Choosing a pressure washer, Which is Best Pressure Washer 2022

Best Pressure Washer

Choosing a pressure washer, Which is Best Pressure Washer 2022

Cleaning inside of your home and your backyard can be a struggle. The sand, trash, and mold that grow on patios, seams, and porches can’t handle by the typical indoor cleaning crew you have. So it would help if you had the intense flow of a pressure washer to address these challenging areas.

From mopping tiles to washing cars, removing resin, cleaning garden facilities, and more, pressure washers have many uses in your home. It’s a pretty basic kit. In its process, the pump is driven by a motor, pushing water into a valve or its tip. Water speeds up as it moves through a small hole, but that fast-moving water helps blow away dirt and debris.

The pressure washer:

A pressure washer, often called a Karcher (as the name of the inventor and the first brand), allows you to clean almost everything, the walls, the stone, the exterior floors, the car, the bicycles, in short, everything that is outside.

How to make the right choice?

To make the right choice for a high-pressure cleaner, here are the main selection criteria to consider:

  • The pressure
  • The flow
  • accessories

The pressure:

It is probably the main criteria of a pressure washer. It expresses and defines the force of the projected water and, therefore, the machine’s capacity to clean the surfaces. The high pressure, the easier it will be to remove traces of dirt. The most significant models of cleaners, for individuals, have between 140 bar and 160 bar, with which it cleans almost everything.

The flow:

The flow corresponds to the amount of water projected during a defined period. It is expressed in liters/hour (l/h) and allows defining the speed at which the dirt will clean, so the more significant the flow, the more land will be removed quickly, perfect for cleaning a large area.

The power:

Power is also a criterion to take into account, and it is the electricity that the pressure washer pump consumes and manages and is generally between 1400 and 1800 W.


We tend to forget them, but accessories can also make your life easier, so it is essential to choose your pressure washer accordingly; here are some of the most valuable accessories:

  • The hose, which must be long enough to facilitate the use of the, is at least 3 m
  • The gun should have a comfortable handle for regular use without fatigue.
  • Brushes that will help clean dirty surfaces.
  • The length of the power cord to facilitate your movements.
  • Others

What is the pressure washer or pressure washer used for?

To better decide, you must first ask yourself how often you will use your pressure washer. Here are some tips for choosing it according to the use you make of it:

For occasional use:

For occasional use, less than 3 or 5 times a year, a pressure between 110 and 120 bar may be sufficient, with a flow rate of 350 l/h. I recommend a compact model; there is no need for a large pressure washer, so your house will remain tidy almost all year round.

For more frequent use:

For frequent use, twice a month, opt for a cleaner with at least 130 bar pressure, a flow rate of 400 l/h. I also recommend a model equipped with a robust pump, aluminum.

What is the actual use of a pressure washer? It is often the first question asked by anyone who wants to purchase a suitable cleaning tool for their car, for their home. We are here to give you some clues to help you answer them. 

The elements to consider when choosing this type of device are the use you want to give it, the level of pressure that the device can provide, and the accessories that come with it. A quick look at our comparison will help you figure it out. 

However, if reading is an activity you don’t want to do, why not look at the two models below? With its 2100 W, the Kärcher K5 is the ideal solution for all types of dirt. It is equipped with an 8-meter long hose that thoroughly cleans even the most remote areas of your car.

How do I choose a good pressure washer?

It’s no wonder so many people get lost in choosing a pressure washer, given the wide variety of pressure washers available. Especially for outdoor maintenance work, it is a piece of equipment that every home should have. To help you save time buying for the item you’re about to buy, here are some tips on its main features: intended use, pressure, and accessories.

The intended use of your pressure washer

If you want to find a good value item, you should consider the intended use of the pressure washer before purchasing. The service given to it is not always the same for all homes, nor are the devices designed.

Some items are intended for routine cleanings, such as when servicing your vehicle or outdoor furniture exposed to the outdoors. Other appliances are used for more difficult maintenance work, such as washing a terrace. There are also devices on the market that allow more complicated tasks to be carried out, such as cleaning facades and roofs uniquely. A model with more power, pressure, and a considerable flow rate makes removing dirt easier than a less powerful model that can be used for routine maintenance.

Top 5 Best pressure washer of 2022

1. Kärcher K2 Basic High Pressure Cleaner

In the case of the Kärcher K2 high-pressure cleaner, the maximum pressure is 110 bar to exert tremendous force on each part being cleaned to remove dirt from it. Its full flow is equivalent to 360 liters/hour.

