Which Teeth Whitener is the best in 2022? How to use it?

Teeth Whitener

Which Teeth Whitener is the best in 2022? How to use it?

A smile says a lot about each person. It is a cover letter that should take care of to show it off with splendor. But teeth are something we constantly use: we eat, drink, and express our ideas. It causes it to lose its shine. Fortunately, there is an ally that will prevent it: teeth whiteners.

Thanks to these products, your smile will never lose its shine. However, its use should not take lightly since your dental health is something essential that you should never neglect. We will tell you all about a product that will make your smile look better.

The most important

  • A teeth whitener is a product that removes stains from your teeth and gives the enamel a whiter shade. It is mainly composed of hydrogen peroxide.
  • There are different types of teeth whiteners, and their difference mainly consists in the way of application. They can apply using splints, an LED light, or adhesive strips.
  • If you want to use an effective teeth whitener against your stains, you must know the nature of the colors and start treatment accordingly. At the end of the guide, we show you the most important purchase criteria when making your purchase.

The best Teeth Whitener: Our recommendations

Purchasing a teeth whitener means starting a process through which your teeth will look whiter and cleaner. To help you choose which one is the best for you, we have selected products after examining the market—having a whiter smile just a few lines away!

1. Crest 3D Teeth Whitening Strip Kit

The system on which the Crest 3D teeth whitening kit (without peroxide) is based is reminiscent of the Pro Teeth model since it incorporates a mouth tray where the splint to use is placed. We will know that the system has been activated and that we can start the treatment the instant he activates a small row of five blue LED points (the same as his opponent).

You can see the visible results as the sessions go by between 15 and 18 minutes before and after treatment. In addition, this gel is not applied through the classic syringe but through small bars that are handled with total comfort. Eight units come in the box, which is very good.

The presentation of many, like its competitors, leaves a pleasant feeling from the first moment and the finish. And the details of all its components look good for its price.

2. GLO Brilliant Deluxe Teeth Whitening Device Kit 

It is an innovative, award-winning teeth whitening device that combines professional heat and blue LED light elements to give you fast, visible results at home – without sensitivity.

  • Kit includes all you need to whiten your smile almost immediately!
  • Our most potent whitening device with rechargeable extended battery life.
  • Hands-free lanyard so you can multitask during your whiteness.
  • Mouthpiece storage case and travel case included to house all components.

3. iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Effectively whiten your teeth using advanced teeth whitening technology and ingredients delivering dental grade results, the same technique used by dentists, but from the comfort and convenience of your home.

This enamel-safe 35% Carbamide Peroxide Formula was designed by a team of the best dental experts to be gently effective. Many people see results after first use.


  • 5X LED light-activated whitening technology
  • Removes stains: wine, coffee, soda, & smoking
  • Patented comfort mouth tray
  • Results visible after only one treatment
  • Manufactured in FDA registered facility
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

4. SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

Dentist-Quality Results

It is the best choice for anyone looking to get serious about their dental care.

This kit includes everything you need to get a whiter smile. It’s safe for sensitive teeth, braces, bridges, caps, crowns, and veneers. This product uses award-winning LED activating technology to offer professional results.

What is a teeth whitener, and how is it used?

As time goes by, your teeth can suffer from the appearance of stains or loss of their natural color due to various factors, such as the use of tobacco or the constant consumption of corrosive foods. A teeth whitener is a product that allows you to make your teeth whiter and remove any stains they may have. Generally, it contains a compound called hydrogen peroxide, which is its main component. Today, its use in aesthetic medicine is becoming more frequent.

In general, to use a teeth whitener, applying the product on the incisors, molars, and fangs is necessary. This application can be superficial or internal and can be carried out at home or in a clinic.

What types of Teeth Whitener are there?

A teeth whitener is a product that you can consume freely, or a dentist in a professional treatment can supply that. You should know that if you apply the product yourself, it will only work to treat living teeth. You will need to have them whitened by a dentist ( 2 ). Next, we present the types of teeth whiteners, and their main characteristics are:

bleach type characteristics

Teeth whitening gel with trays The bleach comes in the form of a gel in a tray. It should remain in your mouth for about 4 hours each day for about a fortnight.

Teeth whitening strips: It works similarly to teeth whitening trays, but its application is based on placing the gel on adhesive strips.

Laser teeth whitening (LED) Once placed on the teeth, the gel must activate by exposure to an LED light.

