Best Scooter for kids: Which is the Best – Buying Guide- 2022

Best Scooter for kids

Best Scooter for kids: Which is the Best – Buying Guide- 2022

Children were the first users of this fun and practical means of transport to get around the park. And thanks to its beginnings as a toy for great adventures, today it has become an essential vehicle for adults.

Children’s scooters have witnessed a critical evolution both in their design and the quality of their materials.

As with any model for adults, there is an excellent offer on the market for these small children’s vehicles.

We bring you a guide to the best scooters for kids at the moment. It will help you choose the one your little one needs, the one that will make them feel like the absolute protagonist of their adventures and games.

The 7 Best Scooters for Kids

7. Hikole

Unlike other scooters for children, the Hikole has two wheels instead of 3. It is intended for children from 3 to 10 years old, and thanks to its smooth and colorful polyurethane wheels, it is suitable for use both indoors and on the street.

It has a motion sensor installed that activates the colored lights on the wheels every time the child moves it.

Its structure is resistant aluminum, weighs just 2.32 kilos, and is foldable and easy to transport. As in most children’s scooters, its handlebar is adjustable, and the handles cover with a non-slip material is very soft to the touch.

It is the best-selling model for children with two wheels. She has been on Amazon’s bestseller list at the top for quite a while. Take a look at the link in green to see if it’s on sale.

Although it may think that having two wheels instead of three is not very stable, you will be shocked at how quickly your little one learns to control this cute scooter, making it his favorite adventure companion. Guaranteed fun at a great price.

It is ideal for:

the most daring and who already manage their balance very well. It will be the definitive step towards more significant and faster scooters.

Some user opinions

  • Ana:  comments that her 5-year-old nephew loved it.
  • Oscar: he stands out for his excellent manageability and that his 4-year-old daughter has become perfect for him.
  • Laura: she is happy with how easy it is to assemble and fold. She also highlights its design of it.


  • Resistant
  • Foldable and light
  • Suitable for a wide age range


  • Only four colors to choose from
  • Some young children may find it challenging to handle.

6. Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter for Kids

The Jetson Jupiter 2 in 1 is designed to use children from 18 months to 8 years. This 3-wheel folding scooter, made of resistant steel and highly durable plastic, also has a folding seat that you do not need to disassemble.

At the back, it has two wheels glued to each other. It gives the scooter extra stability and safety.

Thanks to this feature, a child of 18 months can start using it safely until they reach the age to drive the scooter in a standing position.

Can you imagine the hours of fun that your little one will have from his earliest age?

The wheels made of polyurethane are suitable for all types of surfaces and offer a smooth ride. In addition, these light up with movement. It will make it more fun for the little ones.

The handlebar and the platform are covered with soft non-slip material for more safety. Its colorful and cheerful design is available in a wide range of colors so you can choose your little one’s favorite.

It also has a gravity steering system; your baby can slide to one side, following the brain’s awareness, to follow the desired direction.

If this is the perfect model for your child, do not hesitate to search for it on Amazon from the green button. There could be a specific offer.

It is ideal for:

those who stay calmer if they have very young children and prefer that they sit down. They can permanently remove the seat and let the little one stand up when he is more prepared.

Some user opinions

  • Adrea: she is satisfied with her construction materials, highlighting their robustness.
  • Marta: comments that it is a very comfortable scooter and highlights that it is very adaptable.
  • Rafa: He says that it is a good product that is easy to assemble, and he considers that the seat is very comfortable for children.

Take a look at all the ones on Amazon 


  • Wide age range
  • It has a built-in seat
  • Lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport


  • We do not find disadvantages in this small scooter.

5. Razor A Kick Scooter

Low price is not synonymous with poor quality. This economical Razor A Kick Scooter is designed to correctly fulfill its function among children who have recently arrived in the fun universe of the scooter.

It is a low-end initiation model aimed at ages 2 and 12 years.

Among its attractions, the ease of transport it poses and the small space it occupies stand out. It is thanks to its folding handlebar and the fact that it is made of aluminum that weighs less than two kilos.

Without a doubt, a very light scooter that can move anywhere without causing any inconvenience.

As far as stability is concerned, this Razor A Kick Scooter enables the child to learn based on the challenge of maintaining balance while driving since it only incorporates one front and one rear wheel.

In the medium term, it is a circumstance that reinforces the control that the child has over his own body.

