Best Nursing Bra – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Best Nursing Bra

Best Nursing Bra – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The breasts begin to experience significant changes from the first month of pregnancy. Once you have given birth, the difference in weight and volume is a product of the normal process of letting down breast milk. Experts recommend not wearing a conventional bra, as it may squeeze your breasts and cause some discomfort. For this reason, you must have a nursing bra that makes you feel comfortable and that provides adequate support so that you can feed your child naturally and without complications. Faced with so many options offered by the market, we have selected some of the best models. You are starting with the Amourri Seamless, a bra that provides comfort and eases breastfeeding since its design favors easy access. If you prefer more support, you have an alternative to the Gratlin With rings, a soft product that offers you optimal support, and a cup with a central opening.

What is the Best Nursing Bra on the market?

If you are expecting the birth of your baby, don’t leave the purchase of a bra that gives you extra comfort to the last minute. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best nursing bra; the idea is to help you find an economical and suitable quality model, which can indicate for you and always thinking of maximum comfort at this stage of your life.

Best Nursing Bra- Shopping guide

Functionality and parts

After motherhood, the breast undergoes essential changes, which depend on each woman’s physical, hormonal, and hereditary characteristics. The use of a nursing bra prevents the breasts from losing tone and sagging. Thanks to their functional design, they efficiently contribute to the recovery of firmness and the previous shape of the breast, since in these cases, adequate support is essential.

Having these bras is essential; even it is necessary to use them from the last weeks of pregnancy until the end of lactation. Likewise, it is also advisable to use them at bedtime during the months after childbirth.

On the other hand, it recommends that you buy more than one nursing bra; in this way, you can alternate its use when you breastfeed your child. Some manufacturers offer models that come in a pack with several pieces for convenience.

Best Nursing Bra- Design and materials

Is most important aspect to consider when choosing a nursing bra is comfort. Regardless of how much it costs, this quality acquires excellent relevance in these exceptional cases. For this reason, in your comparison of nursing bras, look for a model that offers you a design that is as comfortable as possible.

Choosing the design of a nursing bra is a very personal decision: This aspect is related to the size of the mother’s breasts and her particular tastes.

However, you should avoid models that oppress your breasts and allow them to overflow above the cup or spill out the sides when you should look for a bra with a cup that covers all or a large part of the bust. It must also offer a pattern that provides firm support.

About materials, most of these women’s garments are usually made of soft textiles such as cotton, which stands out for being breathable and comfortable. There are also nursing bras made of other materials such as polyamide, polyester, and elastane; light materials, resistant, soft to the touch, and easy to wash.

Best Nursing Bra- Opening line

The split line is the defining quality of nursing bras. These garments include in their design a cup with a central opening, which facilitates the task of feeding the baby.

This opening system allows the lactating breast to be exposed while being efficiently held. In this way, the newborn can feed easily without the mother feeling any discomfort.

These bras have a built-in clip, which allows the cup to be closed and opened easily, even with one hand. In addition, one of the significant advantages that these bras offer compared to conventional models is that you do not need to completely unfasten the bra or take off the garment to breastfeed your baby at any time or place.

Best Nursing Bra- Size

Nursing bras offer great stretch, so they can easily fit multiple sizes and remain useful while you breastfeed. However, regardless of how long you continue to breastfeed, the important thing is that you choose the correct bra size, which is not always as easy as you think.

Many mothers make the mistake of selecting the wrong size. Wearing very tight bras can cause milk let-down problems and lead to painful mastitis. For this reason, experts recommend ordering the bra size from the 7th month of pregnancy, when the breasts are preparing for lactation.

If you’re worried about milk surge after childbirth, it’s advisable not to buy a larger size, as these bra models can design to meet these needs for increased volume.

What is the Best Nursing Bra in 2022?

A nursing bra is one must-have item that a future mother should have on the shopping list. That is why if you are looking for the best nursing bra for you, we present a comparison with some of the best valued and most recommended models on the net.

Amurri Seamless

Main advantage:

Thanks to its design that does not include rigid metal parts, it can be beneficial for women with high milk production and need a garment that supports without putting pressure on the breast. On the other hand, since it is a set with three pieces, you could have enough for a reasonable cost.