What are the effects of using a Teeth Whitener?

Using this product can have both positive and negative effects. Thanks to the following table, you will be able to see each of them at a glance:

positive effects

  • Improved self-esteem by perceiving whiter and brighter teeth
  • Carbamide peroxide acts as an oral antiseptic and helps reduce plaque and wound healing.

Negative effects

  • Irritation of the gingiva or mucosa during the initial phase of treatment.
  • The appearance of long-term postoperative tooth sensitivity
  • Inflammation in young teeth and periodontal tissues.

Can a Teeth Whitener damage teeth?

The adverse results of performing this treatment relate to the damage to the tissues surrounding them, such as the gums. These types of side effects do not have a high frequency of appearance. In addition, according to European legislation, over-the-counter teeth whiteners only contain between 0.1% and 0.6% hydrogen peroxide so that you can use them without any risk to your incisors.

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Teeth Whitener- Purchase criteria

A teeth whitener is a product that requires time to think before making your purchase. After all, it is an element that will help you improve the external appearance of your teeth. Thanks to our section, you will learn aspects to consider so that your acquisition is as satisfactory as possible.

Number of applications

The number of product applications is a detail that you should think about because as there are several different types, you will see that some have a higher number than other models. We recommend that you think about how often you would like to apply your teeth whitener.

Without going any further, some of them should use once a day if you want to improve the appearance of your enamel little by little. This characteristic is usually common in gel whiteners with trays. On the contrary, once you get the desired effect, there are items that you can use once a year or earlier every half year.

If you want to use effective teeth whitening against your stains, you need to know the nature of the colors. 


The duration of effective teeth whitening is not unlimited. Professionals recommend repeating the treatment at least once a year to ensure its effect and durability. Despite this, you can find different versions on the market with another permanence.

Just as there are bleaches whose duration and effects are long-term, there are also those with more limited products over time. If you thought about your extension priority and how powerful you want the treatment results to be.


When choosing a vegan lifestyle, you should always pay attention to the composition of any item you are purchasing. In this way, you ensure that you make a correct product choice since for you to be able to consume it, it does not have to have any animal component in its formulation.

There are various teeth whiteners for sale made up exclusively of plant-based ingredients. If you have selected to follow a vegan lifestyle, you can use them without any problem. Especially noteworthy are those formulated based on active charcoal, which offers teeth a white and pure appearance.


It is essential that the item is as clean as possible and offers you the possibility of removing bacteria that can easily stain your teeth. We recommend that you buy an item with a hygienic case that keeps it away from germs or contaminating agents.


 To help you whiten your teeth, it recommends that you apply a product that provides a good level of protection against contact with substances or liquids with a high level of dye. It creates a barrier that also offers optimal protection for natural enamel and does not wear it out with its application.

Type of tooth stain

If you want to start using a teeth whitener to remove stains from your teeth, you must know what their nature is. There are different types, and each one requires further treatment:

  • Superficial stains: they are usually brown and appear on the surface of the teeth due to the intake of corrosive foods. These stains can treat quickly with a tooth whitener.
  • White deposit stains: they appear due to poor oral hygiene. They are caused by a buildup of tartar near the gums, causing the tooth to change color slightly. Being produced by lack of cleaning, we recommend that you go to a professional for their elimination.
  • Intrinsic stains: they can appear by themselves, without external factors. These stains cannot treat with teeth whitening, but you will have to receive a veneer treatment.

As time goes by, your teeth can suffer from the appearance of stains or loss of their natural color due to various factors, such as the use of tobacco or the constant consumption of corrosive foods.

Teeth Whitener- Technology

Different technologies come into play when applying the use of teeth whitening. In general, they are directly related to the teeth whitener you choose.

For example, if you want to undergo effective laser tooth whitening, you must know precisely the characteristics and properties of this type of light. On the contrary, you may not find it comfortable to use this lighting device and prefer a more straightforward application mechanism, such as adhesive strips.

The different types of Teeth Whitener kits

Professional whitening at the dentist

An appointment with the dentist is highly recommended to have the correct teeth whitening treatment. This option is, above all, the guarantee of a personalized treatment that is best suited to the dentition.

Benefits :

  • A suitable treatment
  • For optimal efficiency

Inconvenience :

  • It cost a bit high

When to choose a professional whitening at the dentist?

An appointment with the dentist is essential for those wishing to protect themselves from the risks associated with inadequate treatment.