The feeling of security is given by its adjustable handlebar in three heights and by its spongy grip. The first is responsible for perfectly adapting the scooter to the child’s size, and the second is designed so that the grip of the hands is as solid as possible during slides.

The great sensitivity of its braking system and the ample space that integrates the base for the feet support take care of the rest.

It is ideal for:

Beginners are looking for a versatile and well-endowed scooter in the low range of essential functions.

Some user opinions

  • Marga: says that this model is perfect for her 8-year-old daughter. She comments that she loved it.
  • Sea: wants to highlight the quality of construction materials, commenting on their resistance.
  • Alvaro believes it has a good quality/price ratio; however, he thinks the finishes and adjustments could improve.

On Amazon, you can see all the opinions together


  • Very light and easy to transport
  • stable driving
  • wide age range
  • Meager price


  • plastic wheels
  • Somewhat sober aesthetic appearance

Best Scooter for kids: Which is the Best – Buying Guide- 2022

4. Micro Mini Deluxe

The Micro Mini Deluxe is a beautifully designed 3-wheel scooter suitable for children aged 2-5 years. It has a height-adjustable handlebar at 48 and 68 cm so that it can accompany the little one at that beautiful age where he learns to have control over his motor skills.

The Micro Mini is available in a wide variety of vibrant colors that your little one will love. It has two nice 12 cm diameter polyurethane front wheels and one 8 cm diameter rear wheel. In addition, the wheels light up when the scooter is running—another reason to increase the fun of the little ones.

Thanks to the ABEC9 bearings, the displacement is smooth for more enjoyment and safety of the little one. The turning system responds to the driver’s inclination for an intuitive and comfortable ride, ideal for the child to balance and control the small vehicle.

This turning system called “lean and turn” is patented by Micro. The system is based on the inclination of the weight to make the turn.

This original and striking scooter for children has been developed by its manufacturer, Micro, in collaboration with pediatricians to facilitate the child’s motor skills development.

Another point in favor is that the manufacturer guarantees the existence of all kinds of spare parts if they are ever needed.

Micro is probably the best brand in the manufacture of children’s scooters and has a history of several decades in the children’s market. Their models guarantee the quality, although some people may find their prices somewhat high.

One of the advantages of the Micro brand is the number of available models they have.

It is ideal for:

parents who want to choose the highest possible quality for their children. Micro scooters are the highest quality models you will find on the market.

Some user opinions

  • Jose: He thinks he has made a good purchase. He comments on its ease of handling and its lightness of it. He says that his two-year-old daughter won’t let him go.
  • Helena: She also thinks it is very light and easy to transport. She says it is convenient for her 3-year-old daughter.
  • Oszi: considers that it has exquisite finishes and highlights its stability and firmness.


  • It is safe and suitable for children.
  • Intuitive turning system.
  • Its spare parts warranty is for ten years.


  • The age range is minimal.

3. LOL-FUN Scooter for Kids

The LOL-FUN is a 3-wheel scooter for children from 3 to 12 years old and excellent quality. It supports a weight of up to 60 kilos and the handlebar, made of very resistant aluminum, is adjustable to 4 heights, 60, 72, 77, and 82 cm; This way, you can adapt the scooter to the height of your child, which will accompany him during a significant stage of his growth.

The front wheels have 12 cm diameter and are 4 cm wide, and the rear wheel has a diameter of 8 cm by 5 cm wide. All of them are made of resistant polyurethane. This feature gives the scooter a lot of stability and a better grip.

The steering is safe and allows the scooter to adjust to the rider’s movement to make driving safer, especially when turning both sides.

Check out Amazon to see if it’s available in both pink and blue. You can do it from the following button.

The scooter’s handlebar is non-slip, and the platform is 13 cm wide, making it more comfortable and safe for the little one.

If children like something, it is colored lights. The LOL-FUN scooter has a PU flashing LED light every time the little vehicle is started. Also, the front wheel has 6 LED lights, and the other two are flashing.

Without a doubt, a great toy with which your child will enjoy a lot while learning.

It is ideal for:

Who prefer not to complicate their lives by updating the scooter as the child grows should keep it for longer.

Some user opinions:- Best Scooter for kids

  • Toete comments on its stability and good quality and says it is perfect for his daughter.
  • Rocio says that it is an adorable scooter and wants to highlight its materials’ robustness.
  • Roberto: He talks about the ease of assembly of his parts and says that his son got the hang of it very soon and that he loves the lights on the wheels.


