Glass Dining Tables – Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests in 2022

Glass Dining Tables

Glass Dining Tables – Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests in 2022

Small or large tables, the dining table is ideal for moments of conviviality. Proudly enthroned in the dining room, it is not chosen at random. It must meet specific criteria to avoid faux pas in decoration matters while remaining practical. Dimensions, shape, material, or even adaptability are all criteria to consider.

In modern decoration, the trend is to choose materials and colours that give an illusion that the space is much larger, especially since our modern homes have less space than those of our parents or our grandparents. The idea is to choose colours that illuminate a room, such as white or light colours; when it comes to materials, we generally opt for glass for decoration.
Therefore, a glass dining table is an excellent choice to furnish your dining room. But telling yourself that you will buy a glass table is not everything; you must also learn to choose the correct dimensions, the suitable materials that go with the glass, and the table’s overall design. The table is a vital piece of your dining room. An important choice which will have to combine practicality and aesthetics!
To help you choose the dining table you need, I will give you some tips.

Dining Table – Buying Guide:

A dining table with the correct dimensions

The first criterion to consider, and not the least, concerns the dimensions of the dining table. To answer this question, you must view not only the number of people who will sit at this table every day, the space available in your dining room but also its location.

How many people should it accommodate?

To know which dining table to choose, you must think about its daily use. Will it be helpful for a large family or a couple? Will its use be occasional and reserved for receptions of all kinds, or will you have to use it every day? Answering these few questions allows you to define the dimensions of your future table and its shape.

What space is available?

Before rushing to the first table, think about the place you have in the dining room. There is nothing worse than an oversized table in a small space. And vice versa, a tiny table in an ample space won’t look the best. If you have a small space, prefer a square table. If you like rounding, turn to a round table with no more than 120 cm diameter. It will accommodate up to 4 people. Finally, keep in mind that you need to leave room to move around the table. At a minimum, 70 cm should keep facilitating movement.

? Good to know

The standard is that dining tables are approximately 75 cm high in terms of height.

Where will it be installed?

A dining table doesn’t necessarily fit right in the middle of the dining room. Sometimes the available space and the room’s layout do not allow this. Therefore, we must think about where the future dining table will install to make the right choice, especially shape. A round table is not particularly suitable if placed in the corner of the room. In this case, it will be better to bet on a square or rectangular table, for example. 

What shape of the dining tabGlass Dining Tables to choose?

Square, round, oval, rectangular: your dining table can take various shapes.

Rectangular Glass Dining Tables

The dining table most often found in dining rooms has a rectangular shape. Functional and practical, this table shape is ideal for long spaces. With extensions, it will adapt to your specific needs. It is mainly the case of the rectangular Paul table, with its wings to insert for more space during large tables for convivial and warm moments.

Square Glass Dining Tables

The square table is the ally of small spaces and intimate meals – for 2 or 4 people. Once the meal is finished, nothing prevents you from putting the table away in the corner of the room to save a little space. If you are part of a large family, investing in a large square table is possible, but it may take up a lot of space. You prefer spacious dining rooms.

Round Glass Dining Tables

The round table is the most convivial table there is. It facilitates discussions during the meal since everyone can see and talk to each other. The round tables can accommodate many guests, and some models are modular to adapt to the number of guests to install around the table. The Glam round table, for example, has a diameter of 120 cm, ideal for tables of 6 people and can also be extended thanks to its integrated extensions. As a bonus, the round table has another advantage: the absence of corners against which to collide. 

OVAL Glass Dining Tables

Invite the oval dining table into your dining room if your interior allows it. Compromised between the round table and the rectangular table: the oval table, therefore, has unstoppable advantages while bringing a designer touch to your dining room. The oval dining table can accommodate many guests while softening the corners. More elongated than a round table, the oval table also takes less space. Its original lines and design will not stop talking to the curious.

What material to choose for a dining table?

A dining table is chosen according to its material. It can decline in various materials like wood, glass, metal, marble or even concrete. To know which coating is best suited to your needs, you must once again consider the use that will make of your table, the time you are willing to spend maintaining it, and your interior decoration style.

