Best Mini Fridge – Buying Guide, Comparison and Analysis in 2022

Best Mini Fridge

Best Mini Fridge – Buying Guide, Comparison and Analysis in 2022

If you are thinking of purchasing a mini-fridge that allows you to keep your products cold in your room or office, consider some features so that you can choose a quality model suitable for your requirements. It is essential to consider the size of the fridge and the capacity, which will depend on the place you have available and the number of items to store. In general, this type of refrigerator ranges between 40 and 50 litres in capacity. It is also essential that the equipment allows saving and optimal energy use. 

Recommended Products- 5 Best Mini Fridge

1. Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge for Car, Office Desk, Bedroom & Dorm Room – Portable 4L/6 

Take your Cooluli anywhere! Moulded: inset top handle makes transport easy—even when complete!

Maximize Space: Easily removable inner shelf and container basket offer you more space and storage options.

Power Up!: AC, DC & USB power cords for maximum portability and flexibility includes. Use anywhere!

100% Energy Efficient: Powered by EcoMax technology, Cooluli Mini Fridges are low-cost and energy-efficient.

  • Convenient + lightweight: The Cooluli classic 4-litre thermo-electric Cooler/warmer mini fridge sports a matte finish and a new generation profile that’s perfectly portable. This unit measures: 7. 25″ x 10. 25″ x 10. 75″ and Weighs 4 lbs
  • Multiple functions + use: the classic 4-l is super-versatile. Use it anywhere to store food, drinks, beer, snacks, Breast milk, Insulin, skincare and medications.
  • Perfect for skincare & beauty essentials: store your skincare, personal care & beauty product faves! From moisturizers to masks. Serums to creams & everything in between!
  • Advanced technology: the unique semiconductor operation is energy-efficient, ultra-quiet and 100%
  • Ac + DC + USB: The classic-4l includes AC and DC power cords for indoor and outdoor use, Plus a USB cord for ultra-flexibility. This unit only works in a 110–120v outlet. Plugging in this unit Beyond that voltage specification will damage the unit and void the.
  • Included Components: DC Cord

2. Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator Small Wine Cellar

The Antarctic Star give you the best temperature and taste, low noise, even during sleep time will not bother you. Whether your preference is for white, red, sparkling, or dessert wines, the Antarctic Star wine cooler keeps all your wines ideally chilled and ready to enjoy. It also cools beer and soda, digital display screens that can adjust to any temperature you want, perfect wine cooler.

  • It holds 24 standard 750ml bottles, big capacity.
  • Stainless steel door frame, metal texture, elegant appearance.
  • More convenient use of stainless steel door handle.
  • The perfect wine chiller with an adjustable temperature range of 41º – 64ºF (5º – 18ºC)

3. CROWNFUL, 10 Liter/12 Can Portable Cooler and Warmer Personal Refrigerator for Skincare 

The Multifunctional Crownful 10L personal refrigerator is your new personal fridge perfect for storing drinks, snacks, skincare and medications. Its compact design features a 10-litre capacity, a tempered glass front, and a moulded folding top handle that makes transport a breeze. It fits up to 12 x 12. soda/beer canned drinks!


· Do not switch from hot to cold or vice versa abruptly; allow the unit to stay OFF for at least 25 minutes before hitting the function.

· The warm function is designed to keep items warm. It’s not intended to heat things that are cold or frozen.


  • Great for home, dorm and office use
  • 10-litre Capacity or 12 x 12oz cans
  • Portable, Lightweight & Compact
  • 2 Removable Shelves & 1 Container Basket
  • Door Spring-Lock
  • Quiet Operation at 25dB Sleep Mode
  • Voltage: AC 120V, DC 12V

4. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

Midea 1.6 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator is an excellent choice for storing your favourite food such as meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and ice cream for long term storage. 

Perfect size with adjustable legs and reversible hinged door allows you to place it in the garage, basement, or bar area. With an adjustable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature to the optimum setting for preserving your foods for future use, reducing waste and space in your refrigerator, which makes your life enjoyable.

Midea is a leading manufacturer of compact refrigerators, kegerators, and wine coolers. The Midea compact refrigerator has a streamlined look that will complement any room style or setting. They’re perfect for European kitchens, galley kitchens, small apartments, minibars, offices, dorm rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, home theatres, garages, boats, tiny homes, cabins and RVs.

  • Reversible Hinge Door
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Removable Shelf
  • Adjustable Legs
  • To save energy, NO light bulb inside

5. BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, 2.5 Cubic Feet, Black

It has a modern square design that fits – with style – into indoor living space. Adding convenience to any room for real-life, it is perfectly compact without compromising interior space. You’ll be amazed at how much it fits. The free-standing, flat back unit fits easily under counters and desks or in room corners. The adjustable temperature control, can dispenser, removable glass shelves, reversible door, and quiet operation make daily life a lot easier with a tiny appliance! Like a full-size fridge, it comes with an entire wide freezer compartment with an ice cube tray and adjustable thermostat control.


