Best Epilators – Buying Guide, Comparison and Reviews- 2022

Best Epilators

Best Epilators – Buying Guide, Comparison and Reviews- 2022

In recent years, there has been an increase in people who want to take care of themselves to monitor their health and personal image, spending time on their care. To do this, they play sports to control their diet and daily hygiene. It includes, in most cases, waxing, whether for aesthetic reasons, health, or work reasons. For both women and men (more and more who wax).

Many choose to go to an aesthetic or beauty center to undergo the treatment. However, sessions in beauty centers require an investment of money and time, which is not always available. More and more people prefer to do hair removal at home; doing it at home provides us with additional comfort. Taking the above into account, Girodmedical will show you the best hair removal devices, along with each of their features in this blog article. We invite you to continue reading because you cannot miss it! 

Best Epilators- Which epilator to buy?

In a good epilator, durable, practical, as painless as possible, to avoid having to change our body epilator and make hair removal at home the best it can be. Similarly, choosing a high-quality and safe epilator is essential to avoid damaging your skin. Selecting an epilator will no longer be a problem for you. Since, at Girodmedical, we offer the best epilating machines on the market to make your task easier.

We know that it is not always easy to choose the best machine, since there are many models on the market, it is for this reason that we have decided to prepare this comparative guide with the best epilators on the market, to help you choose the model that you need. 

How to choose an electric epilator?

Many aspects must be taken into account when choosing the hair removal machine. To select the epilator that best suits our needs, the first thing to consider is the budget available to buy the device. Considering that this epilator can use multiple times, it is best to invest in a high-quality and resistant machine since this will have a long duration, and the best results can obtain. After knowing our budget, it is vital to analyze if you want to buy an epilator with few or multiple functions. It should also be clear if you want a cordless or corded epilator. 

Reusable home epilators

It should be noted that, within the models of reusable home epilators, we can find several criteria that must also be taken into account when buying the device; these are the following:

  • Electric or wax epilator
  • Corded or cordless epilator
  • Rechargeable or battery-powered epilator
  • With the possibility of being used wet or not
  • With or without removable head
  • ergonomic epilator
  • epilator with light function

Many criteria will make us choose one model or another! So to help you decide in this sea of ​​devices to get rid of body hair, we have chosen the best epilators on the market, and we have made this comparative table that you can find below.

Comparative guide of the Best Epilators of 2022

This comparative guide shows you some of the best epilators on the market this year 2020. We invite you to visit our website to see our wide range of epilators, always at the best price and quality. 

The Best Epilators for Women

There are different hair removal methods, and each one has its advantages, but without a doubt, the best ones can remove hair from the root and offer lasting results.

Hair removal machines are capable of leaving your skin smooth and shiny without any trace of hair for up to four weeks. With them, you can shave wherever and whenever you want, even in the shower, as some models are wireless and waterproof.

You will find a wide range of models in the market, and you will indeed wonder how to choose the best one.

In this buying guide, we have analyzed the best epilator models for women, and we also offer you the necessary information to make a good purchase.

4 Tips for buying a top hair removal machine

After testing the best-valued models on the market and analyzing each of their characteristics, we consider the most relevant points when buying an epilator.

  • One of the things that we have taken into account the most is the size of the epilator, as it is this characteristic that determines the effectiveness of hair removal in all areas of the skin. Smaller epilators are recommended for hard-to-reach areas, while a more extensive product is more effective on large body areas.
  • The number of tweezers is another relevant factor that we have considered since the greater the number of tweezers,  the faster and more efficient the hair removal will be. There are machines with a single clamp, two or more than sixty. Ideally, choose a product with more than a single clip to get 10/10 results.
  • Speed settings are also necessary, as they allow you to customize your epilation and remove thicker hairs more quickly. Epilators with three speeds are more than enough.
  • And lastly,  water resistance is a factor that cannot be overlooked if you like to shave in the shower or right after you get out. With waterproof epilators for women, you can epilate with dry or wet skin.