Wooden dining table

A great classic of dining rooms, the wooden table is undoubtedly one of the most practical and solid. Easy to maintain, these tables fit perfectly into various decoration styles, such as industrial, vintage or Scandinavian, in particular. Some models are covered with several coats of varnish to protect them longer. If this is not the case with the model you want, it is possible to cover them with a transparent tablecloth. 

Glass Dining Tables

Refined and uncluttered, dining tables with a glass top are found in many homes. And for a good reason, they bring a touch of sophistication to interior decoration. On the other hand, the glass retains fingerprints or other stains. Therefore must clean the table carefully and regularly to maintain its elegance. 

Concrete table

Do you have an industrial and raw decoration? The concrete dining table will easily find its place there. If bulky and heavy, this table has two main advantages: ease of maintenance and undeniable strength.

Metal or stainless steel table

Another ideal material in industrial or factory-type decor, metal, brings a cold touch to your dining room. To achieve the same effect, you can also opt for stainless steel, which has the advantage of being lighter than metal. Note that these two materials are, however, subject to scratches. Better to cover your table with a tablecloth during the meal.

Plastic table

More affordable than other dining tables, the plastic table is logically a little less sturdy than previous models. However, it gives a modern and designer style to your dining room.

Opt for a modular Glass Dining Tables

Dining tables can also be modular; that is to say, they can expand at will, as needed. In general, compact, these tables have extensions to accommodate more people. These extensions can be integrated directly into the table and hidden under the top. They can also store in a cupboard until the day you need them. This table type is efficient and can adjust according to the number of guests. 

Glass Dining Tables- Purchase guide

The dimensions of the table

One of the first criteria you should determine before you even start looking for a table is its size, in other words, its dimensions.

Before going on a price comparison, first decide what type of table you need: a coffee table for the living room or a large table for a dining room. Only on this condition will you be able to find what you are looking for on price comparison sites.

When buying a glass table for your dining room, start by figuring out how many seats you want to have. If you have a small family and never entertain people to eat, a table for four might do the trick. Otherwise, go for much larger models, making sure to respect the dimensions of your dining room as there would be no point in purchasing a table for 14 people if your dining room is too small to accommodate it.

When it comes to buying a glass coffee table, you need to measure the space you have available. For that, nothing could be simpler than taking a tape measure and measuring the length arranged between the different seats in your living room, making sure to leave enough space for the legs of the people who will sit there.

Glass Dining Tables- Manufacturing materials

Of course, this is a buying guide for the best glass tables here, so the featured construction material here is glass. But a glass table is not made only of glass; it is usually only found on the top plate of your table; the legs and possibly the drawers will make of another material.

Be sure to choose a material that is strong and durable enough so that you don’t have to quickly replace your table because it’s broken or just worn out over time. This material must also go well with glass. Usually, wood can use for glass tables, but you can find some that can make steel, a material more suited to the modern style than wood.

Glass Dining TablesThe designs

The table is not just a functional object; it is also a decorative object in a room. It has on the one hand, and the other, it has to be in harmony with the rest of the room.

On this point, we can’t tell you which design to buy because it’s all about personal taste and preference.

The offer is varied in glass tables to satisfy all tastes, from classic square or rectangular tables to oval tables and all the fanciful shapes. The number of floors a table has in the case of coffee tables also varies, so choose the model that suits you best.

For the colours, you can opt for the classics like black and white, but you can also choose other colours, like chrome or any different colour that you like, as long as it harmonizes with the other colours of the room.

How to use a glass table?

When you choose an interior piece of furniture, you must dwell on a few selection parameters. The design and the material of manufacture must be considered and deserve some thought before the purchase. It will allow you to ensure a better grip on your equipment. And if you recently purchased a glass table, we invite you to follow this article. We offer you practical advice on handling your furniture.

Choose your location carefully:

When you have this kind of furniture in your possession, it is always essential to think about its location. If you have a corner sofa or the traditional type, your best bet would be to put it in front of it, especially the glass coffee table model. At the same time, make sure that its arrangement does not in any way hamper your movements or limit your activities. Make sure you position your equipment in a location suitable for its size.

Move your furniture delicately.

