Best Knife Set – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis- 2022

Best Knife Set

Best Knife Set – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis- 2022

The knife is one utensil that cannot be missing in any kitchen, as it is essential for handling and processing food. Your choice requires a certain rigor, considering the size of the knives, the design, the manufacturing material, its ease of cleaning, and the blade’s resistance. And if they include accessories to store them, even better.

Best Knife Set- Buying Guide – What is the best knife set on the market?

It is necessary to equip yourself with the best tools. With our guide to buying the best set of knives on the market, according to your preferences and needs, you will have those tools with which you can prepare dishes more comfortably and safely. And indeed at a lower price than you think.

game distribution

When discussing a knife set comparison, the fundamental element is the distribution of the different pieces that are part of the set. It is recommended that the chosen location has at least four or five pieces, which are usually the basic ones for working in the kitchen: a lace for fruit, a large knife for all types of cutting, a serrated knife for various uses, and a knife conventional in plain size.

Some models include the fifth piece that can be scissors or an ax for meat and bones, although today, the variety is so considerable that there is practically everything. It is recommended that you choose a game that is distributed according to the pieces you need and that provides you with all the complete material you need to work.


Today we find two trends in the materials used in knives. On the one hand, we find the most traditional models, made of high-quality stainless steel, and on the other hand, the ceramic knife models do not need sharpening and have a cutting edge that is always sharp. In the case of steel models, these offer excellent resistance, with reinforced blades to prevent them from bending or deteriorating. However, they usually require occasional sharpening to maintain their cutting properties.

As for ceramics cut very effectively, they are very fragile products that can break under certain pressure circumstances and are not compatible with all foods. Since there is a notable difference in how much each of these models costs, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of cuts to be made and choose accordingly.

Stand and case

So that your knives and other accessories are well stored, the set of knives often includes a case to store them or support. In the case of the case, it is prepared to keep the blades protected, free of scratches and avoiding dust and dirt, being able to store this case directly in any drawer. In the case of the supports, called cleats, these are usually made of wood or plastic; they have relatively stable support and are made up of a piece of a considerable size where we insert the knives and other parts when they are not being used.

These cleats are usually made of wood, although we also see more and more those made of plastic material, making it easier to clean and extend their useful life. In both cases, these cleats allow you always to have your knives organized and close at hand, without having to touch the blades, only the handles.

Best Knife Set- How to use a set of kitchen knives

A tool that cannot be missing in your kitchen is a knife. This utensil is one of the most used, and therefore you have to learn to handle it correctly. For you to get the most out of this tool, I am here to show you how to use a set of kitchen knives so that you can cut the food you need and do it quickly and safely.

Select the appropriate knife according to the type of food to be cut

A good knife set includes several types depending on the food to be cut. If you need to cut meat and fish, select the most robust and significant location because meats need more power to cut. If you need to chop into cubes, chop dressings, and slice, select the medium size from your set of knives. The ideal knife is identified as a long, serrated knife for slicing bread. A knife to peel fruits and vegetables is usually a small knife, with a fine point and a little elongated.

Hold the right tide knife:

Grab the knife handle so that your middle, ring, and little fingers, along with your thumb, make the grip while your index finger is placed on the right side of the blade. Fingers should be as close to the blade as possible, allowing for better control and precision in your cuts. Use a cutting board to support food.

How to dice

If you want to cut vegetables into squares, hold the knife in the way described in the previous paragraph, and on the other hand:

  1. Hold the chosen food (it can be a vegetable, a piece of meat, or bread).
  2. Place the knife on top of the food while you guide it with the other hand and make movements from top to bottom, without taking the tip of the blade off the board.
  3. Repeat the operation from another angle to form the squares.

How to slice

Hold the vegetable firmly with one hand, place your fingertips with light pressure, and hold the knife with the other hand. Make the cuts downwards, with a slight movement back and forth to make the slices.

How to mash more minor dressings

To crush dressings into tiny cubes, cut into cubes as above, then do the same operation several times from front to back until the pieces become very small. Finally, they will be ideal dressings to cook any meal.

How to make fine julienne cuts

Applicable for carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, beets, among others. Cut the vegetables into thin slices about 5 mm thick and equal size lengths. Then form stacks of 2 to 3 pieces and cut them into thin strips.

