Best Thermal Curtains- Buying Guide Reviews and Comparison

Best Thermal Curtains

Best Thermal Curtains Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models

Being an effective solution in winter to avoid heating: the thermal curtain reduces the feelings of cold because of its design. Therefore, this accessory makes it possible to save energy. And even better, it brings a hot and friendly touch to a room. Anyway, the choice is not evident at the time of purchase. To find the countless products on the market, you will have to focus on the material of manufacture, the measurements, the location, and the design. After this step, you may be interested in these two articles. First of all, the Deconovo set of 2 thermal and sound insulating curtains recommend thanks to its blackout capacity against light and bad weather. The Deconovo set of 2 anti-cold insulating curtains suggests the same brand because it regulates the heat coming from the outside. While in winter, this product retains heat to reduce energy costs.

Buying Guide – How to choose the Best Thermal Curtains?

Most buyers wonder how to buy a thermal curtain with better value for money. When you find yourself in this situation, then the content of this article will undoubtedly interest you. We will reveal the criteria of choice that must favor to guide you.

Best Thermal Curtains- The material of manufacture

This buying guide for the best thermal curtains is mainly written to better assist you in your search. First, it is essential to consider the material chosen to make the curtain you intend to take. You should know that this type of curtain is designed with various materials. The latter can constitute the curtain entirely or use for the lining.

Polyethylene terephthalate is the most common on the market. Produced with natural gas or petroleum: this plastic substance is fully recyclable. It recognizes its resistance and, above all, high insulation capacity against the cold. In addition, it uses for the manufacture of polar curtains.

There is polyvinyl chloride or PVC in the second category, also plastic material. It has a very high thermal insulation capacity, whether in heat or cold. On the other hand, wool is very popular for designing thermal curtains. Offering high insulating performance and a beautiful appearance: It can combine or not with other materials.

If you research a little deeper, you can also find fleece curtains. It is very thick cotton that guarantees maximum thermal insulation. In addition, it effectively improves the aesthetics of the curtain.

Measurements and location

If you have trouble defining the best thermal curtain on the market, know that it is essential to choose the correct measurements. In this way, you will be sure that the curtain you buy is a good fit for the door or window. Therefore, you must take the measurements of the joinery that you plan to dress with this type of curtain. We also recommend adding about 15cm more to the height. Indeed, the fixing of the rod should do at this distance to prevent the curtain from getting stuck.

In addition, a curtain that is too short is not very pleasant to look at, and the aesthetic result is not there either. Similarly, if it is too long, the fabric gets dirty more quickly, and it can also be inconvenient for cleaning. Either way, plan for excess material that turns into them, as you might need it in case of alterations.

Regarding the location of a thermal curtain, it should note that it can install in various places. Thus, the bay window, the entrance and garage door, the stairwell, and the window are suitable for installing this accessory.


The curtain is the final touch in the decoration of a room, which is why its aesthetics are decisive when making your choice. That said, you will have to decide according to the style you are looking for. Opt for a model whose fabric is dyed with trendy colors, namely black, red, and slate grey, to bring a modern look to the place where the curtain is installed.

On the other hand, if you prefer the rustic style, you will have to prioritize items designed with a natural tone such as brown or green. Moreover, if your interior decoration is rather classic, then specific colors such as chocolate or eggplant are preferred. They help bring out the retro side of the place.

In addition, the choice of color is essential to know how to choose the best thermal curtains for 2022. To bring more brightness to a room that is not sufficient: it is advisable to favor warm shades such as red or orange. Otherwise, excellent color models such as purple and blue recommend for a room facing south.

The 5 Best Thermal Curtains (Reviews & Tests) Of 2022

It is pretty normal not to know which thermal curtain to choose in the face of the abundant supply on the market. Indeed, all the curtains offered by the sellers do not necessarily correspond to the room you intend to dress. This comparison is precisely made available to you to choose from quickly.

