Men’s earrings – Buying guide, Reviews, ranking and tests in 2022

Men's earrings

Men’s earrings – Buying guide, ranking and tests in 2022

Whether he has pierced ears or not, men can now wear earrings as a fashion accessory. The offer is comprehensive, and this product can adopt various styles to meet the needs of increasingly demanding users. To help you find the best model that suits you and get a good deal when acquiring it, start by consulting a buying guide in this article. Ours helps you better understand its different selection criteria to opt for an accessory that meets your needs.

How to choose good men’s earrings?

For many men, earrings are essential accessories to wear in everyday life. If you value wearing this type of item, you should plan to acquire one. However, before moving on to this step, here are some tips on three main criteria for choosing this product: the constituent material, comfort and design.

Purchase guide

 The material

Before investing your money to acquire it, you must first know this product. This buying guide for the best men’s earrings will tell you about the materials that can make it up. This parameter allows you to find out about the robustness of this equipment and gives you an idea of ​​its aesthetics.

For lovers of noble materials, opt for gold or silver. With such components, the chances of allergic reactions are reduced. However, they are also often expensive. Besides, most men are not thrilled with the idea of ​​having these materials on them. It all depends on your taste. Other than these two, you can choose stainless steel. The general public appreciates this element because it makes it possible to compromise quality and price.

Stainless steel is durable and full of aesthetics. It exposes to less risk of allergy and retains its initial state for a long time. It is compatible with different colours to satisfy everyone’s requirements. Either way, you need to ensure they don’t contain high-level toxic elements, like nickel.


How to buy better value men’s earrings? Find out about the comfort of using this accessory to answer this question. Used to make you feel chic, elegant or to optimize your loo: this article should not be the source of an uncomfortable situation.

Whatever his style, the earrings should not be imposing for a man. It is often embarrassing to wear this accessory if it is too bulky. It’s the same for his weight. This product shouldn’t be heavy either. The ideal is to have an item you can wear without feeling it on your ears. Many models allow you to benefit from such comfort. Also, if you always want to have it on you, choose one that doesn’t get damaged underwater.


When you feel comfortable and safe wearing this accessory, you should not forget to check whether it enhances you or not. This point deserves to address before asking where to buy new men’s earrings. It determines the adaptability of your choice to the use you want to make of this article.

In a price comparison, you can find earrings in various designs. Anyway, know that, unlike women’s models, those used by men should be more discreet. Whether ring, nail or magnetic, make sure of its discretion. Then you can choose between different colours, but black and white follow the trend. You also decide to select a model with precious stones for more elegance. 

The best men’s earrings of 2022

As with women, earrings are fashion accessories for some men. Whether you like to wear them daily or occasionally, be sure to invest in buying a good quality item

How to use men’s earrings?

 Nowadays, earrings are trendy accessories for both men and women. You are a man who wants to be at the forefront of fashion with these accessories, which is why you have purchased earrings that will highlight your personality and charm. Wearing these jewels nevertheless requires some instructions, and this is what we are going to develop for you in the following lines.

Get a good piercing.

Before wearing your jewelry, it is necessary to have your ears pierced so that they can hang on naturally. The procedures can involve health risks if they are poorly carried out, such as risks of infection if the tool used is inadequately sterilized or concerns about healing. To avoid these inconveniences, ensure the piercer wears clean gloves and uses fixed equipment before the piercing. And after fitting your new jewelry, carefully monitor the healing for the next two weeks and regularly clean your accessories and your ears with an antiseptic solution.

Adopt the style that matches your curls

To highlight your earrings, they will have to match your look. For example, if you bought earrings with small diamonds, these can give you a very classy look if you wear them with a suit. If you have silver earrings, they will better highlight if you adopt a rock look. If you have spreader-style curls, know that they are very popular with today’s trendy men. You can wear them with your everyday outfits, as they go with almost any style.

Avoid losing your accessories.

Earrings are often made with high-value materials, such as diamonds or gold. Therefore, it is essential to be careful not to lose them since you have spent a small fortune to acquire them. The risk of losing these can be caused, in particular, by a poorly operated clasp. To avoid this, be sure to close the loop over your earlobe so that it stays in place. There are several types of fasteners. In the case of a hook, close the chip tightly behind the ear. With a screw clasp, make sure the screw reaches the end of the thread until it makes good contact with your ear.

Adopt the right gestures

To keep your earrings shining over time: it is essential to perform a few familiar gestures to maintain them. First of all, when you clean them, avoid putting them in contact with chemicals. Other substances can also alter their lustre, for example, sweat. So avoid wearing them when you play sports or even when you go to sleep. It would help if you also disinfected them from time to time to limit the risk of infection since they are in direct contact with the skin. Soak a cotton ball with alcohol and rub it on the jewelry to do this.

The Best Types of Men’s Earrings


The single stud is what you deserve if it’s just your lobe staring down the barrel of the gun. You’ll need to leave it on for eight weeks while the hole heals – differentiate the stud sooner, and it will close – so you’ll need to adopt this style, which you consider yourself more of a man hoop.

Hoop earrings

Think David Beckham in the 2000s and Romeo Beckham in the here and now, which looks suspiciously like a raid on his dear dad’s jewelry box. Hoops can be a bit more adventurous than the simple stud. They’re also a comfortable option. Get aptly named “sleeper” earrings, and you never have to take them off.