Clean your knives after use

Once you have finished using your knives, take them to the sink and wash them with soap and plenty of warm water. Pass a dry cloth carefully with the part of the edge to not cut yourself. Do not soak your knives, as it can loosen the handle or stain the steel part.

Factors to consider before buying a set of knives


If you are one of those who cook little and have a distinct repertoire of recipes, then you do not require an extensive and specialized set of knives; it will be enough to have the basic ones.

If you are one of those who are passionate about the stove, we recommend you acquire a set of knives of higher quality and more complete that resists your rhythm and honors your requirements.

Best Knife Set- Manufacturing materials

Avoid purchasing knives with wooden handles, which tend to deteriorate more quickly. Look for knives whose blade crosses the entire handle, as this guarantees its strength and durability.

Choose the blade material according to your preferences and use. It can be metalceramic, or ceramic-coated carbon. Ceramic knives are usually much lighter, while metal ones are more resistant.

Ergonomic handle

Knives should be well balanced, and the handle should fit your hand. A knife will handle for a long time, so it should not weigh too much and should have a handle that makes it comfortable to use.

You will appreciate it when you have to spend a good time on the laborious task of cutting fruit and vegetables.


Knives, such as ceramic ones, require special storage in an individual sheath to prevent damage.

While it’s true that throwing all your knives in one drawer is the best way to dull them and you shouldn’t do it, think about whether you’re willing to take special care of your knives or if the set comes with the accessories to store them safely. Suitable, in exceptional support or inside its sheath.

Easy to clean

Metal knives can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, while ceramic knives should be cleaned by hand; however, ceramic ones are easier to clean because they are less porous and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Regardless of their material, use a mild detergent and dry immediately before storing.

Best Knife Set- Warranty

A replacement guarantee usually backs a good set of knives with solid construction and quality materials if they break.

Each brand has its requirements and conditions, but it is an excellent benefit in the blade or handles breakage. Keep in mind that if they are very cheap knives, they may not guarantee.


The price depends on the number of knives in the setmaterials, brands, and other conditions.

There are sets of knives with affordable prices, while professional knives have an exorbitant cost. Knives can be an investment for life, and their duration can be proportional to their price.

Best Knife Set- How to sharpen a knife

Basic principles

sharp knife is much safer since it allows you to make perfect cuts in food without exerting force, it has more precision, and there is no risk of slipping. The hand is less tired and makes kitchen work more accessible. However, it is essential to keep these knives out of the reach of children.

American, Japanese, and even European knives lose their edge due to different factors: the wear of time, incorrect use, corrosion, cutting on hard surfaces, or blows. You can take them to sharpen in specialized places or do it at home, following simple instructions.

It is important to remember that there is a difference between sharpening and sharpening.

  • A knife needs to be sharpened when the edge, that is, the fragile edge of the blade that cuts, is blunt. In these cases, it becomes necessary to create a new advantage. This process wears down the steel in the edge and should be done only by professionals or by using an electric or carbide sharpener.
  • A knife that needs to be sharpened has a warped edge over time; it has become twisted during use, affecting its effectiveness. It is avoided by using a sharpener regularly. Most household knives only need to be sharpened, and this can do with a sharpening steel or whetstone.

How to sharpen a ceramic knife?

To sharpen a knife, you must use something made of a more rigid material than the knife itself. The methods for sharpening metal knives do not work for ceramic knives.

The solution is to use electric sharpeners or manual sharpeners with diamond abrasives. They are not too expensive and can also care for dull metal knives, so they are an excellent long-term investment.

Please find the best knife sharpeners for sale in this buying guide to always have them ready.

How do you sharpen a knife with a whetstone?

You can use a whetstone to improve the sharpness of the razor and scissors. It is very versatile and necessary, especially for Japanese knives.

This sharpening requires going through different sharpening phases, so we recommend you consult other more detailed guides. The most basic process is as follows:

  • The sharpening stone should soak for a few minutes before starting the process. Then, place it on a wet kitchen towel to prevent it from shifting or slipping.
  • Place the knife’s edge at a 45° angle on the stone, raise it a few millimeters (space to insert three coins). It can change. There is a suitable angle to sharpen each type of knife.
  • Leaving the edge supported, pass it through the stone, making a little pressure with the left hand’s fingers. Move it back and forth gently. It is not necessary to do it quickly.
  • Sharpen the base first, then the center, then the tip. Repeat several times until you feel a burr coming off the edge. Flip the knife over and repeat the procedure.
  • Wash the stone and store it.