Main disadvantage:

Its design may not be the most decorated on the market, but it fulfills its function of providing comfort to feed your baby and keep the breasts molded throughout the day.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a set of three bras that can cover adequately due to their comfort and pre-shaped cups with foam and lining so that they may be the best choice.


The lactation stage can characterize by a constant change in the size of the breasts by their extraordinary sensitivity. It is essential to choose a soft bra to avoid uncomfortable rubbing against the skin of the breasts, especially in the nipple area.

The model we analyzed is made of 92% Polyamide 8% Elastane fibers to meet this requirement. It allows it to be very soft, but at the same time, have enough support to mold the breast and give it a lovely appearance. In addition, it does not include seams in the cup area, something that provides comfort, and because it has a lining and foam, the nipples can hide.

It should also note that because it does not include metal rods in its composition, it is suitable for use by women who, due to milk production, may be uncomfortable with this type of bra. So that it adapts to your body without problem, expanding if necessary.

practicality and freshness

The most common thing is that when holding your baby to offer milk intake, you only have one hand free; this is not a problem with this model since the clips to release the cup can use with one hand and is simple. That way, you won’t have any setbacks.

Another problem to which the breasts are subjected during this period is excess moisture, which could cause the proliferation of bacteria. So that this does not happen, the bra allows adequate ventilation, and its material dries very quickly to avoid complications and that you are always fresh.

Fit and durability

It is common for women to experience changes in size after childbirth, so you do not have to buy another set of bras. The model provides three back extenders, which are very convenient to always get a contoured fit according to your measurements. In terms of its durability, the materials from which it can make tolerate frequent use and washing without much problem, so they could be helpful throughout your little one’s breastfeeding stage.

Gatlin with hoops

 Its sensuality and beauty do not precisely characterize maternity lingerie. Some manufacturers, such as Gratlin, have designed nursing bras for the modern mother. We present this model to you will make you feel comfortable, confident, and secure when breastfeeding.

Due to its attractive design, comfort, and optimal support, many agree that it is one of the best nursing bras of 2022. Its underwire design favors the firmness of the maternal breasts at all times and also has clips that allow you to open and close the cup quickly.

It is a nursing bra made of 15% elastane and 85% polyamide, soft, easy-to-wash, and breathable materials. Its cup has no seams, and its deep neckline allows you to wear it with any clothing. It also has wide and slightly padded straps, and you can also select the color you like the most.

Gatlin is a company dedicated to manufacturing bras for a long time, and thanks to the fame it has gained, many women consider it the best nursing bra brand.


  • Clips: You will feed your baby when he needs it without problems since the clips are easy to open and close. Therefore, you will not spend much time trying to open them.
  • Suspenders: One of the best advantages of this model is that the straps are padded. In this way, the bra will not leave annoying marks on your shoulders when you use it.
  • Screen: The fabric of Gratlin’s bras is characterized by being soft so as not to irritate your skin and give you the greatest possible comfort.

Anita Maternity 5068

During the lactation period, especially the first weeks, the mother’s breast is more delicate and sensitive than usual and tends to bother and hurt due to the volume of the milk load.

For this reason, it is best to choose a good quality bra, such as this model, which provides softness and the ability to offer the necessary support for mothers with larger breasts.

It is a nursing bra with a design that incorporates underwires to provide, in addition, support an aesthetic and attractive shape to the maternal bust.

It also comfortably allows breastfeeding, regardless of the time or place; For this, it has two nursing clips located on each strap, with which you can easily open and close each cup.

The back of the bra offers a secure and comfortable hook-and-eye closure system. In addition, to keep it clean, the manufacturer recommends washing it by hand.

It is not one of the cheapest options. However, its good ratings mean that many women find this Anita Maternity model their ideal bra for breastfeeding.


  • Breathable: If you want to prevent sweat from accumulating on your breasts, then the soft, breathable fabric of this bra is suitable for what you’re looking for.
  • Opening: So you can feed your little one in seconds, the opening snaps are easy to open and close.
  • Reinforcement: A perfect feature of this bra is that it gives you efficient reinforcement on your back. It will reduce the pain caused by the weight of the breasts.

