Best Vibrators: Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison of 2022

Best Vibrators

Best Vibrators: Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison of 2022

Want to enjoy a moment of relaxation after a hard day? It is quite possible to relax while staying at home and without spending energy. By opting for an effective vibrator, you no longer need to go to a salon for well-being. You have to activate it with one click, and you’re done. The Wattne W2 massage gun initially offers you six massage applications. The Homedics Hhp-350 model, on the other hand, is efficient given the double head and the ergonomic handle it has. 

Buying Guide – How To Choose the Best Vibrators? 

The selection phase of your vibrator should not take lightly. This device must be chosen rigorously for your well-being and especially for your health. We offer you the buying guide for the best vibrators that follows a list of criteria to take into account to carry out your mission. 


The power of the massage gun is the first criterion of choice offered by this buying guide for the best vibrators. It defines its speed and downforce, which are decisive characteristics. A powerful vibrator embeds a motor with a high percussion speed per minute without forgetting the possibility of varying its speed according to your expectations. 

So if you want to know which vibrator to choose, we advise you to opt for models capable of performing at least 3,000 percussions per minute. Especially if you are an athlete or need fast and adequate relaxation, be aware that it is also necessary to favour devices whose speed is adjustable. The model that has at least ten frequency modes will probably be able to adapt to your needs.


A vibrator must be easy to handle, handle, and use since we mainly intend to perform a self-massage at home by opting for this type of device. In other words, if you had to ask someone for help getting a massage, a simple appointment at a beauty and wellness salon or with a professional masseur will have done the trick.  

So don’t wonder yet where to buy the best vibrator. Instead, ask yourself what kind of vibrator you should buy. Sure, some devices could be powerful and efficient, but it’s both hard to hold and even harder to use. We strongly recommend the light, small, and ergonomic models if you want our opinion. The characteristics of the handle must be decisive because it is through this element that you will hold, guide and manipulate your vibrator. It should be ergonomic, and why not equipped with a non-slip? 

In addition, the practicality of a massage gun is also guaranteed by its portable nature. It’s essential to be able to use it comfortably, not to mention that it needs to be able to reach all the parts you’re targeting on your body. In this case, it would be ideal to choose a cordless tool among the models that the best brand of vibrators will offer you. The absence of wires offers several advantages. First of all, you can use it anywhere (at home, outside, at work, on the go). Secondly, it will be possible to move around while using it. And thirdly, you will not be disturbed by a thread during your massage.


Vibrators often lose comfort points because of the noise they make when vibrating. The more noise they emit, the more uncomfortable the use will be to increase your stress instead of reducing it. Be aware that many massage guns are currently equipped with technology that reduces these noises. Our advice? We, therefore, suggest that you compare the models you find to select the one that does as little as possible. It would even be ideal to find a silent device. A little trick? If the noise level of the vibrator exceeds 60 dB, it is an extremely noisy device. A gun that emits a sound, the intensity of which is less than 45 dB, will be ideal. 


As a primarily wireless device, the vibrator usually needs to be powered by a battery. Therefore, the autonomy of this one is to check before proceeding with the purchase. The best performing massage gun can last about 3 hours after being fully charged. However, we only advise you to find a device that can last throughout the massage session to avoid an interruption. 


If you think you should buy the cheapest vibrator possible, know that you are wrong! There is no question of finding an expensive device. Considering that the price is one of the criteria to consider, you will be looking for devices whose price falls within your budget. It is also necessary to check if the price offered corresponds to the massage gun’s quality and functionalities. You will only know how to buy a better value for money vibrator. 


The appearance of the vibrator is the last point to consider when buying. You can even close your eyes to this criterion of choice since it is not a decisive question. Nevertheless, the design is not just about the colour and finish. We also mean the number of heads you will find on the device by design.

While some models have at least two interchangeable heads, others immediately carry 2 or 4 heads at a time. These models are preferred since vibrators equipped with different types of charges allow you to vary the type of massage you do, while those with at least one double head give the possibility of effectively targeting several areas simultaneously. 

The 5 Best Vibrators (Review & Test) of 2022

Knowing how to choose a vibrator is one thing, but finding the best models and brands is another. It is also why we offer you a list that includes our selections of massage guns in which you can select the item that suits you the most. 

1. Wattne W2 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun 

Are you looking for the best vibrator? This all-in-one model is one of the models at the forefront in this area. Offered at a comparative price: this product proves to be highly effective and reliable, especially for those who want to buy a vibrator first.

It relaxes deep muscle tissue and can be used after any activity, whether you work in the office or are an athlete. Comfortable, this massage gun emits a noise, the intensity of which is between 30 and 50 dB. Its mode of use can also switch from manual to automatic.

Wattne W2 is also very autonomous since its charge can last for 3 to 8 hours. Powerful, the number of percussions it performs in one minute ranges from 1200 to 3300. It is, in addition, an easy-to-use device, which offers 20 different speeds. 

