Guide to Buying Best Suitcase in 2022, Reviews and Opinions 

Best Suitcase

Guide to Buying Best Suitcase in 2022, Reviews and Opinions

Nowadays, there are more and more tourists and travelers around the world. If you are one of them, you undoubtedly know the value of having quality suitcases to carry your belongings on long trips. It isn’t easy to sort through many of the brands and models available on the market today. Read this article based on Internet users’ opinions, tests, and comparisons. It will help you sort out and find the best model for you.

What is a suitcase?

Luggage comes in many categories, from hand luggage to trunks. Suitcases are a type of rigid luggage, having a parallelepiped shape, and intended to transport a certain quantity of personal effects and clothing for trips in complete safety and protection from shocks.

For rigidity, their walls are made of solid materials. In contrast, wood or thick leather has been around for a long. Those most commonly found on the market today are those made of strong molded plastic or synthetic material such as vulcanized fiber, carbon fiber, or aluminum for fragile equipment such as instruments or precision tools.

These new materials allow better resistance and a weight reduction. They are also reinforced with a frame.

The suitcase is also characterized by its handle centered on its top and hinge, which holds it on the opposite side. The addition of wheels and a sled (characteristic retractable handle) to facilitate their transport appeared in 1972 and became a standard in the field.

Similarly, various and varied locks and locking systems are used on the models to secure the contents (encrypted code, exterior padlock, etc.). Given its hardness, its corners are usually rounded to avoid injuries.

Why buy a suitcase to travel?

To help you decide if a suitcase suits your travel needs, we have compiled some advantages and disadvantages.


  • The suitcases are practical, comfortable, and versatile. You will find a suitable bag for each type of trip.
  • Adaptable to almost all kinds of transport: plane, car, train, ship.
  • There are different models, designs, and sizes according to your needs. From one-day trips to several weeks.


  • They are not suitable for adventure travel or hiking. You may be more interested in a backpack for this type of trip.
  • Uncomfortable for backpacking trips.
  • Not ideal for visiting very rural and poorly urbanized areas or countries.

What suitcase to buy? Complete step by step guide

Many questions may arise when choosing which suitcase to buy, especially if you plan to make a significant investment. For this reason, at More Luggage, we wanted to provide you with a step-by-step guide so that you have all the information you need to choose your ideal suitcase. 

At the end of the guide, you will be able to identify the different options on the market, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the main elements of a suitcase, and you will learn to choose which characteristics best suit your needs.

size of your suitcase

We have organized the suitcases in four sizes from More Baggage, although there are other classifications. It depends on the capacity and dimensions of the bag. We have estimated the number of days that each size can cover. Depending on the duration of the trip you are planning, you should find the size that best suits your needs.

cabin bags

They are suitcases up to 55 cm high, including the wheels. Also, its capacity varies between 20 and 50 l. The width and depth vary between the different models. Air travel is perfect as long as they comply with the maximum size allowed by each airline. Remember to check that the dimensions of your suitcase meet the airline’s standards so as not to be surprised and have to check-in (and pay more). Therefore, it is the ideal size if you are looking for a suitcase for trips between 1 and 4 days.

medium suitcases

Its height varies between 55 cm and 70 cm, and its capacity is between 50 and 90 l. For air travel, these are bags that are constantly checked, so the restrictions of each airline apply to weight. If you exceed this weight, you must have to pay extra. For this reason, they must be suitcases with a specific resistance since they will have to withstand blows and protect the interior content. In short, these suitcases could be perfect for you if you want to make trips of medium duration (between 5 and 12 days ).

large suitcases

With a height between 70 and 80 cm, these suitcases have a capacity of around 100 liters. Conveniently, they have a sound system of wheels and good handles to facilitate handling, especially heavily loaded. Also, sturdiness is paramount if you bill them, as they can take a lot of knocks. In short, they are the ones we recommend for trips of between 12 and 18 days.