The Best Epilators on the market

Best Epilators- Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561 – Versatile and complete

The Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561 female epilator: Has a series of characteristics that make it stand out above the rest of its competitors. And only those that accompany it in this list compete for being the best epilating machine.

Its epilation head is 40% wider than previous versions, allowing it to reach further and extract more hairs than before. It implies that fewer passes will be necessary, and therefore the irritation will be much more minor. This feature works so well because it is combined with the tweezers technology that distinguishes this brand. Not even the shortest hairs can resist this innovation.

It is increasingly common for depilatory machines to use dry and wet with this model, which also works autonomously thanks to a rechargeable battery.

This Braun – which is perhaps the best hair removal machine – uses active vibrations with pulsations to reduce the discomfort caused by epilation. And it has a pivoting head that moves and adjusts according to the shapes of your body, which gives greater security and dynamics to hair removal.

It includes a shaving head, a high-frequency massage head, a full-contact head, a facial head, a positioning head, as well as a trimming comb, and a charging stand.


Its multiple heads and accessories make it versatile, while its technology makes it practical and kind to your skin. The pivoting head, the tweezers technology, and its active vibrations will help your skin without irritation or hair. It is an excellent one that stands out among the electric hair removal machines.

Best Epilators- Braun Silk-Epil 9 SkinSpa 9-961v, 4-in-1 Epilator for Women, Wet and Dry Epilator, Ladies Electric Shaver

Let’s talk about another model from the same brand: Braun Silk-Epil 9 SkinSpa 9-961v, 4-in-1 Epilator for Women, Wet and Dry Epilator, Ladies Electric Shaver, which has excellent versatility because, due to its six accessories, it can perform four different functions.

(Includes two body scrub brushes, facial cleansing brush, epilation head, protective cap, and storage bag). To vary between its functions, you only have to change the head: the one for hair removal, two for exfoliation, and one for facial cleansing.

However, its primary function remains hair removal. Its epilation head is pivoting – it adjusts to the face’s contour and is quite comprehensive. It also has unique lighting so that not a single hair escapes sight or hair removal. The latter is also possible thanks to its tweezers technology, which are longer, broader, and more effective, removing short hairs that the wax does not fire.

Exfoliating brushes are an excellent complement to hair removal, as they combat and prevent ingrown hair. While the head cleanses the face helps your complexion to be free of imperfections.

It works with a battery that provides up to 40 minutes of autonomy and can be used both dry and wet.


It is an epilator, exfoliator, and also cleanser. So is this model with interchangeable heads that works both wet and dry. The epilation function uses tweezers, pivoting chairs, and lighting technology to deliver top-notch results. It is a recommendable and complete machine.

Best Epilators- Remington SP6000SB Replacement Cartridge for iLight Pro Hair Removal System 

Pulsed light hair removal at home is becoming more and more frequent, and the Remington SP6000SB Replacement Cartridge for iLight Pro Hair Removal System is a good option. If you wonder which is the best-pulsed light epilator, I would suggest that this may be it. Now I will explain my reasons.

This pulsed light hair removal machine has five intensity levels so that you can adjust it to your liking. Thanks to its three-centimeter square screen and single and multiple shot modes, the sessions will be shorter.

It is worth mentioning that before each session, you must shave your hair. Also, this technology is not suitable for all people. It works with melanin —a substance that gives color to hair and skin—but it will not work on very light hair or very dark skin. It uses its skin tone sensor to determine if your skin is suitable.

The results will be permanent after three sessions. You can use it on the body and your face—from the nose down.


This pulsed light hair removal machine is an excellent option if you are determined to get rid of your hair permanently. Its five intensity levels, single or multiple shot modes, and three square centimeter screen make it an excellent hair removal option. 

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998/00 – The best-selling IPL epilator  

Speaking of comparative pulsed light epilators, one model against another, now it’s the turn of the Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998/00 one, which offers the possibility of having IPL hair removal at home.

Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that IPL comes from the English Intense Pulsed Light (intense pulsed light). This technology was first used exclusively in beauty salons and later began to reach homes with models like this Philips, of which now I’ll take care.

After four sessions with this model, your hair will be reduced by 75%. These results are outstanding within the range of commercial IPLepilators. The four-square-centimeter screen on this epilator will help keep sessions shorter. 

Pulsed light hair removal is valid for legs, armpits, groin, and even some face areas. This last option has a precision accessory that provides greater security. It also includes a unique addition to the bikini area.

Philips Lumea catches up and guides you through the process with its downloadable app, showing you the way forward through treatment tailored to your needs.


With outstanding results from the fourth session, this epilator is a good alternative. Its accessories for the face and bikini area make it stand out from other IPL epilators, while the Philips Lumea app is handy. These are the qualities that led her to be number one in sales.

Best Epilators- Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720, Hair Removal for Women,  

It is the turn of the Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720, Hair Removal for Women, which is, among other things, extremely durable: it offers 300,000 flashes, which translates into at least 15 years of body treatments and even more if wax only certain areas. 

Its technology permanently removes visible hair quickly and safely. Its skin tone sensor will help protect it since it will vary the light intensity according to its detection. It will adjust its power to suit your skin tone.

As this epilator is valid for both the body and the face, it is noteworthy that its design takes safety into account, and there is no risk of using it on the front. So much so that it can operate without protective glasses without putting your eyes at risk.

Finally, its ideal accompaniment, a sonic body scrub brush, will be the perfect complement to make your skin even softer and smoother.


With extended service life and safe and practical use, this model is a great reason to join the trend of photo epilation at home. It also includes an exfoliating brush that is the ideal complement for smooth skin. 

Best Epilators – Philips HP6574/10  – The dynamic hair removal duo  

I end the list with the Philips HP6574/10 model, a package with two highly efficient tweezers.

One of the machines is an average size for most waxing, and the other is a smaller detailer for areas that require more OK work or when you go on a trip, take it with you without taking up much space. The epilator is corded, and the mini epilator is cordless and battery-powered.

Both have a comprehensive enough head to reduce the number of passes. Both also use ceramic tweezers that have no mercy with any hair, no matter how fine. The latter is also possible due to its hair lifting system, which forces the most reluctant follicles to stand up. And once raised, the tweezers do the rest of the work.

It also has lighting to prevent hair escapes and a stretching skin system that contributes to even shaving. 

The epilation head is washable, so you can quickly leave it ready for the next occasion. At the same time, it has a vibrating function to give a small massage and be more kind to the depilated skin area.


Where one does not work well, the other will come. The main advantage of this pair of epilators is that they are efficient separately and are incredibly complete and competitive. Its ceramic tweezers and hair lifting system guarantee optimal hair removal.

How to shave correctly with a shaving machine?

Using an epilator is very easy, and you can also enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for up to four weeks. The only thing you have to do is the following.

Exfoliate the area to be waxed

The first step before starting your waxing session is exfoliation since, with this, you will remove all the dead cells from your body, and the epilator will be able to remove hair more quickly.

Take a hot shower

This step is optional, but by taking a hot shower after the exfoliation, you can get the skin’s pores to open up entirely and the hairs to be pulled out much faster.

Best Epilators- Epilate in the opposite direction

Once you’ve exfoliated and taken a hot shower, it’s time to use the epilator. If your machine is waterproof, you can use it in the rain for extra hydration. The ideal is to pass the epilator in the opposite direction of hair growth and, if possible, stretch the skin with one hand so that the epilator slides more easily and covers the entire area.

Use moisturizer

When you finish waxing the entire desired area, we recommend applying a moisturizing lotion or cream so that your skin recovers from the waxing process.

