Toddler Beds- Buying Guide, Ranking, and Tests- 2022

Toddler Beds

Toddler Beds – Buying Guide, Ranking, and Tests- 2022

When the time comes for your child to separate from his cradle, have his first large bed. Choose the suitable type for him. It is a very important decision which should not take in haste. His king-size bed must offer him maximum comfort for a restful sleep. To help you find the best model for your toddler. We have put together a few items whose quality will probably appeal to you. Among these products is a sturdy, safe, and sublime design. Then it is designed in wood, a natural material ideal for children.

What are toddler beds?

Children’s beds are a fundamental piece of furniture for children’s rest. However, some models provide other purposes that add functionality to this product. Such as a study table, drawers and extra beds, space for games and activities, and extra elements. That ensure greater comfort and safety for the little ones. See below which are the main types of children’s beds available and the peculiarities of each one.

Toddler Beds- Buying guide

For your child to grow well, need care to his sleep quality. His development and well-being are associated with long hours of rest, whether at night or during naps. That’s why the choice of bed is fundamental. So, to provide a comfortable and good space for your cute kids. Here are some tips that could be useful to you in buying a toddler bed.


As a parent, you always wish to offer the best to your children. Especially if it is to give them a quiet rest. That is why when acquiring a children’s bed, regardless of how much it costs. You must consider that the material is of good quality.

You will see wooden or plastic children’s furniture adjusted to any budget in online stores. According to users, it is more feasible to opt for beds made of wood, such as pine, saman, or oak. These are much more resistant, durable, and safe materials.

It also recommends that you verify that the material has anti-allergic and anti-mite capabilities to prevent your little ones from having any allergies, skin irritation, or respiratory problems. Likewise, you must make sure that the wooden bed is safe. It has a good finish, is free of chips, and varnish with health-safe coatings.


Your child must rest 8 to 10 hours a day so that he acquires the necessary strength, good humor, and concentration for the next day. For this reason, comfort is something fundamental that you must consider when comparing children’s beds to avoid being kept awake or uncomfortable when getting on and off.

Note that the bed frame does not contain certain details, such as edges that your kids can hit, scrape or cut, both during sleeping and when playing and moving on it. Likewise, take into account that the dimensions are harmoniously adapted to the size of the room so that you can move freely without the possibility of continuously tripping.

Also, it would help if you kept in mind that the mattress you select for the bed is firm and straight enough, not too soft or hard, to avoid discomforting the child’s spine and that this can cause lumbar pain. However, this will also depend on the choice of pillow you make.

Designs and styles

Currently, there is a wide variety of models, so if you are short on budget, you can always find a good and inexpensive children’s bed that also perfectly complements the style of your little one’s room.

Among the different designs of this furniture, which you can find, are the trundle beds consisting of two mattresses collected one under the other; the bunk beds that are also ideal if you have several children, made either in a linear shape, in an L or by train.

Another is the folding bed that is foldable towards the wall, suitable. If you have very small spaces in your home and there are even those themed children’s beds, whose structures are similar to a house or a car, others include extra accessories such as a tunnel, a swing, slide, and many other unique additions.

Each type of furniture is complemented by different drawings, patterns, or colors, ranging from pink or purple tones of princesses for girls to blue or red for boys. These two factors, both the design and the style of the bed, make the little ones feel motivated to go to sleep alone in their room without any fear.

Size and height

These are other notable aspects that you should evaluate when buying a children’s bed. It recommends that you consider that the size and height that it has is appropriate to the age and size of your child, as that will make their rest pleasant and lasting. Also, these factors vary by model or brand.

For this reason, you should choose a bed that is not too high for your child’s height since it could be difficult for him to get on or off it. Likewise, it would be somewhat dangerous when falling when sleeping. However, the latter is solved by gluing the bed to the wall or supplementing it with a barrier that the manufacturer sometimes incorporates or purchased separately to prevent these accidents.

What are the main types of toddler beds?

Children’s beds can be of different types, thus satisfying the family’s most varied purposes and needs. Follow it to understand it better.

With side protection

Side protection is essential for younger children who still toss a lot. It is a way to protect the little ones from falls and accidents when falling from that furniture. It is an extra option that must take into account to promote the tranquility of sleep for adults and children.

Montessori bed

The Montessori bed is a piece of furniture inspired by the Montessori method, which characterizes by allowing the child to develop greater freedom and autonomy in all aspects related to their care and activities.

The child must have easy access to their resting place and even greater simplicity to get up, without the risk of falls and accidents with the little ones.

Individual bed

These are traditional beds and suitable for children over four years old. They can have different designs and characteristics that adapt to the most varied applications. As they are single and accompany the little one for many years, they can think of as a long-term product, which makes the investment in quality furniture ideal to accompany your child’s development.

Suspended bed

Suspended beds are great alternatives to provide space for children to play. In this furniture, stairs and ramps are the main means of access to the bed and guarantee fun for children, even at bedtime. At other times of the day, they can serve as home, study, and other activities.

Toddler Beds– In addition, it is a great way to optimize space, as it is possible to use the bed and add other features in the same room.

Double bed

Those who have more than kids are used to being constantly visited by children’s friends. There is nothing better than having a piece of furniture with an extra bed capable of comfortably accommodating one more person. It is very functional and saves space since it occupies the area of ​​a single bed when it is closed.


