Best Tea Towels- Buying Guide, Ranking and Analysis- 2022

Best Tea Towels

Best Tea Towels- Buying Guide, Ranking and Analysis- 2022

Acquiring a tea towel may seem like a trivial purchase for some. However, given the multitude of accessories flooding the market, finding the right product can become a natural obstacle course. However, if you have the selection parameters in mind, you will save time on your quest while avoiding a bad investment. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered in this review. 

Best Tea Towels- Buying guide

How to choose the best tea towels for 2022? Here is a question that any buyer of this kitchen accessory must ask themselves before making any purchase. The advice below will help you carry out your transaction under optimal conditions and thus make an investment that you are not likely to regret later.

Best Tea Towels- The material

An article for the best tea towels of the moment, the first parameter to consider will inevitably be the material from which your future accessory make. At First, we recommend natural materials for their high absorption capacity.

In the world of textiles, cotton remains a must for all types of household linens. It remains the most popular and the most widespread in the trade. This appreciates its remarkable ability to absorb moisture and its softness. It is pleasant to the touch and use. It can purchase at a relatively low price. Plus, it’s easy to care for as cotton gear can be machine-washed or washed the traditional way.

On the other side, we have linen. It is a material whose nobility exceeds cotton because of its rarity. It is more expensive. With its softness and robustness, it seems to perform best. Its structure does not fluff over time, and it has high absorption capacities on all types of hard surfaces.

You may come across so-called “mixed” configurations by refining your searches. It is a combination of textiles combining cotton and linen whose proportions vary according to the manufacturers. The particularity of this kind of fabric lies in the fact that it combines the advantages of two natural materials, which gives it its versatility.  

Best Tea Towels- The nature of the use

To determine how to buy a tea towel with better value for money, you also have to take stock of this criterion. It is closely linked to the choice of the material from which your future accessory will make. Indeed, there are equipment more suited to certain situations than others.

As cotton is a pleasant element in contact with the skin, it is not surprising that many users use it for hand towels. Its absorbent structure is also suitable for pans, pots and metal utensils in your kitchen.

On the other hand, the linen models have no difficulty in making your glasses and silverware shine. Its texture is incapable of causing scratches or damaging them.

Best Tea Towels- Size

Consider the size of your future accessory will influence your comfort level during your use. In a product comparison, tea towels can come in various sizes. Indeed, there are for all sizes. It’s on you to find the model whose measurements will align with your uses.

For example, if you need a material to wipe your hands, there is no rush to turn to specimens with large measurements. However, if you plan to polish your pans, your pots or if you plan to carry out large-scale cleaning operations, it is preferable to move towards articles having at least 70*50 cm long and wide to avoid repetitive actions.   

Best Tea Towels- The designs

Before wondering where to buy a new tea towel to equip your kitchen, we also recommend that you focus on the design. Indeed, it is always better to use an accessory that will please you visually. Thus, be sure to select a model that will inspire you with pleasant use. 

In addition, nothing prevents you from associating its colour with the style of decoration of your room. Some commercial brands even offer the personalization of their items with patterns and ornaments that you have chosen beforehand. In this way, the material will bring a special touch to your worktop.

In terms of aesthetics, you will have plenty of options on the market. There are weaving methods made by designers that enhance the originality of tea towels, such as jacquard with the possibility of different designs on the front and back. You can also find so-called honeycomb specimens with an out-of-the-ordinary contemporary look and a relatively soft texture on contact with the skin.

The 9 Best Tea Towels (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

1. Utopia Towels 12 Kitchen Towels 

Given the multiple copies on the market, it is not surprising to wonder which is the best tea towel. You might find your answer among the products from Utopia Towels. You also presented this article with 12 units in the pack.

These kitchen towels are distinguished first of all by their aesthetics. They divide into two groups, one of which has a white background with black patterns while the other advances an entirely black shade. Elegance is at the rendezvous if you plan to play on the design of your room.

Regarding their design, the manufacturer has opted for 100% cotton for the strength and softness of this fabric. These elements are suitable for most household tasks such as wiping dishes or hands with their absorption capacity and modest dimensions of 38*64 cm.


Versatile: The configuration of these accessories allows multiple uses. They can use for your hands, kitchen utensils and wet surfaces.

Robust: These tea towels have a 100% ring-spun cotton structure. This mode of design considerably reinforces the wear resistance of the textile. It will give you the benefit of a durable item over time.


Lack of fasteners: It estimates that this product could have won the title of the best tea towel of the moment if each piece had a suspension system.

2. Kaufmann Handels-GmbH Kitchen Towel Set 

This set offered by Kaufmann Handels-GmbH contains ten pieces of tea towels that can be useful in your kitchen. They are mainly used to dry dishes before putting them away. However, they can also use as hand towels. They have versatile dimensions of 50*70 cm.

The texture of these cloths can withstand washing at 95°C in the machine. This process ensures the effective removal of stubborn stains without damaging the coating. It allows these products to advance certain robustness over time.

These accessories sport a simplistic look with a white background aesthetic and blue patterns. Their natural cotton configuration guarantees them a long life. In addition, they do not fear the passage in the washing machine and the cleanings under high temperature.

For the

Softness: The structure is made of 100% cotton. Thus, it remains pleasant in contact with the hands, making it friendly to use.

Functional: This equipment has no difficulty drying humidity on porcelain or glass. Its texture also does not allow the formation of scratches on the surface of these utensils.


Lack of thickness: Users find that the configuration of these accessories is relatively thin. They have doubts about their durability.

