Buying Guide to Best Pillows, Comparison and Reviews of 2022

Best Pillows

Buying Guide to Best Pillows, Comparison and Reviews of 2022

Just as important as the quality of our mattress, a good pillow is the best guarantee of restful rest. When you frequently wake up with pain in your shoulders, behind your neck, or in your back, it’s time for a change of pillow. The head, neck, and spine must be well aligned for a regenerating rest. A good pad does just that. It must correct our posture to have a good alignment of the body. Its objective is to provide us with an adequate posture to relax the muscles and promote rest. But how do you choose the best pillow? Which one best suits our needs and our way of sleeping? We can, of course, help you with your choice.

What is a pillow?

pillow is a soft piece of fabric that our headrests on during the night. The pad is placed on the mattress on the bed’s upper part. Its objective is to keep the spine straight to relieve the neck and avoid muscle tension.

According to expert advice and comparative tests, using a pillow that meets your needs reduces the stress accumulated during the day and helps you sleep well. According to comparative tests, there are many types of pillows on the French market today, with shapes and fillings for all needs.

What are the criteria for choosing your pillow?

To ensure peaceful and restful nights: your pillow must adapt to your needs. But what are the criteria to take into account when buying your pillow?

Dimensions and shape 

The two main shapes of pillows are the rectangle and the square.

For each of them, several dimensions are proposed, but the most widespread are:

  • rectangular shape, 40×60 cm and 50×70 cm;
  • square shape, 60×60 cm, and 65×65 cm.

In addition to these traditional models, there are also pillows to respond to specific issues :

  • the ergonomic ones with a slightly concave central part and domed ends;
  • anti-snoring models that help sleepers stay on their side ;
  • anti-perspiration pillows;
  • refreshing models;
  • travel pillows.

The nature of the filling

A pillow consists of an outer fabric cover. It is filled with materials of natural or synthetic origin, the main components of which are:

  • Wool: this natural fiber is very breathable and adapts to your body temperature.
  • Feather and goose or duck down this type of filling provides a soft swelling to the pillow.
  • Memory foam follows the shape of the sleeper’s neck and becomes more flexible when the temperature increases.
  • Synthetic fillers: economical and easy to maintain; they are hygienic and healthy.

The degree of firmness and the sleeping position

The ideal level of firmness of a pillow depends on your preferences and your sleeping position.

  • sleep on the side

For side sleepers, a firmadjustable pillow is highly recommended. You can adjust the thickness of your cushion to the width of your shoulders.

It contributes to the correct position of your body. Indeed, it preserves the natural alignment of the cervical vertebrae while filling the gap between the mattress and the head.

  • Sleep on your stomach

flat pillow is the best option if you sleep on your stomach. It prevents your neck from bending upwards slightly, leading to painful neck pain Sleeping without a pillow may also be recommended for a stomach sleeper.

  • sleep on your back

The pillow must be medium-firm for back sleepers, slightly higher in the front than back. Thus, your spine will correctly align, and your neck will well support. It is often the case with ergonomic pillows.

It is also important that the pillow is not too wide. Indeed, your shoulders should not rest on the pillow.

Best Pillows- Our Picks:

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Stomach or Side Sleepers

Best choiceHotel-quality

This set of two is sure to improve your sleep, owing to their superior cooling technology and ultimate levels of comfort.

Whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, this may well be the perfect pillow for you, thanks to the high thread count cover and soft down alternative filling.


  • The cover is made from luxurious fabric, making it very pleasant to touch.
  • If you’re prone to night sweats, this pillow set may be the perfect solution for you.
  • These pillows are super easy to clean, washing machine-friendly, and can also be thrown in a drier.
  • The stuffing will always regain its shape.


  • Some find that these pillows feel a little inconsistent and lumpy, but this isn’t always the case.

2. Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow King Size Bed Pillows-Washable Cover from Bamboo Rayon

Cooling zippered cover

These extra-large king-size pillows combine memory foam with a cooling gel for excellent support and temperature management balance.