  1. Avoid exposing the depilated area to the sun.

It is essential that immediately after waxing, you do not expose that area to the sun, as it could cause irritation or very annoying burns. To expose yourself to the sun without any inconvenience, you must wait at least two days.

Best Epilators Buying Guide:

If you want to buy a women’s epilator, you must know more about them to make a good purchase. Then we leave you the information you need in the following buying guide.

What you should know before using an epilator for the first time

Before using a hair removal machine, you must consider different aspects to improve your experience with these devices. Here’s a little more about these recommendations:

  • Start with your legs:  It is the most accessible place or area of ​​the body to start. In them, you can begin to familiarize yourself with the use of the epilator and the sensation it generates on the skin.
  • A little pain:  It is usual for it to hurt a little the first time, although the stinging sensation will vary depending on the speed you put on the machine. Also, if you were used to waxing, this pain would be almost invisible to you.
  • Always better with wet skin:  Although dry hair removal is faster, with damp skin, it will hurt less, and wetting the skin helps to create friction and give the hair a better grip.
  • Tight skin when shaving:  Keeping your skin taut while you shave can give better results, as you are more likely to remove all the hair from the follicle and not just cut it off above the skin.

Best Epilators – Hair removal depends on the part of the body:

Women are used to waxing even one part of the body; however, there are specific recommendations for each area. Learn a little more about hair removal according to the location below.

facial hair removal

Facial hair removal is usually not as necessary unless you want it. It is recommended more for people with abundant facial hair or women over forty years of age who, due to hormones, begin to have hair in places on the face where they had not had before. Like, for example, the chin.

Ideally, use an epilator with unique heads to remove hair from sensitive areas. Most of these products come with charges indicated for epilating legs or arms and could burn or irritate the face.

Develop a couple of paragraphs commenting on how hair removal is in this area, the benefits of waxing, what results from you can expect, and safety recommendations.

Best Epilators – Leg waxing

The legs are an area compatible with almost all existing depilatory systems, and they are characterized by not needing more care because they are not considered a sensitive area.

However, depending on the hair type, you should choose a depilatory machine with different speeds capable of removing even the thickest and most difficult to remove hair.

Ideally, you should exfoliate your skin before starting your waxing session to remove all the dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. In addition, this allows you to obtain better results for much longer.

Best Epilators – Intimate area hair removal

The intimate area is highly delicate, so it is recommended to remove hair with machines with unique heads for this area or opt for laser hair removal.

We recommend that you ensure that the machine is delicate enough before experimenting with it in the intimate area to prevent it from being a machine with full heads and from injuring yourself.

Best Epilators- Arm waxing

Whether or not to leave arm hair is a controversial issue. However, some people have abundant, thick, or uncomfortable hair in this area and prefer to remove it to show off smooth and delicate skin.

Epilators are an excellent option to remove these hairs from the root, and, in addition,  their effect is long-lasting. But, it can be a painful practice. The solution is to use epilators with massage heads, reducing skin irritation once the hair is removed.

Underarm hair removal

In the armpit area, the skin is fragile, and the hair is thick, but epilators for women are ideal for removing these hairs that grow in different directions.

The correct way to remove the hairs located in this area is to tighten the skin very well and pass the machine to obtain perfect results and remove all the hairs in that area.

Best Epilators – Wireless or wired?

Some epilators are battery-powered, which means that when they run out, you’ll need to recharge or change them to continue using them. It can be a bit annoying, but they are the cheapest models.

However, you will also find corded or cordless models on the market. Corded models are more powerful, but they can be more inconvenient to use because you will have the cord in the middle of the hair removal process, and you will depend on the presence of a plug.

For their part, cordless epilators, although they may be a little less powerful, are comfortable and capable of doing their job effectively. You can take them wherever you want, as long as they are recharged, so you can shave wherever and whenever you want.

Best Epilators- Can everyone shave?

Yes,  anyone can shave, but if you are a person who suffers from skin irritations, it is best to consult your doctor first.

