Best Juicer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis of 2022

Best Juicer

Best Juicer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis of 2022

Enjoy a fresh and freshly squeezed citrus fruit juice every day and effortlessly. It is best to buy a good juicer that facilitates the work and allows you to make the most of the fruit of your choice. The best ones are the electric ones, as they allow you to extract the greatest amount of juice easily. You have to make sure that the juicer you choose has a power of between at least 60 and 100 watts, a container capacity sufficient for your requirements and that it allows you to clean it easily. 

How to use a juicer

One way to maintain good health and energy is to enjoy freshly squeezed juice directly from the fruit. The juicers extract all the nutrients and vitamins naturally and without altering their values. They are also very practical in the kitchen since they save us processing the fruit to extract the juice, which is why we explain below how to use a juicer. 

get to know how it works. 

Don’t be fooled by their design, and juicers have very basic functions. You have to plug it in and then press the power button to start it up. Make sure you know what its power is and how it is regulated so that you can adjust it according to the type of fruit you want to extract the juice from.

If the fruit is soft, use the lowest power. Your juicer should also have a button to select each function if you want to squeeze, crush or perform some other additional function. 

start making juice 

After choosing the fruit, you will make the juice with, be it orange, a lemon or grapefruit, put it in the cone of the juicer. Select the juicing mode to begin the process if your device includes additional features.

When you turn it on, pressure is exerted on the fruit inside this cone, which causes the juice to come out through the nozzle provided for it until it falls into the glass or container that you must place under it. As the liquid is not exposed to high temperatures, you will have a natural juice without alterations in its nutrients. 

Get rid of the pulp 

Whatever function you use on your juicer, the leftover pulp from which all the juice is extracted will remain in it when processing the fruit. Your appliance may have a container to store the pulp so that this task will be easy. 

Use it in the right place. 

Although these products usually have certain safety measures, you must do your part to avoid accidents during use. When you use the juicer, make sure to put it on a stable surface. The juicers vibrate when they are in operation. If the surface is not stable or slippery, this can cause the appliance to slip without your realizing it and therefore, it can fall. 

Keep clean 

After you use the juicer, the best thing you can do to extend its useful life is clean it properly. There are no remains inside that generate bacteria that affect your health, even when you want to take care of yourself with the benefits of juices. 

Clean the pulp tanks well so that no bits of pulp gets stuck anywhere. Make sure the tank is completely dry when you store it, as exposure to moisture can cause its parts to begin to rust. The lid and dispensing nozzle should also keep with proper hygiene.

How to choose a juicer adapted to your expectations? All our tips!

Because it is a seemingly simple piece of equipment, the juicer often tends to be chosen quickly without paying any real attention to its features. And yet, it is these features that will be the source of your ultimate satisfaction. For this reason, below, we have tried to describe precisely the different selection criteria that must be respected when buying a juicer, which will help you avoid falling into certain common pitfalls.

The power and robustness of a quality juicer

It’s important to note that there are dozens of very different juicers out there today. And finding the best one isn’t necessarily the most obvious thing to do. It is essential, first of all, to make sure that the power will adapt to your needs. That is, that it will allow you to extract the juice from your different fruits efficiently. To make it very simple, we advise you to avoid appliances with a power of fewer than 50 watts, which could sometimes be inefficient.

It is so important that your juicer is as robust as possible. Typically made of thick plastic or stainless steel, this equipment must withstand heavy use without breaking or failing. We recommend that you take an interest in consumer reviews. The main advantage is that they are extremely honest.

The accessories and functions offered by your juicer

Of course, your next juicer must be able to meet all of your needs to satisfy you fully. That is why the ideal is equipped with a series of different accessories, each with a specific function. For example, you can take advantage of several different cones to squeeze larger or smaller fruits, depending on the model. Still, you can also benefit from one or more juice or pulp trays, as well as an anti-drip system will allow you to work most cleanly. Possible.

However, accessories alone are not enough, as your efficiency will optimize with certain features designed for your comfort. To give you an idea: some juicers offer a turbo function that will allow you to obtain the juice in record time, while others will allow you to select the percentage of pulp you want to receive in your juice, for example.

The general ease of use

Finally, this is an essential criterion to guarantee your satisfaction. Your juicer must be as ergonomic as possible. But it is true that when you buy on the Internet, it is not very easy to get an idea of ​​this. However, some tips will help you quickly find out if a juicer is easy to use or not.

