Best Hair Dryer – Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis- 2022

Best Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer- Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis- 2022

Many people wash their hair daily to have an impeccable hairstyle. This daily ritual can represent a considerable waste of time: engineers and manufacturers have understood this, which is why they are trying to launch increasingly efficient hair dryers on the market. Our comparison table of the best hair dryers is dedicated to protection based on tests and comparisons. It allows you to identify the product that suits you best quickly: do not hesitate to consult it!

Our Guide will help you get the best among the best cheap hair dryers, but you will not miss anything.

How to choose and buy Best Hair Dryer

Before buying a hairdryer, you need to take into account the following characteristics :

Engine power

The hotter the air in the dryer, the more energy it consumes and the more powerful. This power is determined by the number of watts it offers you.

Generally, a simple dryer has about 1800-2000 W, while a professional one can reach 2500 W. The motor wattage defines how fast a dryer can dry your hair.

hairdryer accessories

Most dryers come with accessories such as diffusers and nozzles, specially designed to add volume and shape to your hair.

Do not miss this practical guide on the use of hair dryer nozzles: what functions they have and what types of hair and hairstyles to use them on.

For a dryer to be considered good, it does not necessarily have to have accessories, but bringing them gives you, without a doubt, extra points. Some even carry other accessories such as tweezers and brushes.

Ionizer or ionic function

Not all dryers are ionic dryers. These use something called static electricity technology.

Ionizers, as their name implies, generate ions. But, not just any kind. Negative ions improve the air quality that comes out of the dryer, while positive ions can be harmful to health.

Logically, this type of dryer emits negative ions, which help create a cleaner and higher quality air to obtain better benefits for both the environment and your hair.

And, if your hair is so curly that it frizzes again shortly after blow-drying or unsightly frizz sets in, using an ionic blow dryer will take your mind off this as it removes static electricity from your hair.

In addition, the ionic function minimizes the water molecules present in wet hair.

It will dry your hair faster without losing moisture. For this reason, these models are recognized by many stylists as dryers that do not damage the hair.

Best Hair Dryer- Design and ergonomics

The important thing is that the design is comfortableThe lighter models, with ergonomic handles, better-located buttons, removable parts for cleaning, and long cables, will always be my favorites because they are the most practical to use.

However, many people care about the color and finish of the dryer, which is part of the design.

The weight will depend on how much use you plan to give your dryer.

It is not the same if you want it for your personal use or works with it drying several people’s hair a day.

Remember that it is not just about holding the hairdryer, but handling it with continuous repetitive movements and, if it is cumbersome, it will be harmful to your hands and wrists.

The ideal weight of the dryer is between 400 and 500gr. My suggestion is that the dryer you choose never exceeds 700gr.

the temperature in dryers

All women know that excessive heat damages their hair. That’s why a dryer with temperature control is our best beauty ally.

Freshly washed hair and slightly damp hair cannot receive the same temperature, so it is necessary to adapt it to each of the circumstances. It has to do with the watts or power of the motor.

Also, thick hair should not receive the same heat level as delicate, brittle, or chemically treated hair.

So you can choose between at least two temperature levels, although the best dryers allow you to adjust up to 3 levels.

Best Hair Dryer- Cold air button

Cooling your hair as soon as you’ve finished drying it is essential to prevent it from becoming dehydrated and also to cool your head.

For this reason, most of the latest generation hair dryers incorporate a special button that emits a current of fresh air.

Also, any style will hold better when you provide cool air to heat-styled hair.

So I also recommend a dryer with a cold air button if you have very elaborate hairstyles, collected, waves, etc., in your hair.

Conclusion: Which hair dryer to buy

Among so many powerful and cheap hair dryers, I know that it is difficult to choose, so that I will make a specific recommendation for each need.

What is the fastest hairdryer?

If it is about speed, the Remington Pro-Air Turbo D5220  is the best option since it works at a power of 2400W and also has ion technology; both characteristics ensure fast and impeccable drying.

Which powerful hairdryer is the least damaging to the hair?

Without a doubt, the Braun Satin Hair 7 HD785 SensoDryer dryer is the best for preventing hair damage, thanks to the fact that it includes a sensor that regulates the temperature.

In this way, your hair will only receive the heat necessary for its molding, and you will not subject it to an excessive level of heat.

What is the best professional hairdryer at the best price?

If you need a professional model but don’t have a big budget, then the Remington Pro-Air Turbo D5220 dryer is the best option for you.

It has an ionic function, a power of 2400W that allows drying the most challenging hair, 2 speeds, 3 temperatures, and several accessories to facilitate drying. And the best thing is that you can buy it for less than €37.