Good points

  • Convenient: Wireless, this vibrator weighs only 0.94 kg. You can also activate automatic mode or opt for manual use without forgetting its ergonomic handle and the possibility of using it wherever you are. 
  • High autonomy: A full charge can last for 3-8 hours of use. 
  • Effective: In addition to its 20 speeds, it can perform up to 3300 percussions per minute and carries several interchangeable heads with it. 
  • Quiet: Its noise pollution does not exceed 50 dB.

Negative points

  • Colour: The colour choice offered by the manufacturer is minimal.  

2. Homedics Hhp-350 Percussion action Massager 

How to choose the best vibrators of 2022 lately? You haven’t tried the HoMedics HHP-350 dual-head model yet. Ergonomic, this device is light, easy to use and efficient. It has a handle that is easy to grip and equipped with non-slip.

This variety of vibrators offers you a heating function that relaxes you further by relaxing your muscles after a whole day of work or a sports session. 

With this effective massage gun, you can choose between 4-speed levels, depending on your condition, while its power allows it to perform up to 3,100 percussions per minute to reach deep tissue. And what’s more, the manufacturer has made sure that the use of this massage tool is as simple as possible. Thus, it provides you with two interchangeable massage accessories. 

Good points

  • Powerful: The device can perform up to 3,100 percussions per minute.
  • Convenient: The HoMedics HHP-350 has a non-slip rubber grip ensuring a good grip. 
  • Efficiency: It offers you an additional heating function to relax more without forgetting the four-speed levels and the two massage accessories, which make your experience even more pleasant. 

Negative points

  • Weight: The customer will find it challenging to maintain a vibrator that weighs 1.12 kg when activated, especially after a tiring day. Significantly since this product dramatically surpasses all models in its rating with such a weight.  

3. Renpho Hand Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager 

As a portable massager, it can accompany you wherever you are: in the office, sports, and home. Ideal for deep tissue relief, the Renpho EM-2016C is also suitable for all parts of your body.

It can massage the legs, neck, back, feet, and calves. This model will indeed allow you to know which is the best vibrator on the market since it differs in several points from other massage guns of its generation. This flagship of any price comparison offers 3,600 pulsations per minute, if only in terms of power. It is a significantly larger estimate than average.

And the best? This device has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating. It activates after 20 minutes of activity. Autonomous, the battery of this one can last at least for 2 hours. Take advantage, in addition, of the five different interchangeable heads on board this vibrator. 

Good points

  • Powerful: It’s the only vibrator that can perform 3,600 percussions in one minute. 
  • Polyvalent: You can use it to relieve your feet, calves, legs as well as back and neck. 
  • Portable: Wireless, it also embeds a battery with a minimum autonomy of 2 hours, allowing you to take it to work and inactivity. 
  • Convenient: Ideal for easy handling, this product weighs 800 grams, has a non-slip handle and is accompanied by five interchangeable heads.

Negative points

  • Accessories: The availability of multiple heads is a drawback for some users. 

4. LuLu 11 Powerful Handheld Electric Massager 

LuLu 11 appeals mainly for its lightness and ergonomic design. It weighs, first of all, 260 g. This weight is unlikely to tire you out when using this vibrator.

The task will, moreover, be more than pleasant. Secondly, it is easy to maintain and handle. It is due to its elongated design and the grainy texture of its non-slip outer cover. Slipping risks are thus reduced even once the oil applies, in addition to the possibility of using it everywhere.

Multifunction, this silent wand allows you to massage almost your entire body: legs, back, arms, neck. In addition to the massage function, it also relieves muscle pain that you may feel. Enjoy, among other things, 25 frequency varieties to satisfy your needs. Despite this, the little extras offered by this product are its softness and waterproofness.

Good points

  • Waterproofing: This feature allows you to use this device in the shower and take it wherever you are in the U.S. or even elsewhere. 
  • Lightweight: The lightest of all, it weighs only 260 g. 
  • Multipurpose: You can use it to target your back, feet, legs, neck, arms and more. 
  • Frequency: The frequency variability (25 levels) provides invaluable comfort.
  • Soft and smooth: It is not likely to irritate sensitive skin. 

Negative points

  • Ignition: Unlike other models, which activate instantly, it takes at least 3 seconds for this device to start working. 

5. Homedics Quatro Mini Handheld Massager with Handles  

This model offers an entirely different mode of operation apart from classic massage and professional massage. Thanks to it, you can enjoy a massage cushion that you can use at home, in the car, in the office.

With a weight of 0.2 Kg and dimensions of 11.4 cm in height, 8.9 cm in width and 10.2 cm in length, it can easily carry in your bag and your luggage when travelling. Battery operated, this massager is convenient.

Insert the 2 AAA batteries, and you’re done. This device has therapeutic virtues, which are mainly effective on athletes since you can use it after a sports session on the premises to recover from a sports injury and relax at home. 

Good points

Transport: Its weight and dimensions allow you to take it wherever you are, whether at home, at work, sports, or even on vacation and a business trip. 

Efficiency: It is a massaging and relaxing device, which is also therapeutic to relieve sports injuries. 

Multifunction: You can use it as a massage cushion and a professional masseur. 