  • It covers a wide age range
  • It is foldable and light
  • stable and secure


  • You have to look in a different product sheet to buy other colors. They are not in the same place (more than a disadvantage, it seems inconvenient )

2. Immek- Best Scooter for kids

Learning and fun coexist in this four-wheel folding scooter under the added value of safety. Designed for children from 3 to 12 years, the Immek comes equipped with some elements that make it a model that stands out for its protection.

We can see this, for example, in its braking capacity, which includes a high degree of sensitivity so that driving is as stable as possible.

Under this same line, this scooter brings the so-called gravity steering system. In other words, it facilitates very safe turns when it’s time to face curves, and the fact is that the inclination of the child’s body weight is more than enough to avoid losing balance in positions of this type.

In addition, its extra-large polyurethane wheels are responsible for maintaining a perfect and fluid grip at all times.

Resistance is another of its strengths. The Immek scooter is made with first-class materials, as seen through its high-quality aluminum frame and its robust steel handlebar. Undoubtedly, aspects translate into a load capacity of up to 50 kilos of weight and durability designed for the long term.

On the aesthetic level, the wide variety of bright colors and the LED lights that its wheels incorporate when rolling makes this scooter stand out as one of the most attractive for the little ones in the house.

It is ideal for:

those are looking for a scooter that guarantees the child’s safety without giving up a colorful design designed to withstand the test of time.

Some user opinions

  • Elvira says that the design is beautiful and that her son is delighted with it.
  • Jose María comments how happy his children are with the scooter, highlighting how much they like the lighting on the wheels.
  • Adriana: says she is satisfied with the purchase and that it is as described. She sees it as stable, easy to fold, and attractive design.


  • Swivel system that favors stability
  • Great fluidity while driving
  • wide age range
  • Maximum load of up to 50 kilos


  • Somewhat robust handlebar grip

1. Radio Flyer 

This three-wheel scooter is ideal for children from 2 to 5 years old. With it, they will learn to drive their scooter gradually and safely while having fun with the colored LED & FLASH lights on the wheels.

Thanks to its adjustable handlebar in 4 different heights, 48, 66, 70, and 74 cm, you can adapt it to the height of your little one as he grows. In addition, it supports up to 50 kg, which will cover the height growth and weight gain of the little ones.

Radio Flyer is foldable, very light, and easy to transport. We can take it everywhere without any problem so that the child can enjoy his toy while learning to develop balance, motor control, and speed perception.

The braking system is simple so that the little ones can stop quickly just by stepping on the rear wheel. Radio Flyer is available in 7 different colors to cover all possible tastes.

It is currently the highest-rated three-wheel kid’s scooter on Amazon. For now, it has more than 3000 reviews. There must be a reason.

The Radio Flyer is the best valued by buyers on Amazon in its age range.

Being one of the most demanded models, the stock in the store runs out very quickly, especially at Christmas time. 

It is ideal for:

children between 2 and 5 years old. Thanks to its adjustable handlebar, you can take advantage of the scooter during various stages of your little one’s growth.

Some user opinions: Best Scooter for kids

  • Alberto: highlights its safety and robustness. He says he bought it for his 4-year-old son and gets along very well with it.
  • Marga: is happy with its ease of transport thanks to being foldable and light. She bought it for her 2-year-old grandson, but she thinks it is too big for her, and she recommends it for ages four and up.
  • Cristina seems to be very happy with the price, also highlighting the quality of the materials.


  • The polyurethane wheels offer a good grip, absorbing the irregularities of the ground and giving the scooter excellent stability.
  • The RGS-1 is available in 7 colors for you to choose your little driver’s favorite: blue, fuchsia, black, green, orange, lilac, and red.
  • It is a cheap and good-quality children’s scooter.


  • Suitable only for children from 2 to 5 years old

Buying guide What Best Scooter for kids to buy?

Tips for choosing a good children’s scooter

You are determined to buy a scooter for your child, but you cannot decide with all the offers you find in the market.

You want a folding scooter for children; however, you doubt a lot about the model to choose because your little one is very playful and likes to jump over any pothole, go up and down the sidewalk, come on, he is quite an acrobat.

You have seen the occasional 3-wheel scooter for children in several stores, and it seems ideal for your child, although you do not know any child of his age on the street who takes it.