Certified safe, eco-friendly, and vegan, these pillows are a fantastic solution for any hot sleeper, utilizing advanced technology to improve your sleep.


  • This product is vegan and environmentally friendly so you can buy it with a clear conscience.
  • These are adjustable, enabling you to arrange the memory foam as you see fit.
  • With both foam and gel, this multipack of king-size pillows offers the best of both worlds and a great night’s sleep!


  • These pillows aren’t always evenly stuffed, so you may find that you need to rearrange the foam within them to achieve the best results.

3. Viewstar King Pillows for Side and Back Sleepers, Soft and Supportive Gusseted Pillow

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

Just sink into Viewstar ultra-supportive pillows, and they don’t go flat. The pads provide plenty of support no matter what position you sleep in.


  1. Fluffy Down-Alternative: The luxury hotel-quality, silk-filled pillows provide excellent flexibility and comfort that cradles your head and neck as you sleep. They appropriately conform to your head weight for a good night’s sleep.
  2. Support: Viewstar hotel quality pillows can support your head perfectly, whether you are a side or back sleeper. I no longer have to put two pillows together anymore for enough support!
  3. Balanced Comfort: Viewstar does the trick when it comes to density. Its perfect softness and firmness are attributed to the specially treated plush fiber inside. The pillow is not so hard like a brick nor too soft that your head keeps sinking in with no support so that you can wake up every morning fully rested without neck strain.

4. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow, Odor-Free Pillow for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Let our memory foam pillow be your night-time companion. We offer 100% Virgin Shredded Memory Foam from CertiPur-US in an abundance of different firmness levels, so you can always find a good fit for your sleeping needs.

Safety Information:

  1. Consult with your pediatrician before using this product.
  2. Do not place loose objects, including this wedge, in the crib with your child as they may cause a suffocation hazard.
  3. Do not use if your child can turn over on their own in their sleep.

5. Lunderg CPAP Pillow- Reduce Air Leaks & Mask Pressure for a Better Sleep

It is the most advanced CPAP pillow on the market. It can adjust to meet the needs of the user (no more stiff necks), it comes with two pillowcases (super convenient), and it’s just the proper density (not too soft)!

If you or your loved ones are one of the 22 million Americans who sleep with a mask, consider giving yourself this life-changing gift.

How to buy cheap and Best Pillows?

The cost of buying a cheap pillow can be an investment, but your sleep quality directly depends on your bedding, so it is essential to choose it well.

Buying online allows you to benefit from promotions carried out regularly by brands. These promotions can go up to -35% on the purchase of your pillow. In addition, by buying online, you can take advantage of trial periods ranging from 30 to 100 days to form your own opinion.

Ordering online saves you time, and you are guaranteed to return it if it does not suit you

Buying Guide for Best Pillows

Pillows are an essential element to ensure the best possible rest. To date, thanks to scientific progress, different types and models of pillows are available on the market: superior cervical, viscoelastic, or latex. First of all, read carefully the purchase criteria that we have summarized for you according to users’ opinions and comparative tests.

The material

The material will largely determine pillow type and quality and adaptation according to your needs according to the opinion of the experts. Today, viscoelastic pillows are the most sold on the French market because they are comfortable and resistant, adapt perfectly to the contour of the neck, and relieve pain and stress, according to comparative tests. The most used materials to date (and the most sold) are synthetic fiber and viscoelastic.

If you prefer more traditional materials, you can choose a feather, down or natural, or synthetic fiber pillow. These are the most suitable for people with allergies, but they are also the most economical. Finally, latex is a good option if you like a soft touch and a resistant material. However, it will be more expensive.

The size

According to comparative tests, as explained earlier in the article, the right size for a pillow goes further than that of your bed. Even if it was before, today, there are more giant pillows and smaller ones, depending on your body and posture needs, since it is not the same to sleep on the side.

According to comparative tests, some pillows have an adjustable height thanks to interchangeable internal parts. They will be perfect for people with neck and back problems. Although they are more expensive, if you are one of those who change positions often, you should choose one like this. Remember that the best pillow is one that allows you to maintain a straight line between your neck and spine.