XXL suitcases

They are suitcases with a height greater than 80 cm. They have a capacity of more than 120 l, where you can store everything you need for your trip. As in the case of large suitcases, it is recommended that they have resistant wheels and well-fixed handles to make their transport comfortable and practical. If you plan to bill them, they must be immune to protect your belongings from possible blows. The zipper system should be of quality so that they do not open or tear due to the heavyweight they carry. In a few words, if you are thinking of making a trip of more than three weeks, and XXL suitcase could be the solution for you.

8 Best Suitcase in 2022- Our Picks

1. American Tourister – Bon Air – Spinner Hand 

The Bon Air cabin suitcase is polypropylene, one of the best materials for bags. It excellently combines lightness and resistance, protecting your belongings while allowing you to store more things without exceeding the weight limit. You covered external zipper from preventing your clothes from getting wet on rainy days. It is available in 10 colors.

Its 4 simple wheels with 360º rotation capacity will make it easier to handle the suitcase and provide you with excellent maneuverability.

It has a large capacity and a great interior organization with multiple pockets and elastic fastening straps. It will allow you to organize your belongings in a practical, comfortable and straightforward way.

Its double tube telescopic handle and the upper and side handles will allow you to lift and transport it according to your needs.

It integrates a TSA closure that will provide you with security when traveling abroad and keep your belongings safe.

The good

  • Very resistant and waterproof.
  • Good internal organization.
  • Light and durable.

The bad

  • Flimsy retractable handle according to users.
  • Not expandable.
  • Retractable handle guides decrease capacity.

2. Samsonite Black Label Lite-Shock 30″ Hardside Spinner 

The Lite-Shock suitcase is made of Curv (Samsonite) material, indestructible. Its reinforcement in the corners gives this model a very high resistance. The various ultralight components make it one of the lightest on the market at 1.7 kg. You will be able to carry more clothes and shoes without exceeding the weight limit stipulated by the airlines.

Its 4 simple wheels with total turning capacity are covered with a layer of rubber to reduce noise when you cross irregular areas. The mobility of this suitcase is excellent and will allow you to overcome obstacles without any problem. They have good stability under heavy load.

Its interior is not lined. It has a compartment with a zippered separator and two elastic straps to hold and practically organize your clothes. In addition, it contains a side pocket so you can store your documents or your most miniature objects.

It has handles on the side and the front so that you can grab it and lift it comfortably and practically. The single-tube telescopic handle is reinforced, so you don’t feel the lack of robustness that some models give.

The TSA padlock will make your life easier if you travel to countries like the USA. You will travel more calmly knowing that your belongings are protected.

The good

  • Robust and durable bag.
  • The lightest suitcase on the market.
  • Excellent single wheels.

The bad

  • Unlined interior with a single pocket.
  • Not expandable.
  • Not suitable for all bags.

3. Samsonite Neopulse Medium Suitcase

The Samsonite Neopulse Medium Suitcase is lightweight polycarbonate with reinforced corners for added shock resistance. Still, it is one of the lightest travel bags in this ranking.

It has 4 double wheels with full maneuverability to make your experience comfortable, smooth and straightforward.

The side and top handles will allow you to carry the suitcase practically with a soft touch. The telescopic handle is reinforced with a double tube, making it more robust. The handle will quickly adapt to your height to make transport comfortable.

The interior is lined and consists of two separators with zipper closure. In this way, your belongings will be out of sight of the curious if you have to open them in a public place.

If you plan to travel to the US, the TSA padlock will provide you with extra security at customs. You can rest easy while enjoying the trip.

The good

  • Very sturdy.
  • Very light.
  • It reinforced the telescopic handle.

The bad

  • Not expandable.
  • Somewhat high price.

4. Movom Wood Medium Suitcase

Movom’s medium Wood suitcase is ABS, which indicates a compromise between strength and lightness. This brand is characterized by adapting to the constant movement of today’s society, combining comfort and practicality in its products. Its case is scratch-resistant, which will make your suitcase better preserved over time.

It should note its 4 wheels with 360º rotation capacity will allow you to maneuver smoothly, practically, and quickly. It has a side handle and two upper handles, telescopic. Thus, your suitcase will quickly adapt to various travel conditions.

