Choose Best Bath Towels in 2022 – Buying Guide, and Reviews

Best Bath Towels

Choose Best Bath Towels in 2022 – Buying Guide, and Reviews

If you want to be right when choosing a beach or bath towel, you should know that its quality will determine its durability. And that, no matter how tempting the offers with sets of towels may be, you can forget about these “bargains” if they do not correctly fulfil their absorption and drying function.

How to choose Best Bath Towels

Best Bath Towels- The fabric

Cotton towels remain the most common. But all cotton fabrics are not created equal. Indeed, some towels add other natural fibres to provide more softness. Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Turkish cotton bath towels have extra long fibres. They have a high absorption capacity and exceptional robustness.

There are also bath towels made of synthetic fabric. Polyester towels are trendy. They dry quickly but are much less absorbent and less soft than cotton towels.

Best Bath Towels- Density

The density or grammage of a bath towel is measured in g/m². The higher the weight, the better the towel will be. A towel with a weight of 900 gsm will be much softer and more absorbent than a towel with a weight of 300 gsm.

The best bath towels have a density between 500 and 700 gsm. These are neither so heavy nor so light but also soft and absorbent. And they don’t take forever to dry. At more than 700 g/m², there are top-of-the-range bath towels whose comfort and absorption capacity are exceptional. They are mainly found in five-star hotels. However, they take a long time to dry.

Best Bath Towels- Size

Towels are available in a variety of sizes. It would help you consider it before purchasing. A standard bath towel measures 70 x 130 cm, while a bath sheet measures around 90 x 150 cm. The bath sheet provides more coverage and can wrap around completely. If you are looking for smaller options, the hand towels are 40 x 80 cm.

Best Bath Towels- Ease of maintenance

Bath towels can add a warm finishing touch to a bathroom, so consider choosing a selection of towels in the same colour shade or accent pattern. Another option is to buy a whole range of towels with different colours depending on the season.

For example, you will bring out the brightly coloured bath towels in summer and spring, while towels in more excellent colours will only come out of the closet in autumn and winter. If you’re looking for something versatile, go for white. Fluffy white towels are timeless and suitable for any bathroom style.

Best Bath Towels- Your real needs

If you want a very soft and ultra-absorbent towel, go for 100% cotton with dense, fluffy yarn loops on the surface. If you want one that dries quickly and is more durable, consider a cotton-polyester blend or a lighter, low-pile fabric. Fluffy curls help the towel feel soft and absorb water, but they may take longer to dry and may wear out more quickly from washing.

The Best Bath Towels of 2022

1. AmazonBasics 2 Sheets and 4 Towels

Main advantage

These towels are made of 100% cotton. This material is soft, but it is also vital. It does not fade quickly.

Main disadvantage

Although most users are satisfied with the quality of this product, some find it to be average and that you have to wait for several washes to know if it holds up.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The bath towels in this item are made of good quality cotton, which is soft and durable. But, some users prefer to wait for several washes to ensure this quality. 

Key Features Explained

The size

This lot offers you 2 sheets and 4 bath towels. It would help if you made only a one-time investment to access all of these items. Frequent spending is no longer necessary. However, these accessories can accompany you permanently, especially if you do not use them simultaneously. 

The first product measures 140 x 70 cm and the second 100 x 50 cm. These sizes show the adaptability of these items to the needs of various users. Those who like to wipe themselves with a towel with considerable dimensions, as well as those who prefer models adapted to their small size, can all find pleasure. These elements have the ideal thickness to absorb water on your skin correctly. Yet they are light. It optimizes the comfort they offer each user by preventing them from being embarrassed when putting one on them.  

The composition

Each of the elements makes up 100% cotton. These towels are made of such a material a towel can only offer you comfort. Indeed, it is a soft material. Its contact with your skin does not attack your skin tissues as some products do. You can use it on your face and other sensitive parts of your body without worrying about hurting yourself. 

Yet despite its softness, this material is also sturdy, which allows you to have more confidence to use it for a long time. You will not lead to making a new expense shortly after acquiring it. In addition, this component can quickly absorb moisture. Whether you’re in a hurry to get dressed or not, this efficiency ensures you don’t waste time towelling off.