The pillow did not invent to increase comfort during sleep! Indeed, it was created in 7000 BC to prevent spiders or other insects from biting sleepers by raising their heads.

The position

According to the comparative tests, the position in which you sleep will directly influence the type of pillow you need. For example, when you are used to sleeping on your stomach, choosing a feather or down pillow is best because they are generally thinner and more adaptable. If, on the contrary, you sleep on your back, it is best to choose a cervical or gel pillow.

According to comparative tests, viscoelastic or latex pillows have a thicker density and will be more comfortable for sleeping on your back. The fiber ones hug the neck well and adapt quickly, whether you sleep on your side or in another position. Take note of how you sleep and choose a comfortable pillow as comfortable as possible.

The form

Most pillows have a traditional shape. Some are taller, others broader or longer, depending on their size in comparative tests. However, there are models with specific forms, therapeutic and indicated for people with posture problems or neck pain. If this is your case, choose one according to your needs.

To choose a shape, you also have to think about the position in which you sleep. You can’t select the first pillow you see, but you have to adapt its shape and style to your needs.

The cover

The cover is another fundamental element that should not overlook. Most pillows have a washable cover incorporated according to comparative tests. Viscoelastic pads have a protective cover that should wash from time to time. These covers are usually made of natural fibers like aloe vera or bamboo. Note that they are interchangeable and washable.

When choosing a pillow, always rely on the material of the cover. It must be hypoallergenic and anti-mite. This factor is essential if you have asthma or have other types of dust allergies.

Single or double

If you sleep alone and are in a large bed, the answer is obvious since you don’t have any problems with space in the bed when you go to bed. The problem with shared pillows is that they prevent us from choosing our pillows according to our own needs, our favorite material, and the position in which we sleep.

One of the sleepers tends to fidget at night; they’re likely bothering their partner based on the tests. The current trend is to have each person have their pillow so that each couple member has their pad adapted to their specific needs.

Why is a quality pillow essential for good sleep?

A good pillow is essential for your night to bring you the necessary rest. So, he :

  • supports the cervical;
  • promotes proper spinal alignment;
  • helps relax the muscles of the skull and cervical;
  • provides comfort in the neck and head with a degree of firmness that can range from soft to very firm.

Once you have chosen a model, do not hesitate to try it out to ensure the comfort it gives you. Many brands offer trial periods of up to 3 months.

Therefore, it is advisable to change pillows with a synthetic, feather, or down filling approximately every 4 to 5 years. (For models with shape memory or based on innovative technologies).

 Even if your pillow performs well and is comfortable, you should remember to replace it regularly as its firmness and shape may vary over time.

What is a suitable filling for Best Pillows?

There is no “best” pillow filling. In truth, the optimal packing depends entirely on your wishes and your type of sleep. I will give you a complete overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different pillow fillings.

Down or feather filling


  • warm in winter
  • Suitable for people who get cold quickly
  • Very breathable
  • Practical, generally you can modulate the firmness
  • Soft
  • Very light


  • Very hot in summer
  • Not suitable for people allergic to house dust mites

The memory foam pillow


  • Excellent head support
  • Ergonomic
  • Distributes the pressure optimally
  • Suitable for tension and pain


  • Average temperature management
  • Some pillows can not be put in the washing machine

 Note: We advise you to always follow the manufacturer’s conditions for washing pillows and not damage your pad.

The latex pillow


  • Excellent support
  • Elasticity of latex
  • Pillow stability
  • Recommended for people with allergies


  • Rather expensive
  • Not so good for people who sweat a lot
  • The pungent smell upon unboxing

Natural fiber or animal hair filling


  • Good moisture wicking
  • Suitable for people who sweat during the night
  • Good temperature regulation


  • Not suitable for people with allergies
  • Sensitive to mold

Polyester fiber pillow


  • Very light
  • It is lovely
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Excellent breathability
  • Good for asthmatics


  • The lifespan is relatively short
  • Generally not eligible for the washing machine

The ergonomic pillow


  • Perfect for people with back pain
  • Spinal and cervical alignment
  • Tension relief


  • Its price is relatively high
  • Difficulty adapting for some people

The organic pillow

Organic pillows are made of natural materials without toxic or chemical materials. 