Its interior is lined. It includes two compartments and three zippered pockets, which increases the possibility of organizing your luggage. In addition, if you need to open your travel suitcase in a public place, your belongings will protect you from the eyes of onlookers, which will provide you with greater discretion.

There are models with a 5 cm expansion capacity to provide you with extra space for last-minute clothes or travel souvenirs.

Movom’s Wood suitcase has the TSA-type lock recommended for traveling to the US and adds extra security to your belongings.

The good

  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Expandability.
  • Discreet interior design.

The bad

  • Nonsilent wheels.
  • Poorly resistant zippers.
  • Somewhat flimsy telescopic handle according to users.

5. American Tourister Stratum XLT Expandable Hardside Luggage

The Modern Dream large suitcase is polycarbonate, providing good resistance and lightness. With a contemporary and dynamic appearance, it elegantly combines different finishes. Also, the textured pattern will give you extra protection against scratches while the smooth pattern highlights its color.

Its 4 double wheels with total turning capacity will make it easier for you to maneuver in various conditions. In addition, the wheels come with matching protectors giving you a plus of style.

Its interior is lined, and it has a zippered separator and two elastic bands so you can organize your clothes and secure them well. Also, two pockets will allow you to store your documents, your smaller objects, or your dirty clothes.

Returning with memories of the trips is always something that we all like. That is why this suitcase has expansion capacity. You won’t be left without your memories because you don’t have precious extra space.

It has a telescopic handle adaptable to your height and top and side handles to transport this suitcase is practical, comfortable, and accessible.

With its integrated TSA padlock, you can travel to countries like the US with added security and peace of mind. 

The good

  • Very light.
  • Quality wheels.
  • convenient interior

The bad

  • Some users miss a tiny pocket for smaller items.

6. RONCATO Large Luggage Roller Case

This Italian suitcase is made of polypropylene to offer you good flexibility and a great capacity to absorb impacts. In addition, this Roncato suitcase perfectly combines lightness and resistance.

The movement of the suitcase is smooth, simple, and comfortable thanks to its 4 double and multidirectional wheels.

The interior is lined and has two zippered mesh dividers. Therefore, your clothes will remain contained and fastened on trips. In addition, your belongings will remain out of sight of the most curious if you have to open your suitcase in a public place. However, it does not have any pockets, which will cause more minor items to get mixed up with your clothes.

To facilitate transport, it has handles on the top and the side. A retractable double-tube handle makes moving effortless.

The suitcase has an integrated TSA lock to keep your belongings safe and not worry about them during the tripConsequently, you will be able to travel to the USA (or similar) with a full guarantee.

The good

  • Strong suitcase.
  • Smooth and robust wheels.
  • The Interior has hidden by two meshes and discreet.

The bad

  • It does not have interior pockets.
  • It is not expandable.
  • Not very ergonomic handles and handles.

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Materials of the suitcases

Depending on the use you will give your suitcase, you will have to choose if you are more interested in a rigid material or a soft one.

rigid materials

Within this category, you will find the three hard materials most used in the manufacture of suitcases.

  • ABS: They are the acronym in English for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is a thermoplastic material with excellent shock absorption capacity, outstanding abrasion resistance, and high rigidity. In addition, it is the most common material for the manufacture of suitcases due to its hardness, resistance, and low cost. It is also very light and scratch-resistant. It is sometimes mixed with polycarbonate to lower production costs.
  • Polypropylene: It is a thermoplastic polymer that combines robustness, outstanding resistance to shocks, lightness, and abrasion. More resistant and hard suitcases are made with it, but it is also the heaviest material of the three. It is possible to achieve a lighter polypropylene without losing strength (such as Samsonite’s Curv material). If the material is quality, it can make your suitcase almost indestructible.
  • Polycarbonate: It is a flexible, resistant, and light thermoplastic material. It also has a high impact absorption capacity due to its flexibility. This material is costly, so it is common for it to be mixed with other materials to reduce costs (as in the case of cheap suitcases). However, this implies a loss of resistance that diminishes the quality of the suitcase. If you buy a polycarbonate suitcase, check if it is 100% polycarbonate or mixed with other materials.

soft materials

If you are looking for lighter suitcases and you do not usually travel with objects that need the protection of a hard shell, then a soft suitcase can satisfy your needs. The most used materials are polyester and nylon.

