Large Wall Clocks: Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis- 2022

Large Wall Clocks

Large Wall Clocks: Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis- 2022

One of the greatest needs of human beings is to  monitor the passage of time . Because if we don’t know what time it is, what would become of us? We’d be late everywhere  and we wouldn’t even get out of bed, of course.

To know the passage of time and hours we  need to use clocks. We have clocks  everywhere , in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the office, on the laptop and even on the mobile phone.

But there is a type of watch that will never go out of style and that, in addition to giving you the time,  serves as a decorative element  of the house. We are talking about the wall clock, which you can find in two versions,  analog or digital .

This type of product, in addition to being in an analog or digital version, you can find it in many different designs, colors and sizes. To see which style is best suited to the room of your house where you are going to hang it, we have prepared the buying guide with the best wall clocks on the market .

What is a wall clock?

A wall clock has the same features as other clocks, depending on your chosen model. Furthermore, they also have different ways of working. Even if you have certain basic features, you will find several options, some more complete than others. Designs and sizes also change.

Large Wall Clock buying guide

Say yes. It’s time to give your home decor a makeover with a new wall clock. There is a large selection of watches in many designs, colours, and sizes in the market, and you are sure to get scared because you do not know which one to choose. For this reason, we have created the following buying guide to help you in the process.

Digital or analogue wall clock?

Choosing between a digital or an analogue wall clock is very personal; you have to consider which style suits you best with the room where you are going to put it. Suppose you want a more modern one with digitized numbers or a traditional one with minute hands and hours. Both models need to configure manually.

In addition, it is also essential that you are clear if you want it to make noise or not. All digital models are silent as they do not have hands, which are the ones that make noise. Analogues, for their part, do make a lot of noise, although new models are emerging on the market that does not.

The noise in the Large Wall Clocks

If you want a digital wall clock, you will not have a problem with noise because it is silent. Things get complicated if what you buy is an analogue watch. These clocks produce the typical “tick-tock”, “cuckoo”, or pendulum sound all the time, which can be very relaxing for some people but can be annoying for others.

Suppose you are one of those who get nervous and cannot stand that constant tick-tock but simultaneously if you want to have a watch with a  traditional design and mechanism because it is the style that best suits your stay. Do not worry because, in the market, there are analogue models available that do not produce any noise and that offer you a calm and relaxing environment.

A wide variety of materials to choose from

The material you will choose for your watch has a lot to do with the room where you will place it. A clock for the kitchen that will get dirty continuously or the bathroom that the steam from the shower can damage is not the same. It would help if you looked for a gadget made of metal or glass in both cases.

When choosing the material for your watch, it is also essential to consider looking for a design that suits your home decor. If you are looking for a more vintage and traditional style, you should opt for a wooden clock to get a warmer touch. If, on the contrary, yours is a more modern style, the materials that are best for you are metal or plastic.

Do not forget to calculate well the size of your wall clock.

The size of the wall clock plays a significant role in choosing it. If it is minimal, its numbers may not read from a distance. It may not suit you if it is enormous, or it may look strange in the space where you plan to place it. Therefore, you must measure well the area where you will hang it before buying it.

There are many sizes on the market; most measure between 25 and 30 centimetres, although you can also find much larger ones of about 75 centimetres. When you make your purchase, you should also consider the size of the numbers and the distance from which the person will see the clock at home.

List of your preferences.

It is good to list your available Digital Wall Clock choices before purchasing on the market. It will not only help you find the best product for you, but it will also save you a lot of time. Take out the best four or five Digital Wall Clock on the market, and then decide which is the best for you. 

 Brand Guarantee

The brand name is often for high-quality services at the lowest possible prices. The market is full of a wide variety of brands. However, when you are ready to get an idea of ​​what you are doing, choosing the most trusted brand name option is good. Reputed brands offer their consumers higher quality products and better customer service 24 hours a day. 

How to place Large Wall Clocks

Placing a clock on your wall is not a difficult task at all; you don’t even need to be a handyman because anyone can do it with a bit of skill. If you go through this step by step, you will see how easy it is:

1. Measure the wall of your room

To be able to place your clock on the wall correctly and that it adapts well to your space, it is necessary that, before making the purchase, you are clear in which room you are going to hang it and that you measure its wall to be able to choose its size accordingly. Successful.

2. Insert the batteries

This product always runs on batteries because it is the easiest way to work longer. Generally, its compartment is located on the back of the watch. Ensure what type of batteries they are and put them in the corresponding container.