Dangling earrings

The most impactful of the men’s earring options, this one requires the most sartorial bravery or peacock tilt. Take Johnny Depp, who wore dangling earrings long before it was necessary to add the “problematic” prefix to his name. Or look to an 80s Rob Lowe and Snoop Dogg for inspiration.

The best materials for earrings

If you’re reading an article on men’s earrings, chances are it isn’t your first foray into the world of metal accessories. However, if you’re still unsure if you’re in or in money, use your body as a guide.

Generally, warm skin tones suit gold, while silver works best with more relaxed skin. If they appear blue, your skin is excellent; you have warm tones if they are more of a green shade.

Silver earrings

Silver and platinum and white gold – jewelry works well for all kinds of earrings. It can look sleek punky and lend itself to a hippyish aesthetic. Fun fact, sailors traditionally wore silver earrings to pay for their burial if they died at sea and washed ashore in a strange land.

Gold earring

Or earrings look too stately to be punky, but they lend themselves to a romantic, vintage look – like Lord Byron reclining on a couch. A gold hoop also looks surprisingly good with sportswear. Let’s not ask ourselves why. We don’t make the rules.

Diamond earrings

The stars of silver screen (and style) superstar Michael B Jordan saved the diamond from being solely the preserve of a Third Division footballer. However, a set of diamond studs should probably reserve for tailored and booted days to avoid their sartorial relegation.

Men’s earrings: what to consider

The piercing itself

Comment and where you should consider your ear decoration journey depending on the piercing you are looking for. Street jewellers can often do a standard lobe piercing. As you move up the ear – where it doesn’t look plump anymore – it turns into cartilage, and the piercing gun won’t cut it anymore. Instead, you’ll need someone to stab you with a needle.

Don’t wander into the nearest tattoo parlor you see. Ask pierced and tattooed friends for reliable recommendations, and if that doesn’t help, you’ll have to scour Google reviews, we’re afraid.


Age is just a number, and R.Kelly writes to sing for a then underage Aaliyah. Sinister. People, unlike hummus, don’t have an expiration date when it comes to earrings.

Admittedly, there are cases where other choices than a simple stallion can be a bit difficult after a certain age. But if you have enough bluster, you can pull it all off. Check out London architect and artist Abe Odedina’s hoops, now approaching its sixth decade, if you don’t believe us.

Style staff

While a shark’s tooth dangling from your ear might be a little uncomfortable at a black-tie event, there aren’t hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting an earring. hear. “It completely depends on the client because they all have different styles. Some might want something subtle, while others want something dramatic. »

Consider choosing earrings as similar to buying one costume or baskets. Some styles come to you naturally, and it’s usually wise to go with your instincts. Nothing is stopping you from wearing a dangling earring if you want to, but you’ll probably instinctively know if it’ll suit your look.



Most ear piercings are in the 20 to 18 gauge range. Medium earrings are 20 gauge.

Gauge refers to the thickness of the post or section of the earring that goes through the piercing. Its measurement is slightly confusing: the higher the gauge, the thinner the rod. A 22 gauge will be narrower than an 18 gauge.


It depends on their size. An oversized earring can get stuck in your pillowcase and break or even tear your earlobe.

It’s also essential to clean the earring and your piercing because oils, skin cells, and dust from your bedsheets could build up around your silver stud.


Many men wonder if wearing them on one side is culturally equated with being gay and on the other with being straight. The only “gay ear” is the one that prefers the company of other men. Do whatever you want!

Ears are “just” ears – stop asking unnecessary questions and wear your curls as you see fit!


We prefer to suggest that you do not wear large hoops or earrings when going to the gym or basketball practice. No one dreams of seeing their earring hanging in a t-shirt. Opt for an ear stud if necessary.

Speaking of fitness, avoid swimming in earrings for the first 2-3 weeks after piercing. And be aware that your earring can potentially rust in water. 


Hypoallergenic earrings are for people who have allergic reactions to certain types of metals. Most people who have these allergic reactions react to the presence of nickel in the metal mix. Always check the documentation provided with the product to verify if it is “nickel-free.”


Once the piercing has healed, you can remove and change your earrings as often as you like. Could you leave them in place for 6 to 8 weeks in case of a new piercing?


An excellent first earring is one that you can wear for more than six weeks without feeling any discomfort while the piercing heals. Choose a model that matches your other accessories – such as a silver watch – and the rest of your wardrobe.

A simple black nail will be very easy to match.

Make sure the material is hypoallergenic.


Once the hole has healed, change it as often as you like.


It depends on what “for women” means in this context. The standard men’s piercing is the same size as the women’s. And the earrings can be used by both genders.

Suppose the question refers to a stereotypical earring (large hoops or a loop decorated with a long pendant set with brilliants). Then you are the only judge of what to do.

We prefer many men’s earrings, but that’s our point of view. The dimensions and proportions are adapted to the male morphology and will therefore be easier to match your wardrobe.


It means that he only wears one earring.

It may have had another meaning 30 years ago, but these days you can wear your earring in your right ear left ear your sense of style will be your only guide.


Sober and tasteful ear studs will tolerate. Anything that would attract excessive attention should be avoided and considered highly inappropriate.

Funerals are not meant to draw attention to you.

Men’s earrings – Buying guide, ranking and tests in 2022

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