Salt and Pepper Shakers, Buying Guide and Opinions 2022

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers, Buying Guide and Opinions 2022

Salt is essential for bringing the flavor out of foods, offering a satisfying experience for our taste buds. Pepper brings the flavor out of foods and is necessary for roasted veggies, meats, and salads. (Because salt and pepper shakers are a kitchen essential) Whether you’re an up-and-coming chef or prefer to take out, there’s always a need for a little extra pepper and a pinch of salt. These salt and pepper shakers are easy to use, durable and functional, and offer unique features and ergonomics everyone should consider when shopping for these items. We researched some of the best salt and pepper shakers and ranked them for you. Check out some of our picks below

Top 6 Shakers- Our Picks

1. HOME EC Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers Set with Adjustable Pour Holes 

Top Pick – Ideal For Long-Term Use

If you’re looking for a highly durable option, this set of salt and pepper shakers is ideal. It contains heavy-duty stainless steel and strong glass for scratch and rust resistance. The Home EC salt and pepper shakers measure 4.5-inches in height and hold around ½ cup of spices, making them a perfect option for routine use. A screw-off top and a wide mouth make it easy to refill these shakers when necessary. Adjustable pour holes allow dispensing the perfect amount of salt or pepper easier.


  • Large capacity
  • Durable design


  • Only a tiny portion is transparent

2. Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Grinder Set – Stainless Steel Refillable Salt & Peppercorn Shakers

Best Quality- Perfect Centerpieces

These attractive shakers are perfect if you regularly use your dinner table for meals. They come with a beautiful, helpful stand, making it ideal as a centerpiece. The Willow & Everett salt and pepper shakers come in an elegant, attractive design with brushed stainless steel, a glass body, and a powerful ceramic grinder. This sleek set includes an equally aesthetic stand preventing messes and maintaining organization. These salt and pepper shakers are taller and slimmer than other models granting easier handling.


  • Easier to handle
  • It has a large capacity


  • More challenging to store

3. Modetro Salt and Pepper Shakers Set, Pepper and Salt Mill 

Most Simple – Best For Precise Pouring

If you’re tired of pouring too much or too little salt and pepper when you’re cooking, this is an ideal choice. With an ergonomic build, this option allows for precise pouring. The Modetro shakers hold 8-ounces of spice and measure 6-inches tall, making them easy to store. An adjustable ceramic grinder and thicker design make these salt and pepper shakers easier to use.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Large capacity


  • More challenging to unscrew 

4. Juvale Salt and Pepper Shakers Set, Stainless Steel and Glass Dispenser

Clear Labeling

These shakers ensure you don’t ever mix up your salt and pepper shakers again with clear markings. The Juvale shakers measure 4-inches-tall and hold around 4 ounces of spices. The “P” and the “S” pouring holes allow quick, easy, and accurate use. A high-quality glass bottom and stainless-steel top give these salt and pepper shakers a classic look.


  • Marked
  • Unique design


  • Smaller capacity

5. Tumbler Home Shake It Free Shakers

Best humidity-free salt and pepper shakers

Tumbler Home Shake It Free Shakers give relief to the salt shaker sufferers of the world. Instead of adding rice to the salt shaker, these glass shakers have a self-closing and sealing lid that prevents moisture from turning that salt into a single block.

These shakers have a textured bubble glass design with a wide mouth for easy refills. Designed for single-handed use: the lid pops open and automatically closes to prevent moisture from entering the jar.

6. ChefVantage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Best salt and pepper shaker overall

ChefVantage Salt and Pepper Shakers Set with Adjustable Holes are versatile shakers that feature adjustable holes, a glass body, and a protective metal outer cover that comes in black, red, white, and stainless, and a black and white combination set. The design allows these shakers to be used for more than simply salt and pepper, and the adjustable holes allow for more prominent spices such as crushed pepper or fennel seeds.

Easy to clean and use, these ChefVantage shakers come with a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. Their ergonomic look and feel exude classic design and quality artistry.

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Our Salt And Pepper Shaker Buying Guide

Tin-plated shakers are often attractively painted to give buyers that feeling of nostalgia, while glass shakers have that classic look. Even shakers have an inner glass layer that resists bacteria and a stainless steel outer shell for more of an elegant appearance. The extreme metal also works to protect the inner glass.

The Degine review: An ergonomic design with a non-slip base is ideal. The Tumbler Home Shakers have a bubble glass design that lends itself to a firm grip. You don’t wish to accidentally drop the shaker into your food, so a good grip is vital.

Decide whether you prefer a shaker set with a grinding machine or without. The benefit of having an in-built grinder is the ability to make your spices coarse or fine. Of course, no hero means you won’t have to do any work before applying the seasonings to your plate.

Check to see how the shaker set will prevent moisture from getting in the containers and causing clumps. Some models come with special lids that have an added lining and self-close.

Analyze the hole patterns to determine the price of spice distributed with every shake. Few models have a screw on the lid that offers three different sized openings. It gives you an option as to whether you wish to shake out of the spice.

Try for extras that may set them apart from other models. For example, few shakers are built with side spouts for pouring. It is convenient when baking, as you’ll need to quickly measure out a specific amount of spice to add to your dough.

Tips and Advice

  • Must read the product packaging to determine how to clean the shakers. Few models can place in a dishwasher. However, Some shakers recommend hand washing only.
  • Since these shakers can grow bacteria, you must take the time to clean them regularly. It can do by soaking them in hot soapy water and some drops of liquid soap. A small bottle brush is suitable if you can’t get a washcloth to reach the bottom. When your shakers have an odor, it is safe with baking soda when washing them. Thoroughly rinse them after cleaning, and then either allow them to air dry or dry them with a lint-free paper towel. It would be best to refill them until the containers are fully dry.
  • Mixing a small amount of rice at the bottom of your shakers is the best way to combat moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fill in salt and pepper shakers?

It depends on the design of the shaker; some salt and pepper shakers can quickly fill by opening the lid of the shaker for filling. Some shakers have holes at the bottom, which can use to fill the shaker.

Which has more holes, salt or pepper shaker?

The number of holes in the salt and pepper shakers varies according to the shaker set you purchase. Traditionally, the salt shaker has fewer holes than the pepper shaker.

How many holes should a salt shaker have?

A salt shaker always has one or two holes. It is to make sure that you do not accidentally overpour the shaker.

How do you identify vintage shakers?

The best way to identify a vintage shaker is by turning them upside down to check the manufacturer’s mark. Often you can find the manufactured year of an older shaker on the bottom.

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