Best Home Air Freshener – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Best Home Air Freshener

Best Home Air Freshener – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When it comes to giving a different touch to the aroma of our home, having a good air freshener adapted to our tastes and the style that best suits us is essential. It is a task in which it is convenient to look for perfumes that are as natural as possible, that are not too sentimental, and last longer. The options are diverse regarding the application system, although they will always help you keep your home set almost without you noticing. The Air Wick Freshmatic model offers us an adjustable design with which you can choose how often you want the fragrance to disperse and a duration of up to two months, depending on the intensity. If you prefer a traditional model, the Ambi Pur Tatami air freshener has the classic manual spray design, although duly improved both to fight against foul odors and for greater comfort of use.

What is the best home air freshener in 2022?

When it comes to taking care of the aroma in your home, you have a wide range of options, ranging from conventional spray air fresheners to electric or battery-powered models that keep the smell alive for longer. A wide variety among which it is difficult to decide which is the best home air freshener you can buy. In any case, thanks to our selection of the best home air fresheners of 2022, you will be able to solve this problem and have a clear vision of everything that the market offers you.

Recommended Products

Air Wick Freshmatic

Main advantage:

One of the aspects that could influence purchasing this air freshener is its discreet design, its refills are durable, and it has a compact size.

Main disadvantage:

However, on some occasions, you may be surprised by the noise produced by the equipment when you press the atomizer since it is said to be a bit loud.


If you want your bedroom, living room, office, or entryway to always smell good for you and your guests, this Air Wick air freshener could guarantee this every time.

Main Features Explained


Air fresheners for the home can be more practical than you think, either because you want to enjoy entering a space with a pleasant aroma or also to hide other not-so-pleasant odors, such as the one produced when cooking. If you are looking to acquire one of these products, take a look at the design of this model.

Air Wick is a company that has a highly appreciated line of air fresheners since it offers products for all tastes and in a variety of capacities. The Freshmatic air freshener has dimensions of 15.2 x 8.9 x 20.6 centimeters and a weight of 549 grams, so you can place it on any table or corner you want.

The casing of the air freshener is attractive and at the same time discreet, as it is light gray with white and has an embossed design of plants and some flowers on its base.


If you want to get the most out of your investment when purchasing an air freshener for your home, you can consider the functions of the equipment. Some models have automatic systems that take care of various beneficial functions for their use.

For example, in the case of the Air Wick brand air freshener, it should note that it is an automatic model. That is to say, inside it, there is a small motor that activates a lever to press the atomizer and thus lets out a jet of air freshener.

In addition to this, if the aroma you chose is very intense, you can choose between three levels of atomization and thus not feel overwhelmed by the air freshener. You can adjust this through the cover of the equipment, being easy to master so that you feel comfortable.

spare parts

One of the things that some buyers might worry about when considering purchasing an air freshener is the refills since there are brands that have excessively high prices for them. Therefore, we advise you to evaluate the bottle’s durability if your air freshener includes it.

On this occasion, we find an air freshener that includes a fragrance bottle with its purchase. The aroma is of cherry blossoms, with sweet and soft touches in this particular case.

This bottle can offer you up to two months of aromatization, depending on the intensity settings you have activated. In addition, it may clarify that each refill can offer up to 2,400 sprays.

And, although it is electric, you will not have to buy batteries to use it either, since a couple has integrated it so that you can place it and start enjoying it as soon as you get home.

Ambi Pur Air Spray

We could not miss a traditional cut model within our selection, such as the Ambi Pur spray. A product that has notable improvements compared to previous versions of the air freshener, such as the Odourclear technology, is responsible for eliminating foul odors and helps to leave a fresher and more fragrant environment while eliminating persistent foul odors without masking them.

Regarding its aroma, it reproduces with remarkable fidelity the touches of an oriental-inspired aroma with hints of fresh air that call you to this in complete harmony with nature. All this in a spray with improved technology in its design allows greater perfume diffusion.

And given that we are talking about one of the cheapest products that we have analyzed, due to so many positive characteristics, we could well be facing the best value for money home air freshener that we have studied.

This product can support many buyers worldwide, who praise its effective performance in eliminating annoying odors present in your home. In addition, it is the best air freshener for the house for 10 euros, being one of the cheapest.



With this air freshener, you will bring Japanese spring into your home, thus enjoying a fresh and relaxing aroma that will stimulate your senses.


The manufacturer arranged for this air freshener a presentation corresponding to 300 milliliters of content.


This air freshener has improved to eliminate foul odors more effectively, this being possible thanks to the incorporation of precise odor technology through a natural fuel.


The air freshener container has a cylindrical and ergonomic design with low-density metal and a green polymer lid.



As commented on some portals, the aroma lasts around 30 minutes is considered a brief period.

Ambient Air Mikado

Mikado-style home air fresheners are another novelty we have to set our home. And in this case, we have chosen the Ambientair brand air freshener to represent it.

