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The 8 Best Window Washer you’ll love Buying guide – 2022

Best Window Washer

The 8 Best Window Washer you’ll love Buying guide – 2022

Window cleaning is not often an easy task, mainly if you have not found a suitable device. The old cleaning methods of using microfiber cloths, tea towels, cotton, and even window cleaners are complex and time-consuming. You will not have a good result, but you are also wasting your precious time. However, thanks to the explosion of technology, several cleaning tools have emerged, including the window cleaner.

It is a household appliance that will save you a lot of time to clean your windows without leaving any trace.

You will find several ranges of this window cleaning equipment on the market, the appropriate choice of which is not always easy to make. And it is precisely for this reason that our team has sifted through dozens of the best window cleaners by testing them thoroughly to give you the chance to choose the best model that perfectly meets your needs and your use in the world—more affordable price.

Why buy the Best Window Washer?

There are several primary reasons to buy your own best cleaner today of glass. We can quote you, among others: its speed, efficiency, and practicality.

The best window cleaners today allow you to save a lot of time compared to the traditional methods, which consisted of using a cloth, a bucket of water, or a squeegee. The device alone is full of all its functions.

Manual cleaning of a glass surface should take 20 minutes; with the window cleaner, you can only accomplish this task in 3 minutes without exerting any physical effort. Hence its speed in cleaning the windows, therefore, you will save time considerably.

Window cleaners have a strong ability to clean windows without any risk. They clean the windows thoroughly and gently. They leave no scratches or traces on the cleaned surfaces. Hence their effectiveness in cleaning windows.

Often equipped with a battery with significant autonomy, these devices are simple and easy to use even if you do not have electric current. This autonomy can range from 20 to 50 minutes or even more, which will give you time to clean all the glass surfaces of the house thoroughly.

High-end cleaners such as KacherViledaBoschPoliti, and other top-quality brands are used daily. They are equipped with high technology, which makes them practical. But if you want to buy a better Kosher window cleaner, we can still help you make an appropriate choice.

How to effectively choose your Best Window Washer?

Like any other household appliance, choosing the best window cleaner is not so random, and you must base yourself on some main criteria.

However, before entering the window cleaning market, you must first identify your needs. Otherwise, you will choose equipment that may not be suitable for your windows or your large side surfaces.

Thus, for large windows, we recommend large units. Because it will allow you to wash the most extensive surfaces in a short time quickly, you can also opt for machines of reasonable size and better suited to small areas. The choice of the raclette is not also a point to be neglected since a 17 cm squeegee is perfect for small surfaces, while a 27 cm window squeegee is more suitable for large windows.

The last important point you should not overlook when buying your window cleaning equipment is the battery life. For this, our team asks you to direct your choice towards window cleaners equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Thus, with this model, you can wash all your glass surfaces for a long time and thoroughly, whatever their size.

Therefore, you must select the best model that exactly meets your needs and use.

Top 05 models of the Best Window Washer of the year

As we said at the start, our team has selected and analyzed several of the most popular window cleaner ranges in this new year. You will find the equipment of major brands and good qualities.

Similarly, some manufacturers offer high-performance window cleaners at more attractive prices. So whatever model you want to choose, that is to say, the window cleaning robot or a standard machine, the main objective is to have the glass surfaces spotless without any trace or scratch.

In our list above, you will discover the excellent window cleaners that will allow you to keep your windows clean and free from all dirt and fingerprints.

1. Karcher WV6 Plus: the best top of the range

Save precious time during your cleaning sessions thanks to this window cleaner specially designed to make your life easier. It is sold with a 2-in-1 sprayer fitted with a microfiber windscreen to restore your windows to their original transparency. Clean your windows with water or the Karcher cleaning product (a sample of which is offered), then vacuum up the dirty water using the Karcher window cleaner, equipped with a 28 cm long squeegee with exclusive design silicone lips.

With a 100 minutes battery life, this device can clean an area of ​​approximately 300 m² on a single charge. Lightweight, it is convenient and easily overcomes the most encrusted dirt. It is versatile and can use on windows, mirrors, shower screens, and car windshields. This washer comes with a water tank with a 0.15 liters capacity that is quickly emptied without fingers coming into contact with the dirty water.

It is straightforward to use, and this Karcher WV6 Plus window cleaner leaves no traces or drops after its passage on all the flat surfaces of the house. An LED screen displays the time remaining so you won’t be caught off guard in the middle of a cleaning session. Silent and efficient, it cuts the time needed to clean your windows and bay windows by three.