Every time you work on the computer with the firm intention of buying your child a scooter, you end up waking up with more doubts than at the beginning.

At, we know how you feel. Therefore, we have prepared this buying guide for you. Give the mouse wheel and let yourself be seduced by the best selection of scooters for children that we present below.

First of all, you should consider the age of your child. The scooters adapt to his countenance because his weight and height are changing.

Where to buy the two and three-wheel Best Scooter for kids

A few years ago, when scooters were not yet trendy in Spain, it was not so easy to find models for children. Nowadays, you can find them in any toy store or specialized store.

But not all physical stores may have the model you are looking for; therefore, at, we think the best online purchase option.

We are going to tell you the main options you have to buy a scooter for the little one in the house:

  • Amazon children’s scooters: the marketplace par excellence. Amazon is one of the online stores with the most extensive catalog to choose a scooter. You will find the best brands and their best models in this online store. Also, note that with the Prime option activated, it will arrive at your home in 24 hours if the product accepts it.

Frequently asked questions about Best Scooter for kids(FAQ)

Do you have any more questions? We have listened to all parents’ concerns before deciding to buy a scooter for their children.

And the most frequent questions that fill us with doubts are these:

What are the best scooters for children?

In children’s scooters, the best brands are Micro, Radio Flyer Scooters, Immek, LOL – FUN, and Razor. Any model of these brands can consider among the best scooters for children.

What is the best age for my little one to start skating?

Almost all manufacturers agree that children are perfectly prepared to skate from 2. However, it depends a lot on the psychomotricity of the child. There are cases of children who already begin to enjoy their first scooter at a year and a half old.

On 3-wheel scooters, is it better for both wheels to be in front or behind?

Scooters with two wheels at the front are much more stable than those at the back. These models are indicated for the little ones, at ages where it is still challenging to maintain balance.

When is a good time to buy a 2-wheeler?

The change from 3 to 2 wheels is not proportional to the child’s age. A 2-wheel scooter does not allow as much body play as a 3-wheel scooter. It all depends on the child’s skill; If you have a little juggler, even two years old, he will feel more comfortable with a 2-wheel scooter.

Types of Scooter

There are many types of scooters and scooters, each designed for a specific use and user. Here are the main types:

adult scooters

Adult scooters and scooters are designed to be used as a means of transportation, especially in an urban environment. They are usually foldable for easy transport and have generous dimensions. They typically mount two large wheels, from 120mm to 250mm in diameter, although models have three wheels.

Children’s scooters for boys and girls

Children’s or children’s scooters and scooters are generally very similar to adult scooters but with more contained dimensions. Some have fun designs and colors inspired by animals or comic characters. Like adult scooters, they are also usually folding or with removable handlebars. We can also find scooters with 2 or 3 wheels from 100mm to 120mm in diameter.

Convertible children’s scooters

Within children’s or children’s scooters, we find models transformed into walkers and ride-on. They are, therefore, models focused on young children under three years of age and intended to last for many years.

Inflatable wheel or all-terrain scooters and scooters

We recommend inflatable wheel scooters for those who need a bomb-proof scooter or who want a very stable and smooth ride. There are many designs, from those that are practically a conventional urban scooter but with inflatable wheels to some that are equipped with bicycle wheels, disc brakes, suspensions, and are significant.

Everyday use of this last type of scooter is to do Mushing, tie one or more dogs to the scooter and have them drag us.

Freestyle scooters and scooters

Freestyle scooters and scooters are designed to be used on ramps and skateparks. Therefore, they are used to performing all kinds of tricks, pirouettes, and jumps.

Although many of these freestyle scooters and scooters are used by children under 12 years of age, more and more teenagers or even adults are having fun performing stunts with them.

electric scooters

Electric scooters have earned a space as a means of transportation in our cities. These scooters do not pollute, and their consumption is deficient. Many models are compact enough to take on the train or subway and thus be used as a complementary means of transport.

How to choose the Best Scooter for kids – What points are important

Scooters are ideal for boys and girls of virtually any age.

Usually, from the age of 2, a boy or girl can already start using a scooter. However, a series of factors must take into account to know which scooter is ideal for our sons and daughters:

Two or three-wheel scooters: 

There are many types of scooters for boys and girls on the market. For children under four years old, 3-wheel scooters are more advisable since it is easier for them to keep their balance and, in addition, their center of gravity is lower. From the age of 4, a boy or girl can continue with a 3-wheel scooter according to their weight and height, but she may prefer a 2-wheel scooter since they are usually more agile and fun.

