Portable Washers and Dryers- Reviews and buying guide – 2022

Portable Washers and Dryers

Portable Washers and Dryers- Reviews and buying guide – 2022

We must have all the elements and appliances within our homes that help us efficiently carry out our daily tasks. However, these appliances often take up a lot of space, which can be a genuine inconvenience for smaller or busy homes.

In this sense, if you do not have a lot of space at home, some appliances have been specifically designed for this type of home and have compact designs. That is why below, we guide you to some of the best portable washers and dryers that you can have at home.

How to choose a portable washing machine: Types and Uses

When buying cheap portable washing machines, we have to look at various aspects to make the right choice:

Type of portable washing machine –

Although washing machines can generally be divided into two kinds: front-loading (which have a larger capacity and are more profitable in the long run) and top-loading (cheaper and easier to store), which It is true that in the case of portable washing machines, the vast majority of manufacturers opt for the top loader because it makes it possible to make more compact models that take up little space, an aspect that is essential in this class of appliances.

Load capacity

 Depending on the people who will use the portable washing machine and the frequency of use, we will need it to have a greater or lesser load capacity. In this sense, most cheap portable washing machines are designed for a maximum load of just 1, 2 or 3 kilos, although some can support 6 or 7 kilos, being indicated for 1,2 or even three people. It is not convenient for you to choose a portable washing machine with a greater capacity than you need simply on a whim, since the more significant the load capacity, the greater its price and energy consumption.

Spin speed 

If you buy portable washing machines with spin, you should pay attention to their rate: the revolutions, which are nothing more than the number of courses that the drum makes per minute. The higher the spin speed, the drier the clothes will come out, but also more wrinkled, so it is best to choose portable washing machines with a medium speed, neither too high nor too low.

Energy efficiency in portable washing machines for camping 

The washing machine consumes the most energy. Hence energy efficiency is a factor to consider. Check the energy labelling of the European Union, which classifies electrical appliances with the letters A to G, with A representing the most efficient and G the least, and opt for models that have at least one; it will be more profitable for you in the long term. You will contribute to caring for the environment.

Noise level of the portable washing machine 

If you are going to use the portable washing machine in your motorhome, the last thing you want is for it to emit a massive amount of noise that bothers you every time you start it up. Usually, the energy label indicates the decibel level so check that it is not too high before buying it.


Make sure that the portable washing machine you are interested in has been subjected to the different security controls established by the European Union to take care of your safety.

Buying a cheap portable washing machine on Amazon: Things to consider

As you may have seen when examining the best cheap portable washing machines on Amazon, buying on this platform can save you a considerable amount of money. However, it is appropriate that before making a purchase, you take a look at the reputation of the seller in question who has the portable washing machine you want for sale. Although these companies carry out continuous quality controls on their vendors to ensure that they all offer adequate customer service, it never hurts to take a look and avoid unnecessary surprises.

What are the prices of portable washing machines?

The prices of portable washing machines vary enormously depending on the features they have and the manufacturer’s brand, finding cheap models of just $60 or even lower if they are Chinese portable washing machines. In comparison, others are close to or exceed $200. So you must decide if you are willing to pay more for an appliance of this type or prefer to save and buy a cheap model.

Which portable washing machine is the best? Use, the key to getting it right when buying cheap portable washing machines.

Everyone wants to know which portable washing machine is the best when the truth is that there is no answer because the one that may be the best portable washing machine for a family that regularly travels to a campsite will not be the right one for a single who washes his clothes every two days. Depending on the use you want to give it, your budget and the features you wish the portable washing machine to have, the best models will be completely different.

Our advice? Please make a list of the features that you would like your portable washing machine to have, consider the aspects that we have mentioned above and compare the different models of cheap portable washing machines until you find the perfect one for you.

We hope we have resolved all your doubts in this guide to buying portable washing machines.

Guide to buying the best portable washing machine

Indeed people are wondering what a portable washing machine is, and it is clear that it is not a conventional washing machine, nor is it that efficient. Still, it is sure to be very practical in many circumstances and in this buying guide we clarify the doubts to buy the best mini portable washing machine:

What load capacity does Portable Washers and Dryers have?

Having a small size; the load capacity is also less than a front or top-loading washing machine; The usual thing is that this type of mini washing machine can wash between 3 and 4 kg of clothes, although there are models of only 2 kilos or up to 7 kilos; It must be taken into account that for spinning the load capacity drops up to 30% less than that indicated for washing.

How much energy does Portable Washers and Dryers consume?

The mini washing machines have consumption that can range between 150W and 600W (in the wash, they consume more power than in the spin); They must be connected to a 220V electricity network.

How much water does mini Portable Washers and Dryers consume?

An average portable washing machine can consume between 8 and 15 litres of water in each wash so that the clothes to be washed are wholly submerged; About 8-10 litres are used for washing and 5-8 for rinsing.

What is the washing time of a mini portable washing machine?

The washing times are pre-established at the factory for each model, approximately 15 minutes maximum for washing and 5 minutes for spinning; Washing clothes with a mini portable washing machine can serve as a break from work if you are a nomad who travels works in his motorhome.

How much space does Portable Washers and Dryers take up?

The measurements of a mini portable washing machine are around 50-75 cm high and 35-75 cm wide, and 35-40 cm deep; therefore, they can be transported in the trunk of a car, in the garage of a motorhome or stored in a cupboard at home when not in use.

Does a portable washing machine wash OK?

The mini washing machines perfectly fulfil their mission; They can clean minor stains and leave a correct finish on garments with the usual daily dirt.

Does a portable washing machine spin well?

The spin is impeccable; The negative point is that being a small space, it is limited to just a couple of garments for each use, although since it lasts only 3 to 5 minutes, it can do in stages without wasting much time.