The quality

Items in this set can resist fading. This characteristic makes it possible to deduce in part its quality. Indeed, many towels gradually lose their colour or components after each wash. After several cleaning frequencies, such products are unpleasant to see or not being used. 

They are machine washable at a temperature of 60°C. These go in the dryer at a low temperature. However, these can maintain the initial state after each maintenance because you can use them in a hygienic condition. In addition, machine cleaning does not require you to make any effort.

2. Utopia Towels

After a good shower, there’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a soft bath towel to dry off and warm up. For those who need this kind of pleasure, the choice of a towel is crucial. In this case, the Utopia Towels presents itself as a reference. It is an assortment of towels: 2 for the bath (69 x 137 cm), 2 for the hands (41 x 71 cm) and 4 washcloths (30 x 30 cm). 

These premium laundry bits are made from 100% ring-spun cotton fabric. They were woven with double-sided loops. It is perfect to avoid the decomposition of the sponge material after washing. The towels are distinguished by their softness and their ultra-absorbent and absorbent capacity. They wholly and effectively wipe water from the skin: hands, face and body. 

In addition, they are suitable for any user profile, as they are hypoallergenic. They are also indicated for people suffering from skin hypersensitivity. Incredibly soft, they are pleasant to the touch. They are soft and have a fluffy texture. These towels are grey and match any style of bathroom.

Good points

  • Candy: Thanks to its cotton texture, lightness, and high density, the Utopia Towels set offers a pleasant touch. It lands on the skin like a caress and wipes it off without attacking it.
  • Ultra-absorbent: Permeable, the towels in this set are very absorbent. By sucking the maximum moisture on the skin, they dry it completely and quickly.
  • All-in-one package: These bath towels have various functions to meet every need: the hands, the face, and the body. It helps maintain maximum hygiene in their use.
  • Hemmed finishes: These 8 napkins have a framed double-stitched topstitched finish. This seam reinforcement ensures they remain impeccable and unchanged after washing and drying.

Negative points

  • Too many usual precautions: Too many usage measurements can mean these towels are easily exposed to wear and tear. The quality of linens can deteriorate in several contexts.

3. Welhome James Towel

Step out of the bathroom and into the soft cotton loops of this Drisoft towel. Not only does it enhance your bathing experience, but it also saves time and energy with ultra-absorbent, quick-drying cotton. The pebble stripe adds style and elegance to spruce up any bathroom quickly.

The secret to this incredible towel set is that it is lighter than many towels, made from 100% Cotton with low twist fibre. That’s a mouthful, but it simply means every bath towel, hand towel, or washcloth delivers the ultimate experience in comfort because it is softer, more durable and more absorbent than standard cotton towels.

Welcome’s James Towel Set is available in the most popular colours. You’ll find a perfect match for any home bath, making it feel so lavish you’ll think you’re staying at a 5-star hotel.

  • 100% Cotton, Low twist fibre
  • Light Weight, Soft, Quick-drying
  • Towel density is 450 grams per square meter (GSM)
  • Soaks water fast, delivering incredible absorbency
  • Long-lasting durability

4. ClevaMama Bath Towel for Newborn

It is 2 in 1 function

The design of the Clevamama 2921 bath towels is of great ingenuity. Indeed, users can enjoy its 2-in-1 function. This towel can be used as a mom’s apron and a baby towel with this feature. It will make easier it for you to bathe your child.

To avoid getting your clothes wet, tie the towel around your neck. It is no longer necessary to buy another accessory to prevent the projection of water jets.

And once the bath is over, this same towel will use to wrap and dry your toddler. But Clevamama 2921 is not just a baby essential. Your young children can also use it with complete peace of mind after and even before bathing. Don’t forget to cover their head with the hood to prevent them from catching a cold.

Its convenience

The Clevamama 2921 towel is very easy to handle. It will be your ideal companion during bath time: from bathing to drying off. And the 2-in-1 function is easy to use. There is no complicated process in tying the towel around the neck. You can, therefore, easily bathe your child while having your hands free for the bathing process.

It also makes your life easy because you can place a baby on your chest while taking him in your arms without being afraid of getting your clothes wet. If you washed his hair, quickly dry his head with the hood and his body with the towel. Thanks to this towel, her soft and fragile skin will be in good hands.

