaces, also called electric inserts, are directly installed within a wall. For this purpose, it is preferable to know how to do it yourself or to call on a specialized organization. This type of fireplace thus offers a unique cachet within a room.


  • Built-in electric fireplaces offer undeniable space savings compared to other models;
  • They have an exceptionally modern design;
  • The location of these chimneys reinforces their realism.


  • It is necessary to carry out work to make a formwork;
  • The location of the outlet needs to adjust.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces apply directly to the walls of a room, in the same way as for a wall-mounted television. Installation can complete in just minutes with an H-bracket and DIY tools. Then plug it into a standard electrical outlet. This product adds a touch of modernity to a room while making it extremely warm.


  • The installation of wall-mounted electric fireplaces does not require any specific work;
  • Its strong point is its space-saving;
  • There is a wide variety of sizes of wall-mounted electric fireplaces, which makes it possible to find the most suitable device for your home.


  • These devices can, in some cases, stain the walls in the long term;
  • Turned off: wall-mounted electric fireplaces can mistake for televisions.

How does an electric fireplace work?

These appliances have a primarily decorative purpose. However, they also function as a heating system. In addition, they have animations of fire, burning logs, or coal to give a realistic impression, making them resemble traditional fireplaces. Remember that the sensational cold increases with more humidity in the room, so using an air dehumidifier would be highly recommended in these cases.

It should note that they emit heat due to electrical resistances with a power that ranges approximately between 1,000 and 2,000 W. This mechanism distributes the heat through a fan by convection.

Electric fireplace vs. gas fireplace

Electric fireplaces are generally cheaper than gas fireplaces. On the other hand, the heat generated by an electric fireplace can be transferred to other rooms by fans, while the gas fireplace does not offer that alternative.

It should note that electric fireplaces recommend for moderately sized rooms or apartments, while gas fireplaces are ideal for huge spaces.
I recommend reading gas stoves and electric radiators if you want to heat large rooms.

How to install an electric fireplace?

This type of fireplace fits easily into any space. However, suppose you consider the possibility of placing it in the area where you had a conventional chimney. In that case, you must cover the ceiling duct to prevent accidents with water or anything else that could cause damage to your new equipment.

It is also advisable that you have an electrical outlet close to the place where you will install it, and if you do not have one, you must make the appropriate arrangement. Next, you will have to make the necessary fixing points, especially in-wall models that require it to a greater extent.

Reviews of Best Electric Fireplaces

Users of this type of fireplace emphasize the virtues of these devices to beautify their homes. In this sense, they highlight the excellence of those designs that adapt to any decorative style, giving the rooms a classic and modern touch.

Another relevant point in consideration of buyers is the caloric power of these products. They are mostly inclined towards those that offer good quality heating in this direction because the temperature is essential in creating a cozy environment, which is one of the main reasons these products are purchased..

The realistic effects

People also appreciate the realistic effects, and they tend to choose those models that offer better lighting and visibility of the flames and burning logs.

In short, users value better those electric fireplaces that decorate wonderfully. But this must be accompanied by attributes that add functionality.

All this is intended for the product to help maintain a warm atmosphere in the home conducive to sharing with your partner or having a pleasant evening with friends.

Best Electric Fireplaces- The pros and cons described in customer reviews

Consumer reviews help shed light on the pros and cons of electric fireplaces.

The advantages of Best Electric Fireplaces:

  • The realistic effect: Electric fireplaces reproduce the flames of a classic fireplace. User opinions indicate that its realism is stunning.
  • Quickstart: The study and the tests carried out on the various comparisons indicate that using electric fireplaces is very simple.
  • Its decorative function: Opinions prove that consumers highly appreciate the aesthetics of this type of fireplace. A large number of them buy this device for its decorative function. There are many designs of electric fireplaces to match any interior.

Some more Advantages:

  • Its effectiveness for heating a room: The comparisons, tests, and various opinions show that the best electric fireplaces mentioned here are perfectly suitable for heating small areas. With a power varying between 900 and 2000 W, electric fireplaces are mainly suitable for spaces with an area of ​​21 to 40 m2.
  • No maintenance required: The electric fireplace requires regular dusting like any everyday object. The maintenance of this device stops here.
  • Remote control: According to the study of comparisons, the vast majority of electric fireplaces are sold with their remote control. These make it possible to control the device remotely and, in particular, to program it, which improves the customer experience.
  • Noise level: Reviews indicate that consumers like electric fireplaces for their sound. If some users denounce the blowing of the product, the vast majority are positively surprised by the sound discretion of the device.
  • Ease of installation: Most electric fireplaces can install in just a few minutes. Indeed, they do not require significant work, including constructing a conduit, unlike wood-burning fireplaces.
  • A secure device: The tests approve the security of these devices. The risk of fires is limited, unlike conventional fireplaces.
  • Saves time: With electric fireplaces, heating only takes a few seconds—no more chores of wood and fire.
  • Affordable price: The average purchase price of electric fireplaces is much more advantageous than wood or ethanol fireplaces.