  • Reversible Door & Space Saving Flat Back Design
  • Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Perfect for RV, boat, garage or bedroom
  • 45 dB


  • Full-width Freezer Compartment (12.8 inches wide x 4.3 inches tall) with Ice Cube Tray
  • 2 Full-width Slide-out Glass Shelf
  • 1 Full-width Door Storage Shelf
  • 2 Liter Door Storage
  • Dispenser storage for five 12 ounce cans

Which is the best mini fridge on the market?

Whether you’re short on space in the office but don’t want to give up having a cool drink or lunch or wish to have something cold wherever you are, a small fridge is just what you need. With our guide to buying the best mini fridge on the market, we show you the key aspects to consider to succeed in your purchase.

Shopping guide

The size

It is obvious, but first of all, you should consider the size of the mini-fridge you are thinking of buying. The site stays where you want to place it and does not bother you or pose a problem when passing. It applies both refrigerators themselves and to the opening of the door, which has the necessary angle and space to open.

This size is a standard measure, generally similar to bar furniture so typical of hotels, although there are other larger or smaller models. There are even desktop models, which you can place next to your computer and connect them via USB, although the capacity of these models is less. It would help if you always considered that the equipment must work correctly, with the necessary breathing space.

The capacity

We have already pointed out that the fridge’s capacity will depend partly on the space you have available. However, that does not mean that precisely this aspect is one of the most important to consider when comparing mini-fridges. In general, the minibar model fridge has an approximate capacity of 40 to 50 litres depending on the design, enough for several bottles, cans and even some containers, being the most versatile. Some even feature a freezer zone that opens up new possibilities while taking away some of the usable space.

If you are short of space, it will be convenient to always look for a model that suits your need for refrigeration or freezing, so that if the model fits you but does not fit due to size, it is advisable to opt for another location where you can have the space you need. If some bad, you can take advantage of a more compact model.


Finally, it would help if you bet on savings and consider energy consumption when asking how much a mini-fridge costs. Like all standard appliances, these devices have an energy rating that you should consider to choose the model that allows you to spend and consume the least amount of energy possible. It would help if you always looked for models with an A or higher energy rating, which are the most economical. It applies to traditional plugged-in models, so models with a USB connection or another system do not apply.

In these cases, however, consumption is also essential. Still, to evaluate and compare it, you need to see the consumption of the device in its documentation or characteristics, thus preventing an economical product from becoming expensive due to excessive consumption.

How to use a mini-fridge

Nowadays, having a mini-fridge in the room, office, study, or any other space has been increasing due to its usefulness and practicality. In addition, it is easy to move and does not take up much space. For these reasons, we offer you some recommendations below that will allow you to put your mini-fridge to good use.

Read the instructions

Before putting your mini-fridge to work, you must read the instructions specified by the manufacturer very carefully. Since in them you will obtain all the information regarding the operation and maintenance of the product, which will allow you to keep your fridge for a very long time. 

Could you put it in a good place?.

Mini fridges are characterized by being easy to locate anywhere. But it is recommended that you have a good power outlet where you discover it. When you open the door, do not contact another object within reach, as it will make it difficult for you to put food away. Nor should it be near devices that generate heat sources such as microwaves ovens, among others.

Do not put anything hot.

If your mini-fridge is the one that cools only, it is best to put food or drinks in it at a cold or average temperature to keep them out or cool them down. On the other hand, what is not recommended is to introduce hot foods or drinks since it can affect the proper functioning of your refrigerator.


Your mini fridge must have good lighting. That will help you have a vision of the spaces when it comes to accommodating food, organizing it better and thus making better use of it. If the bulb becomes damaged or burnt out during use, don’t hesitate to replace it.

Avoid excessive energy consumption.

When you remove food or drinks from your mini-fridge, try to do it in the shortest possible time. Also, when you need to fill a glass of any liquid you have in the mini-fridge, take out the container, close the door and place it in it. It will allow your electricity bills to be below average.

It is multifunctional

When you have a mini-fridge that works hot and cold, make sure you use the switch correctly because, for example, if you introduce a cold drink or food for preservation. It turns out that the fridge is working for hot temperature and you forget to use the switch to cold this will be affected, and you will lose it.

Adjust for fast results

Suppose you are expecting some friends for a party in the garden of the house, and you require that your drinks be cold enough in your mini-fridge in the pool area, but for whatever reason, time does not allow it. In that case, it is recommended that you use the temperature adjustment system to cool down in the shortest time, and that’s it, problem solved.

How to choose the Best Mini Fridge for home

When analyzing fridge by fridge, I realized that, although they have significant differences, there are characteristics that only the best share.

So I leave you with the essential aspects that you should consider when choosing a small fridge for your home without you having to dig too much.

The capacity

The size of the refrigerator is related to its capacity, which is measured in litres. But this will depend on what you want.

  • A small 93-litre room fridge is the most suitable option because, although it is small, it is spacious.
  • A small caravan fridge should have a smaller capacity. I recommend choosing one between 35 and 42 litres because it is still significant, but it will not give you weight or size problems when you take it on a trip.

Noise level

Small fridges can be just as noisy as some larger models. Therefore, you should pay attention to how many decibels it emits.