It would help if you cared for delicate epilating areas of the skin, such as the bikini line. In these areas, it is best to try lower settings or speeds. Also, do not use your epilator in the eye area or on the scalp. Nor on irritated skin or varicose veins, rashes, blemishes, moles, or wounds without first consulting a doctor.

To ensure your skin is prepared and to help reduce any pain, exfoliate your skin 24/48 hours before waxing to remove any dead skin cells that may be trapped in fine hairs. It will provide you with more success and smoother results. In the end, use a soothing moisturizer.

Waxing before bed will allow your skin to recover while you sleep.

Tips for shaving without hurting yourself

When waxing your skin, you must take special care not to hurt yourself since, in general, hair removal in any of its methods is usually invasive to the skin. That is why it is normal for you to feel even more sensitive later or even be somewhat irritated. To avoid this and take care of your skin when waxing, we leave you a series of tips below.

  1. Prepare your skin:  To make waxing less aggressive for your skin, you can prepare it beforehand. We recommend that you exfoliate the area to be waxed. In this way, you will eliminate impurities and avoid ingrown hairs. Also, remember to take a bath with hot water to open up your pores.
  2. Do not expose your skin to the sun:  To avoid spots or irritations on depilated skin, try not to expose yourself to the sun for at least one day after depilation, and when you go to do it,  use sunscreen.
  3. Avoid waxing during your period: You will be more sensitive during these days, and the pain can become unbearable. It applies to any hair removal.
  4. Moisturize your skin:  Do not forget to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizing creams and drinking plenty of water, especially after waxing.
  5. Choose the hair removal method that suits you:  Depending on your skin type and other factors such as your pain tolerance and how your skin reacts to every kind of hair removal, choose the one that best suits you.

Best Epilators- Doubts you may have: Friquently Asked Questions

Is hair removal with a hair removal machine painful?

In the beginning, machine hair removal used to be just as painful as waxing. However, this has changed with the evolution of technology.

When making the first passes, it is normal to feel some discomfort, but the skin will get used to it with serial keys. In addition, the multiple tweezers that individually extract the hairs work simultaneously with the rollers that have the function of relieving pain, so you will not feel a thing.

The pain that you can feel with these machines is almost invisible compared to the pain felt when waxing. The important thing is to choose a good quality machine with which you feel less hassle.

Best Epilators- Can I wax my intimate areas with any epilator?

To wax intimate areas, it is not recommended to use electric epilators because, in this sensitive area, this type of hair removal is excruciating. On the other hand, laser epilators can use with the necessary hygiene and safety measures.

In the bikini line, you can use electric epilators without problems.

How often should I wax?

There is no exact frequency with which you should wax, as it all depends on how fast your hair grows and the epilator you use. However, the results can last for at least four weeks.

Ideally, it would help if you adopted a hair removal routine according to your requirements, as this will help the skin get used to the hair removal method, and the hair will become more refined and easier to remove.

Is shaving bad for the skin?

No, as long as you do it with the necessary care. Epilators are entirely safe for the skin, but you must be very careful not to irritate in areas with sensitive skin.

Do epilators stop hair growth?

This belief is nothing more than a myth that has been proven to be completely false. Although an epilator removes the hair from the root and makes it take time to grow back, the hair does not stop its growth, and after four weeks, it will reappear.

In this sense, although hair growth is much slower, it will continue to grow. So if you want a method that stops hair growth altogether, a laser epilator is the right choice.

Which Best Epilators to choose?