 3. Polyte 12 Premium Microfiber Kitchen Towels

To buy the best brand of tea towels of the moment, you can turn to Polyte. The designer will provide you with this set containing twelve kitchen linens to convince you.

These models distinguish by their honeycomb, commonly called honeycomb structure. Thanks to this, they advance an optimal liquid absorption capacity. Plus, they also dry twice as fast as traditional specimens.

This equipment remains effective on all types of hard surfaces. To do this: their antibacterial microfiber configuration comes into play.

Thus, they can use in many tasks such as polishing your dishes or dusting glass utensils and silverware. It allows them to present a certain versatility. Indeed, you can also use them as a hand towel.

For the

Effective in the bundle: The product includes 12 operational accessories upon opening the package. With this figure, you can keep some in reserve to replace those that will no longer be functional in the future.  

Absorbency: According to the manufacturer, these tea towels can retain up to 8 times their weight in liquid compared to standard articles that you will find in the trade.


Lack of a hanging system: This device would bring a plus in the practicality of this product.

4. Euro Café Cotton Clinic

Take a trip to Clinique du Coton if you can’t decide which tea towel to choose. The brand will offer you a wide range of kitchen linen that you can select according to your tastes and needs.

Here, the manufacturer makes available to buyers this model entirely made of cotton with a chic look that is not likely to go unnoticed on your work surface.

The bundle contains a set of six cloths that are functional on all types of hard surfaces. Indeed, they have a correct absorbent capacity, thanks to their cotton design.

They are also resistant to intensive use and do not fear the various wear factors. As far as cleaning them is concerned, you won’t have to worry about them since they go through the washing machine without difficulty.

For the

Design: These props feature a pleasing to the eye appearance. The patterns drawn on a white background are relatively aesthetic and will bring an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Absorbent structure: The cotton configuration is resistant to large amounts of liquid. These auxiliaries can use for hands or utensils that have just passed through the sink.


Wrinkles after washing: It is preferable to iron them after washing so that these materials regain their original shape without creasing.

5. Cucinare Set of 4 large kitchen towels

Buying a kitchen towel is not always easy. At Cucinare, we offer equipment that is both practical and durable.

This model comes as a pack containing four units in the bundle. Each has dimensions equal to 50*70 cm to suit most culinary activities.

These accessories advance a thickness appreciated by users. Thanks to this, they resist intensive use and are not likely to tear easily. Entirely made of cotton, they also have a particular absorbency allowing them to overcome all kinds of liquids.

These clothes are easy to clean. For their maintenance, know that they are compatible with the washing machine. Their structure does not fray or fade over time, despite frequent passages in the device.

For the

Manufacturing quality: These cloths develop using a meticulously carried out weaving process. The results of these techniques can be seen in the tight texture of the tea towels, optimizing their absorbent properties.

Large size: With measurements of 50*70 cm, you won’t waste a lot of time wiping large utensils in your kitchen.


Non-conforming colour: Consumers notice that the shade offered by the brand is slightly different from the one they received.

Best Tea Towels- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to make a tea towel absorbent?

Start by putting your dishcloths in the machine. Opt for a hot wash cycle and use white vinegar for daily detergents and fabric softeners. This element will also help you eliminate unpleasant odours.

Its quantity will depend on the number of clothes you will have to maintain. Once the process is complete, replace the white vinegar with baking soda and start a new cycle. Then let the laundry air dry.

Q2: How to roll a cake with a tea towel?

At the same time that your cake is in the oven, spread the clean and slightly damp cloth on your work surface on which you will put a sheet of baking paper or parchment paper. It should note that the dough should not overcook to prevent breaking during the process. Nor should it be believed. 

You can sprinkle the sheet of paper with icing sugar before depositing your sponge cake. Once the installation does, you can also garnish the cake or even cut it to have very straight edges. Then remove the paper. Roll the softness delicately on itself from bottom to top with the tea towel. The humidity of it will contribute to the success of your operation.

Q3: How to wash a new tea towel? How to soften it then?

After buying your new cloth, it must imperatively go through a washing stage to strengthen its absorbent powers. To do this, you can soak it in a basin of lukewarm water, to which you will add three handfuls of coarse salt. Let the fabric soak up the liquid overnight.

If you find that your laundry is too rough, you can use the same technique by replacing the salt with white vinegar, one glass for each litre of water. Baking soda is also a good alternative for softening your laundry. Just add a teaspoon to the water, and you do.

Q4: How to whiten a tea towel?

Pour an adequate dose of soda crystals into the washing machine’s detergent drawer without forgetting your daily detergent before starting a wash cycle. This process also works with hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.

If you go the traditional way and the fabric can withstand high temperatures, you can soak it in boiling water with lemon juice for an hour.

Q5: How to make a dishcloth wet?

After soaking the cloth in water, it is wrung out vigorously to remove excess liquid. Then roll it out to be ready for your cake roll reception.

Q6: How to remove burnt from a tea towel?

To remove burn marks from your kitchen accessory, you can use one of these techniques:

 – Place your equipment on a flat surface and place a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the area in question. Add another dry cloth on top. Set the iron to a medium temperature. Repeat your operation until the hydrogen peroxide seeps into the texture of the bottom cloth.

 – Grate some Marseille soap which you will mix with white vinegar and acceptable salt. Apply the solution to the area to treat. Leave on for a few minutes, scrub and then rinse.

Best Tea Towels- Buying Guide, Ranking and Analysis- 2022

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