  • Polyester is a synthetic elastomer with which most soft suitcases are made. When textile fibers are made with polyester, this is a resistant and elastic material. In addition, it is waterproof and resists abrasion. Its weight and resistance depend on the deniers it has.
  • One of the units of measurement used by the textile industry is the denier. The number of fiber deniers is more significant for larger fiber diameters and for more braided fibers that make up the primary fiber. Consequently, one suitcase will be more resistant than another if the number of deniers is higher.
  • Nylon is a synthetic polymer with which light and resistant textile fibers are made. It also brings elegance and a better finish to the suitcase of quality. Its resistance and quality are also measured in deniers, just like polyester.

Reinforcements and linings of the suitcases

Some models of rigid suitcases have reinforcements on the sides or in the area of ​​the wheels. In many cases, these reinforcements are made of the same material as the suitcase’s body, and only in those areas is the material somewhat thicker.

To not damage the case when placing the case horizontally on the ground, some cases have 4 stops on one of the sides. So if you have to move your suitcase using the side handle, you won’t have to worry about the shell getting scratched.

It is also common in some models that extra protection improves resistance to scratches and humidity. For this purpose, some suitcases have a thin plastic cover that can remove at any time.

Buy a suitcase with wheels.

Nowadays, a suitcase without wheels is not conceived. We all like our suitcases to be easy to transport, simple to maneuver, and comfortable to use. Although it is possible to nostalgia for vintage suitcases, the wheels are here to stay. 

The vast majority of suitcases have 2 or 4 wheels. When they have 2 wheels, they never can turn. It implies that the wheels only move in one direction. Therefore, the maneuverability is somewhat reduced, although some models are very comfortable to transport. On the contrary, if the suitcase has 4 wheels, it will always have the capacity to turn 360º, making transport much more comfortable and facilitating maneuverability.

double or single wheels

Another relevant factor is whether the wheels are double or single. With double wheels, smoothness and maneuverability are somewhat more significant than with single wheels. However, the quality of the wheels may be more critical to a good glide than whether they are single or double.

The double wheels usually protrude from the suitcase’s body in its entirety. Likewise, they have no protection and are more vulnerable to the possible blows they may receive. In the case of simple wheels, there are models in which the wheels are more protected against shocks. These models have 2 monodirectional and straightforward wheels that are mostly protected inside some reinforcements that go in the suitcase’s body. On the other hand, in models with 4 single wheels and total turning capacity, the wheels protrude entirely from the body and do not have added protection.

layer of rubber

In some cases, the wheels have an outer layer of rubber to reduce the noise when the suitcase rolls. You will notice the difference on smoother surfaces. However, on rough or uneven surfaces, all bags make noise. All.   

If you are going to check in your suitcase, you must know that the wheels are one of the components most vulnerable to shocks. The mistreatment that luggage receives at airports can mean that a wheel appears that does not work well when you pick it up. Or even unusable. That is why there are very resistant wheels with reinforcements, although a decisive blow can ruin almost any wheel, no matter how good it is.

Types of a travel suitcase handle

The different types of handles included in the design of a suitcase will help you transport it and make it easier for you to hold it when you put it in the trunk or maneuver it in crowded places.

fixed handles

The fixed handles on the top and side are used to carry your suitcase place it in the trunk or to the plane’s cabin. They must be well fixed to the body so that you do not keep them in your hand when you lift your suitcase. There are models in which the fixation is better than in others. If the handle’s material adapts to your hand and is soft and smooth to the touch, it will be more comfortable to carry. On the other hand, a more complex and more rigid material will make transport more uncomfortable, especially on long journeys.

telescopic handle

The telescopic handle will allow you to slide your suitcase in a practical, comfortable, and effortless way. The tube that joins the handle can be simple or double. At first, you might think that a double tube might be more robust than a single tube, but it largely depends on the quality of the materials. Some models have reinforced areas on the handle to minimize possible damage after a decisive blow.