A product consists of a set of 30-centimeter-long Mikado-type bars inserted into a 240-milliliter reservoir of red fruit air freshener. This liquid rises through the bars as the environment dries them, thus continuously generating a pleasant aroma diffusion.

It is another of the advantages of this model since you will only have to place the product where you want correctly and forget about it until the liquid runs out. And as happens with most air fresheners, if red fruits are not your favorites, you have other different scents.

Ambient air is a renowned manufacturer that has positioned itself as the best brand of home air fresheners, offering its followers a modern, functional and easy-to-place design. Next, you will find the pros and cons of one of its models.



Apart from setting your spaces, it will give the living room or bedroom a distinctive touch due to its oriental design.


In the purchase package, you will find a total of 10 rods of 30 centimeters each, arranged to diffuse the aroma once they absorb the liquid air freshener.


The container has been made of glass and incorporates an adequate amount of 240 milliliters of liquid air freshener.


It is a fragrance with a soft sweetness that also conveys a feeling of warmth that everyone will notice.



It would help if you took precautions when handling the wands after they absorb the liquid since you could stain your hands or clothing.

Air Wick Nenuco

Following the principle of the devices that we have used to eliminate insects in the home, the Air Wick Nenuco air freshener is another exciting proposal to take care of your home and its aroma.

An air freshener plugs directly into the mains after correctly placing the tank with the scent, which lasts up to 75 days without changing the tank depending on how you use it. And it is that this is another novelty of this product, which allows you to choose between its three available power levels.

An easy-to-use product that, in this case, is presented with the pleasant fragrance of the Nenuco cologne, highly recommended for children’s rooms and all types of rooms. In any case, you also have other scents and presentations with more refills if you need them.

Air Wick Nenuco is a home air freshener with a compact, elegant design and electrical operation, which you can adjust according to your needs. Here are its pros and cons.



The equipment has provided a maximum of three power levels, which you can select for the diffusion of the air freshener.


The aroma offered by this presentation is that of the well-known Nenuco children’s cologne, making it a suitable product for the children’s room.


The manufacturer has stipulated the duration of each replacement for 75 days. Similarly, this will depend on the number of times you use it daily.

Method of use:

Once you have placed the refill with the liquid air freshener, you will only have to plug the device directly into a power outlet.



The built-in instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish, being a limitation for some people.

Air Wick Freshmatic

When looking for the best air freshener for the home, the Air Wick Freshmatic model is a classic that we always have on hand. In this case, we have chosen the aroma of flowers from Asia to give a pleasant oriental touch to your home the moment you decide.

And the novelty of the Freshmatic system is that you can configure how often you want the air freshener to spread throughout your home at different time intervals—something that translates into greater control, as well as a replacement duration that can reach 60 days.

And this is the best part since Air Wick’s wide range of refills allows you to change scents whenever you want. Open the container and change the interior spray to change the smell of your home.

This model has the necessary characteristics to become the best home air freshener of the moment, its operation and pleasant aroma being proof of this. If you want to know its pros and cons, you should continue reading.



By acquiring this product, you will offer your spaces a sweet and oriental aroma, like cherry trees.

Spare parts:

Once the content of the spray can consume, you will not have to dispose of the air freshener, so you can place a refill with the same aroma or select another according to your taste.


The manufacturer incorporated an adjustment mechanism that will allow you to set time intervals for the air freshener to come out, maintaining freshness at all times.


Each of the refills has an amount of flavoring suitable for a maximum of up to 60 days.



When installing the spray, you should be careful since it can activate unexpectedly during this process.

Long-lasting organic air freshener 

It is an easy-to-use air freshener with a perfume-free of chemical component. It contains pads impregnated with a mixture of organic ingredients that capture foul odors and instantly disappear. 

Compact size allows you to fit it in any room in your home and enjoy a pleasant, fresh scent that will linger in the room for hours. 

What is the best home air freshener on the market?

Air fresheners are the most practical tool when giving our home the best aroma. However, things have changed a lot since the old sprays of yesteryear. Something easy to verify just by looking at any comparison of air fresheners for the home, where the usual jets coexist with plugged-in automatic models and even with other diffusers without a plug. An offer so vastly that the advice in our guide to buying the best air freshener for the home will be helpful to clarify yourself between so many products.

Shopping guide

Air freshener type

As we said in the introduction, the wide variety of home air fresheners we have today makes it somewhat more complicated to choose the perfect air freshener for our home. In any case, it is true that the usual sprays duly evolved; we can distinguish two large groups between the electric models and those that are not. Let’s see its features, so you know which one suits you best.

Electric home air fresheners have a diffuser system activated by electricity. This section has both the models that work with batteries and those plugged in. The former would be those that emit a burst of fragrance at specific intervals, while the latter emit aroma continuously. In both cases, they are accompanied by good-sized deposits so that the product has an adequate duration.