  • Remaining time display
  • 100 minutes autonomy
  •  Lightweight (760 grams)
  • Liquid silicone lips
  • Convenient drain system


  •  Non-removable battery
  • Clarity of the instructions for use

2. Karcher WV5 Plus N: the high-end alternative

Enjoy perfectly cleaned windows in a minimum of time thanks to this Karcher WV5 Plus N window cleaner. It then sucks up the water that remains on the windows, leaving no trace behind. Its 10 cl capacity tank collects the smallest drop of dirty water and empties quickly once you have finished your cleaning session.

Supplied with two squeegees of different lengths (one 17 cm and a second 28 cm) this window cleaner is light and perfectly manageable. For optimal results, the large suction squeegee is equipped with extensions that you can adjust manually to easily and effectively collect water on the frame of windows and bay windows.

The WV 5 Plus N window cleaner has a removable battery of 35 minutes of run time on a single charge (185 minutes). This duration is suitable for cleaning an area of ​​approximately 105 m². In addition, you have the option of purchasing an additional battery as an option to enjoy almost unlimited autonomy. So that you can use your device as soon as you receive it, it is sold with its charger and 20 ml of cleaning concentrate.


  • Sold with two squeegees
  • Removable battery
  • Silent (53 decibels)
  • Lightweight (600 grams)
  • Sprayer with cap included


  • Water tank capacity
  • Time to full charge

3. Leifheit Nemo: the cheap alternative

The particularity of this window cleaner is that it has a waterproof case that allows it to be used even in the shower. Thanks to its strong suction power, this powerful device guarantees an optimal result in a minimum of time. In addition to being effective on your windows and bay windows, it is also suitable for cleaning shower walls, wall tiles, and mirrors.

Easy to use and fitted with a large 28 cm long squeegee, it has one of the most innovative designs. The water tank of this Leifheit Nemo window cleaner is directly integrated into the device’s handle. It, therefore, benefits from an exceptionally compact format that ensures a good grip and perfect handling. Usable at 360°, it is convenient for cleaning high-rise windows.

Its lithium battery gives it an autonomy of approximately 45 minutes, suitable for cleaning an area of ​​130 m². Having recently seen its price drop from $79 to just under $55: this window cleaner is a solid choice if you have a limited budget to purchase your equipment. Made in Europe in quality materials, it is resistant and guaranteed for two years.


  • 360° use
  • Waterproof housing
  • The water tank integrated into the handle
  • Compact
  • size ✓ Large 28 cm long squeegee


  • No sprayer provided
  • Reservoir capacity (60 ml)

4. Vileda Windomatic Power

This Vileda Windomatic Power cordless window cleaner has a rechargeable battery that gives it an autonomy of 40 minutes. Ideal for cleaning your windows in a single gesture, it is one of the only devices on the market to have a turbo function that improves its suction power when necessary. Equipped with a 33 cm long squeegee with 12 air channels, it effectively sucks up water over the entire window height to prevent the slightest drop from falling on the floor.

Its 360° adjustable flexible head is patented and makes it easy to clean windows and hard-to-reach flat surfaces. The design of the water tank has been revised compared to the previous version, which avoids the risk of overflow. 

5. E.Ziclean Hobot V2 

The E.Ziclean Hobot V2 is a regular shopping guide for choosing the best window cleaner. It is the most popular product today.

In terms of cleaning performance, this is an example to take. It is announced in its description that its coverage rate is 99%. And in the opinion of its users, this promise is primarily kept. It can work on all glass surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical. It uses a suction cup function to hold itself firmly on the glass and makes carefully calculated movements to cover the entire area to be washed.

This robot has been designed to be as efficient as possible. Its motorized skates perform a movement inspired by the hand’s natural movement. The rotations allow more applied and targeted friction.

In addition, it uses an innovative movement method. Optimal cleaning is obtained with 2 passages of the microfiber pads. During the first, it removes the vast majority of dirt. On the second, it completes a finish by absorbing and eliminating the rest of the stubborn dust.

It also has a drying function to complete its job, which is helpful when you need to use a unique cleaning solution for your windows.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficiency:  A combination of factors makes this model one of the best performers on the market and would make it worthy of being the best window cleaner. Therefore, it combines high-quality pads with a circular movement and a double pass to give your windows unequaled cleanliness.
  • Drying function: You can spray your usual cleaning solution. Passing the Hobot V2 instantly dries the product droplets, thereby removing difficult grease and traces.
  • Fast:  Autonomy and speed this is what this E.Ziclean Hobot V2 offers you. Just plug it in and install it on the glass surface. It barely takes 5 minutes to clean an area of ​​around 2 m². It will be able to take care of the enormous bay windows in a minimum of time.