Best Knife Set- How to sharpen a knife with steel?

  • Rest the sharpener point down on a smooth surface. Hold it with one hand.
  • Position the knife blade on the steel at an angle of about 15 to 20°.
  • Move the knife upside-down along with the sharpening steel, making a curved motion, making sure that the entire edge of the knife passes through the surface of the sharpening steel.
  • Repeat the process several times on both sides of the knife.

Best Knife Set- How to sharpen a ham knife?

The easiest way to sharpen a ham knife is using sharpening steel, as this instrument is ideal for tempering the edge without compromising the elasticity of the blade.

It is recommended to give the knife blade an inclination of about 20° and avoid moving against the edge.

It can accomplish by moving the knife from front to back and lifting it back to the starting position without returning it.

How do you sharpen a serrated knife?

Serrated knives should be sharpened using a unique sharpening tool, which is conical in shape and will allow you to point the gaps on edge, respecting the orientation of the edges.

Sharpening should be done by going over the notches on edge one by one, starting with the beveled part with short movements.

You must pay special attention to passing the file through every one of the notches without leaving aside the tip, usually smooth. The tool usually has different sections and thicknesses, which will adapt to the width of the spaces between each notch.

You must be careful if you are sharpening a hunting knife with a serrated part and a smooth part.

Conclusion: What is the Best Knife Set to buy

After this journey through the world of kitchen knives, I have opted for two sets, which offer versatility and the best value for money.

  • The Arcos knife set is the answer for those who prefer quality and are looking for something basic that will last a lifetime. It comes with essential pieces that can complement other knives of the same brand and offer a solid construction.
  • For those looking for a complete knife set that won’t break the bank, the Deik kitchen knife set with an acrylic stand is perfect. The price is excellent, and it comes with 11 pieces. Thanks to their design, they look great on the countertop; they are robust and used daily.

I hope you have found the most suitable knife set in your search.

Also, take advantage of the promotions and offers on Amazon and make your purchase with total security, confidence, and above all, with the comfort of being at home and at any time of the day. Without having to travel or queue to pay.

Best Knife Set- Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the three essential knives in the kitchen?

The three knives that I consider a must-have in any kitchen are:

  • that of the chef, whose size is around 20 cm
  • the peeler, which measures about 9 cm
  • the multifunction knife, between 12 and 15 cm

Are the knife sets suitable for both right and left-handers?

Those with a sharp edge on both sides or are symmetrical are suitable for use by both right-handed and left-handed people.

But if the knife only has a sharp edge on one side, it is suitable for right-handers (edge ​​to the left) or left-handers (edge ​​to the right), not for both.

Can I damage the knives if I put them in the dishwasher?

Although the manufacturer indicates that they are suitable for washing in a dishwasher, it is not recommended.

Dishwasher detergents are usually robust, causing damage such as loss of sharpness and stains on the knife blade.

In addition, the knife can hit during washing in the dishwasher, and in models with a ceramic blade, this can break it.

What are ceramic knives better for than metal ones?

Being lighter and sharper, they are great for precision tasks, such as filleting meats of all kinds, peeling and chopping vegetables.

On the contrary, they are not recommended for chopping frozen foods and bones, as they are delicate.

Is it better to sharpen the knife with a stone or steel?

It depends on the type of knives you own and your taste:

  • sharpening stones are suitable for steel and metal knives in general, creating good edges, but they produce more excellent wear on the knife
  • Sharpening steels are also used on metal knives but do minor damage to them, as they are designed to realign the blade rather than wear it down.

On the other hand, if you have a ceramic knife, steels or stones are not the most convenient. A good manual or electric sharpener should use with them.

Can stainless steel knife set rust?

Yes, if they are not adequately cared for, such as washing them immediately after use, significantly if you cut lemon or some acidic food, wash them by hand and with mildly abrasive detergents and dry them very well before storing them. It is also not advisable to leave them soaking.

Best Knife Set – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis- 2022

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