Deconovo set of 2 thermal and sound insulating curtains see 

Main advantage:

It is a pair of grommet blackout curtains designed with a triple weave system. This model prefers this system to provide better thermal insulation during summer and winter.

Main disadvantage:

By observing these curtains, some buyers find that certain parts of the seams are not very straight.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Displaying an aesthetic that is both simple and elegant, these blackout curtains regulate the entry of natural light and contribute to achieving energy savings.

Key Features Explained


Many buyers claim that Deconovo is the best brand of thermal curtains. Indeed, it designs a wide range of products that meet the requirements of its customers. It is the case for this product which benefits from triple-weave technology. This system is adopted in this article to provide optimal thermal insulation of the room.

Thanks to the blackout capacity of this curtain, it reinforces the interior comfort of the place where you place it. Indeed, it can filter light, heat, and even cold. Therefore, its use is essential in both summer and winter. That said, installing this accessory can undoubtedly positively impact energy consumption.

In addition, this curtain contributes to protecting your privacy so that you are safe from prying eyes. You will also appreciate it since it effectively reduces noise. So you can read, study and even sleep in peace thanks to this curtain.


If you are used to comparing several offers, this product will catch your attention with its features. It is a curtain made from 100% polyester that combines unrivaled resistance with better thermal insulation capacity. This raw material also reinforces the quality of this article.

This thermal sound insulation curtain does not change color even after several washes. Unlike other fabrics, it also does not shrink after many washes. Since the textile is very heavy, it offers an enjoyable fall to the visual. In addition, the finish is meticulously carried out to optimize its aesthetics.

In addition, the design and the light gray color of this article are well thought out to adapt to modern decoration. The package consists of two curtains that measure 132 cm in width and 242 cm in height.

Convenient use

This product could meet your requirements if you are looking for the best thermal curtain. Thanks to its blackout power, it is unnecessary to close the shutter. It helps improve the quality of your sleep. In addition, its use is suitable for children’s rooms.

The assembly of this heat and sound insulating curtain is also intuitive to do without any help. The manufacturer also provides 16 round eyelets measuring 4 cm in diameter. These accessories are compatible with most rods that are currently in use. Therefore, you should not encounter any difficulties during assembly.

Regarding the maintenance, you will not have to make much effort. You have the choice of washing it manually or sending it to the machine at a temperature of 30°C. Choose the gentle cycle and avoid bleaching the curtain in the latter case. Finally, ironing should do at a low temperature.

Deconovo set of 2 anti-cold insulating curtains

When you take the time to orient yourself towards this product, you will have no difficulty determining where to buy the best thermal curtain. To optimize the efficiency of this curtain, it takes advantage of the triple weaving technology. It is a process of adding another layer of fabric, i.e., between the back and the face of the curtain. Thus, this thermal insulation curtain for the front door attenuates the sunlight that comes through the window to darker the interior.

This curtain also benefits from a thermal insulation capacity which allows it to maintain the ambient temperature. In summer, it decreases the heat coming from outside, and in the winter, it increases the temperature in the room. It is essentially designed with high-quality raw materials. The seams are neat and straight to improve the finish. In addition, this product has undergone rigorous quality control before being put on sale.

This accessory is ideal for helping you sleep or take a nap in peace. Its use is also suitable for all rooms in a home. Upon delivery, you receive two curtain panels which each have six grommets. They are ideal for most rods that you find on the market for cleaning, and they can do them manually or by machine.

Positive points

  • Performance: The manufacturer uses triple weave technology to reduce sunlight and cold penetration to maintain interior comfort.
  • Reliability: This curtain consists mainly of materials of choice which guarantee its quality. You can check that the seams are well done, and each product undergoes careful checks before being shipped.
  • Practicality: You can install this curtain in any room of your home. In addition, it is ready to be installed thanks to its eyelets which adapt to the majority of rods.

Negative points

  • Incompatible color: The only remark about this curtain is the color of the items received, slightly lighter than the photo.