Is a laundromat better than a mini Portable Washers and Dryers?

Typically laundries are located within cities or towns, so if we find ourselves in a campsite or a motorhome in the outskirts, we would have to travel with dirty clothes and return with wet clothes.

In addition, if it can use frequently, for what it costs to wash clothes in a laundromat, in approximately ten washes, the purchase of a portable washing machine would amortize.

Purchase criteria for a Portable Washers and Dryers

After thinking about the brand of portable washing machine, you have to take into account some more aspects:

  • Use: it is essential to know how many people will use the portable washing machine and therefore the number of clothes to wash to choose a suitable model in terms of size and consequently appropriate washing capacity
  • Location: it is also interesting to think about in which area the mini washing machine will use to evaluate whether to buy a model with a dryer.
  • Type of load: you have to think about where the appliance will usually be located to know if it will be more comfortable to buy a front-loading or top-loading mini washing machine for when putting in or taking out the clothes.
  • Consumption: also, note that they have different energy and water consumption depending on the type of load.
  • Size: it is essential to know where the portable washing machine is going to place before buying it to take into account its measurements
  • Design: just like the size, you have to consider square, oval, etc., models.

Tips for buying the best Portable Washers and Dryers

Usually, the main reason to buy a portable washing machine is space or mobility; therefore, it is necessary to see that the model to be purchased has wheels and reduced size and an adjusted weight to move it comfortably.

Conveniently, it includes a faucet adapter, which can connect to the said water inlet.

Take into account the speed of rotation of the mini washing machine, since, at a higher rate, clothes are drier but also more wrinkled and, therefore, more ironing time.

  • Also to consider: noise level, load capacity, number of washing cycles and the programs included.

Things to know before buying a washing machine

Before selecting a washer, various questions are worth asking. It is better to take the time to reflect on establishing a coherent budget that will allow you to acquire a product that meets your needs. To help you do this, here are a few things you may be interested in.

The number of people in the household

If you are few, you can settle for a smaller capacity, but be careful! It does not always go with a reduced price. So you have to be very careful with the costs. It will often be interesting to buy a model capable of going beyond your needs.

The average size and items of your loads

If you are using to wait a bit before washing and putting a massive quantity of items in the machine at once, it is better to opt for a slightly more expensive but fast, quiet and efficient model. The entry-level should be more than enough if you do laundry very regularly.

Also, note that some machines perform better with particular items. Today, most have a bedding mode, but if you occasionally wash very delicate clothes or more original articles, be sure to find out about the cycles available.

Portable Washers and Dryers- Your space

Most washers are similar in size, but some compact models are ideal if you have limited space. Be aware, however, that they turn out to be much more expensive for a much lower capacity.

Adaptation to electrical standards

Be careful: make sure that the electrical operation of the device corresponds to North American standards and is suitable for your home! It would help if you never made any safety concessions, which is even more true about large household appliances.

Our selection criteria for buying a washing machine

Once you have clearly defined your expectations, it is necessary to find the washer offering the best possible value for money while respecting what you want. Here are the essential characteristics to know when you are confronted with the technical sheets of the different references.

The price

It is necessary to devote a minimum budget approaching $700 or $800. Most intermediate washers are priced between $950 and $1050. Beyond, you are instead in the high end. A powerful and compact device can cost nearly $1500.

The capacity

There is a popular washer size that offers a capacity of 5.2 CU. It is suitable for large loads, allows you to easily wash the laundry of a family of 4 or 5 people. It is not necessarily offered much more expensive than the smaller capacities.

Below three cu ft, consider that you are dealing with a washer with a reasonably small capacity that is more suitable for a couple. Between 3 and 5.2 cu ft, the machines can do laundry for 3 to 4 people.

Portable Washers and Dryers- The number and nature of washing cycles

As a general rule, the more cycles a washer has, the more versatile it is and the less you have to adapt. Most offer 10. Entry-level models usually have 8.

Some models can go up to nearly forty cycles, but this is not necessarily an advantage. They become unnecessarily challenging to operate.

Among the most frequent cycles, there are regular or intensive washes, cycles adapt to bedding or delicate clothes or even processes by colour. It is up to you to determine which ones you find helpful.

Additional functions

Standard additional features include the ability to adjust water and temperature levels. Sometimes a sanitizing function allowing the elimination of bacteria is propose.

There are other rarer options:

  • A detergent dispenser.
  • The ability to continue tumbling for a few hours before getting the laundry out.
  • The ability to add an item to a load while the machine is already running.

Remember to check, the number of revolutions/min of the spin. The higher it is, the more the time necessary for the dryer will reduce.

Portable Washers and Dryers- Respect for the environment and energy consumption

A sign assures you that your device has been designed with respect for the environment and that it consumes a reduced amount of energy: it is the Energy Star certification. Also, note that a ” high capacity ” washer also implies reduced energy consumption when we talk about a “high capacity” washer.

Ease of maintenance

A washing machine involves light but essential maintenance. Note that some models can equipp with a self-cleaning function that aims above all to reduce any odours but remains appreciable.

The weight and dimensions

You won’t have many options here: the standards are well establish. However, remember to take the necessary measures! If you want to position the washer on another appliance, be sure to check that it can hold the weight.

Design and ergonomics

Washer controls are most often located on the front and can be more or less intuitive. Some brands offer dedicated troubleshooting apps on smartphones, which can be helpful.

Front-loading washers are the nicest because they can stack on top of other appliances. But you often have to buy a rack that’s sold separately.

Try to find a device that has marked cycles and functions. If possible, also choose those equipped with LCD screens that allow you to monitor your laundry at a glance.

Finally, if aesthetics is not the fundamental element on a washing machine. Do not hesitate to choose a device whose appearance you like; It is always more pleasant and makes chores less cumbersome!

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