Negative points:

Autonomy: It is reduced because this product is powered with the help of a battery. This kind of power supply certainly comes in handy, but it’s not as durable as a rechargeable battery. 

How To Buy The Best Bluetooth Vibrator

Is shopping for the best Bluetooth vibrator stressful for you? Do doubts cross your mind and confuse you? We know-how; We’ve come to Bluetooth vibrator research because we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of the best Bluetooth vibrators available in today’s market. We’ve considered a few questions that might come to mind.

Although there may be more than we suggest here, you need to ensure that you do exclusive research for these products before purchasing them for yourself.

How to take care of Best Vibrators?

Ince Sex and the City dared to talk about vibrators and sex toys that women can use with or without company; no one suffers from buying one anymore.

How should you take care of it? It is a toy that comes into contact with our most intimate and dark parts, and they are areas prone to contracting infections that we do not want to cause ourselves with a dildo.

So here we leave you the primary care that you should have with your vibrator or with any other toy that you use for this purpose:

Best Vibrators- When you just bought

Take it out of its packaging check that it comes complete and with all the parts indicated in the manual. Arm it if necessary and check that it works as it should. Check the manual step by step to make sure you bought what you wanted and take the required precautions as indicated (if you can put it in the shower if it needs batteries if you should use a lubricant.)

If he suggests or you prefer to use some lubricant, make sure that the one you choose is compatible with the toy’s material. We recommend using water-based, which are usually the most compatible with all types of materials.

Then you should wash it with neutral or liquid soap and plenty of water, just as you would any piece of lingerie.

After each use

It is essential to wash the toy immediately after use. Always do it with soap and enough water, taking care not to wet the battery. When you have washed it, dry it with a unique towel and then let it air dry for a few minutes before putting it away.

Best Vibrators- Before using again

Many experts recommend rewashing it before each use; this can only do with a bit of water to remove dust or any other substance it may have come into contact with while stored.

From time to time, if the toy allows it, we suggest you wash it with boiling water to ensure that you eliminate any bacteria that may have remained. Do not use alcohol to rub it because you can have a devil mark infection or a terrible burning in the vagina.

Best Vibrators- If you share

If you share your toy with your partner, it is highly recommended that you use a condom for the vibrator, especially if you are not a stable partner. Those made of silicone, especially, have many pores in which bacteria can stay and jump from one body to another.

We also recommend putting a condom on it if you use it for the anus and then for the vagina; remember that there are very different microorganisms in each part of our body. If they don’t want to use a condom, rinse it out before inserting it into another hole.

To save it

A super important part of caring for your vibrator is how you store it. Make sure it is scorched before keeping it dry on all surfaces. Some experts recommend dusting them with talcum powder to prevent them from getting wet and fewer bacteria from sticking to them. If you do, remember to wash it before use.

Remove the batteries before storing them because the heat can damage them. If you have several toys, hold each one in a separate Ziploc bag, that is, one bag per toy; even if you throw them all in the same drawer, they must be stored separately.

And like medicine, dildos should store in a cool, dry place.

Best Vibrators- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to use a vibrator? 

After going through the various tips to find the best massager and the list of winning products on the web, you probably need to know where to buy a new vibrator. The new question that arises is, now, do you know how to use it and how you will do it? Easy! Browse our helpful tips and learn how to use your gadget correctly. 

Q2: Activation and speed selection

These are, no doubt, two steps that you all know by heart. You have to press the ignition button and gradually select the speed that suits you.  

Q3: The gear change

You don’t have to rush things. Going for a high speed as soon as the vibrator is activated would be dangerous since it should only heat the muscles more. We, therefore, recommend a delicate massage at the very beginning, then increase the intensity of the massage as you go. 

Q4: Avoid sensitive areas 

Vibrators can reach the deep tissues of your body. The intensity of the vibratory beats explains it during the massage. It is why it is strongly advised not to apply these massagers to sensitive areas containing soft tissue. Their action could therefore be unpleasant, even painful. 

Q5: Areas to target a priori

This advice is for anyone who wants to recover from a run, walk or lower body workout. It can also help those who wish to recover from a long day at work or a night out. These areas to target turn out to be in high demand when you exercise. These are the quadriceps, calves, arch muscles, hamstrings and glutes. 

Q6: Performing an effective massage 

Know that even if you have the most powerful vibrator in your hands, the results will never be satisfied if you do not use it in the right way. For this, two main techniques will surely help you. First, you need to follow the length of the muscle.

In this case, start from an attachment point and continue your movement towards the other attachment point. Second, alternating massage is proven to be more effective than a long massage. Thus, it will be necessary to spend a few seconds on a muscle and move on to another target to return to the first muscle.  

Q7: Knowing how to use the different heads on board the vibrator 

The massage gun has, indeed, several tips to promote user satisfaction. They also allow you to target other areas in a variety of ways. On this, before choosing a particular head, it is essential to inform yourself and know its use.

In general, you have a round head, a spiral head, a forked head and a flat head. The first type of tip uses to massage large muscles. The second type uses on the joints. The third variety works on delicate areas, and the last tip model is used to warm up the parts you are targeting. 

Best Vibrators: Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison of 2022

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