They are made of organic cotton or natural wool fall into this category. It is also the case for certified natural latex pillows.

Advantages :

  • The natural organic fibers provide an exceptional softness to the touch, difficult to obtain from synthetic materials. The organic pillow thus has above-average comfort and support.
  • The hyper-breathable properties of natural fibers ensure ideal ventilation during the night.
  • The organic pillow has an excellent lifespan (about four years).

Disadvantages :

  • Organic pillows are often quite expensive, with prices that can exceed 100$.
  • They are harder to find in the bedding market than other models.

The down pillow

The down pillow is made of down taken from the belly under the wings of a goose or duck. It must compose 75% or more down and less than 25% feathers to fall into this category.

Advantages :

  • Down pillows are very light and adapt to the contours of the head for maximum comfort.
  • The down pillow is very breathable and retains less heat than other types of pillows.
  • We adapt to them quickly, and their lifespan is excellent (about seven years).

Disadvantages :

  • Down pillows are some of the most expensive on the bedding market, with prices ranging from $200 and more.
  • It is often flat or of standard thickness. It is not necessarily suitable for very tall people with broad shoulders and some who sleep on their side.

Orthopedic pillows: to avoid tension and pain

What is an orthopedic pillow?

The orthopedic pillow can be helpful for people with neck pain. Indeed, it makes it possible to prevent or relieve them.

Orthopedic pillows are sometimes expensive. However, they are a good investment. Indeed, they will offer you optimal comfort with a good alignment of your spine, from the base of the head to the pelvis, including the cervical.

How to choose the best neck pillow?

It is sometimes complicated to make the right choice for your orthopedic pillow. Here are the different criteria to take into account during your purchase:

  • Its size
  • Her size
  • Its comfort
  • His price
  • Her brand
  • Hygiene
  • Your sleeping position

The most important thing is choosing the one best suited to your body and your sleeping position

Health professionals recommend a pillow with a maximum height of 11 cm. The pad’s weight often represents its quality, so it must be a little more than 1 kg maximum.

A pillow that’s too heavy is often too firm, while one that’s too light will be way too soft and won’t support your head enough.

Best Pillows 2022 Buying Guide

Just like the mattress, the box spring, or the duvet, a quality pillow allows you to sleep better and get a restful sleep. Conversely, an unsuitable cushion can cause neck and shoulder pain. To choose the right pillow: several parameters must take into account.

First of all, what is its composition? Memory foam, latex, feather, down, etc. Finding the right firmness is also an important criterion, which varies according to morphology and comfort preferences. With six sizes available on the bedding market, it is necessary to choose the right pillow size.

This buying guide details the pros and cons for each pillow type, firmness, and size.

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How to choose the Best Pillows size?

What size pillow to choose? Let’s first start by analyzing the most common pillow sizes. Most models fall into one of the following three categories and six sizes: square pillow (60×60 cm and 65×65 cm), rectangular pillow (45×70 cm, 50×70 cm), and ergonomic pillow (40×60 cm, 50×70 cm). Generally, pillowcases are available in two sizes: 50×70 cm and 65×65 cm. There are other sites on the bedding market, but they are often more expensive.

Pillow thickness: flat, standard, or thick

The thickness is an essential criterion in the choice of your pillow. It determines its support and comfort according to the type of sleeper. It is often divided into three categories:

  • Flat: a flat pad has a thickness between 5 and 6 cm.
  • Standard: a standard pillow is between 7 and 10 cm.
  • Thick: a thick pillow is between 11 to 15 cm in height.

Most sleepers fall into these three categories. Nevertheless, some will prefer an extra flat or very thick pillow. The following things will help you choose the right pillow for your needs:

Sleeping position:

To sleep on your back, we prefer a standard thickness, neither too flat nor too thick. Instead, those who sleep on the side will choose a thick pillow, which fills the gap between the head and the spine. Finally, those who sleep on their stomach will instead opt for a flat or extra-flat pad to keep the vertebrae aligned.