It is also another option that allows you to accommodate two people and still optimize space. The furniture is placed one on top of the other and makes it possible that the room is not cluttered with two beds arranged side by side. There are more fun options with objects like slides, ramps, and stairs, bringing more fun even at bedtime.

With space for studies

For children to have a corner to develop their school activities or other practices, this type of furniture is very important. They are similar to suspended beds, which allows you to add other furniture such as desks or tables suitable for studying. School-age children can enjoy this model.

Themed children’s bed

Kids-themed beds are ways to bring more fun to kids at bedtime. They are important to encourage the little ones to have their own space and feel more stimulated to get out of the crib, making the transition to their bed.

Children’s bed box

Box beds for children are suitable for older children who do not tip over, as they are taller and do not usually have side protection. These beds can contain compartments that ensure greater versatility and intend to store various objects.

Children’s bed with drawers

Another useful option in this category, the children’s bed with drawers, is another alternative for those who need to buy a piece of furniture for their child to sleep but want to add more utility and applicability to this product. With one or more drawers, this bed type is ideal for saving space and providing greater organization to the child’s room.

How to use a child’s bed

Leaving the crib and adjusting to a bed always becomes a somewhat complicated stage, both for parents and children. Therefore, the best decision must make in terms of needs, safety, tastes, and that is that the selected bed must adapt to the room and provide adequate comfort for the well-being of the little ones.

Assembling the toddler beds

Assembling a children’s bed is not complicated; some have an instruction manual, but you have to have some DIY knowledge if they do not have one. In general, all children’s beds have the same assembly principle.

The first thing is to locate the parts in your child’s room, with the help of another person, hold the headboard and the lower part of the bed. Then fix the side posts with strong screws; once the bed assembles, place the bed base or boards according to the size of the bed and fix them to the edge of the uprights on the inside to prevent them from moving when your child is on it and finally places the mattress.

Decorate your toddler beds

The illusion of every little one is to have their room decorated with their favorite animated figures. Their bed could be the center of attraction, making their dreams an adventure like no other. That is why you must put all your efforts into acquiring it or decorating it with a design spectacular.

If you are going to place a bed for a girl, it recommends that it be in light colors, such as pink or white, and if it is for a boy, that it be blue or red, so that it combines adequately with the other accessories. Make sure to incorporate fun and stimulating elements that contribute to their cognitive development.

Size is important

Toddler Beds: Normally, the appropriate bed for an infant is 90 centimeters. It is the most practical because it serves them longer, but many manufacturers make them at the client’s request, either because they have very little space in their homes or because it is still very small—a little boy. But if you have a couple of older children, acquiring a bunk bed is ideal for saving space.


Almost all children are afraid of sleeping alone; that is why the adaptation process should be as slow and avoid trauma as possible. Things get complicated when they hear thunder or noise; the power goes out; in short, it is normal since they are used to feeling safe with your company. You have to talk to them and make them feel that their bed will be the beginning of their independence and freedom as an individual.

Clean the frequently.

It recommends that you keep your child’s bed clean, that is, free of mites, dust, food residues. To do this, change the mattress sheets weekly and shake the duvets before putting your little one to bed. When cleaning the bed with detergents, do it when the room is alone. Keeping the bed clean will prevent your child from suffering from allergies.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make the toddler beds headboard?

When entering the smallest room of the house, most of the eyes direct towards the bed, especially the headboard; if you decide to make one give that personal and distinctive touch to your child’s bed, you should keep in mind that safety is essential. Therefore, avoid doing it with corners or bars with a lot of separation.

There are many ways and materials with which you can make the head of the bed; if you like carpentry, you can make one of wood, they are the most classic and go according to the bed, you can give it a personalized touch by making your child’s name in said material.Toddler Beds

Now, if you like painting, draw a headboard on the wall with your favorite images, or you can give it a striking and colorful headboard by gluing a vinyl with the design that your little one likes the most.

Q2: How to make a canopy for the toddler beds?

The canopy for your child’s room is a decorative element and a protection element; you only have to have the necessary materials for manufacturing, such as a large ring, either metal or plastic, tulle or fabrics, a hook to hold it. Of the ceiling, decorative ribbons, and a clasp to close it if applicable.

Cut fabric from the floor to the height of the ceiling. Place it where the bed is, fix the fabric around the ring, which should be hanging from the ceiling so that the fabric forms like a kind of circus tent on the bed, add decorative ribbons, make an opening in the fabric on either side of the bed and tape it to close the canopy.

Q3: How to make a barrier for the toddler beds?

 Toddler Beds: The accessories can purchase in specialized stores, but if you want to do it, the first thing you should do is take the measurements.

Next, cut both the boards to the length of the bed or the design of your choice. 

It recommends that they have a separation no greater than 10 centimeters. In addition, holding the railing with hinges or slides to lower and raise it when the child is not sleeping will give you more peace of mind when your child sleeps alone in his room.

Q4: Up to what age can a child bed be used?

Toddler Beds: One of the stages that give parents the most headache is when they have to change the crib for a bed for their little ones. It must be clear that all children are different, and the truth is that there is no specific age for the child to change to a bed without protection.

In general, this transition usually occurs around three years of life since, at that stage, they want to explore everything by getting on and off their beds independently. Therefore, giving them that support is important.

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