  • Noisy: Although the model is indeed less noisy than some competitors, it is much less discreet than its designers are touting.

6. Karcher WV 50+

Kärcher WV 50+ is an easy-to-handle window cleaner model to clean your windows, mirrors, or tiles without requiring much effort. The dimensions of this model include 13cm in length, 9cm in width, and 35.5cm in height, while its weight is limited to only 699 grams. These measurements indicate that this product is compact, lightweight, and, therefore, easy to handle to allow you to complete each cleaning in the shortest possible time.

This window cleaner has a 0.1-liter capacity that is large enough to reduce the frequency of refilling it continuously. This model works with rechargeable batteries and allows you to carry out the cleaning with an autonomy of 20 minutes. This duration is enough to clean up to ten panes if we consider the average size of the pane of a window.

Kärcher WV 50+ comes with a microfiber cloth and a sprayer that ensures that you can perform the cleaning without leaving a trace on each window treated. This model can be considered the best inexpensive window cleaner on the market.

The Kärcher brand is, for many consumers, the best brand of window cleaner on the market. As usual, it markets high-quality products with high performance. It is precisely the case of the Kärcher WV 50+, a stimulating effect on all glass surfaces, and is easy to use.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient: Thanks to this WV 50+, you will clean your windows 3 times faster. It will manage to clean all glass surfaces effectively. This model is most likely the best performing on the market.
  • Battery life: The Lithium-Ion battery is renowned for its longevity. With a full charge, you can clean for 35 minutes. You will know the battery charge level thanks to an indication using 3 LEDs.
  • Comfort in use: The Softgrip handle offers a significantly more comfortable grip. In addition, the device is silent, which makes it much more pleasant to use.
  • Maintenance: It is done very hygienically. You will have no trouble emptying and washing the tank. You will have very little to no contact with dirt.


  • Quite expensive: It is sold at a relatively high price. However, if you are wondering, “where to buy the best window cleaner?” » then do not hesitate; the investment is well worth it.

The 8 Best Window Washer you’ll love Buying guide – 2022

How to choose the Best Window Washer?

A window cleaner is a tool to clean windows and various smooth surfaces. Its handling is simple, but to enjoy maximum comfort when using it, you must know the criteria to choose it well. Among these criteria can be cited the cleaning system, the maneuverability, and the autonomy of the device that we will explain to you in this buying guide for the best cleaners.

Best Window Washer – Purchase guide

The cleaning system

A window cleaner can be manual and can be in the form of a robot. It is essential to choose this product based on how well it can perform cleaning because only then can you know if the model you choose can meet your needs. Find out how to buy a better value-for-money window cleaner by checking this criterion before buying.

Manual window cleaners require you to hold them by hand when using them. Some need you to put water or the product used for cleaning on the glass before sucking it through the cleaner. Others are already accompanied by a system that allows the cleaning element to be projected onto the glass and then sucked up and recycled. Cleaning the house or office windows, cleaning the tiles or the smooth surface of certain pieces of furniture can be done without difficulty with a cleaner model of this type.

On the other hand, you can tire quickly with a manual model for large window cleaning jobs that need to be done frequently. Then it would help if you had a robot cleaner that could operate autonomously.


As paramount as the question “where to buy a new window cleaner?” “It should only approach once you have become familiar with the device’s maneuverability. The advice we can give you on this characteristic revolves around the fact that it is better to invest the maximum amount of money for a model that is easy to handle than to spend only a little on a product that is impossible to hold in your hand for a few minutes.

The first to check is the weight of the device. If the model you are interested in is a manual type, make sure you do not go over 2 kg. You can also check that it comes with certain accessories such as a telescopic handle to reach high places.


A window cleaner can work on a large surface without interruption if autonomous. The ideal is to estimate this autonomy according to the cleaning work you plan to do. Models that allow you to work more freely can work wirelessly and are powered by batteries or batteries. It is mainly the models that work with rechargeable batteries commonly used because they no longer involve you incurring additional expenses to change batteries.

Ensure that the battery is resistant and capable of offering the maximum possible autonomy depending on the scope of the cleaning. Also, check the charging time, which should not be too long. You can then see a price comparison.

How to effectively clean the windows?

The use of window cleaners is not at all complex. They are simple, practical, and easy to use. You have to stick each lava squeegee on each glass surface to be cleaned.