Smile bars

A slight detour to a smile bar is one of the quick solutions to whiten your teeth. Installed in a comfortable cabin, you will have a silicone gutter containing a whitening gel of sodium perborate, which will place like a dental appliance. Your teeth will then expose to pulsed light for about 20 minutes.

Benefits :

  • Optimal comfort
  • Result visible immediately


  • Non-compliance with legislation, particularly concerning the rate of chemical product
  • Not suitable for certain types of teeth
  • High risk of irreversible damage
  • Short-lasting effect

When to choose a bar to smile at?

The smile bar is particularly effective in erasing coffee or cigarette stains.

Teeth Whitener strips

These strips stick directly to the teeth to lighten them and restore their natural shine. However, this process presents risks because improper use of the strips can burn the gums, damage the teeth or lead to dental hypersensitivity. Therefore, it is always necessary to take precautions when using this type of product based on hydrogen peroxide, a harmful agent in the event of an overdose.

Benefits :

  • They are easy to use
  • They are accessible to all

Inconvenience :

  • Risks of irritation and burning of the gums

When to Choose a Teeth Whitening Strip?

For a one-time solution, opt for a teeth whitening strip.

whitening pens

The teeth whitening pen is a brush that allows you to apply a whitening product to the tooth enamel. This cosmetic pen allows giving a temporary optical effect of teeth whitening.

Benefits :

  • It is easy to use
  • It is sold at an affordable price

Inconvenience :

  • Its use presents risks for teeth and gums.

When to choose a whitening pen?

A whitening pen is a perfect solution for a dazzling smile for a night out.

Whitening toothpaste

There is nothing better than whitening toothpaste to overcome stains caused by tea, coffee, or tobacco. Its sodium bicarbonate content explains the effectiveness of this product. To increase the desired effect, adding a pinch of sodium bicarbonate powder to the dough is also possible.

Benefits :

  • Simplicity
  • Immediate result

Inconvenience :

  • Risk of enamel damage

When to choose a whitening toothpaste?

After a reasonably long treatment, opt for a whitening toothpaste for whiter teeth.

dental whitening kits

Teeth whitening kits are currently rising, especially among smile bar enthusiasts. They can indeed have the same effect by providing the treatment themselves, in the comfort of their home. The kit contains a gel to apply with a brush and a pulsed lamp.

Benefits :

  • Intimate treatment
  • Immediate result
  • Low cost


  • Short-lived result
  • Abnormal peroxide level

When to choose a teeth whitening kit?

The whitening kit is an express solution for those who don’t have time to detour to a smile bar quickly.

Natural solutions

Natural solutions have nothing to envy other teeth whitening processes. Baking soda and lemon, vegetable charcoal, strawberry paste, or certain essential oils prove to be miracle ingredients for a perfect smile.

Benefits :

  • They are easy to use
  • They pose no risk

Inconvenience :

  • Their effectiveness is relative

When to choose a natural solution?

If you think about the risks associated with teeth whitening, bet on natural solutions.

Teeth Whitener- Summary

When you are not feeling well with the appearance of your teeth, or you would like to eliminate the stains that you have on them, teeth whiteners will be your main ally. Thanks to them, you will look better, and your molars, incisors, and fangs will present a whiter and cleaner appearance.

You must consider several factors when purchasing them, such as the type of tooth stain you have or the duration you want the treatment to last. Once you know everything about this product, it will be easy to enjoy the smile you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitener

What should I look for in Teeth Whitener?

The most important thing you can look for in teeth whiteners is clinically proven results, as this will help you avoid finding teeth whiteners that could potentially do more harm than good. A few other things to consider are the active ingredients in the teeth whiteners, how easy they are to use, and the speed at which they show results. Always check the active ingredients in your teeth whitening products to avoid any potential harmful byproducts like ammonia, and this will help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Lastly, make sure you look at the product information, ensure the whiteners are easy to use, and that they’ll give you results quickly, so you can get right into showing off that new smile.

Are teeth whiteners harmful?

When used too frequently or misused, teeth whiteners can be harmful to your teeth over time. However, as long as you make sure, the ingredients in your whiteners aren’t going to cause direct harm to your teeth and gums, and as long as you use the products correctly, you shouldn’t have to worry about these products hurting your teeth. Just be sure you read the instructions carefully before using the product, and your smile should be just fine.

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