Canopy Bed – Buying Guide, Ranking and Reviews 2022

Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed- Buying Guide, Ranking and Reviews 2022

Do you want to create a real cocoon of privacy and comfort in your room? Opt for a four-poster bed with removable columns that act as a curtain or canopy support. Several types include the princess bed and the rustic, oriental, and modern style. If you don’t know what characteristics differentiate one from the other, take a look at this guide which gives you suggestions on the best products to favor.

Canopy Bed- Buying Guide

If you want to spruce up your bedroom so that you have a smile on your face as soon as you walk through the door, having a four-poster bed instead of the classic model can give you the desired effect and make your sleep more pleasant. Several brands offer models just as charming as each other, and to help you make a choice, we have listed for you in this buying guide the best canopy beds, the details to consider to have the bed of your dreams.

The dimensions

It is an essential criterion to consider when looking for where to buy a new canopy bed. It would help if you first analyzed whether the free space in your home will accommodate the model you want to find. If you have a spacious bedroom with a high ceiling height, you will have no problem installing this kind of bed in your home, regardless of its size.

The canopy requires a high ceiling elevation so that it is not too close to the bed, and the sheer curtain sliding on top can be spread out correctly. In general, a four-poster bed is imposing and cannot be inconspicuous, even if you stick it to the wall. Thus, it would risk cluttering the room in a little apartment. However, you can mount it outside if you have a large garden or a large balcony. It will ensure a relaxing afternoon with friends or lovers.

In addition, our advice would be to opt for a variation favoring space saving with a refined design and whose distance between the top of the columns and the ceiling is between 60 and 80 cm approximately.

The material of manufacture of a Canopy Bed

How to choose the best canopy beds for 2021? To answer it, consulting a comparison to admire the models sold online is not enough. It would help if you gave preference to beds whose structure is sturdy and can withstand a heavy load. Thus, you will not be afraid of damaging it even if several of you lie down on it.

The four-poster beds are available in wood. They are massive and well crafted, with columns displaying a sculpture of animals or flowers. Most of these wooden models are 160 to 180 cm wide and over 200 cm long. They are therefore imposing. You can leave them in their raw state or varnish them for a more polished and shiny finish. They bring elegance to your room.

However, you also have wrought iron versions that are less aesthetic than wood but will be perfect for fans of the retro style. Likewise, you have the lacquered metal canopy beds, which are in fashion today. They are intended for houses with modern decoration. Your choice will then be based on your tastes, but you must nevertheless compare the materials according to their ease of maintenance and resistance to wear.

The sheer

To differentiate a bed from a canopy version, one must consider the curtain installed on the uprights. So, to figure out how to buy a better value four-poster bed, you can use heavy and thick curtains for the sheer curtain. They are reminiscent of the old days when the princesses slept in this bunk to preserve their privacy. They are perfect for a bedroom that needs warmth. 

You can take a plain curtain for romantic decor or a nuanced curtain for more fantasy for the color. You can also choose a hand-embroidered sheer curtain for its originality. It can personalize according to your tastes, and you can add as many patterns as you want.

In addition, it is also possible to opt for lighter sails, preferably transparent, which will sublimate your bed by being less bulky and simplistic. They will guarantee a cocooning effect in the room, and they can even serve as a mosquito net. However, some buyers prefer not to put sheer curtains to enhance the geometric shape of the structure and give it a contemporary style.


For a restful sleep, you should not neglect the well-being provided by the furniture. So, it is not enough to find a cheap model in the price comparison. It will help if you are looking for a bed with enough space for the number of people sleeping in it.

It must include a memory foam mattress to be very soft. The latex versions are also preferred because they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Should therefore be chosen all the bedding elements wisely for absolute comfort. The mattress should also have a removable cover that will easily machine wash.

The choice of mattress

Even if it is a four-poster bed, know that comfort is essential. As you will be spending your nights there, you might as well bet on restful sleep. To this end, we advise you to decorate your bedding with a memory foam mattress. These quilts guarantee comfort and are soft. Latex mattresses are also known for their hypoallergenic and antibacterial characteristic. As for the cover, opt for a cover with a removable model and washable in the washing machine.

How to use a Canopy Bed?

From the palaces of the East to the castles of kings at the Renaissance, canopy beds reflected nobility and wealth. They have become democratized and have quickly become accessible to the general public. If you have let yourself seduce by the originality of these pieces of furniture, you will have to know how to enhance them to benefit from all their charm. Find through these few lines how to install, enhance, and maintain your canopy bed regardless of your chosen model.


Now that you have purchased the four-poster bed that meets your needs, the first thing to do is find the perfect location. Generally, these beddings are installed in the middle of the room to give charm to the room. However, you can also place it in the corner of your bedroom to leave more room for your furniture and limit the clutter effect. As far as installation goes, these beds are quite easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions given in the user manual.

