Best Mattress Topper- Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison

Best Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Topper- Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison

Do you find your current mattress too hard or not comfortable enough, but you are not ready to change yet? A mattress topper is undoubtedly the ideal solution. Indeed, it is a thin layer – between 4 and 8 cm – installed on the mattress to provide more comfort and softness. We have grouped in this article the best mattress toppers of the year 2022. You will find models according to every need and budget, as well as a complete buying guide to help you choose your mattress topper.

Best mattress topper buying guide

If your mattress does not comfortable for your needs, It can provide more comfort. There are many different types of toppers on the market. The filling can be memory foam, latex, down, or even bamboo. A topper remains 5 to 6 times cheaper than a new mattress if it varies according to the brand or the model.

Discover in this guide why to use a mattress topper, its advantages and disadvantages, and our advice mattress topper to choose.

What is a topper used for?

Why put a mattress topper? In general, it is recommended to use a mattress topper in the following cases:

  • If your current mattress is too firm or not comfortable enough, a mattress topper will provide more softness and comfort at a low price.
  • Conversely, a mattress topper may provide more firmness if your bed is too soft.
  • Where you can’t choose your bed – in a student residence or furnished rental, for example – a mattress topper offers extra comfort and support.
  • The couples with different sleeping preferences, it is possible to install a mattress topper to modify the firmness and comfort of one side of the bed.
  • Finally, a topper protects your bedding and thus increases its lifespan. Many hotels use toppers for reasons of hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mattress topper

The topper increases sleeping comfort relieves pressure points, or even allows you to spend cool nights. Find below the main advantages of using a mattress topper:


  • More comfort: the main interest of a mattress topper is to make your bed more comfortable, whether it is too firm or conversely too soft.
  • Better Support: Latex and memory foam mattress toppers add extra support to your bedding.
  • Relieves pressure points: Some toppers have memory foam or latex, gently hug the body’s curves. And ease pain in the shoulders, hips, and lower back.
  • More durable: using a topper increases the life of your bedding by reducing the appearance of dimples and bumps on the top layer.
  • Protects the bedding:  even if this is not its primary role, the topper protects your mattress and box spring from nocturnal secretions such as sweat.
  • More economical: most mattress toppers cost less than 200$, and even the most expensive models rarely exceed 400$. Therefore, using a mattress topper is cheaper than buying a new mattress.
  • Refreshing: Many mattress toppers are infused with gel or other cooling technologies to provide more relaxed, more enjoyable nights.


There are many advantages to using a mattress topper; there are also disadvantages. We sometimes overestimate the absolute comfort it can provide, especially if the mattress is very damaged. Some mattress toppers may not precisely match the dimensions of the bed or even slip during the night if they do not have fixings. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with a mattress topper:

  • Different sizes: it happens that the topper ordered is smaller than the size indicated. It can then slip under the sheets and negatively impact the quality of your sleep.
  • Unchanged comfort: if a mattress topper can prolong the life of an old mattress, it may not change as effectively the comfort of a bed that is too damaged – with hollows, for example.
  • Odor upon unpacking: memory foam toppers often give off a strong smell upon unpacking. However, this odor dissipates in a few hours, and it is recommended to ventilate the room well when emptying.
  • Heat: some sleepers complain of being too hot in contact with viscoelastic foam mattress toppers, which are heat-sensitive.
  • Difficult to handle: a topper weighs on average between 7 and 15 kg depending on the size and the materials used, making it challenging to handle.

How to choose your topper?

Let’s now look at the main criteria to take into account when choosing your mattress topper. These selection criteria apply regardless of the brand or model chosen:


Rregarding the filling, you have the choice between several materials. Memory foam and latex both toppers conform to the body’s curves and eliminate pressure points. Down, cotton and bamboo will offer a very comfortable and breathable soft bedding.


Btween 4 and 8 cm on average, it varies according to the model. A thicker mattress topper will provide flexibility and softness if your mattress is too firm. The thinnest mattress toppers are recommended for people who want to gain a little comfort. Finally, it should note that thick latex and memory foam mattress toppers tend to keep warmer than thinner models.


Expressed in kg/m³, the thickness of a mattress topper is an essential criterion because it influences firmness and comfort. If we take the example of a high-density memory foam mattress topper, it will offer more support at the edges and conform to the body‘s shapes. On the other hand, this mattress topper will keep warmer at night and give off a more pungent smell when unpacking.