Non-electric air fresheners offer us a continuous diffusion of the aroma but through simpler mechanisms. This section finds aroma pearls, Mikado-type bars, or similar systems. These products consist of an element that diffuses the fragrance by reacting with the ambient air and taking the air freshener from a tank—a simple model to forget about batteries and problems.

Air freshener duration

Another essential aspect when choosing an economical but quality air freshener is the duration of the product. We will focus on a time from two points of view, referring both to the course of the aroma in the environment and the deposit duration in the automated models.

Starting with the first question, choosing air fresheners that do not diffuse into the environment and disappear after a few minutes is advisable. Its thing is that this aroma lasts at least 30 minutes in the case of spray models or electric pulses. Anything with a shorter duration will force us to spend more on air freshener, making its cost more expensive, no matter how cheap it may be.

Similar to the previous aspect, it is necessary to see how long that deposit will last in all automatic air freshener models. In this case, many products include regulation functions, which modifies the warranty’s time. In general, the minimum required duration would be one month. However, in low consumption mode, some air fresheners last up to 3 months, reducing how much the product costs its durability.

Available scents

The third aspect that we wanted to assess is the aromas available for the product. An element where the imagination of designers has gone so far that we have all kinds of options, ranging from the usual floral or nature designs to others such as well-known perfumes or even smells such as those of clean clothes or children’s rooms, for example.

This variety of aromas is significant in models that work with replaceable tanks. The easier it will be to find a different or more pleasant aroma without buying a new air freshener. Manufacturers of these products also have a wide range of scents, so you can choose the one you like best.

In these models without electricity, such as The Mikado, nor traditional spray models. A wide range allows us to customize the setting and aroma of each room in our home depending on what we need or change it when necessary.

How to use a home air freshener

Air fresheners for the home are viral thanks to the homey feeling and extra cleanliness. If you have purchased a new air freshener and you don’t know how to use it, in this space. We will guide you how to prepare your air freshener; So that it works properly and you can enjoy a pleasant aroma at all times.

Unpack carefully

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of air fresheners. But with all of them, you must be careful when removing them from the package. They deliver in plastic containers, which can be inconvenient to remove.

We recommend using scissors to cut the edges so you can remove the air freshener more comfortably. An incense type, be careful to avoid breaking the delicate material when opening the bag or box.

Uncover the container

The next thing to achieve is to uncover the decorative container of the air freshener. The air freshener activator is also usually equipped on this piece, so you must be careful when handling it. Look on the sides for a button that allows you to unlock the system to open the container.

Placing the batteries

Some home air fresheners have timers or automatic activators responsible for letting out a discharge of the air freshener every so often. To make use of these systems; Energy is needed, and that is why these air fresheners need batteries to work. In almost all models, two double AA or triple AAA units are usually used, depending on the manufacturer.

After you’ve opened the container, you should be able to see the battery compartment. Please remove it from the package, identify which is the positive pole and which is the negative, and proceed to place them carefully.

If you want ensure they are installed correctly; Press the button on the air freshener and check that the activation mechanism turns on. If the air freshener you purchased does not include batteries. You will need to purchase them separately to start using them.

Locating the air freshener

After you’ve prepared your container, it’s time to install the air freshener. It includes the purchase, so remove it from the package and place it inside the container. It should sit comfortably in a specific position with the mouthpiece facing forward. Close the container by pressing until you hear a small click and everything is almost ready.

In other cases, with plug-in air fresheners, you will have to remove the lid that covers the cotton fabric. Place it inside the plastic bottle and then connect the air freshener to the power supply.

Installing the air freshener

The last thing you have to do is find the right corner for your air freshener. A decorative model; You can place it in the living room. Next to the TV, on your bedside table, or even in the bathroom. A plug model: You can place it near your bed. You can enjoy the rich aroma while you sleep.

What type of scent to use in the house?

  • In a matter of smells, the same thing happens as in the case of tastes; although there are things written, they depend on each one. Each person considers a type of smell suitable for each room, the one they like the most. However, experts make specific recommendations in this regard. In the following table, you will discover them:
  •  Living room: The living room of any home conveys warmth and a feeling of home. You will achieve it with scents reminiscent of wood but also of vanilla. There are other more relaxing options, such as mint or lavender, that are also valid.
  • Kitchen: It is always advisable to use smells reminiscent of food in the kitchen, but that is pleasant. Fresher ones such as mint or lavender, for example, are also suitable.
  • Bathrooms: Any smell that permeates the bathroom must transmit cleanliness and freshness. Some are classics, and others that are more original, such as marine, thyme, or jasmine. Citrus can go well.
  • Bedrooms: In the bedrooms, smells that invite rest should prevail. A touch of wood, lavender, or jasmine will be perfect. In a child’s room, fresh cologne or fruit scents are ideal.
  • Study: In study room and office, it would be appropriate to use scents such as tangerine, orange, or lemon. As they help improve concentration and reduce stress, they would also be valid for the student’s room.

Best Home Air Freshener – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

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