The accessories

The bed accessories play an important role. For this purpose, take care to choose covers, sheets, and pillows that combine the same style as your bed. For a wooden model, rustic style, for example, light-colored accessories will be more suitable. But if you want to look some different in the retro style, go for printed accessories.

The interview

As for maintenance, remember to wash the pillowcase, sheets, and mattress cover from time to time. It is to prevent the accumulation of dust mites. For materials, specific treatment should require to ensure long-term use. If you have taken a wooden model, a treatment against insects such as moths should be carried out before installation. For iron, a coat of rustproofing will prefer if you plan to place your canopy bed on your patio or veranda.

frequently asked Questions 

Q1: How to transform my bed into a Canopy Bed ?

There are many alternatives available to you. Among them, you can, for example, hang a picture frame above your bed on the ceiling. The sheer curtain must fix inside. You will have a sort of suspended bed canopy that can decorate the bed and repel mosquitoes.

You can also make it simpler and staple a metal hook to the ceiling by aligning it in the center of the bed. A large fabric will then be attached to the loop with a ring. The sheer curtain should be thin and transparent. If you are good at DIY, you can get a four-poster bed by installing bamboo stakes on the legs of the classic bed and attaching cables to them that the curtains slide over.

Q2: How to put curtains on a Canopy Bed ?

It was designed to be draped and be able to be dressed with beautiful curtains. If you are doing your home setup yourself, you should start by taking the exact measurements of your bed area and the distance between the posts. Next, calculate the distance between the ceiling and the floor to determine the ideal length of the curtain to attach.

Curtain rods will be needed as a mounting bracket to hang the curtain from the ceiling. They will be fixed using an electric screwdriver. You can use a stepladder to reach the top. The number of supports depends on the number of curtain walls to be made. Finally, the curtain panels should be spread or stretched between the poles and around the bed.

Q3: How to dress a four-poster bed?

To spruce up your bedroom, you need to vary the styles of your four-poster bed. The possibilities are endless, but it’s all up to your furnishing taste. If you want to bring out a decor like the days of royalty, all you have to do is put an old sheet on the canopy without unfolding it completely.

You will have an original bed. A white wooden canopy bed with a light sheer curtain will be ideal for fans of the Scandinavian atmosphere. For a modern style, you can remove the textile and let the solid wood bed frame ensure the charm of your four-poster bed. The natural appearance of the wood will thus enhance.

Q4: What are the disadvantages of a Canopy Bed?

Despite the originality it can give to your home, this bed style is imposing and is not intended for tight spaces. If you have a cramped apartment with a low enough ceiling, having a four-poster bed may clutter up your interior space and take up too much space. It is also not suitable for rooms installed under the eaves, as its height can reach approximately 2 m. 

Fortunately, many brands offer models with a clean and modern design that can integrate into small bedrooms. This four-poster bed is also available in a single version, saving space. You can put it against the wall to make another furniture arrangement possible. In addition, acquiring a four-poster bed requires a good measurement of the bed frame so that it is compatible with the dimensions of the box spring and the mattress, which equips the bed and that the circumference of the latter cannot move in the framework.

How to place a Canopy Bed in a small bedroom?

Contrary to popular belief, canopy beds can integrate into small bedrooms if you know how to enhance them. First, start by choosing a clean model not to overload the decoration. If you live alone, a one-seater model will be ideal. Also, bet on shapes. Some have asymmetrical designs that allow for more space. Also, remember to place the bed against the corner of a wall. For the choice of color, I prefer sober and clear colors. White, beige, or even light brown will be perfect.

How to drape the sails of Canopy Bed?

To drape the sails of your bed, you can do it like a curtain by hanging the veil over one of the pillars of the bed. You can also look for asymmetry by hanging two curtains on the lengths. Alternatively, you can also drape the canopy like piping. Hang the veil around the frame, complementing it with curtains. For a more royal effect, it would be wise to place the curtains as for the canopy, that is to say, by suspending the veils from the ceiling. However, you can also benefit from protection against mosquitoes.

What are the advantages of choosing Canopy Bed?

Opting for a four-poster bed guarantees aesthetics and elegance in the bedroom. With its exceptional design, this furniture can accentuate the charm of your room by itself. Versatile, the canopy bed can also allow you to change your style when the mood strikes you. Just change the draping of the sails, and the rendering will be different from the previous style. The four-poster bed can also offer more privacy and comfort than a regular bed. Finally, it is easy to dismantle and transport thanks to its removable columns.

Are there any drawbacks to Canopy Bed?

The only downside with this type of bed is its particularly imposing design. Fortunately, faced with customer demand, many brands have not waited long to develop compact models that can fit even in the smallest spaces. Another drawback with this type of bed is the circumference of the bed that moves inside the frame.

How much does Canopy Beds cost?

These beds are more aesthetic with clean finishes; they are more expensive than classic models. For your information, be aware that entry-level canopy beds are sold for more than 350$. So if you plan to have a model classified in the high-end category, you will have to invest in 500 to 1000 $.

Canopy Bed – Buying Guide, Ranking and Reviews 2022

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