Then you pour the cleaning product on them so that you can perform a clean and fine cleaning. But you have to recognize that the cleaning job will be easy for you when you use a large amount of this glass cleaner.

Thus, you are holding the squeegee on your side of the glass. Start by handling it to clean your glass surfaces.

With the window cleaning squeegee, you can easily wash the inside and outside of your windows in a single step.

How much does a window washing robot cost?

The price of a window cleaner is never unique, and it generally varies from one model to another depending on its characteristics. Thus, for entry-level models, you must provide an amount between 30 and 100$.

Similarly, the price of mid-range models can range from 150 to 300$. But if you want to acquire a high-quality machine, you will have to be able to make a budget of 400 to 500$ or even more.

Therefore, it is up to you to choose the model that suits your budget.

What are the different types of Best Window Washer you can currently find on the market?

There are generally four types of window cleaner. Depending on your needs and use, we direct you to the first two types of window cleaner.

1-Window vacuum cleaners: best practical and simple window cleaner

The models that are conventionally called window vacuum cleaners are practical and straightforward machines that generally consist of a suction system and a squeegee.

This cleaning method is more advantageous since the machine of this type is initially sold at a very affordable price. It makes it possible to make the windows very clean in a short time without leaving any scratches or fingerprints on the cleaned glass surfaces.

2-vapor window cleaners

It is also equipped with a squeegee that works by a suction system. Thanks to a nozzle that sends the steam directly to the windows, it effectively cleans the windows. As you already know, in no time, you will be able to eliminate all types of traces, namely grease, stubborn scraps, dust, etc.

But it must recognize that these models of window cleaners are being sold a little more expensive than conventional vacuum cleaners. Nevertheless, they are high-end devices that will allow you to bring back the shine to your windows in record time.

3. Window cleaning robots: Best Window Washer revolutionized

Newly innovated, the window cleaning robot is a small device equipped with very advanced technology. The automatic window cleaning robots clean all the dirt present on all compatible surfaces.

This type of window cleaner is relatively expensive, but it saves you a lot of time.

4.The magnetic Best Window Washer

Our final ranking goes to magnetic window cleaners. These window washer models will allow you to strip windows that are difficult to access from the outside. These are devices that are not too expensive. They allow you to solve this kind of problem quickly.

They are practical, simple, and easy to handle. You do not need to acquire knowledge in the field. But they are to be used with care to avoid the detachment of the two parts. A security thread is still provided to prevent losing the outer part.

The glass cleaning product: Which model to choose?

After finding your window cleaner, the second thing to do is choose the best appropriate window cleaner product. Our team has sifted through the six best ranges currently available at Amazon to ensure you don’t get lost in your choice.

Best Window Washer – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can clean with a window cleaner?

What’s great is that you can clean absolutely any smooth surface, whether washing or just drying, since it sucks up liquids. Thus it can pass over a bay window, a skylight, a classic window, a mirror, the tiles of the bathroom, or the shower walls. Some models can even be applied horizontally on the floor or on a table. With a telescopic extension, windows can also clean overhead. But for the most difficult-to-reach windows, you may be better off considering a window cleaning robot because it’s not the easiest thing to do.

How to avoid streaks with the Best Window Washer?

First of all, make sure you have equipment in good condition. The squeegee lips should be clean and smooth. Do not hesitate to throw them away and replace them as soon as they are damaged. Then while cleaning the windows, remember to wipe the squeegee regularly. We hold the device with one hand, and we have a cloth in the other. Finally, the device must handle smoothly over long surfaces. It should not be lifted in the middle of the glass but only on the ends. So all you have to do is quickly wipe the window frame for a top finish.

How to clean inaccessible exterior windows?

Some window cleaners are sold with a telescopic extension. Therefore, it is customary to wonder how to clean an inaccessible bay window with it. With a vacuum glass cleaner, be aware that you must apply the product and scrub the surface before using it. So the sprayer must also work with a telescopic pole. On the other hand, a steam vacuum cleaner on an extension is more suitable. It all depends on the place and the circumstances. In any case, it is necessary to plan a few sessions before mastering the device. It requires more strength in the arms, and you don’t get a perfect cleaning. For this, you have to choose a window cleaning robot. But it still makes the difference and provides a feeling of cleanliness.

What product to put in Best Window Washer?

It all depends on the device. In principle, all window cleaners are suitable. However, some products that are too greasy are more challenging to rinse than others. Karcher detergent is highly appreciated by the most significant number of people, regardless of the window cleaner chosen.

The 8 Best Window Washer you’ll love Buying guide – 2022

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