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 Which are the Best Pendant Lights? Buying Guide for 2022

  Best Pendant Lights

Which are the Best Pendant Lights? Buying Guide for 2022

To help find the right amount of pendant light, consider the location and purpose of the light—pendant lights measure between 5 and 43 inches wide. For these lights installed above a dining table or countertop, the typical suspension height is approximately 24 to 30 inches. Most lights come with extension rods or an adjustable chain to change the hanging height. Ensure the light doesn’t obstruct the view of those sitting on the island and doesn’t hang people too low.

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Pendant Lighting Styles and Finishes

Style: Style is the most common attribute when shopping for pendant lights. Choose a style that you like and that works with the rest of your decor.

  • Traditional lights: Traditional hardware has a more ornate and classic look. From farmhouse to rusty antiques, this style is more detailed and has more decorations.
  • Contemporary Pendant Lights – With clean lines and a crisp, minimalist look, contemporary or modern pendant lights are simple and too low.
  • Transitional Tilt Lights – By combining traditional and modern transitions, you can mix elements of both styles for a custom look.
  • Unique Pendant Lights – If you’re looking for a more casual and fun look, unique fixtures can give you the most customization.

Within each style, there are several themes that you can choose from.

  • Cottage
  • Costa
  • others will
  • Industries
  • wrought iron
  • Originality
  • Other another

Finishes: These lights come in various finishes. Take a hint of the existing finishes in your home. Choose lighting fixtures with a complementary finish if all your door handles and cabinet hardware are pressed nickel. Ordinary pendant light finishes include:

  • Oil Friction Bronze
  • polished chrome
  • crushed nickel
  • nickel enamel
  • black iron

Shades and accessories

Shades: Shades for pendant lamps come in glass, fabric, and metal. Sometimes the mini pendant lights come with the shade, which is sold separately so you can mix and match. Fabric curtains provide more diffused light and are excellent for bedrooms. Look for a fabric shade with metal and wood panels for a stylish look. A metal screen looks great in the kitchen for an industrial motif. Standard pendant light shades include:

  • stained glass
  • frosted glass
  • Smoked white glass diffuser
  • Tiffany style glass
  • Lino
  • Burlap
  • polished chrome
  • Oil Friction Bronze

Pendant Light Fixtures: To add extra ground, add a decorative ceiling base to give more inverted pendant light or pendant light with a glossy-looking shade.

Wall Plates: Consider matching the wall plate to your new lighting finish.

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Our Picks

1. Globe Electric 64413 Amaris 1-Light Plug-In Pendant

Frosted Shade With Brushed Metal Accents

This single-light pendant lamp with a 15-foot cord is a simple way to enhance your home’s style.

These single-light pendants can easily be a plugin and hung from anywhere, thanks to an on/off switch for simple installation. You can adjust the cord from a minimum of 8 inches to a maximum of 15 feet depending on your ceiling height and preference, and add any 60-watt medium base bulb to immediately brighten up the kitchen, dining room, or home office. A single pendant is enough to light up a small room, but if you need more light or to create more contrast, purchase additional pendants to hang together at varying lengths to add visual interest.

2. Globe Electric 65580 Jackson 1-Light Plug-in Pendant

Contrasting Black Finish

If you want to incorporate subtle industrial elements into your home, this collection is the perfect fit. The single-light hanging lamp gives you the brightness of an exposed bulb with a clear light-diffusing shade that contrasts beautifully against the black finish. The long plug-in cord offers flexibility, so you have more placement options and can be turned on with the included switch. Make a bolder statement by mounting three pendants together, or create a minimalist look with just one lamp. Opt for an Edison light bulb to emit a soft glow to top off your vintage-inspired lighting.

3. DIY Kit Lotus Chandelier IQ PP Pendant Lampshade 

Unique Multidimensional Design

Elevate an existing pendant light (or any lamp, for that matter) with this lotus flower-inspired shade made from white plastic and stainless steel.

If you enjoy hands-on projects, this DIY pendant lampshade requires minimal effort yet makes a huge impact. This beautiful statement pendant can assemble right out of the box by sliding the pieces into each slot on the base without glue or tools. At around 21 inches in diameter, this pendant lampshade is ideal for hanging above a dining room table, in an entryway, or as a decorative lamp in a bedroom.