My recommendation is that you choose one between 30 and 50 decibels maximum. So you can have it in the room, in the office or wherever you choose without disturbing the environment with noise.

Rubber stamps

The door closing mechanism is essential for maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator.

You can choose a model with a magnetic closure or rubber seals as these are the most efficient to keep the door airtight and prevent energy loss.

Internal dividers

I have seen some models without any separator or shelves, but they are an honest mistake. A low-capacity model must have at least one vertical or horizontal divider if it is a low-capacity.

It is also convenient that these dividers or shelves are adjustable so that you can fit any food or bottle regardless of its size. There are even some removable ones.

With this, not only will the fridge be tidier, but it will also favour internal hygiene. If you spill something, it’s not going to spread all over space.

With or without freezer 

This decision will depend on what you need the fridge for, but there is no doubt that it has a compartment for refrigeration and another for freezing is a great advantage.

If you choose a small fridge with a freezer, look at the number of stars it has since these reflect efficiency.

  • 3-star freezer: These usually reach -18º but are not suitable for freezing food. These are only effective for preserving those that are already frozen.
  • 4-star freezer: These usually reach a temperature of -24º, so they are the most suitable for storing any food.

I don’t recommend one and 2-star freezers because while they can keep food frozen, they only do so for a few hours.

Adjustable thermostat

If you verified, it would help that the refrigerator has an adjustable thermostat. Some have three levels and others only 2, but it is always convenient to choose the temperature level for the proper preservation of food.

Just as not all foods should refrigerate at the same temperature, there will be environmental conditions that will make it necessary for you to adjust the temperature of your refrigerator.

How to organize a small fridge

If something makes a lousy impression, whether you have a small fridge with a glass door or a regular door, it is clutter.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to organize everything inside to keep food and drinks in good condition.

The good idea is to use vacuum packaging machines to preserve food for several days or in the freezer, well organized and without risk of contamination. It is also perfect if you usually cook with Sous Vide.

I am a big consumer of cold meats and cheeses. Whether you buy it directly from the supermarket or slice it with a domestic slicer, you must protect it well inside the fridge.

 The most valuable tips:

  • Prepared foods, dairy products, sausages and cold cuts should go in the upper area of ​​the fridge and as far inside as possible so that they are kept at a reasonable temperature.
  • When you take fish and meat to the freezer, do it in bags and put a label indicating the day you stored them. This way, you can choose the more days and not the ones you just kept.
  • Always try to place the bottles in the door compartments, especially uncovered ones. This way, you will avoid moving them every time you take something out of the fridge, and they will run less risk of spills.
  • Try to use trays or baskets to place the products. With this, you will save space because everything will be together in each basket. You will protect the shelves and keep them clean for longer.
  • The more giant jars and cans should always go backwards and the smaller ones forward to remove a product without moving all the others.

In this study about refrigeration and food safety done by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service, you will see the specific areas of the refrigerator to locate each food. You will also see the appropriate cooling time for each one.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I made a list of the most frequently asked questions by readers so that you can clarify your doubts if you identify with any specific one.

What is the average consumption in a small fridge?

The average consumption of a small fridge depends on the energy efficiency. If it is class A the consumption will be 374 kWh, if it is A+, the consumption will be 322 kWh, if it is A++ it will be 284 kWh. While if it is class C it will consume 646 kWh.

The A +++ refrigerators are so far the most economical as they will only consume 175 kWh. However, these are usually high cost.

What are the small refrigerators with less electricity consumption?

Small fridges with the lowest electricity consumption are those that are labeled in the A+++ energy efficiency category. However, the A+ and A++ categories also have low consumption.

What is a small compressor fridge?

It is a type of refrigerator that is equipped with a piece, called a compressor, which is located in the center of the equipment and is responsible for keeping the refrigerant moving. The compressor is what allows the cooling system to stay on all the time.

The main difference with other refrigerators is that these do not depend on the ambient temperature to work well and also the power consumption is lower without affecting the performance of the equipment. Therefore, a refrigerator with a compressor is better.

How often do you have to defrost the fridge to clean it?

Most manufacturers recommend defrosting the fridge once a month. This prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odors and end up affecting the taste and smell of food.

What is the most common mistake when installing a small refrigerator?

The most common mistake is installing the refrigerator next to the oven or next to the microwave.

If there is no other option but to install both units close by because your space is limited, you should install an insulating panel between them so that the heat emitted by the oven or microwave does not affect the performance of the refrigerator.

What if the small mini fridge makes a lot of noise?

If your mini fridge emits between 30 and 50dB it should not make much noise. But if even having these levels it happens, it is possible that the shelves or shelves are loose or that the door is poorly adjusted.

However, it could also be because there is a severe problem with the fan. In this case, it is best to take it to the technical service.  

My small fridge has stopped cooling, what do I do?

The first thing is to check the external environmental temperature as there are refrigerators that only work between 16°C and 32°C. If there is a higher temperature they can stop cooling.

It can also be due to a thermostat misadjustment, that the fan has become clogged or that there is a refrigerant gas leak. In this case, you should take it to the technical service.

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