Which hair dryer is the best rated on Amazon?

The hairdryer with more than 64% positive reviews on Amazon is the Remington Pro-Air Turbo D5220.

Among the evaluations, its powerful 2400W motor stands out, the possibility of choosing between its 3 temperatures and its 2 speeds, as well as being a dryer that you can easily clean yourself.

What are the best ionic hair dryer brands?

The Bamba Cecotec, Remington, and Rowenta brands stand out for equipping their dryers with this function, and both stylists and everyday users highlight the efficiency of their ion technology.

What is the best hairdressing dryer model?

A hairdryer for hairdressing must be robust, have an ergonomic handle, and be light in weight, and the Parlux 385 Power Light has all these characteristics.

In addition, this dryer has a cold air button to achieve an impeccable finish in hairstyles. It has ceramic and ion technology and a 3-meter cable to handle it with total ease.

And it’s quiet, something that stylists value a lot since hearing the constant noise of a dryer throughout the day can be very annoying.

What hair are dryers good for thick hair?

The Cecotec Ionic Bamba IoniCare 5300 Maxi Aura is the hairdryer you need if you have long and abundant hair.

In addition to having one of the most powerful motors on the market, it emits an abundant flow of air that will allow you to dry great hair and thick locks without difficulty.

What are the Best Hair Dryer for fine and short hair?

If you have fine hair and wear it short, the Orbegozo SE 2320 dryer is a great option.

Although it is a simple model, it works at 220W has enough power to leave your hair perfect. It has 3 temperature levels and a removable filter so you can clean it from time to time. Also, on Amazon, you can find it for less than $20.

How to curl hair with a diffuser?

Contrary to what most people believe, blow dryers are not only suitable for straightening hair, they are also great for curling it. Or, as I like, give it volume and shape.

If you want to know the correct way to curl and wave your hair without damaging it, here I will leave you my routine in simple steps.

First of all, if you don’t know what a dryer diffuser is, I would like to explain to you that it is an accessory that generally comes with dryers and is placed at its tip so that the heat does not directly affect the hair.

Some may think its shape is strange, but it is specially designed to protect hair since it does not bristle, burn or expose it to frizz due to heat. And best of all, it shortens the drying time on those lush hair.

Now, let’s get straight to the point:

  • Step 1Wash your hair well with enough shampoo to remove excess oil from your scalp and apply a good conditioner; leave it on for about 5 minutes to moisturize it more.
  • Step 2: Dry your hair with a soft towel. Squeeze excess water from the bottom up and never rub or wrap your hair in a towel to dry it, as this could break and frizz it.
  • Step 3: Apply a moisturizing product to your wet hair to help it take the shape you want, and detangle with a wide-tooth comb. If you have naturally wavy hair, you can use a lotion for curly hair to give it more volume and highlight it. I also recommend using a thermal protector to protect your hair from the heat.

More Points:

  • Step 4: It’s time to use the diffuser. I like to divide my hair into 5 sections to dry it more comfortably since it is very thick. Place the diffuser on the tip of your dryer and turn it on low or medium heat. It may make the drying process slow, but I guarantee it won’t damage or frizz it.

Tilt your head to one side and place the diffuser close to your roots. With circular movements and the help of the diffuser spikes, massage your scalp very carefully until the seeds dry or look naturally wavy.

  • Step 5: It is the turn of the tips. With your head still tilted, place the ends of your hair over the diffuser and lift or bring it up to your scalp, using repetitive but safe movements. It will help you maintain the natural shape of your curls.

If what you are looking for is to give it life and much more volume, instead of using your diffuser with your head tilted, you can place it entirely upside down and start using the diffuser from the back of your head to the front, leaving the tips last. It is the only way to give your hairstyle more body.

  • Step 6: Finally, when you have the expected result in your hair, apply a little fixative to maintain the shape.

tips on the use of your dryer

I also give you these tips on the use of your dryer:

  • If your hair is very curly, do not abuse the diffuser. Use it only at your root and let your ends dry naturally and in the open air.
  • Please do not touch hair with your hands while using the diffuser, as this could cause the hairstyle to lose its shape.
  • Always remember to use products that benefit your hair and not abuse the use of the dryer. Once or twice a week is enough, just like going to the hairdresser.
  • And if your dryer doesn’t come with a diffuser included, make sure you buy one compatible with yours, as not all are the same or fit well.

Philips hair dryers

The legendary company originated in the Netherlands, more than 120 years in the market, and whose reputation has led it to expand almost all over the world. It started with the manufacture and sale of lamps, today it has a long list of innovative products.