4. Mkono Macrame Lamp Shade Boho Hanging Pendant Light 

Stylish Macrame

This eye-catching lampshade is made from cotton rope that will bring a bohemian feel to any bedroom or cozy nook.

Skip the bedside table lamp in your bedroom and try adding this macrame lampshade to a hanging light for a bohemian look. The shade measures 32-inches long and require zero assembly⁠—pull it out of the box, pair it with a pendant cord and bulb, and have cosy lighting in no time. Hang it in a nursery or bedroom that needs aesthetic lighting, or use it in an office, kitchen, or any space that could use some boho flair.

types of Best Pendant Lights

Upward-facing pendant lights are designed for ambient Lighting, while downward-facing downlights provide task light. Use these lights in the bathroom, bedroom, dining room, hallway, kitchen, living room, game room, or bar for mood lighting and in the dining room, kitchen for task lighting. For more information on lighting at home, check out Home Lighting Tips.

mini pendant lights

The mini pendant lights can be used individually or in a group for a task and accent lighting. Install a mini pendant light above a sink or desk or in a row above a breakfast bar and kitchen island. Mini pendant lamps are also compatible with track lights—mix mini pendant lights with track lights for the task, accent, and ambient lighting.

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Island suspension lamps

These lights provide the same task lighting as mini pendant lights instead of a single fixture. They usually have two or three light sources and, in addition to an island, can use above a desk, bar, or in a games room for a pool table.

Hanging lamp with shade cloth

Pendant light with a fabric shade adds a luxurious look to the traditional pendant light. These pendant lights provide mood lighting and can use in a foyer, living room, or kitchen. Try the one as a substitute for a chandelier above a dining room or breakfast table.

multi-light pendant lamps

Multi-light pendant lamps provide ambient Lighting with three light sources, up to 10 hours, emanating from the same fixture. This type of pendant light can use as an alternative channel option.

inverted pendant lamps

Inverted pendant lights illuminate ambient Lighting. An inverted pendant lamp is similar in style to a semi-recessed light, except the fixture is hung from a chain instead of being mounted directly to the ceiling. Common locations for inverted pendant lights include a dining room, foyer, and breakfast room.


A dimmer switch allows changing the mood of the home. Always check the packaging to see if the pendant light can change.

lighting collections

If you find a pendant you like and need other lighting fixtures, see if it’s part of a collection. The lighting collections offer accessories of the same style and finish for many places in the home. For more information on lighting options, see Lighting at a Glance.


Follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions, safety information, warnings, and cautions. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.

Indoor lighting installation

Light bulbs

Don’t forget the light bulbs. Things like colour temperature, lumens, and wattage affect the quality of light in your room. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and compact fluorescents help reduce energy costs. Both are lower wattage but provide the same light output as higher wattage incandescent bulbs. There are also cool lights for touch. Look for the warm white temperature for living rooms and bedrooms, the bright white temperature for kitchens and workspaces, and the daylight colour temperature for reading nooks and studies. See the Guide to Buying a Light Bulb for more information on light bulbs.


Never exceed the maximum recommended wattage for your light fixture.

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What are the advantages of using Best Pendant Lights?

Its function, and main advantage, is that it illuminates a space that is usually open. But you can use it to provide general lighting or illuminate an environment (it is usually placed on tables). So, due to its stylistic variety, you can use this type of lamp in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, among other spaces. Nowadays, they are widely used on tables or kitchen bars, giving a modern style to the home.


  • ample lighting
  • They do not take up space
  • decoration pieces
  • versatile
  • Wide variety 


  • Poorly placed, they will not illuminate as they should
  • They are not easy to clean

How to clean hanging lights?

As for cleaning, it will be much easier if you choose metal or glass. These will clean very quickly, but they will also reflect light better. There are other types of lamps, such as fabric or plastic. Although they are more challenging to clean, they create a more intimate and relaxed environment. Light bulbs should clean at least once a week.

There are several products to clean light bulbs in the home. They help clean them in the best way since dust can cause light loss.