Pony Dance gray blackout curtains

A cheap thermal curtain is not necessarily of poor quality, which this product is made with high-quality imported polyester. As soon as you take the fabric in your hands, you can see that it is very thick with a very soft touch. One of the advantages of this curtain is its design with triple weave technology. The latter ensures the blocking of sunlight and UV rays.

In summer, it brings the necessary freshness to the room, while in winter, it offers a certain softness so that the interior remains comfortable. Faced with this, installing this cheaper curtain can help you save on heating consumption.

That’s not all, because this accessory also reduces noise from outside. It allows you to sleep peacefully or take a quiet nap.

Thanks to installing this curtain, you will reduce the phenomenon of discoloration of the furniture, which often occurs during a period of high heat. It comprises two panels, each measuring 132cm in width and 158cm in height. It is a model that is ready to pose. You can choose to do it by hand or send it to the washing machine for washing.

Good points

Quality: Despite its relatively affordable price, this product is made with premium polyester, improving its resistance. The thickness of this fabric also testifies to its quality.

Comfort: Faced with its triple-weave design: this curtain can block UV and light rays as well as cold. It brings absolute comfort to the room, whether in summer or winter. Also, it can attenuate outside noise.

Convenience: After purchasing this curtain, you have to install it since it is already supplied with 8 round eyelets of 4 cm in diameter, which are compatible with most rods.

Negative points

Crumpled: The curtain arrived crushed according to the observations of several buyers. Therefore, must iron it before installation.

Utopia Bedding Set of 2 Blackout Curtains

By looking into this product, you might convince that it is the best performing thermal curtain. Crafted with superior polyester: this item oozes quality and effectively resists tearing. It is particularly thick and offers maximum concealment capacity. Unlike other curtains, it does not emit a strong unpleasant odor.

Boasting an optimal level of thermal insulation: This accessory can block 99% of sunlight. In addition, it can also reduce external noise by up to 60%. Once you decide to buy this product, know that it can serve you throughout the year. During the summer, it effectively insulates the heat to cool the room. In winter, the curtain filters the cold to provide a softer atmosphere.

It comprises two panels with respective dimensions of 102 inches in length and 55 inches in width. Each of them also has eight loops and two matching tiebacks offered. Very easy to maintain, this curtain can be machine washed and dried to simplify your task.

Good points

  • Performance: The polyester fabric used on this model provides unparalleled resistance to tearing. Offering an excellent blackout level: this curtain blocks sunlight and noise to create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Multifunctional: This accessory is intended primarily to decorate a room. It can also attenuate the effects of cold and heat so that they are not felt inside. In addition, it is also an effective screen to protect against prying eyes.
  • Total: The manufacturer offers a set of two curtain panels that come with loops to facilitate installation. That’s not all because two tiebacks provide to complete the installation.

Negative points

Different colors: Users relied on the photo before placing an order, yet there would have been a slight difference between the colors.

Leveinu thermal insulation door with magnetic

To buy a new thermal curtain, we will introduce you to the characteristics of this product in detail.

This curtain has a good blackout capacity, making it possible to isolate the interior properly. It participates in conserving heat in winter and cools effectively during the period of high heat. In addition, you will appreciate it for its sound insulation capacity, which considerably reduces noise from outside.

The area in the middle of the height of this curtain incorporates magnets that guarantee automatic closing. Faced with this: the passage is facilitated especially for children and pets. It is also a mosquito net curtain that prevents the selection of insects such as flies or mosquitoes. That said, it is no longer necessary to close your door or window for fear that small flying beasts are entering your home.

When you consult a price comparison, you will certainly see this product there. It is due to its quality of design. Indeed, the fabric used is waterproof, resistant to mold formation, and free of toxic substances. In addition, it comes with adhesive tapes that simplify installation.

Good points

  • Performance: This blackout curtain effectively insulates the room all year round. When it is hot, this accessory keeps the place cool. Otherwise, it does not let in the cold so that the interior is softer. Apart from thermal insulation, it also filters noise.
  • Efficiency: Here, you have a magnetic curtain with magnets that make it easy to close. Also, it prevents the penetration of flying insects.