Position on the pillow:

Some people prefer to sleep with their heads in the middle of the pillow. They will need a flat or standard pad to ensure adequate support and comfort. Those who sleep more on the edge of a pillow will need a thicker model, which compensates for the unsupported areas of the head.


Very tall people (more than 100 kg) and overweight people put more pressure on the bed. This increased pressure reduces space between the head and the surface of the mattress. A flat or standard pillow will then be more suitable. The smallest jigs (under 60 kg) do not exert as much pressure. Therefore, they will need thicker pads to fill the space between the head and the mattress. Medium and large builds (between 60 kg and 100 kg) will be more comfortable with a pillow of standard thickness.

Type of mattress:

Certain types of mattresses such as foam or memory foam sink deeper and adapt to the body’s curves. For these mattresses, a flat pillow is often sufficient. Spring or latex mattresses are more elastic and fall less. A thick or standard pillow will be necessary to obtain adequate comfort and support. The bed’s firmness also plays a role in choosing the right pillow thickness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Pillows

What is viscoelastic?

Viscoelastic protection is a material designed by NASA with innovative properties that relieve the pressure exerted by the tissues on the body. This material was developed to make astronauts’ suits more comfortable during take-off. It is used today in the textile, bedding, and automobile industries. It is also used in hospitals to manufacture prostheses, mattresses, and pillows adapted according to the tests. This material is ideal for facilitating the rest of people with lumbar or cervical problems and relieving pressure on the neck, back, and extremities because it adapts to the body’s natural contour.

Which material to choose?

Viscoelastic pillows are the ones that currently occupy first place on the French market. These are the ones that adapt the most to the contour of the neck and Latex. But the problem with Latex is that there are possible allergy problems. If the maintenance of the pillow is not regular, you expose yourself to a nest of bacteria or even fungi in the most extreme cases, according to the tests. What type of pillow is best suited to my profile?

Like the mattress, the best pillow for you will not be the same as for another person. It all depends on your sleep needs, according to the tests.

When buying a pillow, do not let yourself be influenced by a brand or the opinions of other consumers. There are many perfect quality pillows, and you have to find the one that suits you the most. To help you choose the pillow that best suits your needs, we have compiled a list of the most suitable pads depending on your sleeping position: Lying on your side: We recommend a thick pillow.

Thus the neck will be kept straight and in line with the spine. If your neck is not aligned with your back, cervical or muscle problems can occur. On the window: Choosing a soft, thin, and malleable pillow is suitable. The neck does not need to elevate to maintain proper spinal alignment in this position. However, this position is not the most recommended because it forces the rotation of the cervical spine. On the back: A medium-sized pillow is ideal for this position. The kick should be a bit high to maintain alignment with the back, although this is a minor case than the side stance.

How can we know what our pillow size is?

Until recently, the size of the pillows was a standard size calculated based on the width of the bed. It was only later that softer or firmer pillows appeared. The trend is to combine aesthetics and ergonomics. Now, the anatomical criteria allow us a more clear choice. To choose your pillow size: three measures must take into account: our constitution, our sleeping position, and the desired or necessary firmness. One way to find out the size of your pillow is to lie down on a skinny pillow and add towels until you find the ideal position. So you can take whatever action is right for you.

What to choose between, a viscoelastic or feather pillow?

Viscoelastic pillows are distinguished from others by their specific manufacturing filling. It adapts easily to the user’s anatomy and perfectly matches the shape of the neck and the nape of the neck.

They are particularly suitable for people with neck and back problems. However, this type of pillow will be uncomfortable if you are used to sleeping on your side. Those filled with feathers or down, on the other hand, do not offer enough firmness. They are perfect for stomach sleepers. However, they are not suitable for back sleepers, although their softness adapts to almost any position. They are durable and light but also warm. Not sure if your cover is of good quality? We present below a table with the main differences between synthetic and natural surfaces. Viscoelastic Advantages: Adapts better to the contour of our body. Disadvantages: Hypoallergenic material Easy to find Easily washable Ideal for people with muscle problems. It can be substantial. Not suitable for sleeping on the side Higher cost Feathers Advantages Lighter Easily adapts to all sleeping positions.