Constant hair growth can be annoying, but you can remove it with a hair removal machine. There are different types, and below you will be able to know them so that you can choose the one that suits you:

  • Suppose you are looking for the traditional epilator for women; that works with rotating tweezers to remove hair from the root. In that case, you will find different models with various speeds, sizes, and qualities.
  • Do you want longer-lasting hair removal with better results? You can try a laser epilator capable of removing the hair and the hair bulb so that the hair does not grow back through the heat of the laser light. 
  • There is another method similar to laser hair removal. It is better since these epilators remove hair through pulses of light that reach the root of the hair through the melanin. Look at our article on pulsed light epilators to find out what they are. You can also find pulsed light epilators for professionals,  for men, or laser hair removal glasses to protect your eyes while you use them.
  • In the market, you will find epilators of the best brands, and we simplify the task so that you can find them easier on this page of Braun epilators, who also manufacture  Braun pulsed light epilators. You can also opt for  Philips pulsed light epilators or those of the Remington brand.

Best Epilators – Short term hair removal

Short-term epilators get rid of body hair for a certain period. We find men‘s epilators, electric epilators, and wax epilators in this category. This type of hair removal machine pulls out the hair from the root, so it takes between 3 and 4 weeks to come out again. Also, when you pull it out, it weakens the follicle. Hence, it comes out weaker and weaker, and consequently, it is more accessible to wax, reducing time and pain, something significant for users.

As we have seen in the comparison table, there are models with or without cables, which can be submerged underwater or not. For those people who do not have time or who are very sensitive to pain, at Girodmedical, we recommend epilators that can use underwater so that while we shower, we can shave, and in turn, reduce pain very significantly. Suppose we don’t want a device that we can use underwater because we don’t see it as practical. In that case, you should know that some devices have a pain control system, either with a glove that cools the area to be waxed or with a unique head that provides a cold sensation to reduce the site’s sensitivity. At the same time, we pass the device, even those that offer a massage while they slide over the skin to reduce pain.

To carry out correct depilation, pass the device through the area that we want to depilate, and it will do the rest since when giving it, it will pull out the hairs. Male epilators are very strong and resistant; they are specially made to adapt to the anatomy and skin of men.

Hot waxing machines: Best Epilators

Hot waxing machines can be electric or manual, and there are also cordless models. Its operation is effortless; apply a thin layer of wax (always warm, never hot, as it can burn our skin if it is still boiling when we use the wax) with the help of the roller in the direction in which the wax grows. Hair that we are waxing, so that when removing the band, it comes out from the root and it is clean hair removal, otherwise, we will cut it, and a part will remain in our body.

We will place a strip of paper on top; after waiting a few seconds, we must firmly remove the band with one pull. In the opposite direction, the hair grows. That is, in the opposite direction, we have placed the wax. For the same reason, to pull the hairs out from the root without breaking them. For less pain, it is better to remove it in one movement. Once the hair removal is over, it is essential to moisturize the skin, avoid exposure to the sun and apply a cream that helps the skin recover.


Some of the types of epilators that we find in the short term are:

Best Epilators- Long term hair removal

Laser epilators are ideal for getting rid of body hair in the long term. Yes, to see its effects, you have to wait a few weeks, between 4 and 5 on average, which is when they begin to reduce hair growth, and this does not come out so much. Its operation is based on using the device once every two weeks (more or less, the time between each session may vary depending on the model and the type of hair and skin) during the first months, and once the hair is weakened and stops going out so often, just once a month will suffice.

NOTE: To use this method: it is essential to carry out a test beforehand and make sure that we can use the device on our skin.

Light hair removal

Pulsed light hair removal works as follows: the laser hair remover emits light absorbed by the skin, directed towards the hairs, which transform it into heat to destroy the hair follicles so that they cannot produce more hair. This light does not affect the adjacent tissue. It is essential to adjust the intensity and the type of light that we will emit depending on the type of skin we have. Since the more pigmentation the skin has, the lighter the hairs will absorb and the more heat they will generate so that they will produce more temperature, and if we apply too much heat, we can damage the skin by burning it. Hence the importance of constantly adjusting the device to the type of skin.

If we have brown or dark skin, we must apply the light at low intensity to need more sessions. On the contrary, if we have light skin and dark hair, we can use a lamp with greater power, seeing faster results.

The Best Epilators: Buying Guide, Comparison and Reviews for 2022

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