Round Rugs- Best Round Rugs Buying Guide and analysis – 2022

Round Rugs

Round Rugs- Best Round Rugs Buying Guide and analysis – 2022

We are talking about the round carpet, that great novelty in a world where the square/rectangle predominate. If you want to know more about it, read this article. Who knows? Maybe you will discover you are looking for the solution.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Round Rugs

This section leaves you with some of the essential aspects of choosing a round rug. Join us to discover the most relevant characteristics of these decorative elements, which have become crucial.

Why choose a round rug?

The round carpet is a decorative element that cannot be missing in our home, causing an absolute fury. And it is not surprising that they have become an accurate claim for decoration lovers. In addition to being beautiful and practical, it tears apart the monotony of your decoration, making your house look like a magazine. It is ideal for bringing that personality, warmth, and strength to any room, making it unique and unmatched.

The round rug helps expand a space visually, making it the perfect element if you want your living/dining room to appear much more significant. It is due to its rounded shape, which creates the visual sensation of spaciousness by not covering the entire floor.

Perfect for the living room and bedroom since they isolate much of the winter cold, providing comfort to the room. In addition, it is also used as an apparent “call effect” since they manage to highlight the part of the room that we want, focusing all eyes on it.


  • Boost and highlight parts of the room
  • It can be used as a game center
  • Break the monotony
  • Fill empty gaps


  • You must be careful when measuring them.

What materials can we find them made?

The first rugs in history were made with a half-woven cloth due to binding wool or hair. Due to its constant use and the evolution of trends, we have a great diversity of materials. To choose a circular rug, you must ask yourself what type of material you like or in which areas you want to place it. Moreover, all materials are not equal in quality, durability, or ease of cleaning. Let’s see!

Material -Main features

Jute For exterior and interior. Rough-in appearance but soft to the touch. Perfect for hot climates

Cotton: Soft and pleasant touch. Very hygienic. Easy to handle and use

Wool: The queen of rugs. Elegant Resistant. Warm High density

Leather: Soft touch. Flexible

Coconut They are used for doormats. Rough Resistant. Durable

Nylon: Resistant to heat and dirt. Ideal for areas with a lot of traffic

Polypropylene: Resistant to heat and dirt. Easy maintenance. Perfect for high traffic areas

Where should round rugs be placed in our home?

Whether for comfort or aesthetics, the trend to use these decorative elements increases. We can see that they are present in almost all parts of the home: the dining room, hallway, stairs, and even outdoors. Although the round carpet is always well received, it is essential in the living room and bedrooms. If you put a circular rug in a rectangular living room, it will not only look much larger, but it will also have personality. Another advantage of this type of tapestry is filling that space that furniture cannot. Its rounded edges soften that cold and empty feeling of some minimalist or Nordic living rooms, providing a touch of warmth.

In living rooms and bedrooms, they are used to attract attention by highlighting some furniture and providing warmth, intimacy, and simplicity. It is achieving a more welcoming stay.

What kind of maintenance or cleaning should a round rug follow?

  • Although generally, carpet maintenance is not complicated, we should dedicate some primary care to them. Vacuum at least twice a week: This will depend on how long you are at home and the number of people who live in it.
  • Act quickly against stains: It is best to use absorbent paper or a cloth to dry. Then you can clean usually.
  • Do deep cleaning every year: Advisable during the summer months, as this will dry quickly and will not have a musty smell. In this way, we will prevent the dreaded mold from appearing.

Next, we will show you other ways to clean your round rug. Thus, you will keep it in the best conditions and for much longer.


Dry cleaner: Delicate, antique, or handmade fabrics, Occasionally see a dry cleaner or fabric cleaning professionals for cleaning and disinfecting.

Steam machine Directly on the carpet to disinfect it. For best results, add a mixture of white vinegar and water.

Home remedy with a vacuum cleaner: Mix baking soda, cornflour, and boron salt (½ -1-1 cup respectively) to get a paste. Apply it, leave it on overnight and then vacuum.

How can I remove specific stains?

Each stain has its way of care, maintenance, and cleaning. Here is a list of the most common elements that tend to deteriorate carpets and their solution:

  • Nail polish: Use absorbent paper, then use nail polish remover or acetone. Be careful with this if your rug is brightly colored.
  • Chewing gum: Pass ice and then scrape with a knife. If it is deeply buried, use the heat of the iron and remove it with an oil-free solvent.
  • Tough stains: Mix two tablespoons of soap with two hydrogen peroxide and let it act on the color.
  • Recover the smell: Spread a layer of salt on the carpet. If it is not wool, you can rub it with water and ammonia.

How to enhance its insulating function in winter?

The rugs arose from the need to protect themselves from the cold of the floor and the humidity. In addition to this, they contribute to making our footsteps warmer and more pleasant, giving that unique and special touch: the dining room, the bedrooms, the hall, the bathroom. There are many spaces in our house that welcome carpets in winter.