Its gentleness and effectiveness

This towel is mainly used for your toddler, as you will have understood. Understanding how fragile the latter’s skin can be, the manufacturer decided to offer concerned parents a bath towel made of 100% cotton. And this material is known for the softness it provides.

But that’s not all, because it is also the best in terms of water absorption efficiency. You don’t have to wipe an area multiple times to get it completely dry. It also avoids irritating his skin.

Add to that unique fibre which makes it possible to dry very effectively the most difficult parts of the baby, such as the tiny fingers or even the toes of your little one. It also provides a function that will not leave you indifferent: keeping the baby warm after bathing.

How to maintain your Best Bath Towels?

To enjoy a soft and fluffy bath towel every time you get out of the shower, you must take care of it. To take care of our body hygiene and well-being, we must wash it regularly, but above all optimally. Indeed, bath towels are natural carriers of bacteria. High and continuous humidity helps the development of microbes. In addition, it causes terrible odours.

At first, the bath towel should not wash with the rest of the laundry. It is always best to group bath towels by shade for better colour fastness. If you want to use your washing machine, you can wash it at a temperature of 30 or 40°. The ideal temperature for bath towels made of cotton is at least 40°C. For those made of synthetic fibres or linen, it is best not to go above 30 degrees at the risk of damaging them.

In terms of frequency, washing twice a week is ideal. If you choose to wash by hand, first make sure that the container you are using is clean. Keep in mind that wash it with lukewarm or cold water. Use a small amount of detergent. Very effective in neutralizing laundry odours, white vinegar with fabric softener is also recommended for washing your towel and making it soft and, above all, absorbent.

To dry it: it is advisable to put it in the dryer. On this, it is necessary to avoid too many turns. Better to favour 700 favours instead. It is also advisable to always leave 3 to 4 washing balls in your washing machine.

The different types of bath towels

There are different kinds of bath towels. There are more than a dozen that each have a specific use. However, we will highlight the most versatile bath towels that can wipe down all parts of the body.

The classic bath towel

The giant bath towels measure approximately 70 x 125 cm. It is the ideal type of towel for drying yourself off after a bath or shower. 

You choose different materials from synthetic fibre to cotton, including microfiber and bamboo.

The bath towel

Bath sheets are much larger than conventional bath towels. Generally, they measure 100 x 150 cm. Bath sheets differ from bath towels primarily in size. Bath sheets are also used after a shower or bath but can offer more warmth and much more excellent absorbency. They can envelop you more.

Best Bath Towels- A bath towel or bath sheet?

Bath towel

Bath towels are the primary option for drying the body. Moreover, they are the most used. Although smaller than bath sheets, they will be perfect for children and adults while offering excellent absorbency. These are ideal for drying your body and hair, as they easily twist around your head without weighing too much.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are an excellent alternative to bath towels. They offer a larger area to dry off and are more absorbent than bath towels. These sheets take longer to dry and require more storage space than regular bath towels. A bath towel can serve as a beach towel of similar size in a pinch. But the bath sheet absorbs more.

Best Bath Towels- Verdict

At first, you should consider buying a bath towel, as it is much cheaper than a bath sheet. In addition, it is much more compact and fits perfectly in all towel racks and fits easily in small storage spaces. If you have enough budget for it and its storage space, the bath sheet looks a lot more interesting. It is taller and will dry your body and hair much faster.

Why buy Best Bath Towels?

For reasons of comfort and hygiene

A bath towel is convenient to sit down on the beach while avoiding contact with the ground. You can use it for tanning quietly in the sun. It is also used to hide certain parts of your body, a matter of modesty! But a bath towel is, above all, trendy for its softness and ability to suck up water without losing its effectiveness.

To take care of the sick.

It happens that a sick or significantly older adult can no longer wash. If you can’t perform a regular wash, you can help with the bath towel technique. For this, you need to use a wet towel impregnated with soap, preferably without rinsing.

To dry hair

For women, it is essential to wring the hair out of the shower quickly. You can use the bath towel. For this purpose, you only have to turban your hair using this cloth. For example, towels designed in cotton terry have the particularity of being very flexible and absorbent, which allows you to dry your hair well before styling it.

To protect against the cold.