It saves you a lot of time performing maintenance, especially for larger jobs.

In addition, with a power of 1400 watts, the effectiveness of this device to treat quickly without spending a maximum of energy can no longer demonstrate.

Kärcher K2 comes with a garden hose adapter so you can reach an item to be cleaned in a more remote location. Its flexible hose is 3 meters long so that you can work comfortably.

2. Renewed RYOBI 2300 PSI Pressure Washer

Highlighting its brushless motor technology, the Ryobi 2,300 PSI Pressure Washer is built to handle even the most challenging jobs. Ryobi 2,300 has a powerful 13 amp electric motor and pressure technology rated at 2,300 PSI, and the pressure is adequate for cleaning parking lots, floors, windows, and outdoor furniture. It features specially built and excellently produced wheels with brushless induction motors that should last such an extended period. Also included in your kit is a regular and extra turbo nozzle that provides 50% more cleaning capacity.

Advantages :

  • Tested and rated to PWMA’s PW101 specifications.
  • It uses 2,300 PSI and 1.2 GPM for efficient and effective cleaning of residential areas.
  • Turbo nozzle provides 50% faster cleaning.
  • A 25-foot non-marring hose leaves no marks on the job.
  • It has a professional metal spray wand, quickly changing with other nozzles.
  • It provides accessory storage for added convenience.


  • It has a variety of price amounts on the market, and Home Depot has higher prices than its offer on Amazon.
  • It is better to turn off the motor when not in use, as the machine could quickly get hot due to recirculating water inside.

3. Stanley SLP2050-BNDQCF, Includes SLP 2050 Electric Pressure Washer

Powerful (1,800 W) and very easy to use, this high-pressure cleaner has an ergonomic handle with an anti-slip strip that is very well designed and easy to grip. To be moved easily, it has two large wheels of 16 cm in diameter. 

Thanks to its pressure of 135 bars and its maximum flow rate of 440 liters/hour, it perfectly cleans terraces, gates, bicycles, etc.

It comes with a foam cannon kit, convenient for cleaning the car, and this Stanley high-pressure cleaner is effective on all surfaces. To start using it, connect it to your tap via a simple garden hose and plug it into an electrical outlet. 

If you can’t connect it to your water supply, it has a self-priming device that allows it to draw water directly from a tank.

Once you’ve finished your cleaning session, the high-pressure hose can easily roll up and store in a compartment provided for this purpose and sold with six accessories, including a dirt blaster and an adjustable jet nozzle, this pressure washer sold for less than $100 benefits from unbeatable value for money.


  • 1800 W power
  • Reel integrated into the handle
  • Easy to move
  • Integrated accessory holder
  • Foam cannon kit


  • It reasonably long to start
  • Very stiff hose

4. 1800W Pressure Washer, 2.0GPM Electric Pressure Washer with Power Hose Gun Turbo Wand

Core motor upgrade

  • Stable performance, high efficiency
  • precision motor + high-temperature intelligent temperature control, good core, and more time-saving
  • Extend motor life, performance improvement, overheating protection

Commoner pressure washer

Suppose you are looking to clean efficiently and effortlessly in the dwelling, garden, and garage. Please use our pressure washer. ! It is a good choice. Our pressure washer has mighty pressure cleaning power up to 2100 PSI. For powerful cleaning with a pressure of 2.0 GPM, the maximum flow rate of 7.5 L/min allows thorough and effortless cleaning of vehicles, terraces, stone walls, pool, etc.

Easily Reach Every Part of Your Car

We provide a 35 ft power cord with inline GFCI for all exterior outlets.17 ft High-pressure hose are provided for greater reach

Why Choose Commowner?

The upgraded version

1. A powerful 1800 W motor that delivers a 2100 PSI pressure and a 2.0GPM water flow

2. With multiple safety protections – Total Stop System (TSS), GFCI protection, and IPX5 waterproof protection

3. A 17-foot high-pressure hose that can wind around the reel and a 35-foot power cord

4. Built with an aluminum handle and two sturdy wheels for easy and comfortable transportation

5. Built-in nozzle holders on the spray lance store the nozzles, and the spray gun holder on the pressure washer holds the spray gun

6. 5 quick-connect spray nozzles included meeting your multiple cleaning requirements

Two Ways for Water Sucking

1. Water tap

2. Bucket

  • Supports dual water supplies from a faucet, bucket, or pool

5. WORX WG630 Hydroshot Plus 20V Power Share 

The WORX WG630E cordless pressure washer is a robust and reliable product used for various applications. With its self-priming feature, you can count on the machine to work even when there isn’t much water available. The pressure washer is also equipped with an inlet filter to prevent clogging and ensure regular operation.