Disadvantages of Best Electric Fireplaces:

  • High energy consumption: Consumers have observed a sharp increase in their electricity consumption following the installation of their electric fireplaces.
  • Insufficient power for large spaces: According to various comparisons and consumer opinions, electric fireplaces are the best models which are not efficient enough to heat a spacious room on their own.
  • Non-renewable energy heating system: Green electricity is still not widely distributed in France. On this basis, electric fireplaces are more harmful to the environment than wood or ethanol fireplaces.
  • No financial assistance available: Today, there is no existing assistance for purchasing an electric fireplace, unlike traditional and ethanol fireplaces.
  • Fierce heat: Product comparisons and reviews indicate that the heat from electric fireplaces is perceived as aggressive. It is because it is a resistance that directly heats the air.
  • High long-term costs: Users compare wood, ethanol, and electric fireplaces. They note that the latter often cost more in the long term due to their overconsumption of electricity.
  • Accelerated air drying: This device tends to dry the air like all electric heaters. For a more pleasant feeling, it is better to humidify the air.
  • Less authentic feel than a classic fireplace: This electrical appliance does not share the authenticity of a classic fireplace. Some consumers add that this takes away from the charm of this version of the fireplace.

The criteria for buying Best Electric Fireplaces

We have selected different evaluation criteria to carry out this comparison of electric fireplaces. We have identified the dimensions, weight, power, color, type of installation, and their particularities for each product. These criteria are critical to finding the product that suits you the most during the purchase journey.

The power

Brand versions of electric fireplaces have different powers. They generally vary between 900 and 2000 W. Depending on your needs, be sure to choose the most suitable power. The power of electric fireplaces has a substantial impact on their ability to heat a room. On the other hand, the power of the fireplace also has a direct causal link with energy consumption. I prefer an electric fireplace with 900 W for a purely decorative function and a higher power for primary or auxiliary heating.

The remote control

The remote control is an important criterion when choosing an electric fireplace. If most devices come with it, it is advisable not to ignore it for a complete and efficient product. These electric heating devices cannot program or controlled remotely without the remote control. In addition, not all remote controls are created equal, hence the importance of product comparison. The remote controls are tested to guide you in the best possible way.

Some electric fireplaces work thanks to WIFI and connect through a mobile application.

The dimensions

Electric fireplaces are not all offered in the exact dimensions. Take this criterion into account to find the best device for your interior and its surface area. To disappoint when you receive your electric fireplace, pay close attention to this criterion. The dimensions vary from single to double, so there is something for all tastes and expectations.

The type of installation

It is undoubtedly one of the essential criteria for choosing the right electric fireplace. Choose between a floor-standing, wall-mounted, or built-in fireplace. The comparison resulting from the test carried out enlightens you on the best types of installation. This criterion will have many impacts on your final choice: assembly, dimensions, design.

Alternatives to the Best Electric Fireplaces

There are several known alternatives to the electric fireplace on the market. First, the classic wood-burning fireplace is historically the ancestor of the device tested in our comparison. The ethanol fireplace is also a substitute product, less efficient in heating but just as pleasant as a decorative object.

Best Electric Fireplaces- Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to embed an electric fireplace in a traditional fireplace?

It is an option to consider if you have a traditional fireplace. Just choose a built-in model when purchasing. Before installing the electric fireplace, check that the dimensions are compatible. It would help if you protected the fireplace from water and dust infiltration by blocking the smoke outlet of the traditional fireplace, for example. Do not forget the electrical connection for connecting and starting the electric fireplace.

Can an electric fireplace be converted to gas?

As its name suggests, an electric fireplace is a heating system that runs solely on electricity. So it is not possible to convert it to gas. The reason is simple. The flames are not real. These are illusions that are very stunning in some models. Next, be aware that an electric fireplace is not vented. In contrast, a fireplace that runs on gas needs ventilation to remove the smoke even though manufacturers offer innovative gas fireplaces without ventilation.

Does an electric fireplace offer good thermal comfort?

An electric fireplace produces heat like a traditional fireplace. The heat produced depends on the power of the electric heater used by the appliance. This power is measured in W. Thermal comfort is determined by several factors, particularly its power and the size of the room to heat. If you are looking for excellent thermal comfort, it is advisable to choose a power of 100 W/m2 in the case of a well-insulated room.

How much does an electric fireplace cost?

One of the most affordable heating systems: The price varies from one model to another, but it is quite possible to get one with a budget of 50$ up to 500$. Several things impact the price of this kind of heating system. There is design. Then there is power. Then there are the additional options and dimensions of the electric fireplace.

Why choose an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are more affordable compared to other heating systems. They are also practical since they do not emit smoke or debris from combustion. Electric fireplaces are meanwhile very designer. There are also areas where stringent rules govern the use of wood or gas fireplaces. As a practical alternative, there are electric fireplaces. They provide an illusion of fake flames and heat the room properly.

Do electric fireplaces heat up?

Yes, electric fireplaces are designed to heat. The efficiency of the electric fireplace in heating a room varies according to the device’s power. This fireplace serves as an auxiliary heater or a the central heater for a small area in most use cases.

How to install an electric fireplace?

The instructions for installing an electric fireplace vary depending on the type of installation. Free-standing fireplaces only need a plug-in, while must fix wall-mounted fireplaces with brackets and screws in advance. Built-in fireplaces require more work since formwork is mandatory.

How do you connect an electric fireplace?

Connecting an electric fireplace is simple. Just make the connection to a standard outlet.

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