Glass table models are much more fragile than those made from wood. Because of this, you will need to be careful when planning to move it. When lifting it, make sure your hands are level with the supports. If your furniture is cumbersome, do not hesitate to ask for help not to damage your equipment.

Clean your Glass Dining Tables

To ensure the longevity of your furniture, try to maintain it regularly. Cleaning of this type of equipment can usually do with specialized glass products. If you use non-recommended items, your equipment may leave unpleasant marks. Some references can design with good thickness glass for the top and a chromed steel base. With this structure, all you need is a wipe with a slightly damp cloth to make them shine.

Organize your decorative items

The glass table plays a massive role in your interior decoration style. For this, you must find a good location and organize the decorative objects present on it. Do not overload the tray. For example, you can put a small vase or a trinket on it to add a special touch. Some products have a space below the tray for you to place adornments and make your gear pleasing to the eye.

Glass Dining TablesAdd a rug for decoration.

To add more to the decoration of your interior space, you can consider placing a rug under your furniture. However, it would help if you chose it according to the size and design of the latter. Some models go perfectly with all styles of ornaments. For example, it is thanks to an MDF frame and black wood finishes.

Keep children away from the edges of the table.

If you have children at home, be sure to keep them away from the edges of your furniture, especially if the latter has perpendicular corners. It could be hazardous for them with their sizes. Some models do not present this risk because they have round edges and have a stability pedestal that is not likely to fall, even if you have awkward tendencies.

Use trivets and coasters.

To ensure the longevity of your furniture, use trivets or coasters when you plan to use your utensils. It will allow you to protect your equipment from any stains or scratches that could damage it.

Extendable Glass Tables – Buying Guide

Both decorative and valuable elements of a home, an extendable glass table can change the look of your living room or dining room, adding a touch of warmth and light. An extendable glass table also helps give the impression of a larger space. In addition to the design and aesthetics side, several criteria must consider when choosing the right extendable glass table. Your choice will depend, among other things, on your needs and how you want to use them.

How to use an extendable Glass Dining Tables?

Space management is today a real challenge in all homes. Indeed, we never have enough space at home. In this sense, we are turning more and more towards foldable or even compact furniture. Extendable glass tables are one of them. If you’ve recently purchased it, here are some valuable tips.

Find the correct location

It will depend on the space you have at home. In general, this kind of furniture is installed either in the living room or in the kitchen. It’s up to you to choose according to your preferences and the predispositions of the room in question. Be sure to calculate the dimensions of your table when it can compress and when it can deploy. Then proceed according to these measurements.

Handle your Glass Dining Tables with care

Glass remains a somewhat delicate component. Of course, the robustness of the latter will depend on its thickness. But in any case, it is better to be careful. So when you begin to deploy your table, be sure to proceed gently to avoid breaking the ice that makes up your furniture. Never do this in a hurry. Also, consider the load capacity of your item. Do not exceed this last point.

Use a tablecloth on your Glass Dining Tables

To not hamper the structure of your table, it is preferable to take some precautions. In this sense, we advise you to cover it with a tablecloth. To do this, choose a model that will protect all of your furniture. You will need to measure the latter here. As for the patterns, select one that will match the overall theme of your interior. However, avoid too messy colours, like white or any other pastel shade.

Decorate your Glass Dining Tables

It seems wise to decorate your table during the moments between your lunches. To do this, you could use salad bowls that you fill with pine cones or an assortment of fruits, for example. If you like flowers, you can also put a vase or two on it as you wish.

Always use under the cutlery.

Glass is a pretty messy material. Therefore, it is essential to be careful not to end up with a stained table. So, whenever you decide to have a drink or lunch, use someplace settings. These will protect your furniture from any possible incident, such as a spilt mug or sauce.

Maintain your Glass Dining Tables

The maintenance of your furniture will have to do daily. To do this, all you need to do is provide yourself with a sponge or a cloth soaked in water. It is only in the event of a persistent task. You can also use dishwashing liquid depending on the difficulty you encounter. To remove all kinds of dust, you can also use a table vacuum cleaner if you have one. Otherwise, a simple wipe of a dry cloth will do the trick.

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