The WORX WG630E is a robust and reliable machine that can easily transport thanks to its cordless design. This machine can quickly and easily clean any surface, even if it remains less efficient than corded cleaners.

The benefits of a pressure washer

Considering the great usefulness of the device: it would not be inappropriate to say that it offers an array of advantages. At first, it is a device that effortlessly combines speed and efficiency. Indeed, according to some studies carried out, it is noted that the cleaning carried out with a high-pressure cleaner gives better results.

In addition, it is done in a relatively short period compared to a maintenance operation carried out traditionally. You will quickly get rid of dirt thanks to the force of the jet of the device. Even the most encrusted earth will not spare.

Therefore, with a high-pressure cleaner, you will have an impeccable finish in a short time. As a bonus, thanks to its intense pressure and the power of its jet, this cleaner allows you to save water and cleaning products. It is a simple, manipulable, and compelling device. You will have no difficulty using it.

What are the different models that have been designed?

To get a better idea of ​​​​the device and this as a whole: it is necessary to list the best pressure washers. Discover the different types of devices on the market:

The cold water pressure washer

To date, it is the most popular pressure washer model among users, and for a good reason, its cost is one of the most accessible on the market. In addition, it offers excellent value for money. In a word, you will perform a flexible and impressive cleaning.

If you were looking for a cleaner that will meet different expectations, this is the one for you. Indeed, it allows you to clean your car, be ideal for garden equipment, maintain terraces and various appliances.

The only downside that arises with this model is stubborn dirt. This model cannot get rid of stubborn stains. Even if you use an effective detergent, it remains impossible. In a few words, the cold water pressure washer is not always effective against all dirt.

The hot water pressure washer

For stubborn dirt that is deeply embedded, it is more advisable to use a hot water pressure washer to remove it. When you consider all its advantages, you will understand that the hot water pressure washer is the device that will easily allow you to carry out a complete cleaning operation.

With this device type model, the water temperature can increase to around 140°C. Consider mixing the water with detergent first if you want a quality finish. It is how you will get rid of stains and dirt more easily. On the other hand, it is not given compared to the previous model, which is much less expensive and lighter.

The portable pressure washer          

This device is a cleaner model that does not enjoy excellent mobility. To carry out its cleaning of offices and industrial machines: this device must be dragged on wheels. For her convenience, she could be much better. Indeed, it is a model that weighs very heavily. However, it must say that with this cleaner you will enjoy superior quality cleaning.

The high-pressure cleaner: fixed model             

It is designed with a large tank placed on the ground for its operation, the complete opposite of the mobile cleaner model. It is equipped with a long water spray hose to facilitate its use. The latter is a size of 10 meters in length.

As for the engine fitted to this type of high-pressure cleaner is excellent and efficient and runs on fuel oil or gas to run. It is not, however, a perfect device without drawbacks. Indeed, to use it, you will have to equip yourself with a helmet, given all the noise it emits.

How to choose your high-pressure cleaner? Criteria

Before choosing the pressure washer that is best for you, it will first be necessary to determine the basis on which the products are selected. Please discover here the few criteria that users take into account to give their opinions on pressure washers:

the power and pressure of the device

The criteria taken into account by customers are numerous. However, the first criterion is represented by power and pressure. These are indeed powerful indicators that make it possible to test the best pressure washer. Thanks to these precise and concise characteristics, it becomes possible for you to make up your mind about the performance of your device.

To carry out the test, users have chosen a minimum power of at least 1300 W with a pressure of 100 to 110 bars for everyday device use. The power and the force selected for much more advanced usage, their determination is made from 1600 W and 130 bars.

What about the length of the hose?

It is also another test criterion used by users. Thus, they can give their opinion objectively regarding the different models that there are on the market. If you want to talk about an ideally practical device, the minimum length should be 4 meters. You will better enjoy it once you have it in hand.

What to remember about the length of the electric cable?

To form a definitive opinion on the device’s test, this is the last criterion that the users of the machine take into account. To be sure to have chosen the suitable device among the best pressure washers there is, it has been checked that the length of the cable is sufficient to meet the positioning of the sockets.

Conclusion: Which pressure washer to choose?

It may be challenging to know which pressure washer to choose, with all the different models and brands on the market. But by understanding the different types of cleaners and their features, you can make an informed decision that will meet your needs. Also, thanks to our ranking of the best high-pressure cleaners, you will be able to choose the device you need according to your needs.

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