The clearance and strength of the telescopic handle depend on the size of the suitcase. For smaller suitcases, the handle should be longer to compensate for the distance between the suitcase’s body and your hand. Thus, in-cabin models, it is more common for the handle clearance to be more significant and less robust to appear. On the other hand, the length of the handle is reduced, and with it, the feeling of slack.

shorter or taller

There are suitcase models that have a telescopic handle adaptable to your height. They can have two or three anchor levels to accommodate shorter or taller people. In addition, the choice of the height level of the handle is usually carried out using a lock button. You can change the height of the handle by pressing the button until you find the level that best suits you.

The guides that keep the handle when it is retracted can be found outside the case or the inside. They will not take away space to store your clothes if they are outside, but these will be more vulnerable to shocks as they are not protected. On the other hand, in the case of internal guides, you will not have to worry so much about their safety, but the capacity of your suitcase will reduce.

One of the most common complaints among suitcase users is the telescopic handle. It can get stuck and not move, stay in and not come out, break or come off. It is one of the elements that suffer the most after a blow and can make your suitcase useless for transport if it breaks. That is why we recommend that you pay special attention to the robustness of the telescopic handle.

Interior organization of a suitcase for travel

Many options combine the essential interior organization elements. In the end, you must choose an interior that suits your needs, what you will take with you and the type of trip you are going to make.

The inner lining

The inner lining is present in most models. The most common materials are cloth or plastic. The lining gives the suitcase-style protection and prevents both the telescopic handle guides and the shell material from being seen. The material’s quality, the finishes, and the fastening of the lining to the shell vary a lot between models.

The dividers

The dividers will allow you to organize belongings according to the type of clothing, travel days, or your needs. They provide discretion since they prevent the interior from being exposed to the eyes of curious people when you open your suitcase. It is common for them to be closed with a zipper. The usual thing is that the suitcases have a separator, but there are models with two.

The pockets

The pockets will allow you to store particular belongings such as documents, chargers, or small objects. There are also models with specific elastic pockets for shoes. They can be found on the suitcase’s side, forming part of a separator or in the upper area. They can be small, elongated, or large. The most common is that a suitcase includes at least one pocket, but some models do not have any, and others have more than three.

Different types of compressors

The function of the different types of compressors is to fix the clothes and increase the available space, allowing you to put more items in your suitcase. There are mesh packers that attach with zippers or anchors and elastic band packers. The design of the elastic bands can be in the shape of a W with anchors on one side or with two crossed bands with an anchor in the center.

Expandability of a suitcase

There are suitcase models that can expand through a zipper. In general, this feature has more advantages than disadvantages, but in this guide, we summarize both:

  • An expandable suitcase will allow you to gain extra space to store souvenirs and gifts from your trips. If you are not so interested in those memories, you can also use that space to introduce more clothes or personal objects.
  • In the case of cabin suitcases, the expansion capacity can make the dimensions of the suitcase exceed the airline’s restrictions. If this happens, you can have problems and end up with the suitcase in the hold and checked, with the consequent extra in the price.
  • In larger models and cases of high loads, there may be a problem of traction between the two halves of the suitcase that divide the zippers when using the fixed handles. Consequently, this can cause the zipper to tear and deteriorate on one of the sides, creating a severe problem for you.

Identification tag on your suitcase

Although it is becoming less frequent, your suitcase may get lost at the airport, or the operators make a mistake and check it in on another flight. Therefore, it is convenient that the suitcase has a label to write your contact information. In this way, it will be easier to identify your suitcase and speed up the return process.

With a suitable identification of the suitcase, there are times that the problem can be solved in a few hours, avoiding spending several days pending your belongings.

Locks and security in a suitcase

Regarding the closing mechanism of your suitcase, there are two types: anchor or zipper. The most common is the zipper closure. A zipper runs along with three-quarters of the perimeter of your suitcase. It allows you to completely open the two parts and access its interior comfortably, practically. However, the main disadvantage of this system is that if the zipper breaks, you will have to close your suitcase with external straps. There is also the possible water leak inside for models that do not have waterproof protection.