First of all, study the different buttons or control knobs on the juicer that interest you. If there are a lot of them, this can be an indication of poor ergonomics, as you will have to concentrate on getting the job done. On the other hand, ease of use is probably optimal if they are few. Finally, once again, read some juicer customer reviews that caught your eye to help you make your choice and ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to clean a Braun juicer

Never store your juicer dirty; this applies to any kitchen appliance used to prepare food. It is advisable to wash or clean it immediately after use for health and hygiene reasons. But keeping it clean lengthens the device’s useful life. Before proceeding with the cleaning, you must disconnect the cable from the power outlet so that you can work more safely.

First, it is convenient to separate the moving parts or accessories from the outer casing. These parts are easy to remove, such as the filter that stores the pulp or the pressure lever. It can wash under running water or submerge in a soapy solution, rinse with plenty of water, and dry with a clean towel.

The external casing is the part that covers the motor of the juicer. Therefore, you should not apply the water jet or use abrasive products. To clean it, you need to moisten a cloth with a little water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, rub well and remove any trace of dirt. Then proceed to dry with another clean cloth so that there are no moisture marks.

Q2: Who invented the electric juicer

The juicer, like any invention, has gone through history through constant evolution. (From the old and rudimentary juicers of wood, rock, ceramics; to the modern, compact and light electric models made of plastic or the resistant metal ones). This device solved the way of squeezing citrus fruits, avoiding injuries to the hands.

Although the oldest ceramic juicers date back to the 18th century in Turkey. It was not until the late 19th century (in 1860) that Lewis Chichester patented a wrought iron model in the United States.

However, the credit goes to the Dongah Ind Co. Ltd company, when in 1992 it designed, developed and marketed the first electric juicer, which consisted of a single drill. The rest is history since, as a result of this invention, many manufacturers improved the design and offered people products more adapted to the new times.

Q3: Juicer or blender

Both the blender and the juicer are essential appliances in any kitchen, whether domestic or professional. Choosing one or the other will depend exclusively on your tastes and how you prefer to take your fruit preparations. The people who enjoy an orange juice first thing in the day, lemonade on a hot afternoon, or grapefruit juice, your thing is a juicer, given its ease in squeezing citrus.

On the other hand, what you like most is to prepare the famous green juices and use spinach, celery, beetroot or mango, as well as prepare delicious fruit smoothies with milk, then what you need is a blender. With a blender, the variety of fruits and vegetables that you can prepare is much more diverse; You will only have to remove the peel in some cases, such as orange or pineapple.

In addition, blenders are characterized by converting solids into liquids, hence their name “liquefied”. The food is introduced whole, and after the blades and the centrifugal force have done their job. It becomes a completely liquid juice. The juicers are specially designed with a tip or cone that exerts pressure and extracts the citrus juice from the interior.

Q4: Manual vs electric

Electric juicers have arrived to make life easier who love citrus fruit juices. For those who cannot miss a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. However, some people still bet on a manual juicer, which leads us to the conclusion. Everything is a matter of preference and the intensity of use you will give the device.

Compared to electric juicers, manual models have the advantage of having a very affordable cost. They are also useful when used sporadically to prepare a small citrus juice. These simple appliances are very easy to clean and take up little space in the kitchen.

If you have a large family and enjoy preparing large amounts of juice every day. The best thing for you is to get an electric juicer, whose model offers you enough power and ease of cleaning.

Q5: Juicer or extractor

Extractors are appliances that, unlike a juicer, the juice is obtained through the pressure exerted from inside the fruit. It works through a mechanism that presses (crushes) the fruit or vegetable to expel as much juice as possible.

Extractors also differ from blenders since they apply a centrifuge to the food. Causing the fruit to lose nutrients and oxidize more quickly. On the contrary, an extractor does not apply heat or speed, favouring a higher quality juice. And better conservation in the refrigerator while keeping all the vitamins and nutrients in the food unchanged.

The disadvantage of an extractor compared to a juicer is the time it takes for the process. So it is not recommended to make yourself a juice if you are in a hurry in the morning. These usually take up to 15 minutes to complete their task since their mechanism is slower than a juicer. It is due to care not to alter the nutrients in the food.

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