Light Momanda

Main advantage: If you want a bra whose fabric is not a problem, this model is what you were looking for. Thanks to its material, the sensations on the chest are delightful and not at all annoying—something meaningful at a time when any small detail can bother.

Main disadvantage: If you have a large bust, the product may not offer you all the support you need, especially if you want to have more firmness while wearing the garment.

Medela sleep bustier

Main advantage: Unlike most nursing bras, this model has an exquisite lace construction, without missing removable cups in its design, to breastfeed comfortably, or an adjustment system that gives more comfort.

Main disadvantage: The sizes do not correspond to the cup and measurement format but instead follow the conventional size patterns: S, M, L, XL. At least, a size chart can include seeing the equivalences.

Verdict: With this model, you will not only have the comfort of a conventional nursing bra, but you will also enjoy a different touch in its design. 

Amourri Seamless

If you are looking for cheap and good-quality models on the market, this garment could be an excellent option. It is a model that offers superior comfort. You can also choose between two available packs: two or three bras, in assorted colors and according to your size, all for a very competitive cost. For this reason, many consider it the best value for money nursing bra.

Its design is similar to a sports bra, and it adapts perfectly to the size of the mother’s breasts with total comfort. Its cup can mold in foam with a removable lining, which opens easily when giving the baby and closes through a clip integrated into the straps.

It is a bra made of 90% polyamide and 8% elastane, soft, smooth and breathable materials that offer minimal compression. In addition, its straps are adjustable, and it includes three extenders for greater comfort.

If you are looking for a good model and decide to make this purchase, you will likely be able to acquire the best nursing bra of the moment since this set has several models that could become your favorite model.


  • Pack: There is no need to settle for just one model when you can have three bras in one purchase: This pack brings three items of the best quality and different colors.
  • Suspenders: The straps are easy to adjust. Therefore, you will be able to adapt the bra as you wish without any difficulty.
  • Seams: This nursing bra does not have any seam that could bother you; therefore, it is ideal for accommodating your breasts.
  • breathable: For your comfort, the fabric of these bras is entirely soft and breathable, which will prevent sweat from accumulating.


  • Color: One shopper commented that the pink bra might lose color after the first few washes. It can be inconvenient.

How to wear a nursing bra

With all the changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum, it is not surprising that women need some alternatives to be and feel better with their bodies. Nursing bras are the most appropriate for this time in which the size of the breasts tends to increase, and with the measurements of everyday use bras, certain discomforts can generate. In addition, they are instrumental in feeding the baby anywhere.

When making the purchase

The first thing to assess when using a nursing bra is that it has the appropriate size. The most recommended thing is that it be a higher number than the one you usually use.

It should verify that it can give the necessary support without being excessively tight (as it could cause mastitis) or that, on the contrary, it does not give enough grip, thus causing the breasts to fall.

Another important fact is to look at the type of fabric used for its manufacture. It must be sufficiently elastic and allow it to be adapted as changes can generate in the breast.

To use them at times of significant changes: Some specialists recommend that they not be done from the moment the baby is born, but rather as soon as you enter eight months of pregnancy.

Putting on the bra

A nursing bra will place in the same way as a conventional one. The difference lies in the degree of comfort that one can feel with its use. To ensure that it is even more comfortable: Many of them do not include underwires or padding but can make of a soft and stretchy fabric that provides support and, at the same time, offers enough space to adapt to changes.

What needs to be detailed is that many models have a clasp to release the breast so that the baby can easily access its food source. In most cases, this can place in the part closest to the beginning of the bra pull, which makes it easy to put it on and take it off.

Also, some versions have a more open cup, which helps the breast to be removed without inconvenience when necessary.

Breast care

It is essential to pay attention to the care of the breasts. Since they tend to undergo many changes that can make their state not be what is already known. To avoid falls: The bra should use even to sleep because since they do not generate pressure. They are an excellent alternative to prevent the weight from going to the sides and falling quickly.

Moisturizing creams can complement the bra’s work so that exclusive breastfeeding can give that can enjoy mutually, without the risk of losing the firmness and elasticity of this area that is so important for women.

Best Nursing Bra – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

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