Philips is considered one of the pioneer companies in merging personal care with home appliances. It is an obligatory reference of excellence and quality.

Parlux hairdryers

A world-renowned brand that sets trends year after year. Their first product was known as ?? super turbo 1500 ?? and it was, in the 1970s, one of the latest and most excellent hair dryers. Of Italian origin, Its vision has always been to perfect and redefine everything known in the world of dryers.

Rowenta hair dryers

Founded in 1884, this German company pioneered electronic items such as coffee-makers or vacuum cleaners. Its motto is ?? bright beauty ?? with which they imply that they want to apply technology in personal hygiene. Something clear with its professional hairdryers and great features.

Bosch hair dryers

Founded by the German visionary Robert Bosch in 1886, it has always been characterized by the impeccable effectiveness of its products. These range from construction gadgets and car batteries to highly sought-after professionally-sought high-spec hair dryers. One of the most recognized brands/companies worldwide, synonymous with efficiency, professionalism, and commitment.

Taurus hair dryers

This brand is one of the youngest in the market. They were born over 50 years ago when two friends in Oliana, Catalonia, decided to make coffee grinders and hair dryers. Shortly after it was founded, the company began to give something to talk about, and today they enjoy a lot of fame throughout the planet.

In 2000, and with the ambitious idea of ​​expanding the brand, Taurus Group created a very successful initiative, positioning the company on the 5 continents. This company seeks to adapt according to the requirements of consumers in each country and propose home appliance solutions.

Braun hair dryers

German visionary and engineer Max Braun began his career in 1921 selling and manufacturing radio parts. Today, it is a consolidated company that manufactures products for the home with sophisticated designs, excellent quality, and worldwide recognition. Its hairdryers, shavers, coffee machines, and even health devices.

Karmin hair dryers

This brand is a benchmark in everything related to hair care tools. It has a presence on 5 continents and produces everything from irons and dryers to epilators.

They have a research team dedicated to creating innovative, professional-quality products that deliver good results. They also have an excellent customer response.

Orbegozo hair dryers

Marketed by the group Expert, this brand of Basque origin has been in the household appliance market for approximately 50 years. It stands out for having the most competitive prices, quality, and guarantee for its consumers.

Cecotec Bamba hair dryers

Cecotec has been a manufacturer present in the Us market since 1995, and perhaps your closest reference is the robot vacuum cleaners since they lead this market.

A few years ago, they developed their line of Bamba hairdryers, and since then, they have appeared in the top 10 hair dryers of the most famous stylists.

They have managed to position themselves among the best high-end professional hair dryers thanks to the power of their motors and their functions aimed at preventing hair damage when drying it.

I finish my analysis with this brief account of the brands and the comparative tableI hope it will be helpful to you when choosing a recommended dryer for you.

On Amazon, you will find these models of dryers and many more for sale, so I advise you to search well and take advantage of the best offers.

And if you have any questions or want to share with other readers and me any experience related to these hair dryers, I invite you to do so using the form below. We will love to read you!

Best Hair Dryer- Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does the ionizer mode work on a hairdryer?

The ionizer mode works by emitting negative ions. These drift in the airflow and penetrate the cuticle of each hair strand to seal it. It neutralizes positive ions and static electricity, both elements that cause frizz and dullness in the hair.

When the hair cuticle closes thanks to negative ions, the hair acquires shine and does not frizz even if the environment is humid.

How is the airflow measured in a hairdryer?

The airflow of a hairdryer is measured in cubic meters/hour (m3h), and the higher the index, the more influential the flow. Professional dryers can adjust the intensity of the air outlet according to the hairstyle.

The airflow emitted by the dryer is linked to the power since the most potent dryers emit a more abundant and intense current.

What voltage should I choose when buying Best Hair Dryer?

If you are not going to take your dryer out of Spain, then the voltage must be 230 V. If you plan to take it on a trip outside the country, make sure it has dual voltage to adapt to the volts of each country or buy an adapter. Otherwise, the dryer may end up burned.

Is the hairdryer diffuser suitable for all types of hair?

The dryer diffuser has been designed for wavy and curly hair. Its function is to distribute hot air evenly and thus preserve curls and waves. Otherwise, the airflow will be concentrated in a specific area and will disarm the waves or curls.

However, it can be used on straight hair, especially at the roots, when you add volume to your hairstyle.

What is an ionic hairdryer?

An ionic hairdryer is one that, in its airflow, emits negative ions to eliminate static electricity in the hair.

These dryers reduce drying time as they quickly break up water droplets but preserve the internal moisture needed to keep hair hydrated. At the same time, it seals the cuticle to prevent environmental humidity from frizzing the hair again.

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