Negative points

Limited color: This thermal curtain is in gray only.

How to use the Best Thermal Curtains?

To optimize the effectiveness of a thermal curtain, you must master its use. These few tips will certainly guide you more efficiently so that the curtain you have just purchased can guarantee the desired thermal insulation.

Choose location

Remember that a thermal curtain is not just a decorative curtain. Indeed, it has insulating capacities, which make it possible to optimize the energy efficiency of the room. Whether against the cold or the heat, mainly target the openings to install this type of curtain. Also, avoid putting a thermal curtain in front of a radiator, as this prevents heat diffusion.

Successful installation

When you choose the thermal curtain to buy, and the location is also defined, proceed to installation. Most of the curtains on sale are ready-to-install, saying that they are already equipped with a fixing system. However, take a moment to verify that the necessary accessories for installation are available. Attach the rod as close to the ceiling as possible to maximize the thermal capabilities of the curtain.

Best Thermal Curtains- Optimize the length

The length of this type of curtain plays an essential role in terms of its thermal efficiency. Therefore, feel free to optimize the size of the fabric to maximize its effectiveness. If you dress a window, prefer a curtain that exceeds the underside of the joinery to have better insulation. If it is a door, make sure that there are only one or two centimeters between the floor and the curtain’s end.

Best Thermal Curtains- Wash regularly

As with all other laundries in the house, do not neglect the maintenance of your thermal curtain. The latter is often made with polyester, known for its ability to resist moisture. Therefore, wash the curtain by hand. Use a regular detergent to remove dust.

In addition, do not hesitate to was accessory in the machine if this practice recommends in the instructions. Use a brush to remove deeply embedded stains. On the other hand, avoid using products that are too corrosive such as bleach. Then let dry naturally or at low temperature if indicated in the user manual.

Iron the thermal curtain

For your curtain to regain its smooth appearance after washing, don’t forget to iron it. However, first, make sure that the fabric used is suitable for ironing. To do this, take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If possible, steam clean to remove creases that have formed throughout the wash.

Best Thermal Curtains- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between blackout and thermal curtain?

The blackout curtain is designed with fabric to protect against cold and light. Faced with this, it retains the ambient heat of the room to optimize comfort despite the cold outside. This type of curtain is also able to guarantee insulation against external noise. On the other hand, the thermal curtain mainly targets the “cold wall” effect. Thus, it should install in front of a door with poor insulation or near a window.

Q2: How to install a thermal curtain?

To ensure the energy efficiency of a thermal curtain, you need to place the rod as close to the ceiling as possible. In this way, it provides maximum insulation capacity to make the room’s atmosphere more pleasant. When fitting, also consider the space between the eyelets and the hem. It makes it possible to optimize the fluidity and, above all, the ease of handling of the curtain. On the other hand, do not neglect the instructions coming from the manufacturer regarding the placement of the curtain to achieve the desired objective.

Q3: How to wash a thermal curtain?

You have the option of washing the thermal curtain by hand. In this case, first, remove the latter and prepare a bucket or similar container to pour hot water and a little laundry detergent. You can then wear gloves to avoid contact with the cleaning product. Then shake the curtain in the water, rub and press gently to prevent the risk of tearing. Then, rinse with cold water and wring gently before leaving it in the open air.

If possible, the machine washes the curtain, unhooks it, and removes the rods, hooks, and other parts. After that, choose a gentle cycle using hot water and mild detergent. Finally, let it hang on a clothesline to dry naturally.

Q4: How to put a thermal liner on a curtain?

First, take the width measurement of the curtain and add another 20 inches, then double that value to fill the curtain. Also, remember to add 12 inches more at length to make the header and the hems. In the next step, you can proceed to cut the lining. Then place on the curtain before folding. You can then sew the lining while making 4 inch double hems at the bottom.

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