Follow these tips to clean your lamp:

  • Clean the lamp with a damp cloth if it is off or cold. That way, you will perform a satisfactory cleaning.
  • It is recommended to clean the light bulbs with a cotton cloth very carefully and that it is not entirely wet.
  • These are beneficial to clean the lamps because you will be saving 20% ​​on electricity.
  • It is recommended to spray grease remover for glass lamps if you have that lamp in the kitchen. You can also use a mixture of water and ammonia.

Purchase criteria of Best Pendant Lights

At this point, you know everything you need to know about hanging lamps. However, to make a better choice, we provide you with criteria.

  Best Pendant Lights – Material

The quality, strength, and durability of hanging lamps are directly related to the material. The market offers a diversity of shapes and unique designs. You will have to choose between metal, glass, gold, wood, stone, fabric, glass, or recycled materials, to name a few.

While some materials are light reflectors, others, with a matte finish, give a warm and soft effect. You can also use materials to achieve a vintage, rustic, modern, and industrial styles.

Hanging lamps are one of the most elegant options for lighting a room. 

  Best Pendant Lights – Brightness

Lighting is one of the essential criteria you must consider before buying a lamp. It would help if you combined the lighting of other lamps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Some layouts use just one bulb, while others use multiple. Some bring a shade or screen that dims the light. Others are in direct light. Therefore, you must consider what kind of light your lamp can offer you.

  Best Pendant Lights – place of use

Another significant step when looking for your hanging lamp is to ask yourself where you will place it? It will give you clues about what characteristics your lamp must-have. Depending on the site and what it will illuminate, you should look for a specific size or a particular type of light.

There are ceiling lamps that offer a general light and others that offer a focused light. You can install the ones that offer general lighting as leading lights in any room. Those that offer focused light are suitable for spaces where you need extra light.

  Best Pendant Lights – height and measurements

You must measure the height of the space where you will place the lamp. For example, the lamps folded to the ceilings have a measurement of 2.6 / 2.8 meters. Therefore, these are ideal for placing on the ceiling. If the lamp is installed in passageways, you should leave a little more than 2 meters between the ground and the light source to avoid unnecessary shocks.

In open spaces, suspended objects are a good choice because they make it possible to visually delimit spaces without interrupting circulation in transit areas.

Similarly, pendant lamps should not be located in the middle of the kitchen but over the work areas that need more lighting. It can be above the countertop, the central island, or the space destined for the office. This criterion is essential since the height is different in each home.


In short, Pendant lights are products with great benefits for the environment of our stay. First, they provide adequate light. Second, they contribute to creating a particular decoration. However, it would help if you informed yourself about its characteristics to choose the right one.

Therefore, they are not simple light objects. They are also a decorative element. You need to choose them correctly if you do not want to install a light that does not fit the environment of the house.

What alternatives are there to hanging lamps?

To make the decoration unique, you always look for something that makes a difference. If in your case, you want to discover another way to illuminate your home, we present you with hanging light bulbs—an original touch for your room. An alternative to the traditional hanging or ceiling lamps is the hanging light bulbs. You will love them if you are looking for a minimalist and simple touch, but at the same time original.

It is unnecessary to resort to a bulky pendant lamp or a striking ceiling light to make the living room cozy. The so-called “minimalism” is becoming the order of the day increasingly. In this case, design and practicality bring lighting to our home.

How to install Best Pendant Lights?

An essential home improvement project is replacing an old light fixture with a pendant light. Even a beginner can master it. Changes in lighting can transform the character of a room in a matter of minutes. You should hang your lamps approximately 60 to 66 inches (1.5 to 1.7 m) above the floor for best lighting results. Or 75 cm (30 inches) above the surface of a table.

Never install a pendant light on a ceiling that is too low. Since people could bump into it, many hanging lamps allow you to adjust their height.

Here we leave you a guide to help you in the installation of your hanging lamp:

  1. Unpack the new device. Neatly organize the pieces, so you have easy access to them.
  2. Disconnect the electricity.
  3. Check support. You must ensure that the installation location is structurally sound.
  4. Install the pendant light. Have another person hold the light fixture to the ceiling.
  5. Hang up the device. Attach the device cover or base to the bracket or mounting screws.
  6. Install a light bulb.
  7. Reconnect the electricity. Now your lamp should be operational.
  8. Complete the installation. If your fixture has a liner or any other additional parts, you should install it now and adjust the height of the lamp.

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