As a general rule, a mattress topper is used to provide softness to a mattress that is too hard or firmness to a bed that is too soft. It can also help extend the life of an old mattress while maintaining the same firmness.


 latex and memory foam mattress toppers have an exceptionally long lifespan, often several years. Models with a feather or synthetic fiber padding, on the other hand, are less durable.


 Mattress toppers generally correspond to the standard dimensions of mattresses. You will thus find models ranging in size from 80×190 cm to 180×200 cm. The models selected to compare the best mattress toppers are all 140×190 cm in length.

Sleeping independence: 

Finally, foam and latex toppers have superior sleeping independence for couple sleepers. It means you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night. Other types of mattress toppers (feathers, down, or fibers) are much less efficient in comparison.

What type of topper to choose?

Regarding the composition, you will have the choice between natural materials – such as feathers or down – and synthetic materials such as viscoelastic foam or latex. To help you choose, we have compared the characteristics of the three main types of mattress toppers below.

TypeDownshape memoryLatex
CompositionDuck/goose downViscoelastic foamLatex Talalay / Dunlop
Average weight2 to 5 kg5 to 15 kg10 to 20 kg
DurabilityFair to goodGood to very goodVery good to excellent
SupportAverage to goodGood to very goodGood to very good
Enveloping effectLow to mediumVery good to excellentVery good to excellent
pressure pointsAverage to goodVery good to excellentVery good to excellent
Sleeping independenceNone to lowVery good to excellentGood to very good
BreathabilityVery good to excellentBad to averageFair to good
SmellFair to goodBad to averageGood to very good
HandlingFair to goodBad to averageBad to average
CleaningDried upMachine washableMachine washable
Purchase AvailabilityMediumBigLimited
Price150$ and 300$50$ to 300$250$ to 450$

The best topper by sleeping position

Find out below which topper is best according to your sleeping position, namely on your side, back, or stomach. To learn more about the best sleeping positions, you can consult this article by Madame Le Figaro, which contains much advice from specialists.

To sleep on your side.

Sleeping on your side puts pressure on your hips and shoulders. The topper should sink enough in these places to relieve tension and keep the spine well-aligned. Very often, small builds (< 60 kg) find soft mattress toppers more comfortable, while medium and large figures (> 60 kg) prefer firmer mattress toppers that sink less.

To sleep on your back.

Often presented as the ideal sleeping position, sleeping on your back allows your spine to be naturally well-aligned. Here, the mattress topper should be firm enough and have a high density to support the body properly. If the mattress topper is too soft, the back and hips will sink too deeply and cause pain in the back and neck, while a mattress topper that is too hard will also cause pain because the muscles will compress.

To sleep on your stomach.

Very pleasant for some, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. This position forces you to turn your neck and thus causes neck pain. It is also not ideal for the spine because the back becomes hollow, and the vertebrae are not aligned. Using a firm mattress topper to avoid digging into the vertebrae will be better. The mattress topper should also be relatively thin and low density, regardless of your size.

What is a cooling mattress topper?

Summer heat or cold can prevent you from sleeping and impact the quality of your sleep. Indeed, it is never enjoyable to sleep on a mattress that is too hot or humid. You may even wake up at night because of it. In the middle of a heatwave, it is essential to lie down in an excellent bed without fans around you. If you want to sleep at the ideal temperature, we advise you to opt for a  cooling mattress topper or a cooling mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To end this guide, we will answer the questions most frequently asked by our readers for the purchase of a mattress topper.

How to install your topper? As its name suggests, the mattress topper is installed above the mattress. Once unpacked, just lay it on your bed. Some models have rubber to attach to the four corners of the mattress to prevent it from moving during the night. You can then add a fitted sheet over it if you wish.

How to clean your topper? Not all mattress toppers clean the same way. For some models, only the cover is machine washable. You can clean stains by hand by dampening a cloth with warm water and a few drops of dish soap, then lightly dab the stained area and let it air dry. 100% synthetic mattress toppers are machine washable and dryable most of the time.

Which topper for a mattress that is too firm? For a bed that is too firm, we recommend purchasing a sufficiently soft and enveloping model – such as a memory foam mattress topper, for example.

How much does a quality topper cost? The price of a mattress topper varies depending on the model and brand chosen, from $50 to sometimes more than $300. For an optimal quality-price ratio, count between 100$ and 200$.

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