Water and wind don’t mix. If you are going out to the pool or lounging at the beach, you can use the bath towel as a barrier against the wind. This way you avoid catching cold and therefore diseases.

To act as a bathrobe.

If you go to thermal establishments, a bath towel will be of great use. Indeed, you have the possibility of using it as an essential piece of clothing. For this, you wrap it around your waist or below your shoulders. It will serve as your bathrobe.

How to use Best Bath Towels?

Many people find it unpleasant to dry off in a rough towel, yet when you don’t take care of it, that’s always what happens. To preserve the quality of the bath towel, and if you want to use it for various purposes such as sports or the beach, consider these few tips.

Keep them sweet all the way.

Successive machine washes and UV will sooner or later get the better of your towels. They lose colour and texture faster than you think. To prevent this phenomenon, soak yours in a water-white vinegar-essential oil solution. The vinegar will undoubtedly soften your laundry, and the essential oil will take care of, leaving a pleasant smell. Moreover, this trick also preserves the machine from limestone.

Do not overexpose your towels to the sun’s rays.

As mentioned above, UV quickly neutralizes the vibrant colours of all your new towels. In this sense, after washing them, put them in the dryer rather than hanging them out in the open air under the sun. They will keep their softness and suppleness.

Fold a briefcase in your belongings to save space.

If you’re going on vacation or travelling with a ton of stuff in the suitcase already, and you still hope to be able to fit your bathing suit or other clothes and accessories, it’s simple. Roll the towel very tight. At most, it will occupy 10 cm wide and 50 cm long.

Clean a stain on the towel

This trick will surely delight hairdressers and individuals, especially women colouring enthusiasts. If you accidentally stain your bath towels, use the solution of baking soda and white vinegar. You mix a spoonful of the first product with three spoonfuls of the second, stir well and apply everything to the stain. Leave on for a few minutes and rub gently. Then send the laundry to the machine to clean it thoroughly. You can even do it on the Linens Limited Supreme 6-Pack Face Towel, made from 100% Egyptian cotton. This article firmly resists accidental washing. 

Use other grandmother’s recipes.

If you don’t have vinegar, go to the refrigerator, take a lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze half a lemon onto the dye stain rub if necessary to make the juice penetrate well. Wait a few minutes and rinse.

 Rejuvenate your white towels

To restore lustre and shine to white cotton bath towels such as Clevamama, make a water mixture and bleach as indicated on the bottle and fill a tub, container or simply your sink. Soak the towel in it for a maximum of fifteen minutes, then wash by hand and rinse thoroughly. This 100% cotton model is primarily intended for the little ones because of its softness. You can use it for the baby bath, given its remarkable absorption capacity. 

Best Bath Towels- Tips

  • Avoid fabric softeners: These will leave a residue on your towels, making them less absorbent. Your Egyptian cotton towels will become as rough as polyester ones.
  • Wash your towel with vinegar: Put your towel in the washing machine and pour a cup of vinegar on it. Do this at least once a month. Vinegar removes body oils and soap scum that make towels less absorbent. Vinegar also eliminates odours.
  • Say “no” to towel hooks: Towels hung on a hook dry more slowly than towels hung on a bar. Slow drying promotes the development of mould and bacteria.
  • Never iron a bath towel: Yes, some people iron their towels. It is a bad idea, as ironing crushes the loops of the fabric, making them less absorbent.
  • Before using your towel, wash it: This process will help set the colour of the towel, improve its absorbency and reduce lint.

Best Bath Towels- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bath towel?

The best bath towel depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products right now.

How many towels do I need?

Once you’ve figured out which model of towel you’re going to buy, it’s time to decide how many you’re likely to need. It depends on the occupant’s number, and you should aim to have two bath towels per person.

How to properly wash bath towels?

You need to make sure you take good care of your towels. When washing your towels, avoid using fabric softener. It decreases the towel’s ability to absorb water.

How to properly dry bath towels?

It is possible to hang them on a clothesline outside. It gives its extra freshness, but blow dryers can help retain their softness. If you’re using a dryer, remember that over-drying can weaken the towel’s fibres, so don’t dry towels longer than necessary.

When should I change my bath towel?

When towels are so old, these are no longer effective. They don’t completely dry you out and likely harbour invisible germs and bacteria. In general, experts advise you to buy new ones every two years.

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