Handlebar height: 

The height of our son or daughter will largely determine the scooter that we are going to buy. The handlebar should not be too high or too low, so we will have to see that the handlebar reaches them approximately at the height of their navel and their chest. We will not have to worry much about this aspect in most children’s scooters since they usually have height-adjustable handlebars.

Best Scooter for kids- Maximum weight

 Most scooters for boys and girls indicate what maximum weight they support. If we buy a scooter for our son or daughter that does not support their weight, it can become deformed or even break, with the dangers this entails.


The foldable scooter is more of an advantage for parents than for children. The fact that it can fold allows us to transport it more comfortably, both by hand and, for example, in the car.


Most scooters for boys and girls have a lever on the rear wheel. On slightly more sophisticated models, a brake lever is also included. The more braking methods there are, the better!

Brand: Best Scooter for kids

It can be very tempting to buy cheap children’s scooters in supermarkets, which usually have motifs of our children’s favorite drawings or comic characters. However, once again, cheap is expensive. A well-branded scooter guarantees not only that the scooter will last much longer, allowing the younger brother or sister to inherit it, but also ensures that you can get spare parts if necessary. Undoubtedly, investing in a good brand scooter is a good investment. The most popular brands are Micro, Razor, LOL- FUN,, Radio Flyer, Immek, and Hikole.

Best Scooter for kidsConvertible (accessories):

 In some children’s scooters, especially those with three wheels of the Micro brand, several exciting additions can purchase to convert the scooters into a walker or even a ride-on. It can be beneficial, especially for little boys and girls under three years old.

Choosing the best freestyle or ramp scooters

Freestyle or ramp scooters are a boom among the youngest and not so young. They are similar to recreational scooters but much more resistant and rugged.

There are endless models and brands in all possible price ranges. We indicate what points are the most important when buying a freestyle scooter:

Handlebar height: 

Unlike touring scooters, freestyle scooters do not have height-adjustable handlebars. We must choose a scooter according to the size of our height or our daughter or son. The handlebar must be more or less at the height of the navel, although this is an approximate figure.


This is again a crucial point. In principle, freestyle scooters are going to receive many hits and that they are of good quality is essential, not only for their durability but also to avoid injuries if, for example, they break or break in the middle of a jump. Therefore, it is very worth investing in freestyle skates from good brands such as Bestial Wolf, Slamm, Blunt, Addict, Blazer, Longway, Lucky, and many others that we have available in our physical online stores.


Wheels are an essential element on freestyle scooters. In the most basic models, the wheels usually have a plastic rim, and in the slightly better models, they are already made of aluminum. An aluminum rim will always be more resistant and precise than a plastic one.

Base size: 

The base is where the feet are placed, and its ideal length and width will be based on our height. When we find a freestyle scooter of our measurement, the base will be in proportion.

Best Scooter for kids- Price 

Price is always an essential factor to consider. Due to the great success of freestyle scooters, many brands of Chinese origin have put on sale products that look like freestyle scooters from the outside. Still, in reality, they do not have the design or the necessary materials to have all the guarantees when skating. On-ramp. Therefore, it is not worth saving a few euros if later the scooter will not give the expected performance.

Accessories and accessories for Best Scooter for kids

There are countless accessories for both urban and children’s scooters or freestyle scooters. Here is a small summary of the accessories for scooters that we consider most exciting or even essential:


 Once again, the protections are without a doubt the essential accessory, both for urban and freestyle scooters. The helmet is the most crucial protective element within the protections that we can use. If we intend to get into a skatepark with a freestyle scooter, wearing knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves will also be highly recommended. Ankle and shin guards are other highly recommended protections to use with our freestyle scooter.


In urban scooters, lights and reflective elements are essential, especially if we ride with them at night.


Because the scooter is often used as a means of transportation, having a bag for later transport once we arrive at our destination is very practical.

Straps or tapes:

 There are several types of videos or belts. On the one hand, some serve to drag our children when their strength fails them. On the other hand, there are straps to transport the scooter and thus hang it comfortably on the shoulder.

Best Scooter for kids: Which is the Best – Buying Guide- 2022

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