The two or three-point anchor closure is very secure. It seals the joints very well, giving your suitcase more excellent impermeability and allowing you to open and close your suitcase on the move. If, after a blow, one or more of the anchors were to break, your suitcase would be exposed, and you would have to close it with external straps.

The security of your belongings is crucial. That is why models with 3-digit combination locks allow you to provide your suitcase with an extra layer of security. The suitcase usually comes with instructions to change the key of the padlock.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) lock is a particular type of lock. It is a padlock with a 3-digit combination lock that includes a lock. However, the key is never included with these padlocks, not for users. The lock is designed so that security agents at airports in the US (and other countries) have access to your suitcase with a master key to carry out the security controls they deem appropriate. In this way, you will prevent them from breaking your lock (if it is not TSA) or having your suitcase slashed to gain access to it. In conclusion, this type of lock is recommended for traveling to the US.

Weight of your travel bag

The weight of your suitcase is closely related to the materials of the case, its robustness, and its quality. This factor is crucial for cabin bags, to which weight restrictions apply on many airlines. We explain it to you with a straightforward example:

  • Weight of your empty suitcase: 3kg.
  • Maximum weight that you can enter: 10 – 3 = 7kg

A heavy suitcase restricts what you can put in it more than a lighter one, making it easier for you to exceed the limit imposed by the airline. Therefore, finding a compromise between lightness and resistance will always be interesting.

Design of a suitcase to travel

The number of models and designs of suitcases is infinite. You can find suitcases for all tastes that adapt to your personality with ease.

As for the shape of the suitcase, it can be square, rectangular, with more angular or rounded edges, straight, wider at the bottom, and narrower at the top.

The surface of the suitcase can be matte or glossy. You can also find suitcases with a smooth or textured surface to minimize the influence of scratches. In addition, there are countless colors, color mixtures, gradient colors, designs with drawings, photos, landscapes, etc.
There are models with patterns in horizontal or vertical stripes of different thicknesses, patterns in concentric circles, rhombuses, triangles, rectangles, textured patterns in the form of a mesh or reminiscent of honeycombs.

Regarding the style of your suitcase, you can find more classic models with a rectangular shape and straighter lines, suitcases with a modern style with striking patterns and vibrant colors, youth suitcases with drawings or photos, and children’s suitcases with bright colors or cartoon characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type to buy?

It depends on your preferences. A soft model will be lighter and more manageable but less solid, while the rigid will be more robust but will weigh more. The best type will therefore depend on your use.

How to change the lock code?

Each suitcase has its lock model. To know how to modify your code, refer to its manual provided with the purchase.

Should I buy a cabin suitcase or a travel bag?

Again, it largely depends on your preferences. If you’re traveling light and don’t like the bulk, you can opt for a duffel bag. When you carry a lot of stuff, a carry-on suitcase is best.

How do you choose a suitable model?

The best way to find a suitable model is to compare customer reviews or rely on online comparisons. It will allow you to make the most informed decision possible by comparing models to find the best one.

What volume of a suitcase for my plane trip?

It depends on its duration and the effects you want to bring. It is best to ask your airline about the pricing applied in baggage to determine what will suit you best.

Can I have the zipper replaced?

Some brands, including Samsonite, offer their customers repair centers where you can have your product repaired.

Why does my suitcase no longer want to open?

It is a lock failure, or you may have forgotten your code. Some insecure locks with 3-digit codes can open quite easily by observing the holes in the rollers. If you have a better lock, you will need to contact the manufacturer’s customer service.

What are the suitcases used by pilots and cabin crew?

Everyone uses the model that suits them. Some premium brands, however, are more common than others. For example, the Travelpro brand is trendy.

Can I trust a low-cost suitcase manufacturer?

Although some low-cost models offer good value for money, you will never have the best possible durability compared to high-end models because of the materials used. The best thing is to consult the opinions of Internet users and comparisons to find out if what the model you are interested in offers is sufficient for you.

What to choose between a suitcase with two and one with four wheels?

Although a two-wheeler can do the job, there is nothing better than a four-wheel spinner. It offers incomparable maneuverability and comfort of use.

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