Rooms or bedrooms

A round rug for a room or bedroom should be soft and soft to the touch. Well, it will be the first place where we will put our bare feet when we get up. In winter, it is recommended that we put a large tapestry that occupies all the space under the bed and sides. Your awakenings will be warmer and more pleasant!

Hallways and hallways

The entrance to the house is the space of passage every time we come or go. As it is the closest place to the door, it allows cold air access each time it is opened. For this reason, putting warm elements that isolate this area is a wise decision.

The corridors act as distributors of rooms and other rooms. In addition, they are usually somewhat dark if they do not have windows. For this reason, it is essential to choose a resistant carpet in light tones so that it provides luminosity.


The most convenient thing when choosing a round rug for the bathroom is that it is resistant to moisture. It is a pretty good idea to put a cotton carpet, especially if we have ceramic or natural stone floors, usually very cold.

Round carpet vs. rectangular. Which one do I choose?

All rugs, round or rectangular, help conserve the home’s heat by isolating it from the cold. Both being necessary for any home, we can find some differences. Here we leave you some of the most characteristics.


Perfect for enhancing- Rooms with round tables Living rooms with sofas and corridors

Ideal location Small corners and specific places Corridors and areas that we want to delimit

They achieve- Integrate the different elements surrounding you Define, distribute the ingredients.

They contribute- Sweetness and warmth to the space Sobriety and elegance

Designed for Unify spaces Separate spaces

Round Rugs- Purchase criteria

Conveniently, you consider some factors such as size, color, design or decoration, before making your purchase. We leave you here with a series of easy and simple tips for you to choose your perfect round rug.

  • Size
  • Color
  • Design
  • Location
  • Price

Round Rugs- Size

First, take the measure! It is advisable to know the exact size of your ideal rug before buying it. Its dimensions have to be determined by the surfaces we want to cover. This way, we will avoid purchasing a tiny carpet and leaving gaps to fill.

It does not affect the decoration more than a carpet short.

Measure the diameter well! Keep in mind that the maximum size of these rugs is less than a square (obviously, there are no corners). Therefore, a circular carpet will almost always seem minor than we thought.


The carpet market offers us a multitude of possibilities in terms of color. Before making the purchase, we advise you to analyze the colors of your home or the style you want to have, avoiding breaking the harmony of your home. When buying a round rug, not everything goes!

If you choose well and take good care of it, it will be an element that will adorn your home for a long time.

One of the ways to play it safe and not be wrong is to buy rugs in one color. This way, you ensure that it will fit perfectly with the style of your home. For example, light tones like beige and neutrals are always a hit. These tones bring harmony to a house.

You will not be risking so much, and you will also have a comfortable, simple, and warm stay. Although, if you want to take a risk and give your home a sugarcane touch, opt for round rugs in bright and intense colors.

The carpets have a series of cares for proper maintenance and 

Round Rugs- Design

To begin with, before choosing the design of your round rug, you have to know in which space it will place. If it is already saturated with patterns, you should buy one solid color.

Plain rugs are perfect to match if you want to play it safe. Unless you want to break the chromatic monotony and give it an innovative touch for this, patterned rugs are ideal. These rugs become the protagonists of the room in which they are.


Both the style and the colors of our carpet must be in perfect harmony with the other home elements. Thus, they will achieve that desired effect: transmit a practical, warm and beautiful home. We can find two types:

  • Interior rugs: They are used to decorate the house and for insulation from the cold. It comes in many materials. They are usually soft so that our footsteps are more comfortable. It needs particular care. They come in a multitude of colors and designs.
  • Outdoor rugs: They are used to create a cozy atmosphere in an outdoor living room or highlight garden furniture. We can also find them in many designs and materials, although most are wicker or wood. They are made with materials resistant to inclement weather. Synthetic fibers are typically used because they are more robust, easier to care for, immune, and durable.

Round Rugs- Price

Thanks to the wide range of Round Rugs on the market, we have a high price variation. Facilitating, in this way, our choice at the time of purchase.

Although they do not usually have a very high amount, we can find high-end rugs at relatively low prices. Their cost varies depending on the materials they are made, shape, design, or size.

Round Rugs- Summary

Circular rugs are not just another decorative element in our home. Also, they help us maintain the warmth of our home and provide comfort and style. They have accompanied many homes during all these years. Therefore, we have many shapes, designs, colors, and materials to choose from in our round rug.

The Round Rugs are the latest trend that is here to stay. It has caused a tangible furor, breaking all decoration schemes. This type of carpet gives that unique and wild touch and is cozy and balanced to our home. How come you don’t have it yet?

Best Round Rugs Buying Guide and analysis – 2022

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