Malleable material

Pleasant touch Malleable material Better temperature control. Disadvantages Avoid in case of allergies. Good support is not recommended for people with neck problems. (Fits better to the contour of our body). Disadvantages: Hypoallergenic material Easy to find Easily washable Ideal for people with muscle problems. It can be substantial. Not suitable for sleeping on the side Higher cost Feathers Advantages Lighter Easily adapts to all sleeping positions. Pleasant touch Malleable material Better temperature control. Disadvantages Avoid in case of allergies. Good support is Not recommended for people with neck problems. 

  Pleasant touch Malleable material Better temperature control. Disadvantages Avoid in case of allergies. Good support is not recommended for people with neck problems. Lovely touch Malleable material Better temperature control. Disadvantages Avoid in case of allergies—good help is not recommended for neck problems.

How do I take care of my pillow?

Taking care of my pillow allows me to extend its lifespan and to be able to take full advantage of it. The first thing to do is to air it regularly. It is helpful to turn it from time to time not to deform or become moist and yellow. Always use a cover. Each type of pillow, depending on its filling, requires special care.

You can find the list below: Fiber Machine washable To wrap in a cover of the same color. Roll it up to prevent it from deforming. Delicates program Do not spin Wash separately Viscoelastic Do not wash as it may deteriorate and dry out. Otherwise, the Gel will lose its effectiveness.

Feathers Wash at least once a year. If there are stains, soak in hydrogen peroxide with vinegar for an hour. Put a tennis ball with the pillow to prevent the feathers from clumping together. If there are stains, soak in hydrogen peroxide with vinegar for an hour. Put a tennis ball with the pillow to prevent the feathers from clumping together. Put a tennis ball with the pad to avoid the feathers clumping together—program for delicate fabrics and liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener—Air dry on a flat surface.

When should I change my pillow?

A properly cared-for pillow can last up to five years. Of course, it also depends on its quality and material. It will also depend on the maintenance provided and whether you used a protective cover or not. The Ideal is still to change your pillow approximately every two years because it is then possible that after a specific time, the pad deforms irreversibly or becomes infested with dust mites that cannot eliminate.

 Of course, when you no longer feel your pillow as comfortable as initially, you will have to think about changing it. 

What is the best pillow for back and neck pain?

Sleeping without a pillow or with a pillow that is too thick or too thin can cause neck and back pain. If you have pain, you should always opt for a pillow with good head and neck support but without being too firm. Viscoelastic ones are the best option for cervical, neck, or head pain. These pillows adapt to the shape of our heads and neck. At the same time, they relieve pressure on the painful area and relax the muscles. These are the so-called shape memory pillows because they return to their original shape when no longer under pressure. They are of medium resistance and hardness and ensure a good level of relaxation in the neck.

Is it comfortable to sleep with a pillow between your legs?

Good posture is not just about sitting or walking correctly but also about sleeping. During our sleep, the tissues regenerate, and the muscles and ligaments of our back. It would help keep your neck and back axis-aligned no matter what position you sleep in. To better sleep on the side to use a pillow between the legs. It is the best option not to cause muscle damage and rest as well as possible. Using this pillow decreases the weight and pressure of the upper leg while eliminating strain on the muscles, hip, and lower back, ensuring better alignment.

How to use a neck pillow?

Neck pillows are the best option for people who suffer from neck or back pain frequently. To benefit from its positive effects, it must use correctly. You have to rest your whole head on the pillow, always trying to get your shoulders to sleep on the mattress. The Ideal is that both the head, neck, and shoulders are perfectly aligned and adopt a natural posture to avoid injuries and pain. Unlike other pillows, cervical pillows require sleeping on your back to be more efficient.

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