3. Set it on time

Once the batteries are installed, it is time to set them on time. Here you can find several methods depending on the type of watch you have bought. If it is a digital one, you will find several buttons to set the hours and minutes on its housing. If it is an analogue one, it usually has a  small wheel on the back to move the hands.

4. The point with a pencil

Before drilling, you must test well the place where you want to hang the clock. To do this, you can take the clock and move it around the wall until you find the point that you like. Now take a pencil and make a small mark where you need to drill.

5. Drill

Finally, you should make a hole in the wall area where you will insert the hook of the clock. To do this, you have to drill at the exact point where you made the mark with the pencil. Once the hole is completed, you can hang your watch.

Read the assembly instructions of your Large Wall Clock:

You must read the user manual to assemble your Large wall clock since all models differ in design and operation. In addition, you will know the manufacturing material, the configuration, the feeding method, and other details.

Place your removable digit wall clock:

The assembly process of this type of wall clock is different since the digits are adhesive and can place freely, giving you versatility in terms of the design and size of the clock. You can set them further apart to give the feel of a large wall clock, further enhancing your living room décor.

The process is quite simple; the first thing you should do is extract the clock digits from the product’s material until you have all of them completed. This material in this type of watch is almost always Eva rubber.

Having the digits ready, you should proceed to mark the center of the clock on the wall with the help of a ruler and a pencil. Then, place the hook that will hold the clock’s machinery in the center, usually included in the package. Mark the template of the digits starting with 12, 3, 6, and 9. Then proceed to mark the other numbers until they are all completed.

Begin to paste each number in the corresponding place, removing the adhesive and placing them on the wall. Keep gluing the rest of the numbers until you have completed them all.

Then, put the hands and the respective AA battery in the clockwork. Place the clock machinery on its separate hook in the center, and voila; You will get an elegant custom wall clock in size, which you can vary whenever you want.

Large Wall Clocks: Additional tips

Thinking about how much Large Wall Clocks costs is the least since there is a variety that ranges from cheap to expensive. Some are decorated and take a complex procedure for their placement, and others are more straightforward and more practical. Wall clocks go from simple to elaborate, and it is up to our taste to choose the best.

We can even have more than one clock in our home; we can place a watch in the living room, another in the kitchen, and another in the bathroom. All of this adapted to our needs to know the exact time at a particular time.

It should note that it is functional to have a wall clock in our home, it is also applicable in our office because that way, but we will also be able to know the entry and exit times and the moments of rest. A digital wall clock is the most appropriate for these places, although it all depends on the aesthetic line, where the best location would be the access to the office.

The pros and cons as described in customer reviews

It is certain that you already know the essential characteristics of large wall clocks at this stage of our test. There are several aspects that you discovered throughout this test. But there are still more features you need to assess. But before considering them, now is the time to know their main advantages and disadvantages:


  • You will have the time at all times.
  • There are some very inexpensive options.
  • Some models are very decorative.


  • There are some slightly outdated models.
  • There are pretty expensive options.

Large Wall Clocks – Doubts you may have

What is an atomic digital clock?

An atomic digital clock is a digital clock that reads the radio waves sent by the atomic clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, to set itself.

How do you set up an atomic wall clock?

An atomic wall clock doesn’t need to be set; it uses radio waves from the Colorado atomic clock to establish itself.



If you are looking for wall clocks that offer you a pleasing result without paying a fortune, we recommend that you look at some models such as those of the brands Elbe, SOLEDI. They have good quality in every way for a reasonably affordable price.


In our opinion and after our investigation, the cheapest product that we have found by doing analysis and discarding products that do not meet a minimum quality is the comparison brand wall clock.


According to consumers, Elbe, SOLEDI are the wall clock brands that have the highest quality. These three repeat the first places in customer trust.


You can currently buy Large wall clocks both in physical stores and online stores. Our recommendation is to buy wall clocks on Amazon because its extensive catalogue and the after-sales customer service is impeccable.

Large Wall Clocks- Digital wall clock or analog wall clock: which is better?

It is the final question in our test. Compared to the digital clock, the analog clock displays the time with two or three hands, which shows the time on an LCD screen. If you wonder which of the two is better, the answer is: which one convinces you the most. However, it would help if you kept in mind that each has certain advantages and disadvantages. Here are the main ones we found: Analog wall clocks. They are very aesthetic, and you will indeed find a model that suits your decor.

In some cases, you won’t see the time as accurately as you want. Its main advantages are that you can easily see the exact time and display other data.

Large Wall Clocks: Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis- 2022

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